Open Discussion – Nov 5, 2014

Caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small,

What’s going on today?

  • It’s the day after election day.
  • It’s the day that the federal grand jury is hearing evidence into whether George Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.

SunshineHeartIn some necks of the woods, the sky is cloudy, the air is cold.  In other parts, the sun is shining.  Regardless of the weather, I hope that the light of your heart is a constant reminder that love conquers all.



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  1. scrodriguez

    I hear Frank was a no show today I wonder if a federal bench warrant will be issued, hell I wonder if GZ didnt have someone off Frank

    • Oh-oh. If he was a no-show, he can be held in contempt of court, picked up, and held in jail until he testifies. I hope that Frank is alive.

    • I just looked for a source regarding Taaffe not appearing today, and there is no source. I did see on a social media site that someone with a reputation for lying and giving misleading information as “news” put that info out.

        • Why don’t people understand that when it comes to federal grand juries, the DOJ is not going to behave like people working in the court in Ferguson to give reporters “leaks”? Let’s discern Rene’s report:

          A Department of Justice civil rights attorney from Washington, D.C., Mark Blumberg, subpoenaed at least one person to appear at 9 a.m. Wednesday in that case: Frank Taaffe, Zimmerman’s former neighbor and until a few months ago, his defender.

          It was Frank Taaffe that released the subpoena — not the DOJ. Thus, no one would know that he was suppose to testify this morning if it wasn’t for him.


          But Taaffe did not appear in the public portions of the Orlando federal courts building Wednesday morning, and he did not exit the hallway used by the grand jury when it took a break about 11:30 a.m.

          And, I bet that don’t see judges in the public portions of federal court buildings either. They don’t become invisible — there are mazes behind those courtrooms. Some have underground garages and stairways and elevators to secure areas of the courthouse.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I totally agree that Taaffe could have been ushered in privately (out of view of public) into the court building and then into the courtroom.

          • butterflydreamer2


            You’re right. My husband said he was in court one day and it started getting alittle rowdy. All of a sudden the judge got up and left, and out from both sides of the walls officers appeared. A little man came out and said ” where the hell do you think you are, this is court.” Someone started to say something and one of the officers snatched him up and away he went. My husband said he’s never seen anything like that.

            • Butterflydreamer, When I worked for judges, I often went behind those doors in courtrooms that lead to judges’ chambers, some of which have two doors for each side — the unsecured and the secured side. There are generally deputy sheriff’s in a room off the secured side and they can be in a courtroom at the drop of a hat.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I love your positive vibes. 🙂 ❤

  3. An open-carry activist was arrested Tuesday after trying to bring his handgun into an Alabama polling place. It was a .357 Magnum Taurus revolver and the polling place was a church.

    A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said Kennedy was charged with a misdemeanor violation of a criminal code titled “obstruction, intimidation, etc., of voting rights of others.”


  4. OH yeah, and the NRA won big last night. I have never understood the sreeching and hollering about gun guntrol. People always say they’re going to take our guns away. Oh, Really??? Then you ask why they think that and it’s because of the democrats. Yet, no one has ever had their gun or guns taken away.
    The gun laws to carry one are really confusing too. Last week at that school shooting they thought there were a lot of guys shooting and it was people like secret service. How are we going to have protection for the secret service and ourselves with idiots able to carry a gun.
    Forget even the permit. They can kill several people and then themselves and are people going to ask if he had a permit and since he’s dead what are they going to do????
    I’m pissed off about these idiots that think they have to carry a gun every where. WHY????
    In your home, hunting, why else do you need the damn thing?
    AND OMG at voting places??
    But he had it on him, IF he had left it in his car, I guess that would have been alright.
    I’m so pissed that people are just able to have a gun and kill for no reason.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Strange world we are living in:

    The Associated Press @AP · 8h
    Florida police arrest two pastors and a 90-year-old man who were feeding the homeless:

    • roderick2012

      Yahtz, this is Rick Scott’s Florida.

      We’re just allowed to exist in it.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        brrrr…..scary that it has come to this.

        • yahtzeebutterfly
        • yahtzeebutterfly

          “The Associated Press @AP · 21m
          More laws are targeting feeding the homeless in public, but advocates say it won’t stop their work:

          • kindheart101

            What’s next Yahtzee?

            With all the corruption in our government and police force, they are ALLOWED to pass a bill like this and have the police enforce it?

            We have become a land of the takers………..not the givers. We have become a land of the greedy…….forget the needy. There are more Billionaires in the world today than ever recorded in the past! Yet they pay less taxes, determined on a smaller scale, than you and I do! (I don’t know how many off-shore bank accounts you have Yahtzee, but I have to confess, I have none) 😦

            So what’s next? Perhaps we should fine doctors for taking care of the sick?

  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    I voted and l hope everybody here did as well. As l stated before jurors come from voter rolls. If you want to get some form of justice, vote enough so that your state or federal jury pools see you.

    • chuq… Florida, jurors come from driver’s license listing and not voter rolls. It changed here several years ago to increase the jury pool since some would not register to vote just to avoid jury duty.

      • kindheart101

        I have to believe it is the same in SC Towerflower, as I was called for Jury Duty only a few months after moving back here.

        I was logging off, but saw your comment, and I was so happy to see you, I responded.

        Have a great night Tower. 🙂


      • butterflydreamer2


        Same here in California.

  7. butterflydreamer2

    “I am unaware of anything that came out during the state trial that shows racial prejudice if there is it should be prosecuted and their should be an indictment. Without being in there is hard to say what is going to happen.”

