A Racerrodig Thanksgiving

Racerrodig is a precious, consistent supporter of Blackbutterfly7. I call him “Racer.” Through the years, he has shared his profound wisdom and great humor with us. Racer has often spoken about playing music, and several months ago he informed us that he started a praise and worship band with his son. They have been invited to perform in other countries.

Racer entrusted me with three of his band’s original songs to see if I could present them in a format so others can listen to them. So, I put them on video. The first video has some glitches, and I ask that you don’t allow that to distract from the beauty and talent of Racer’s song.

It wasn’t feeling like Thanksgiving to me this year. With so much trouble in America, I had gotten down. Racer’s songs picked me up and I hope they do the same for you.  As well, it is such a pleasure to hear his voice.

Blessed Be The Lord

I’m Nothing Without You

Up To The Sky



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  1. crustyolemothman

    What a wonderful collection of music to start the day! Xena, thank you and Racerrodig for this inspirational music. May both of you have a wonder and fulfilling holiday tomorrow…


  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Oh Racer, your songs are absolutely FABULOUS!

    I have just finished listening to all three of your songs and feel SO uplifted by them. Your lyrics are so real, so natural, and so warming to the (my) spirit!

    You have amazing talent! Star quality!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your music and super voice with us here. Wow!!!


  3. I love the songs and the videos! Well Done! Who’d a thunk I would know internationally renown musicians!


  4. Wowwwwwww ! I forgot about sending them to you. I am so down about the lack of justice for Mike & his family (which includes us). But I regain my strength through several things and music is one of them. Another is all of you guys and gals.

    Yep……”Blessed be the Lord our God, He has shown His love and kindness to me…..” just like you guys and gals here have shown. You all show such beautiful love and every award you get is well deserved.

    I’m humbled by you posting these songs…….really……

    I must say the words……..

    “Oh my Lord there’s trouble at sea, all the waves are crashing over me, there’s no way out, it’s plain to see, are You listen’ Sorry my Lord for my doubting You, You know all that I’ve been through, You work things out, You pull me through, I trust in You”

    apply to what we’ve seen happen in Ferguson.

    Karma…..not that any of us wish bad, or more specifically, undeserved things, happen to anyone, but just like Wafer, Duhnn and Fogens situation, Wilson went too far and he won’t escape Karma.

    The videos are awesome I must say !!!!!

    Can’t thank you enough and the kind words from everyone. Lets all just “….sit back and take a
    breath, everything’s gonna be alright…..”

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and lets think positive.


  5. butterflydreamer2

    Beautiful Racer,

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  6. I love the songs ! And I mean that… And I like his singing voice…. it’s a ROCKER’s singing voice. :heart:


  7. Racerrodig has always been my favorvite poster since the Trayvon Martin days. I cannot begin to know how Sybrina and Tracy must be feeling. Once again, another young man has been murdered. This time by law enforcement. Racerrodig, has always been a breathe of fresh air for me. I could not have made it through those days, without his terrific posts and words of comfort. Thank you for the songs Racerrodig. They are just perfect for Thanksgiving! I am once again down in the dumps though about the verdict from the grand jury, but as always, I have this blog, Frederick Leatherman, my faith in God, who gives me the strength to fight and the posters to get me through this latest injustice. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  8. WOW!!!
    Thanks so much Xena and Racer for such a beautiful Thanksgiving gift.
    Just what we all needed.
    Racer, your sond, music, voice so beautiful.
    It just meant so much, I can’t say,
    JUST THANK YOU!!!! : )
    I hope everyone on here has a beautiful Thanksgiving and
    keep the families in mind that are missing someone needlessly this season.


  9. Deb, renxyoko, bd2……thanks……

    One thing my grandfather always told me was to be a positive influence on people. I see you all had the same teacher so to speak.


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    Whatever your path, these are beautiful. Hugs, Barbara


  11. kindheart101

    Racer, my friend,

    How can I possibly express to you how much your music touched me?

    On the Eve of Thanksgiving, I fell to my knees, and prayed. I prayed for justice, love, equality, and that you, and your family would be blessed.

    I have known you a long time Racer, and I have always felt very close to you. Now, with your music, you hold a special place in my heart. Bless you dear friend.

