Ferguson Prosecutor Admits His Handling of the Grand Jury in the Darren Wilson Case Was Not Normal

Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch appeared on a radio interview and admitted that his handling of the grand jury in the Darren Wilson case was not “normal.”

McGraw Milhaven asked the right questions. The excellent video is a bit over 27 minutes, so I won’t write more so you can have time to watch. Please, don’t miss the part towards the end where McCulloch believes that because he did not previously charge police officers for killing unarmed citizens, that it proves he was fair in accessing the Darren Wilson case.


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  1. You have presented this very well and unbiasedly. The bias lies with me. I just don’t trust him. Thank you though for sharing this!!


  2. Watching/listening now


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  4. He’s so full of sh*t..


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  6. I have to listen to this again……it must be some sort of hallucination, a dream, a sign of the apocalypse………something !!!


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    TC @tchopstl · 5m 5 minutes ago
    First 3 versions of Darren Wilson’s story of the chase DW gave w/in 24 hours of killing Mike Brown. #Ferguson



    • anonymous released the radio calls long before the grand jury was had the case and we know Wilson didn’t call in anything of the sort. he didn’t say anything about shots fired and neither did the cops that showed up before he was done killing Mike Brown. witnesses saw 2 other cops show up before wilson was done killing Mike and they said neither one of those 2 cops felt the need to shoot. so those 2 pigs saw the murder too, who are those guys?

      the young turks did a video discussing the two construction workers that witnessed the murder and that’s where i heard of the detail about the those two other cops, I just looked for that video and I cant find it now but i’ll find it sometime.


  8. Sort of OT: My God,

    Still We Rize ‏@BaburRealer · Dec 18
    WI Gov Walker calls Nat’l Guard to be ready for #DontreHamilton indictment decision


    • Peni,
      I embedded the link to video into your comment. Milwaukee has a history of profiling minority men and it has no problem slapping the harshest of sentences on them for the most minor crimes. It improved starting around the 1980’s, but like in other places, corporations, and even courts, things started going backwards in retaliation for the first Black being elected president of the United States.


      • peni4yothot

        Xena, sad to report but Dontre Hamilton is another #hashtag. One I’d never heard until people in Milwalkkkee shut the highway down. (70+ got arrested??) The movement is bringing a lot of local killings to national awareness.

        IIRC, Dontre was killed back in April, the police who shot him numerous times was immediately terminated. The citizens there want charged brought against him and they expect a decision by end of year.

        Ferguson had it right, “there’s a Ferguson everywhere”


        • Peni,

          Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said that Dontre was an “emotionally disturbed person. Two other officers had responded to a call about Dontre in the park, but (now former) officer Christopher Manney arrived much later and decided to engage Dontre. Chief Flynn terminated Manney saying that he treated Dontre as a dangerous criminal instead of following his training and treating Mr. Hamilton as an EDP.”

          Manney was not charged. Chief Flynn stated, “Every member of this police department has had to make critical decisions under pressure with insufficient information that could have gone wrong. Here’s the point I want to make — there’s got to be a way of holding ourselves accountable absent of putting cops in jail for making mistakes.”

          The Milwaukee County prosecutor wouldn’t decide on whether to file charges against Manney. The feds stepped in to investigate and then the County prosecutor took the matter before a grand jury.

          I’ve been saying —- there are segments of our society that are thought to be burdens by common folk as well as some law enforcement personnel. Until they respect that all lives matter, we will continue to see minorities, the mentally ill, the homeless, the disabled, and the poor killed under color and claim of official right without consequences. It’s Aryan ideologies in American society.


          • Exactly, Aryan ideology.

            Was reading about the Veiled Prophet http://t.co/Dmf4IlyiIo

            Yours truly, Chief Dotson of STLPD a member. Maybe a boyhood dream of his. Ha
            How interesting these secret societies w/in it’s ideology.


          • Peni,
            Don’t know why but it doesn’t surprise me. There were “conspiracy theories” going back over 10 years that White Supremacists planned on getting into five sectors to give them control; law enforcement; teaching; medicine; the judiciary and politics. The “conspiracy theory” thought that White Supremacists were in actual competition with the Illuminati for positions in the same five sectors and eventually, they will begin to war against and destroy each other. The theory also said that while the Illuminati seeks control to rule, that White Supremacists seek to destroy and the Aryan concept of leading the general population to believe that those they destroy are or will be burdens on society is the first step to killing without consequences.

            The second step is likened to what the Nazis did in eastern Europe which is to get Aryan supporters to give over people and again, without consequences. We see this in 911 callers where their calls result in law enforcement killing, and the caller fades into the woodwork with no consequences.

            There was a time when I read conspiracy theories for fun, never giving them serious consideration because I thought that Americans are too smart, and there is too much that history has taught us, for us to go back in time.

