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While I catch-up and organize my office, feel free to use this thread to discuss anything.

Thanks to all of those who visited Blackbutterfly7 and to new subscribers.  Some might be surprised that I’m visiting posts from May, but I’m catching up.  It takes me awhile because I actually like reading, and want to read your posts.  Please forgive my delay.

There are new reports regarding Darren Wilson in which attorney Benjamin Crump has responded to.  It appears that the Ferguson police department released videos and audio of Wilson after killing Michael Brown.  The video shows no injuries to Wilson.

Michael Brown’s parents’ response is here:

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake rocked the Maluku Islands in eastern Indonesia Saturday, and the people are under a tsunami warning.  Let’s keep them in our prayers and positive thoughts.

Dr. Cyril Wecht has interviewed on MSNBC and says that Michael’s arms were in the air when he was shot.

Lava flow continues in Honolulu and has destroyed at least one home.

The Anita Smithey trial in Florida continues next week.  Smithey killed her estranged husband and claimed self-defense.  She was denied immunity under stand your ground.

Remember, love with all your heart.  Make somebody happy.  Make somebody strong.

(Carlos Santana making his guitar talk. Go ‘head, brother.)



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  1. UN Has Strong Words For US Regarding Its Human Rights Violations


  2. Does anyone remember the days when you picked up the phone, an operator asked “What number please?” and phone numbers began with a name, such as “Hudson,” “Keystone” etc.?

    Does anyone remember when “fast food” was boiling hotdogs on the stove for a Saturday lunch, usually accompanied with potato salad?


    • butterflydreamer2


      I don’t remember either of those, but I remember…….

      19 cents for cheeseburgers at McDonalds
      10 cents for a glass bottle of pop out of the machine at gas stations
      metal skates with a key that slid apart that you wore with your shoes
      37 cents for a gallon of gas
      a hot lunch from school was 35 cents (now $2.50), and you had nap time in kindergarten and gram crackers and milk for a snack (not anymore, and no cupcakes, cookies, or sweets for birthdays or holiday parties)
      when the all time scariest movie was the talk of town…..The Birds
      When girls could not wear pants to school, and the first thing you did in class was to say “The Pledge of Allegiance.”


      • yahtzeebutterfly


        Oh, you two have my memories surfacing now. 🙂

        The days of the Pogo stick, Hula Hoop, Silly Putty, Pez, and Pop Beads.

        …and, saving my wooden ice cream cup’s spoon from lunch to use to play hop scotch during lunch recess.

        A glass jar of bubbles was 10 cents and a Milk Way was a nickel.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Oh, and, butterflydreamer, we made our own skateboards by taking apart those roller skates you described. Three years after my brothers and I made our own skateboards, “real” skateboards started to be manufactured.

          This is the first factory-made skateboard:


      • Butterflydreamer,
        I remember in school where we paid a dime for milk. It came in bottles. I don’t remember now if the dime was for a week or a month. I do remember that we went to the movies where it cost a dime to get in; two movies were shown plus cartoons. I was introduced to Elvis when seeing Jail House Rock. 🙂


    • I remember phones attached to the walls, which is something my grandchildren will never know of


    • Lincoln 7-7992……Like that ??

      Then you had to turn the phone dial.

      When I was in HS, my buddy & I would walk to “Gino’s” and for less than one dollar I could but 2 cheeseburgers, fries and a med coke.

      I love boiled dogs…..and homemade potato salad.

      I was the neighborhood Pogo Stick champ.

      Air was free at the gas station AND they checked the oil, not to mention cleaning the windshield.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Oh, and do you remember calling up the Time Lady, racer?


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          “At the tone, the time will be 10:40 and 20 seconds. deee.”


        • butterflydreamer2

          Yahtzee, I remember that, we referred to it a popcorn.

