The Psychology Behind Cyber-Harassers

9f931c04c54d20bb882e3d44a93b8703iPredator Inc. is a New York State based Information Age Forensics Company founded to provide educational and advisory products & services to online users, consumers and organizations on cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyber-stalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online sexual predation and cyber deception. Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants.

The organization has conducted studies and provides definitions and descriptions for those who use information and communications technology (ICT) to harm others.

An ICT Predator is a person or group that directly or indirectly, engages in exploitation, victimization, coercion, stalking, theft or disparagement of others using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). iPredators are driven by deviant fantasies, desires for power and control, retribution, religious fanaticism, political reprisal, psychiatric illness, perceptual distortions, peer acceptance or personal gain.

Michael Nuccitelli of iPredator Inc, believes that cyber-harassers are usually motivated by a need for peer acceptance and/or power and control. The most malevolent feels minimal remorse for the harm they are inflicting upon the target.

Cyberstalkers’ and cyber-harassers’ tactics include false accusations, CYBER-HARASSMENT-CYBER-HARASSMENT-PREVENTION-IPREDATORthreats of harm, habitual monitoring, surveillance, implied threats, identity theft, and gathering information to manipulate and control their target. The motivations of assailants may be rooted in their own pathological drives and motivations. One motivation is exclusion. In this matter, assailants who find no popularity in their ideologies, seek the results of having their target victims excluded by way of defamation and removal of their internet presence.

Trolls like to inflame, provoke, disrupt. On the other hand, cyber-harassers have an agenda to cause personal harm and emotional distress to their target victims. Cyber-harassment is hostile behavior intended to taunt, embarrass, deprecate and defame a targeted victim. Cyber-harassers might use what is called harassment by proxy. That is when a cyber harasser encourages or persuades others to be accomplices in engaging in deprecating and harassing a target. Mostly, the only online friends that cyber-harassers have are those used as, or willing to be used as proxies.

One of our writers, scrodriguez, experienced a most gross form of cyber-harassment. The man perpetrating it has a reputation for cyber-harassment that extends beyond personal attacks and insults. We refer to him as “Mr. Stalker.” Mr. Stalker often alleges knowing something personally about his target victims and is known for opening fake Twitter and Facebook pages to impersonate his target victims where he posts rumors, insults, their addresses, names of their children, and mischaracterizes public information to humiliate.

zero toleranceEarlier this year, Mr. Stalker targeted scrodriguez after discovering that they reside in the same state. Mr. Stalker filed for a restraining order against scrodriguez and the court denied the restraining order. Mr. Stalker has filed an appeal. Mr. Stalker did not stop there. He alleged to obtaining a “public record” regarding scrodriguez which is not a public record, and used another harasser as his proxy to distribute that “public record” to blogs and elsewhere.

Mr. Stalker has stated that he interns for a law firm located in Fresno, California that specializes in bankruptcy. (Although Mr. Stalker has stated the name of the lawyer, I choose to exclude it.) It was at this same time that Mr. Stalker began publicly posting the non-public information of others. Hence, the law firm apparently subscribes to a background check service, including ability to obtain credit reports. Mr. Stalker did access scrodriguez’s credit report and posted evidence that he did so on his Twitter account.

Scrodriguez filed for a restraining order against Mr. Stalker. This meant obtaining an attorney in the county where scrodriguez resides. The court granted the restraining order and also ordered Mr. Stalker to remove all of his dirty work from the internet regarding scrodriguez.

Since then, Mr. Stalker has engaged a proxy to do his dirty work for him.  He provides the material, (announces doing it on Twitter) and his proxy post it on her blog and elsewhere.

(Note:  Although Mr. Stalker’s Twitter account is protected so only those he approves to follow him can read his timeline, the majority of his followers betray him because they don’t want to get in trouble with law enforcement as he has.  They don’t simply tell, but take and distribute screenshots of his timeline.)

Some might ask why hasn’t Mr. Stalker faced consequences for violating the restraining order? It’s because although they both reside in the same state, scrodriguez resides in a different county. The Sheriff in the county where the restraining order was entered has to coordinate with the Sheriff in the county where Mr. Stalker resides.

Also, in general, once a person is represented by legal counsel in a matter, law enforcement advises protected parties to seek civil remedies.

