Spokesman Who Attacked Rams’ Ferguson Protest Was Fired From Police Job in 2001 for Misconduct

It looks like the most recent agenda of those such as Roorda is to attack the employment of people who they don’t like.

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screen_shot_20141201_at_9.48.00_am The Rams players’ pregame protest. | CBS Screenshot


After several members of the St. Louis Rams NFL team made a “hands up” gesture of solidarity with Ferguson protesters before the team’s home game yesterday, a group called the St. Louis Police Officers Association issued a statement criticizing the players. The group’s statement quoted its business manager, Jeff Roorda:

The SLPOA is calling for the players involved to be disciplined and for the Rams and the NFL to deliver a very public apology. Roorda said he planned to speak to the NFL and the Rams to voice his organization’s displeasure tomorrow. He also plans to reach out to other police organizations in St. Louis and around the country to enlist their input on what the appropriate response from law enforcement should be. Roorda warned, “I know that there are those that will say that these players are…

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  1. Roorda Is the real THUG in all this. I have a few other names for him but nuff said ha! What the heck is wrong with that man. Bullying is against the law. RIGHT? Well he’ll get his one day.


  2. I can’t believe Roorda had the nerve to do this. I should have known that’s who the story was referring to, I already knew this about him. I agree Shyloh, he’ll get his, they all will.


  3. What a classic dipshit. What 1st Amendment Right is he going to exercise since cop shops aren’t allowed to be involved in this sort of shit. This is a political issue and NO ONE has done anything to him or his goon squad.

    He has a problem with someone exercising their rights but his goons will now do what……exercise what ??? Free Speech ?? about what, how many times does a goon / thug cop need to shoot at a person running away……??

    I think I’ll get wrist bands, bumper stickers, T shirts, book markers and the ultimate cop insult, the dreaded dark hoodie that all say “Darren Wilson is a Killer” and there is nothing he can do about it. He’s probably trying to get his hood and robe on and all his bitching and whining is slowing him down.

    Maybe I’ll get a screen saver made up about them. Maybe we all need wrist bands that say ….

    “I’m NOT Darren Wilson, THANK GOD”


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Charles Wade @akacharleswade · 9h 9 hours ago
    “Losing the election is exactly why #JeffRoorda is doing this, Vendetta. Salty. Still grasping for power and attention.”


  5. “The SLPOA is calling for the players involved to be disciplined…………”

    What ?? Don’t put your hands up ?? Why…..so cops can say “I shot him because his hands weren’t up…….oh……and I was afraid for my life………

    Ummmmmmmm…..what the hell does the SLPOA do anyway……ya know, besides whine and bitch.


  6. Oh snap !! I need to read and absorb better on this one.

    “Roorda himself has been in the news before: In 2001 he was fired from his police job in Arnold, a Missouri city about 20 miles from St. Louis, after making what an investigation determined to be a false accusation of abusive behavior against his police chief during a dispute over paid leave. The department’s justification for his termination made reference to a previous incident in which Roorda had lied on a police report. From a Missouri Court of Appeals ruling upholding his firing:

    … the record reveals that in July 1997, Roorda attempted to try to “cover” for another police officer by filing a report that contained false statements as to what happened during a suspect’s apprehension and arrest.   As a result of this false report, all charges against the defendant involved were dropped, and Roorda received a written reprimand from B.J. Nelson (the City’s Chief of Police at the time) for violating the City Police Department’s General Order 74.4 (“False Reporting”).”

    He lied on a police report……gee, Wilson didn’t even write one……how convenient.


    • Roorda was also on the Board of the organization collecting donations for Darren Wilson, so of course he doesn’t want any expression of support for the people of Ferguson and interprets protests to be anti-government. Roorda got the result he wanted via the other person who helped collect donations for Wilson; i.e., Bob McCullough. Roorda should be the person who shuts up.


    • racerrodig…..just for the record……many police departments have policy in which a cop who shoots does not write a report, instead the investigating officer of the shooting does. I don’t know why. Also some departments also forbid the questioning of an officer involved shooting until 2 days have passed. There have been studies on that and it has been found that they remember more after that time frame then immediately following a shooting.


      • Well that may be in some places but around here a report is done within hours to get it on the record. The shooter and whoever is doing the shooting investigation both write a report. The shooter has to write a report about what led up to it….a break in call, disturbance, DV, drunk & disorderly…..whatever.