          How about the typewriters we used, I still own 2 of them. My first job I worked the switchboard, it lit up when a call came in and you had to take a phone line and insert it in the extension. There were about 20 incoming lines, and they could all light up at the same time. If someone was already on the line you had to tap into their conversation and announce “waiting”. Management was quite large, so they had to come into the switchboard room and go to a board with their name and move a magnet disk to the out box. You got familiar to who was going with who to lunch. Come to find out, several of those managers were not really going to lunch. Yes, they were married, but not to each other.


      • Racer- Yeah, like Hudson 3-2700. I still remember that commercial. LOL! Oh yes- gas stations were called “service stations” because attendants provided service, and they also checked your oil.

        Now, shall we talk about when we could actually opens bottles and boxes without all the tape and security after the Tylenol murders? Some lunatic changed the way consumables are packaged and increased the costs because they decided to put poison into over-the-counter capsules.


        • butterflydreamer2


          And now we have all those child proof caps. I don’t know why they call them child proof, Most of the time I can’t get them off, especially the ones where you have to match the arrows up.


          • butterflydreamer, I signed a form at the drug store so they wouldn’t put child-proof caps on my prescriptions, but each time I have a prescription filled, I have to remind them.

            The inconvenience having to cut, pull, etc. a bottle of juice is a constant reminder to me that some murdering idiot decided to poison Tylenol capsules.

            By the way, I had an Underwood typewriter. LOL!


    • peni4yothot

      I remember having to learn my number ie; RE4-1285. My guess was 5y/o couldn’t remember big words “river-electric”.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Tonight I am holding the parents of Trayvon, Michael, Jordan, Renisha others in my heart and am sending them caring and supportive thoughts and prayers. I am also praying with Black parents who daily pray that their children will remain safe and not be victims of negative stereotyping and profiling.

    So if you pass the parents weeping
    Of the young ones who have died,
    Take them to your warmth and keeping.

    ~Joan Baez – “Blessed Are” lyrics

    When, oh when will we see the change that so many of us have been hoping for?? I continually pray for that change.

    How many years can a mountain exist
    Before it’s washed to the sea?
    Yes, and how many years can some people exist
    Before they’re allowed to be free?
    Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
    Pretending he just doesn’t see?


  4. chuquestaquenumber1

    If Wilson wasn’t injured,this is no surprise. Remember the fake Darren Wilson eye socket photo.Did you ever think that a terrorist would only get 6 mos in prison? Did you ever think a terrorist would have that sentence reduced to less than 2 mos.,due to time served?

    Yet ,Marissa Alexander is looking at 60 yrs in prison.Whether you support or not ,was the crimes she was charged with worse than Marcus Faella.


    • Chuquesta,
      I read about that white supremacist group in Florida and my mouth fell open. I think what happened is that the investigation was cut-short when they suspected an undercover agent. Hopefully, that group is still on the government’s radar.


    • What is it going to take to get these violent psychopaths out of our society?


  5. yahtzeebutterfly



  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Five ugly and uncanny parallels between lynchings and police killings in America”
    by Shaun King


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    I found this video tweeted out and have watched it with a tearful heart. These peaceful demonstrators need to be heard….really heard with an open mind and heart. I hear their pain and hurt. They have an important message, and, sadly, they are all too often misrepresented by some in the media.


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    NotArealName @BlackVoice4u · 57m 57 minutes ago
    I wish being on the right side of justice meant getting justice. We’ve been on the right side for centuries @deray


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    I just read this excellent article which does a great job helping the reader to understand white privilege. I think it is important to share with you (and perhaps you might consider passing it on).

    AUGUST 20, 2014


    “privilege talk is not intended to make a moral assessment or a moral claim about the privileged at all. It is about systemic imbalance. It is about injustices that have arisen because of the history of racism that birthed the way things are now. It’s not saying, “You’re a bad person because you’re white.” It’s saying, “The system is skewed in ways that you maybe haven’t realized or had to think about precisely because it’s skewed in YOUR favor.”


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Gov. Jay Nixon activates Missouri National Guard in advance of Ferguson grand jury decision”


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here is a nifty Twitter site. The tweeter describes the site with these words: “The #1 Source for Unique Facts you might never heard before. All Facts are from Verified Source.”


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