Ricky Jackson, Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder, To Be Freed After 39 Years In Prison

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Ricky Jackson

A man who spent nearly four decades in prison after being convicted of murder is expected to be freed Friday after a witness confessed he lied as a boy when he told jurors he saw the deadly attack.

Ricky Jackson had been seeking a new trial and sobbed loudly with his face in his hands as prosecutors dismissed his case Tuesday. “I can’t believe this is over,” Jackson, 57, said, thanking his supporters and his attorneys from the Ohio Innocence Project.

Jackson has been imprisoned for 39 years, serving a life sentence for aggravated murder and other charges, according to state prison records. He is expected to be released as soon as the paperwork is finished.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said the case fell apart after witness Eddie Vernon recanted. Vernon said he had been fed details of the crime by police and kept quiet about his lies because…

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  1. I’m so glad he’s finally free. That’s a lot of time to make up.


  2. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I saw an interview with him and he was actually an enlightened soul. He had learned to live in the moment. I hope he gets his 40,000 dollars per year the state owes him…


    • Yes Juan, he is an enlightened soul. A million and a half might put him in a position of having a house and supporting himself but he will even have to fight for that.

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      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        They say few ever get the money promised to them. He didnt seek retribution or bad words for those who condemned him… Awesome


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said the case fell apart after witness Eddie Vernon recanted. Vernon said he had been fed details of the crime by police and kept quiet about his lies because investigators had threatened to imprison his parents.”


    He’s been nearby on a bus when he heard two pops, but couldn’t see what occurred. Others who were on the bus also testified he wasn’t in position to see the slaying.”

    This is a major (and TRAGIC) miscarriage of justice. Do you think the original investigators will themselves be investigated now?


    • Do you think the original investigators will themselves be investigated now?

      No. They actually have immunity. The city and arresting cops are the entities held liable for false arrest.


  4. Most of these prosecutors and investigators never get what they deserve. They just claim they went by the available evidence and the jury did their job.

    Why don’t the jurors see the bs ??……Oh….my bad…..it’s that racism crap again. They probably had their own B37 anyway.

    In Winslow NJ a cop got out of his copmobile on 10/3/14, fired into the windshield of said copmobile then called on his all powerful copmobile two way wireless communication device, that a black guy shot at him. Hmmmmmm ? ? ?

    Well at least they did a fair investigation and he no longer gets to ride the copmobile for pay now. He got to ride in the back wearing those adjustable tension wrist retaining bracelets.


  5. crustyolemothman

    O/T: We have yet another innocent civilian shot by the law enforcement community. This one in Ala.. Will the shooting of civilians ever stop? The story says that the officers were aware of his mental problems, so is that why they shot him instead of using negotiation methods to allow him to peacefully surrender? As usual they use the fact he had a knife in his hand and was moving toward to officer in what could have been an aggressive manner as the excuse to shoot him.. That excuse is getting old isn’t it?



    • If you don’t have the intensive because the new batch of warm doughnuts are just coming out of the fryer, just kill em and get it over with. F’ing sick bastards!


    • Mothman, something is very, very wrong with the thought process of someone who wears a bullet proof vest, probably has a taser, and carries pepper spray, to think that they are a fixed object whose only defense to fear is to fire a gun. There appears to be a number of members of law enforcement who think they are licensed assassins.


      • Licensed Assassins.
        I think that’s pretty much what the police are at this point. We see their nasty attitude. Their imagined superiority and apparent disrespect for the lives of anyone they deem unworthy. They expect everyone to bow down to their authority at gun point and even then they can kill you if they’re in the mood knowing they’ll get away with it.
        This kind of shit cant go on forever, ppl will eventually go crazy on them. They’re just lucky I have a kid that needs me because I think i could’ve been the type of person who snaps like that. especially if I were a guy, I think something like this could’ve pushed me over the edge. I cant imagine i’m the only one with those kinds of thoughts.


  6. Thank you for the re-post Xena!


  7. crustyolemothman

    Busy weekend, here is another man shot and killed by a member of the police community.



    • Mothman, and a 12 year old was killed by cops also. Then there’s the man in NY who was shot in a hallway by a “rookie.” It’s too much and is certainly not building trust among citizens.


  8. peni4yothot

    OT: Interesting read re: letter to UN requesting monitors to come to Ferguson, USA

    David Harris-Gershon ‏@David_EHG · 6m6 minutes ago
    Parents of Mike Brown write to UN human rights experts, asking them to monitor #Ferguson police during protests.



    • Peni, the UN as well as others are needed to monitor. The KKK has made a direct threat to anyone wearing an Anonymous mask.


      • Yep, yet no local LE agency has investigated the threats.

        Amnesty International arrived last night.


  9. peni4yothot

    OT: Listen to the words,

    Ferguson Missouri (a song by Samm Bennett)

    Recorded on August 15 at Polarity Studio, Tokyo. Samm Bennett: vocal and 3-string guitar. For more, please visit http://www.polarityrecords.com Ferguson, Mis…


  10. OT:


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