        The other report involves statements and evidence of just the shooting. Wilson stated it is policy to do a report but some union rep, or whomever, told him not to.

        It’s clear to me everyone and his brother knew he was screwed and the less locked into the better. There was video posted here I believe where at some point after several other cop arrived and they started to figure out what to do (cover up) there is Wilson walking in the street at the curb walking very slowly and suspiciously, with no purpose and suddenly they mark shell casings there……20 feet or so from Mike’s body.

        Around here, Wilson would be moved from the scene and not allowed to wander about.

        Back on 10/3/14 in our town a cop called in that he was shot at by 2 black men while in his car while parked in a park just up the road at night. He wrote a report and it was discovered in the investigation by the County Investigator that……

        2 shots were fired…….both from his gun
        the shots hit the windshield………but he had no glass bits on him
        the drivers seat was covered in glass bits and dust
        one shot hit the drivers headrest………but not him
        the other shot hit the drivers seat mid chest……….but not him
        both casings were located approx 20 feet from the car

        Hmmmmmmmm ?? Those 2 black guys are damn good at altering a crime scene.

        Then the “cover up” begins with “…..the officer in question had an accidental discharge of his firearm while in the car……” Uuhhhhhuhhh ??

        And that exonerates his “I was shot at by 2 BLACK MEN just exactly how I ask. Needless to say, he’s an ex-cop facing charges.


        • racer….I agree that many mistakes or deliberate overlooks were done that day. I wasn’t trying to excuse anything only trying to explain that there might be an explanation for DW not writing a report.


          • The only explanation that is possible is that he doesn’t have an official account he can’t escape when things get ugly. I said it before and I stand by it…..his only chance to avoid prison was not being indicted.

            Keep in mind the makeup of a jury there…..almost 70% AA and no way was he walking.


    • Reading some of the comments at the bottom of that article I’m still stunned at the collective stupidity of those who think life is like a cop TV show where a cop can shoot at anyone for anything.

      No clue that a cop can’t shoot at anyone who is fleeing unless they are armed, the cop knows it and the suspect is clearly a threat to anyone else OR is a know escaping felon.

      These race baiting hate mongers think if someone, well……a black person is, well, just there, it’s okay to open fire no matter what.

      Must be me, but I think we need to crack down on them thar ‘shiners…….so to speak.


      • Racer,
        Isn’t ignorance amazing? One of the things missing from the opinions and arguments of bigots, is the issue of bullet proof vests. Since they live in a make-believe world, they should be the first to think about shields, spider webs, capes, — those things that heroes have to protect them from harm while capturing the bad guys.

        These race baiting hate mongers think if someone, well……a black person is, well, just there, it’s okay to open fire no matter what.

        That is built on their foundational ideology that minorities have no rights.


  7. Good for the Rams!
    They shouldn’t apologize.
    He’s the one that should apologize for being an asshole.
    How can he get by with lying to the police?
    I guess they all lie to each other.
    So damn common for them to lie.
    I’ve seen it way too many times perjure themselves.
    So they get away with murder and perjury.
    What’s new?
    Did you notice the picture of wilson’s so-called injury on the wrong side of his face?
    When I saw what was supposed to be an injury, it was like just another damn lie.
    All of us are supposed to follow the law.
    They AREN’T?


  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    That disgusting Laura Ingraham also commented Shut up and play. A takeoff on her book.Now when these football players do something silly like the touchdown dance,that’s fine with racists.This however,they shouldn’t do. I support this statement.

    Now here’s what happens when a White cop shoots an unarmed White female:




  9. Poor baby, Roorda is upset over the Rams exercising their rights to free speech just by the raising of their hands. Where was his outrage over the officers wearing the “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets while in the middle of the protests of the killing of MB? You can’t have it both ways Roorda.


    • But towerflower, Roorda has authority to have and use double-standards. (snark) Freedom of expression is not allowed unless ordered by him or men who look like him.


  10. Darren Wilson Prosecutor Caught in Financial Conflict of Interest


    • They are counting on us being stupid enough to believe this cover-up and are also counting on the racist hate mongers bleating to silence our call for Justice.


