We Didn’t Have “The Green Thing” Back then!

Snow blowers. How did mankind ever survive winters without snow blowers?

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  1. This is great!


  2. butterflydreamer2

    They need to advise at least on big box store, if plastic bags are bad for the environment, they need to fill up the bags instead of putting one or two items in the bag. They could bag all the groceries in three bags, instead you will walk out with a dozen or more.


    • Butterflydreamer,
      The reason why clerks only put several items in plastic bags is because they get too heavy and awkward to carry because the contents shift; unlike when paper bags were used and items were placed so they would be staple. I can remember when wives saved small paper bags for their husbands to carry their lunches. We did many things to reuse paper bags and when is was first said that they were being replaced, it was not about saving the environment. Rather, factories that made paper bags were infested with roaches that would lay eggs in the folds of the paper bags. Bringing them home and saving them resulted in houses becoming infested with roaches.


  3. crustyolemothman

    Wonderful topic to start the day with! Too bad this subject is not brought out more often, if the nation does survive the many racial problems, will it then fall due to the waste generated by its people? Going “GREEN” is a good concept, and as this article points out is not a new thing! I might add, as I was growing up there was no TV and no phone, possibly because we had no electric and no indoor plumbing, and guess what, we survived and thrived… Perhaps many of the problems of todays society is that they take too much for granted? There is nothing to bind a family together, or at least it seems so for far too many people. If you want to understand the present, it would be wise to look at the past. How many people remember the day when we were responsible for our own action? Our miss deeds belonged to us and not our neighbor, or some other individual. I remember the times in the far distant past when other members of our community fell upon hard times the entire community stepped in to help, often at great cost to themselves. My how we have progressed as a society, right?


    • Hey Mothman. Great comment!

      If you want to understand the present, it would be wise to look at the past. How many people remember the day when we were responsible for our own action?

      That was when parents were allowed to spank children for their misdeeds without being charged with child abuse. It was when neighbors could bring over food to a sick neighbor, and not be afraid of being sued if the neighbor claimed that the food made them sick. It was the days when men would gather under the hood of a car to get it running for another neighbor without having to be a certified mechanic. It was when the majority of drug addicts were musicians, and if they didn’t pay the drug dealer they were beaten and didn’t steal from others exchanging stolen property for drugs.

      We’ve come to a time where there is a lack of trust of others and the government requires licensing or certification for mostly everything.


  4. peni4yothot

    OT: thought to share this, hope others Lol as I did. If we in America can have religious rights; uh; …………………………http://ww4.hdnux.com/photos/33/23/16/7156627/5/920×920.jpg

    Asia Lemmon, whose legal name appears on her driver’s license as Jessica Steinhauser, is shown wearing a metal colander on her head on her Utah driver’s license in this undated photo. Lemmon says the pasta strainer represents her beliefs in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and says state employees took the photo after she presented them with documents on religious freedom.


  5. roderick2012

    “Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”

    Yes, that’s the Pluto in Leo generation who thought they could have it all and didn’t care about the impact on the environment and now the Pluto in Virgo generation has to clean up their mess.


    • Roderick,
      Pluto — smoto. 🙂 By the way, I’m thinking about posting the chart analogy that you did for me. Thanks again.


      • roderick2012

        Ha, ha, ha !!!!

        Don’t take my generalization personally, Xena.

        Have a great weekend.

        BTW how much snow have you received?

        It’s even ‘cold’ in South FL–low 60’s this morning..brrrrrr!!


        • Hey Roderick. I didn’t take the generalization personally. That’s why I joked about it. With the different ages comes different things.

          Low 60’s? HA! That’s Spring in my neck of the woods. 🙂 It’s cold here, but the snow has mostly been in flurries. Last week, we did get a bit over an inch. It’s been another year where we went from summer to winter — no fall.


  6. It was very different before. We reused everything. As science has shown us the error of our ways, we have tried to change our actions. Hugs, Barbara


    • Hey Barbara! We did reuse everything, and we also made many things. Crocheting was passed down through my grandmother and I learned how to knit at the age of 12. Winter caps, scarfs, shawls, dollies, kitchen curtains, sweaters, vests, etc., we made. I remember buying pattern books in the drug store for 50 cents.


  7. True! I grew up with very few things in Eastern Europe, and remember my childhood as a very happy one. I doubt that the kids I see now with all their gadgets and smart phones are more fulfilled because of them.


    • Eurobrat,
      Kids and adults. I have an electronic can opener that I put back in the box after using it several times. I can open a can faster with the manual can opener. Thinking back, we ate more fruit as children because it was the fast snack. Now with microwaves, kids eat more processed food with all the chemicals to boot.


      • Yeah, the same does go for adults. The sad thing is, I think I was happier and more carefree when I didn’t have all the stuff I’m surrounded with now.


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