    A 24 hour candle will burn for you and your family, and band. And after that, the flame will glow in my heart.

    Thank you Racer


    • kh, the feeling is mutual. If you remember back about Sept. 2012, you posted a poem about Trayvon that my son and the kids in his band at the time, (they were 14) were going to turn into a dedication song. Unfortunately the 3 other kids left and he isn’t really a lyricist much but I did some work on it and one day we’ll have it done.

      I think we need to get a rally of our own somewhere and have celebrities and us common people of all races at the same place, on the same stage and tell our stories. The theme sould be “Why can’t we all just get along”

      Thank you for the sentiments. Even though we all have problems in life, what the families of these victims has to be going through is unfathomable to me.

      You guys are the best…..Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and prayers to the families of the victims with a list getting far to long.

      I say we all observe a 5 minute prayer / silence for all of the victims and their families say at 1PM EST or whatever someone suggests.


      • kindheart101

        Bless you Racer.

        I pray daily for peace. I pray daily for equality.

        Just set a time, I will kneel down and pray my friend.

        Until then, a candle burns for you, your family and band. It burns out of love, to bring light to your life over the beginning of the holidays.

        I am tired, and I am calling it a night. But please know the light will shine on for you, and those you love.

        Happy Thanksgiving to all………….

        (At 1 PM, I will bow my head, and be silent and pray for all victims, and their families)


  12. crustyolemothman

    O/T but if you will take the time to actually listen to this man speak, we might all learn something… Happy turkey day to all!!!


  13. I don’t understand him saying take the doggone hoodies down, especially in the summer.
    Is he also saying don’t even wear one in the winter and rain?
    Everybody else does why shouldn’t they.
    Maybe the stores should quit making them in that case.


  14. Racer,
    Just wanted to let you know that the videos of your songs currently have a combined total of 119 views!


  15. Xena, they are so beautiful and you did such a great job of putting the videos to his music.
    We have a big screen TV and we get You Tube on it. WOW. it was like watching your’s and racer’s music on the big screen. : )
    My family loved them. Thanks again. : )


    • yahtzeebutterfly



      Beautiful nature videos accompanying Racer’s songs/


    • Lolypop,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I did not feel that I could do Racer’s songs justice to video as they deserve, so your words are very special to me. The wonders of God’s creation are beautiful and I suppose you can tell that I love seeing horses in action. 🙂


  16. You did!!!
    My family all commented on racer’s singing and your videos! : )
    I have watched them several times.
    The horses?? Wow they were great and the way that you put them together, I just loved all of them. I don’t know why, but horse’s just kind of have a way of showing their spirit.
    You would think that a professional did the videos. SERIOUSLY!!!!
    I know racer is proud.
    We all are and it was the best Thankging gift ever. : )


    • Lolypop,
      I love you!

      Horses do have a way of showing their spirit. The same is true for birds. I love watching them.

      I am so proud of Racer. For years we’ve heard him talk about his band, and read his re-writes of lyrics that brought us laughter. Now, we can hear his wonderful voice and talent.


  17. Just had to say how wonderful the videos and music are. Thank you for sharing. I shared them with my family yesterday during our Thanksgiving dinner. WE all enjoyed them.


  18. I’m truly blessed to be with you guys and gals and it’s amazing what you do. We prayed at 1:00 yesterday for Mike Brown, Trayvon, and all of the victims and families who are denied justice. We also prayed for all victims of racist related violence and victimization. Kendrick Johnson was also brought up in that the state of GA seems to want him forgotten about.

    I took my solidarity picture and will post in when I get a minute, but we all know the fight isn’t over.

    Xena…….the videos are Pro – Caliber.


    • Racer,
      You have a beautiful heart and do not forget that you are a member of this blog which means that you are amazing. Again, thank you for entrusting me with your songs to present them here.

      I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


      • We had a great Thanksgiving and you’re posting these videos to our songs was the icing on the cake. I’m still floored by them.


  19. Great song, not to mention the horses.


  20. These are so beautiful! Even in dark times, it’s the people we care about who make the holidays what they are….


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    Racer, I am listening again to your songs and again my heart is glowing warm as I listen!


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