Witness 40-Only One Example Of Why The Rage From Ferguson Still Burns A Hole In U.S.

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There are NUMEROUS question marks about supposed eyewitness testimony in this case. The words of this direct result of first cousin copulation are meaningless, especially since she wasn’t even present. Sandra McElroy, if you have to write notes to yourself, begging yourself, to stop calling African-Americans the “N” word-your credibility means nothing, and what is in your heart=is even worth less.

Apparently, the false testimony of an absent, racist redneck weighs heavier than that of someone ACTUALLY present.

I’z was thar, even doe, it took my ignorant, inbred arse over 4 weeks to realize=I’ze weren’t really thar.”

The whole situation in Ferguson reeks of the level of ineptitude and ignorance for which, there exists no reasonable explanation. Ignorant people blindly believe there was no favoritism shown toward Darren Wilson. Despite being in the fight of his life with a demonic “Hulk,” he showed “David Banner” type injuries at…

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  1. Two sides to a story

    Add another point to the long list of corrupt actions in this case.


  2. “direct result of first cousin copulation” That pretty much sums it up.


    • Yep, it sure does……I’ll bet the Halloween pumpkin on her porch has more teeth than she does.

      I’ll bet her 12 year old daughter is allowed to smoke at the dinner table in front of HER kids

      I’ll say that she’s been married 3 times and has the same in laws…..no doubt about it.

      I heard her interview and she said “Genitalia” is “…that thar I-Tailian Airline”

      And this is who those dumb f’s believed over what we call in the real world “actual eyewitnesses”


  3. W#40 is a hot mess. Wonder “if” someone made a deal w/her, since she has a checkered past. I wouldn’t put anything past those bad apples in Mo.

    On another topic if not already posted;
    George Stinney, 14-year-old convicted of murdering two girls in ’44, EXONERATED: http://www.wistv.com/story/27651255/george-stinney-14-year-old-convicted-of-44-murder-exonerated


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      To think that this child was wrongly executed at the age of 14!

      And to think of the so many others that were falsely accused and lost their lives!

      So evil, so frightening, so sickening SO HEARTBREAKING!

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      • peni4yothot

        Yep, very heartbreaking! Look at the blatant lies being told either by so-called witnesses/jurors/ defendant’s attorney.

        Some things seem to remain the same.


      • Know what’s scary Yahtzeebutterfly? There are consequences for those who bear false witness. Bearing false witness is worst than telling a lie. When people bear false witness before judges and juries that results in death to the innocent, there is a heavy price to pay.


  4. What gets me about this Wit. 40 is that the prosecutor’s office went out of the way to disprove other witnesses statements yet accepted hers as the truth. They could prove she lied about everything yet still put her on the stand to support DW. I haven’t read the Grand Jury report but did they once question her truthfulness? Or the fact she tried to interject herself into other high profile cases? Or that she suffers from a mental illness?


  5. sidewinder50

    I seriously do not understand why nothing is being done about this witness’ testimony? Can someone please explain?


    • Sidewinder, I can only speculate based on the feds still investigating. It’s been reported that the FBI interviewed Witness 40 before the county’s grand jury met. Remember what happened to Martha Stewart? Witness 40 has a lawyer, who might be in negotiations with the feds now for a plea bargain.


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