As we can see, Mr. Stalker is using the judicial system to further harass scrodriguez. Mr. Stalker receives public benefits, has no dependents, owns no real estate, and the courts waive his filing fees and costs. Scrodriguez does not qualify as an indigent person according to court rules and so, has to pay court fees and costs in addition to legal fees.

To help scrodriguez defray the costs, his attorney has a website with a Paypal button so those who can afford to, and are willing to help scrodriguez, can contribute directly to the law firm; Rusca & Rusca law firm.  Use “scrodriguez” as the client’s name. By using the Paypal button, your information is not publicly posted.

The problem that people encounter in stopping cyber-harassers is that law enforcement refers victims to the civil judicial system. As we see, the civil judicial system requires victims to pay costs that substantially grow as victims seek the courts to enforce their orders while the perpetrators continue harmful actions.

I retired in 2009 and have no concern of the perpetrators depriving me of employment. The only reputation they seek to ruin is my blogging reputation because Blackbutterfly7 has followers of all races, genders, and sexual orientation who are interested in equality for all. However, scrodriguez and others victimizedof Mr. Stalker and his proxies, have careers to retain and families to support. I humbly ask that if you can help scrodriguez to give him a word of encouragement and/or contribute to his legal fund.



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    • Jueseppi, thanks for the reblog, dear friend. I see that TheObamaCat is still attacking you on Twitter. It’s a shame that she can’t get over, nor understand, that Word Press allows reblogs.


  1. scrodriguez


    Thank you so much for your continued support through all of this, words can not begin to express my gratitude for all those who have stood by me through thick and thicker in this regard.

    My wife sent me another article regarding online stalkers and cyber harasment ill forward that to you its a darn good read.However regarding Mr. Stalkers Proxy who I am now referring to as Ms. Stalker I have saved all of her postings and allegations from her dump site blog in the event she attempts to follow his lead and file a frivolous case I have a paper trail on her going back almost two years in reality she is really the one who assisted in finding out who I was where I lived from the Zimmerman sandy hook article.

    in other words the way I see it the way my wife sees it she is responsible for all of this so should she decide to get froggy and jump, we are prepared for a counter suit. She knows there is a current restraining order against her friend and she has assisted him from start to finish and its still on going.

    The order states clearly that he is not to harass me or my family nor are his friends to harass me on behalf of him which they have been and they continue to do. As far as the slanderous garbage she has posted about me, My wife and I spoke about that and my wife stated clearly this lady is an old miserable **** who has nothing going on in her life no man in her life no real family attached to her.

    I find it quite funny she claims to be this child advocate when she is not advocating for children at all. I also find it suspect that she has a donation pin set up for Natasha Boykin on her blog I am curious to know weather or not that money is actually going to the victims family directly or is she collecting using the name and the case?

    I find it quite odd that this small network of Twidiots all seem to have some sort of donation pin set up on their Facebook pages, Gofundme pages blogs etc….. considering that they obviously do not work I am starting to think these people simply scam others online to make additional income for themselves.

    I could be speculating here sure but I wouldnt be surprised to learn that is the case either.


    • Two sides to a story

      And these same folks make fun of progressive bloggers with donation buttons on their sites, as well as victims like the Martin and Brown families who ask for donations for their work. Go figure. The hper-conservative mind is a labyrinth of contradictions.


    • scrodriguez, you have my full support. That group came at me in Sept. 2012. By December 2012, they passed around names alleging them as my real name. By January 2013, they found a court decision for someone who lives in the same county as I do, and said it was me. Of course, that meant being inconsistent yet again since the name is not the one they previously alleged. Around March 2013, they threatened to “spread the truth” by distributing that court decision to defame me unless I deleted this blog. I didn’t bend to their threats, so they sent the court decision to other bloggers “exposing” me and “warning” them that I am a “fraud.” At that time, this blog had less than 50 subscribers.

      Here it is November 2014; this blog has over 400 subscribers; the cyber-extortionists have started regurgitating the same ca-ca over again; and they still can’t provide any evidence that the court decision applies to me other than someone told them who told someone who told someone. The court decision passed around and mocked by them as saying I failed to get a job and applied for unemployment is dated (wait for it — tick, tick, tick), 2012.

      Currently, I have a private detective looking for the person named in that court decision. She needs to know how the cyber-extortionists have stolen her identity and given it to me. The Illinois Attorney General does not play when it comes to identity theft.


