Now This is the Kind of Policeman You Hope For

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In a tumultuous time when law enforcement finds itself under intense scrutiny, a police officer and his wife in North Bend, Oregon show the true meaning of the phrase “to serve and protect.”

This is the Kind of Policeman You Hope For

Great job Officer Kinney! Also great job Chief Kappelman for giving recognition in a usually thankless job.

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  1. OK, that made me cry.


  2. A good kind of cry for sure. It’s nice to know good people are still out there.


  3. Kudos to one who went above and beyond the call of duty!


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Wonderful story…such a kind and compassionate officer!


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    It is so important to recognize the heroic and kind deeds of police officers across our country.

    One example of great heroism:

    “Dashcam Heroic Rescue Trooper Saves Man from Car Explosion”

    Published on Dec 27, 2013
    Real Hero in Life

Cape May NJ officer Scott Krissinger saves man from burning truck. Dramatic rescue as truck explodes and engulfed in flames. Officer Krissinger doubles back to see if anyone else was in the truck as flames gush out.


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here are two examples of police kindness to animals:


  7. This is going on the *Good Cop* List!


  8. Aweeeee doing the happy dance with tissues in hand. Gotta love it. I forgot about my whiplash for a second. OUCH!!! But still smiling.


    • Shyloh, get well soon. Those happy dances will remind us of things. My knees often have something to say when I dance. 🙂


  9. There is hope for humanity yet! 🙂


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