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          • peni4yothot

            “There was a time when I read conspiracy theories for fun, never giving them serious consideration because I thought that Americans are too smart”

            You and me both, Jesse Ventura was a nut; but now his absurdities are beginning to show a realism making me think twice. Even some of what “right wingers” claim are starting to make sense. (can’t believe I said it)

            Here’s a current conspiracy theory for ya. I put nothing past LE unions. I may not agree but it sure makes one wonder.


  9. I just watched this asshole promoting his radio interview with mc conman, and he’s virulent filthy racist too. he’s disgusting.


  10. Two sides to a story

    Hope McCulloch is left twisting in the wind soon. Hopefully he’s getting desperate. Clearly he’s used to doing whatever he wants to do without much fanfare. The world is watching now!


  11. Well Saints preserve, that Mr. McCulloch is so impartial he saw fit to permit ‘fabricators of the truth’ as witnesses… to a murder. And – he believes this didn’t bear any weight upon the GJ decision. No sir, right after Wilson’s testimony, it was settled in their minds. No harm, no foul. Does this smell like sulfur to you, as in rotten eggs? It does to me!! 🙂 He’s a real double talker.


  12. I just did some reading, and it appears that grand juries are only used in an investigative capacity when an elected government official is suspected of using his/her office to commit a crime. A reason for that is because there is generally no body of authority with jurisdiction to investigate elected officials. I’ll see if I can find a law professor or legal writing on the matter.

    What peeked my curiosity is that McCulloch said he presented all witnesses,proven liars or not, before the grand jury because he used the grand jury to investigate.


    • Fascinating find Xena. Impression, McCulloch allowed these witnesses to absolve himself of any prejudice. Seems to me he actually had two options, one, a special prosecutor or two, send the matter to the grand jury ‘without’ witnesses who were discredited.

      McCulloch’s obligation was to Michael Brown – McCulloch indicated that the FBI and other investigators found what his office found, witnesses who were less than truthful. Would those investigative materials not be at the disposal of the grand jurors? If they were available or not, what purpose would it serve Michael Brown to have those untruthful witnesses testify?

      McCulloch, it appears, would like the public to believe that the grand jury made their determination based on potential credible evidence presented through testimony to which they had the option to believe or not believe – and, ‘investigate matters’ they were uncertain about. Which is what the prosecutors office is all about. Sounds more like a trial to me, not a query and assist on factual evidence to move forward to trial.

      It makes no sense whatsoever. No more sense than having Darren Wilson ‘tell his side of the story’ to the grand jury. Is Wilson’s statement evidence of no wrong doing? Not in my book. But I certainly appreciate Milhaven’s statement that McCulloch hadn’t heard Michael Brown’s side of the story…and I don’t believe he ever intended for this case to go to trial.


      • There’s lots of info on U.S. attorneys using grand juries for investigative purposes, but nothing for the State of Missouri that I’ve found thus far.


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray :

    We distrust police accounts for good reason. The destruction of black life is too easily justified by blue fiction. We protest. #Ferguson

    Protest is the end of silence. It is the end of accepting murder as a condition of life. Protest is the beginning of change. #Ferguson

    Protest must also be community-building. The strength of new relationships is the strength of the movement. #Ferguson

    If you cannot imagine freedom, then you cannot fight for it. If you cannot dream while awake, you may sleep forever. #Ferguson

    There is a difference b/t protest spreading and the movement spreading. The former is about moments, the latter about new power. #Ferguson

    We’ve been fighting for 400 years. Do not let people rush you as we fight right now. Freedom won’t come easily or quickly. #Ferguson


    • peni4yothot

      Hi Yahtzee, love Deray; he’s comedic/ articulate. I watched he/Wyze/Netta/2unchain on a panel last week (via live stream), they all were on point.


  14. peni4yothot

    Another “sort of OT: Meet the Pro-Slavery Fairview Park Auxiliary Cop



  15. peni4yothot

    Uh, another OT subject yours truly STL:

    ‏@valeriehahn .@STLFireDept responded to a man on fire in a portable toilet at 6th and O’Fallon Street at 8:20 p.m. Man taken to hospital; unknown cond.

    HowardK ‏@Fluffenburger · 22h22 hours ago
    @valeriehahn @STLFireDept …..wow! he must have been really really gassy

    Becky Timmons ‏@Inkydelaware · 9h9 hours ago
    Hate when this happens–MT “@valeriehahn: .@STLFireDept responded to a man on fire in a portable toilet, taken to hospital; unknown cond.”


  16. People need to break away from the frickin’ norm. If this country was based on what was considered normal, then the English would rule over america (yes small case a), but because some dared to be different, the English was evicted, if you will. The more police officers get away with this type of police brutality, the more they will do and the more vicious of their killings.


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