      • scrodriguez


        it just came to my attention, that the school teacher that was recently fired due to a tweet. was fired at the hands of this same Group Tonya Sheffield who is one of my stalkers closest supporters racially attacked this lady with her friends and the moment she fired back they all called the school e mailed the school and got her fired.

        it also came to my attention that she was also posting pictures of her kids and her students as a means to harass this school teacher. if you like I can gather the screens and perhaps we can keep this Cyber harassment series moving forward


        • I watched that teacher being doxed, then provoked/set-up, and suggestions by that group of cyberharassers that her employer should be notified.

          The best that could probably be done to help that teacher is to get the screenshots to her or the school.


        • (Admin’s edit) stays at it by doing the same thing over and over! She is part of the (Admin’s edit) people and her latest target is the #KendrickJohnson hashtag.


          • Hey SmokeeGyrl! It’s good to see your fonts. I approved your comment with editing and you deserve an explanation.

            We report on cyberharassment based on our direct experience and cases reported in the media. It is not intended to fan fires or wage personal wars with harassers. Of course, we would like to understand the motivation and mindset of harassers in order to keep our own sanity. Hopefully, by informing others of the methods used by harassers, those who are harassed will know they are not alone.

            I am aware that there is harassment on Twitter, and believe me, some have tried to involve me in what happens on that social media. Others have slyly tried to get me to respond to their mocking, lies, and defamation by mentioning me in their tweets or requesting approval to follow me. My Twitter account is protected and has been since I opened that account in August 2013 because I don’t intend on giving harassers access to engage me and I have no desire to engage them. I mind my own business.

            I don’t have much to say about Kendrick’s case because it’s under federal investigation and I suspect that those who continue debating it such as the people you named, want things said that they can report to the feds as interference with the investigation. They telegraphed that intention over a year ago on one of their blogs that has since been deleted. In other words, their continued, consistent harassment comes with a baiting agenda.


  2. It is about control. The perception of anonymity of the internet. The inability to ever admit they are wrong. SR I am so sorry you’re going through this. It takes a very small petty mind and mentality to do what they have done.


    • scrodriguez

      Thank you for the kind words, I am really not worried about what she is posting alleging to be truth about me. They dont have one ounce evidence to back up any of their claims regarding me.
      I mean I like to look at it this way, My wife is a well educated college professor very respected in her field. Her colleagues know me they know of my service to this community and what I have done for at risk youth here in the LA Area.
      if there was any truth to any of their claims my wife would have never gotten herself involved with me.
      all I can do at this point is continue to work with my attorney until this is put to an end like I said before I am willing to walk through hell drenched in Gasoline carrying two buckets of gas to protect my family.


    • Mindyme,
      Absolutely, and it’s also about “projection.” Months ago, Ms. Filth sent a comment here threatening to report me to the Bar Association for impersonating a lawyer. (That was shortly after Mr. Stalker learned, by reading here, about pro hac vice.) I laughed about it because she fails to understand the difference between legal advice and legal information. Along with their other mischaracterizations of this blog, they project it as a “law blog” to question my experience in courts and the law. Not once have a written an opinion piece interpreting law. Their mischaracterizations and misrepresentations are interesting because unlike their blogs, we blog on many different subjects. I suppose that if I wrote an article about a recipe based on my experience cooking, they would call into question whether I’m a certified chef. LOL!


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    I believe in the power of prayer and am praying that love will fill the hearts of ALL people and that there will be peace and goodwill toward EVERYONE.

    I pray for a new day and a better world.

    I still hold onto the HOPE expressed in this song:


  4. I’m speechless …. Wow!!


    • scrodriguez

      if you think your speechless now wait until I am done with our next court appearance I really cant leak whats going on in terms of Law Enforcement and what steps are being took to make an arrest but an arrest is imminent

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  5. Last night the wife and I attended a cyber-stalking seminar provided for students and faculty at Cal State Long Beach.
    The speaker there pointed out something very interesting and I find this very consistent with what is going on in my life and what type of person I am dealing with.