      • Mindyme,
        Insults to intelligence is their method of confidence and they have the confidence because of their positions.

        Silence is their goal. If they don’t want to read, hear, or see opposing views, they should go into a cave rather than trying to intimidate people to voluntarily surrender their constitutional rights.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    Joshua Scott Albert @jpegjoshua · 13h 13 hours ago
    “This is probably one the best photos I think i’ve ever taken. #Ferguson protesters participate in #HandsUpWalkout


  12. Xena…. sorry about that twitter exchange. It sort of took me by surprise. She doesn’t follow me nor I her. UGH! I went to her profile and she’s a wife of a police officer and stands with Wilson. Again sorry your blog add. was amongst the exchange.


    • Shyloh,
      Please — no need to apologize for that Twitter exchange. There are things with the timing for when she came to Twitter and some other things that happened around that time that conveys to me who she is. She is not what she says on her profile. Her bringing up the Anthony case also conveys to me who she is.

      You might have read the posts here about the cyber-extortionists. She is one of that group and agenda. She lurks on this blog, and then seeks out people on social media who comment here in order to start her lying, degrading, defamation agenda. Her agenda is to convince others that I’m a “black racist” who “hates White people” and a “fraud” so they should not participate on this blog. Don’t be surprise if she DM’s you a court decision and alleges that I am the party involved in the case and she knows my real name. It’s a game that she and her minions have played since January 2013.

      She is a person who stalked me on JB’s blog and after discovering Blackbutterfly7, she immediately starting sending filthy comments here that among other things, threatened that unless I stopped participating on JB’s blog that she would ruin my reputation.

      (JB believes that Casey Anthony did not kill her daughter. I was not on the internet during that case, didn’t follow it, and what matters to me is that a baby died and whomever killed her has not been brought to justice. I discovered JB when looking for a civilized blog that supports justice for Trayvon. I was treated respectfully on her blog. In particular, I was not going to let Miss Filth tell me who I could not associate with.)

      Miss Filth’s logic is that I was wrong to participate on JB’s blog about justice for Trayvon, because she disagrees with JB’s opinion concerning Casey Anthony — not Caylee but Casey. Her logic is like saying people who believe that George Zimmerman was justified in killing Trayvon have to hate Trayvon, the victim.

      I could see her agenda on Twitter by engaging you — bring up Caylee Anthony, then tell you that I support JB who doesn’t believe Casey killed her daughter, to say that you should not associate with this blog.


  13. peni4yothot

    Not sure if this is possible, Xena may know the legal aspect.

    Steve Marmel ‏@Marmel · 3h3 hours ago
    One woman could appoint a special prosecutor re: #Ferguson. Let’s cheer for that.

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    • peni4yothot

      I couldn’t copy paste the actual pic with Judge Maura McShane ph#. It read; 314-615-1502.


      • Peni,
        I read the article and the statute that it linked to. I’m not familiar with how the courts have interpreted Missouri law in this matter and would need to research cases to see their interpretation. If I were to research it further, I would begin by researching how the Missouri Supreme Court interprets “criminal jurisdiction.” That stands out to me because it does not appear that the court has “criminal jurisdiction” to appoint a special prosecutor unless there is a charge.

        In the case cited on Think Progress (State v. Copeland), the defense requested the judge to disqualify the prosecutor due to conflict of interest. The defendant was charged with committing a crime. The defense has standing to request disqualification of a prosecutor. It’s for the benefit of the defendant to receive a fair trial and fair sentencing. That case is very distinguishable from the situation with Wilson who has not been charged.

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    • I just read got finished reading that before I came ‘here’. I hope she makes the right decision

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  14. I have no doubt that the police in St. Louis if not around the nation are going to have it out for the Rams players now, and will try and target them for arrest and charges. If we hear anything about some “drug busts” or bs like that it’s undoubtedly because the cops planted it on them as an act of revenge. The end of that letter the Police Organization’s spokesman put out could very well be interpreted as a threat.


  15. butterflydreamer2

    I’d like to know how Roorda who was fired from the police department for misconduct and making false statements, then becomes the chief of police for the next city over. He then becomes executive director and a business manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, and is moonlighting as a state lawmaker? I guess crime does pay. It looks as though officer Wilson will walk away from his killing with over a million with a little help from the LPOA.


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