    He refers to Cyber Stalkers in a series of groups, My stalker for example is the Rejected and Delusional.
    When you take a look at my stalker and his friends for that matter you will notice not one of them really have any deep family ties not one of them have any significant other in their day to day lives.
    They are all relationship deprived, in other words the reason they stalk is so that they can have or obtain some sort of relationship. you probably ask yourself what kind of sense does that make?
    I will explain, clearly the contact is un wanted my stalker knows this, and as a result the response I give him is rejection but the more I respond and mention my stalker the more he continues to annoy.
    in other words a war is better than nothing to the stalker because a war in itself is a relationship. What this means is each time I respond to his garbage he has accomplished his goal he got a response out of me which in his own delusional mind validates the relationship.
    So basically to sum it all up in a nut shell, the attention he craves is the response I give and if I pay him not mind chances are he will get tired of talking to himself and go find someone else who will give him the desired response/Relationship he craves.

    The delusional aspect of it examples are in that he pretends to have this life that does not exist, a wife that does not exist this daughter that does not exist etc…. that combination makes him a very dangerous individual and what makes him dangerous is that if you reject him ignore him chances are he will go away but he wont forget eventually he will find his way back to you and the more rejected he feels the greater the chance that he may actually turn his thoughts into actions.


    • The delusional aspect of it examples are in that he pretends to have this life that does not exist, a wife that does not exist this daughter that does not exist etc….

      And, working for the CIA, Dept. of Homeland Security, and FBI.

      that combination makes him a very dangerous individual and what makes him dangerous is that if you reject him ignore him chances are he will go away but he wont forget eventually he will find his way back to you

      I witness to that. We see it also happening now by his use of proxies.

      If I may address the rejection aspect, I think it’s also associated with a popularity concept. In his mind and the mind of his minions, they see others as a threat when those people have a measure of likability — any measure. Like with you, Mr. Stalker attacked when it became known that you communicated with a Chief of Police who actually responded to you, and then the news of reported through Think Progress.

      Months before that, Mr. Stalker set up a Facebook page titled Justice for Ted Wafer. He managed to get an interview with a news station out of Michigan, and he spammed this blog with comments boasting about that. (As if I cared.) His boasts didn’t last long because that page was not about Ted Wafer. It did not support Ted Wafer — it attacked the Black race.

      and the more rejected he feels the greater the chance that he may actually turn his thoughts into actions.

      I think you can witness to that.


  6. It is overdue for some types of slander/libel to be made a criminal offence. Example, slander that the Target is a criminal or sexually immoral when they are not. Slander which causes or is likely to cause the victim to fail to get employment or accommodation. As the law stands, destroying poor people with slander is a cheap crime with no penalty.


    • Slander which causes or is likely to cause the victim to fail to get employment or accommodation.

      Indeed! As for some victims however, they return tit-for-tat, so those slandering others are subject to slander. It then becomes a vicious circle.


      • A tactic that can back fire on the victim too. (The evidence of the original slander gets “lost” and the victim is made out to be the aggressor). Bullies love playing such games.


        • True. When people come to me because they are cyber-harassed, I suggest that they not engage the perpetrators. Even the most sincere response can be taken out of context and used against them. There is one cyber-harasser who admits to defaming, then invites her victims to contact her via email if they want her defamatory material removed from her blog. IMO, that is deceptive because it invites engaging to be used against her victims.

          This doesn’t mean that victims should not make the proper reports to the proper authorities, however.


          • I expect it’s a bit like being mugged. You find yourself dealing with very manipulative, twisted characters who have been practicing for years, and you are in the ring with them – a complete novice.
            That is why articles such as yours which explain what happens, are so valuable.
            It would be good if the authorities were less laissez-faire about the issue (I’m all right Jack?)


            • “expect it’s a bit like being mugged. You find yourself dealing with very manipulative, twisted characters who have been practicing for years, and you are in the ring with them – a complete novice.”

              Yes. It’s a violation against the person and the victim wonders what they have that the perpetrator wants. Or, was the victim attacked because of the way they look — some physical characteristic, or their gender, or —- what?

              That is why articles such as yours which explain what happens, are so valuable.

              Thank you. It’s an important, yet sad subject. I can’t understand the human heart that deliberately goes out to hurt people.

              It would be good if the authorities were less laissez-faire about the issue (I’m all right Jack?)

              Yes, and it would be good if the authorities accepted that many cyber-harassers violate the constitutional rights of others.

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            • -I can’t understand the human heart that deliberately goes out to hurt people-

              Neither do I. Very good point. What is wrong with them?


            • What is wrong with them?

              It would probably take hours of interviews and tests by psychologists to figure out what is wrong with them.

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