    If there was nothing that showed racial prejudice then why are they even bothering with this, they could have just said there was nothing. Wasn’t it decided that “racial profiling” was not allowed? Didn’t the FBI state that they interviewed family, friends, co-works and concluded he had no race issues? I thought then, how could they come to that conclusion when the cousin, ex-fiancé, co-worker, and a few residents who claim race was an issue. Then we have GZ’s own words FN coons or whatever, those aholes always get away, the burglars who are black. Of course there’s the issue with the jurior who refers to Travon as “the boy of color, and how Mattie was treated. I’m sure I missed some, and there is probably more we are not aware of. The UPS guy, and his my space account. And….”Sources have confirmed that the prosecution team investigating the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman have in their possession new evidence in the form of text messages and e-mails in which George Zimmerman uses the “N Word” when referring who to look out for when on patrol in his Sanford, Florida neighborhood.”

    One thing for sure, none of this did come out during the state trial. Who made the call to decide race was not an issue? His family with their color coded values. Code Black – come out with you guns blazing.

    The Feds have a ham sandwich so big, just waiting for them to start slicing it.

  8. kindheart101

    I’m just going to say Amen.

    I am frustrated and disappointed, but I know we will move forward.

    I trust in truth, humanity, trust and love.


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    BrownBlaze @brownblaze · 1h 1 hour ago
    This just….ripped me open. Boys made into martyrs for a cause that should never exist. Stop killing us.

  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Dr. Cornel Fresh @WyzeChef · 9h 9 hours ago
    You see how easy that was? That’s a shame. I don’t care what the hell you call it but this shouldn’t be here. Period.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    The Associated Press @AP · 3h 3 hours ago
    After north Texas city votes to ban fracking, an energy industry group asks court to prevent ban’s enforcement:

  12. yahtzeebutterfly


    VALDOSTA — Kendrick Johnson’s parents have dropped accusations of civil rights violations from their wrongful death lawsuit against Lowndes High School.

    They amended the complaint a week ago in answer to the school’s petition that the suit belonged in federal court, not state court, as it claimed negligence for failing to protect the safety of their son, Kendrick Johnson, under the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act.

    • Kendrick’s parents can still sue the school under the federal law in a federal court, but were correct to withdraw that claim from the case filed in a state court, which has no jurisdiction to hear federal claims.

  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    Defense lawyer in porch shooting case takes timeout from career–Attorney-Timeout

    • IMHO, what attorney Cheryl Carpenter didn’t realize, is that no matter how zealously she represented Ted Wafer, and no matter how she came to know him as a good person, he still killed a human being. His story of being afraid, yet opening his locked front door while armed with a shotgun, indicates intent — not reasonable fear. Also it appears that Cheryl Carpenter is not upset with Wafer’s conviction, but rather, his sentencing. There might be regret on her part, that she didn’t try to negotiate a plea and sentencing shortly after his arrest.

      Thanks for the link to the article, Yahtzeebutterfly!

  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    Judge rules against ‘5-second rule’
    1:30 p.m. CST November 5, 2014


    A judge has ruled the City of Ferguson cannot enforce or threaten to enforce any policy that would allow police officers to arrest, threaten to arrest, or move peaceful protesters from sidewalks.

    Protesters who do not violate statutes, ordinances, or regulations are free to peacefully stand, march, or assemble on public sidewalks in Ferguson. The judgment also says officials cannot stop protesters from walking or driving through any streets or public places.

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray

    I only now understand the magnitude of the pain of silence, I understand it especially in the context of protest. #Ferguson

    But I plan, and live, from a place of hope. This can be a better America. #Ferguson does not have to be this way. This is hard work.

    Silence is addicting and paralyzing. The safety in silence is an illusion. Speak your freedom. Protest for black life. #Ferguson

    Silence will lure you with its promise of comfort. But silence will drain you spirit and weaken your soul. Silence corrupts. #Ferguson

    Silence is not salvation. Silence is to commit to a tomorrow that looks very much like your yesterday. #Ferguson

    Let today be the beginning of something great.

  16. In the last decade alone the number of people murdered by police has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of the Iraq war, 4489.


  17. Courtesy of Sanford Watch

    • kindheart101

      Very informative, and good news, indeed. Thank you Xena.

      (Whispering) Trayvon? You’re not forgotten Dear Soul. We remember you. We pray for your family and friends to have peace. We know you are with us.

      Justice for Trayvon!

    • True, every word.

  18. crustyolemothman

    This was on the MSN news page this morning. Does anyone know if it is true? If it is what actually happened? Or is it just more agenda driven nonsense?

    • Mothman,
      I caught, in passing, something about the Brown family arguing over T-shirt sales. I haven’t kept up with that story. I think the word to consider in the headline is “may.”

    • mothman……it appears the story is true and has been floating around for about a week.

      • crustyolemothman

        I guess that I am living in a vacuum, this is the first that I had heard of it. I would think if there was any merit to the story that the MSM would have had a lot more to say than that little bit I saw. I’m going to assume that the story is built upon false allegations by people with an agenda against the Brown family, other wise it would have hit the front pages of the news… Thanks for the information…

        • Mothman,

          I’m going to assume that the story is built upon false allegations by people with an agenda against the Brown family, …

          That, or blown out of proportion for the same reasons of having an agenda. It was a family dispute.

  19. sidewinder50

    As relieved as I am about Carlesha being rescued after her traumatic abduction, it leaves me incredulous again to see some talking heads on tv discussing how to get away from someone who has grabbed you, who is following you. “Fight”, “put your fingers in their nostrils”, “poke their eyes”, ” go for the small area in the center of the throat”. Then there is Trayvon, being followed by a creepy guy in a car and on foot who has been maligned endlessly for his effort to get a way from same and ended up shot in the heart. Trayvon’s instincts were correct.

    • sidewinder50, yes! Trayvon’s instincts were correct. He ran. Had Zimmerman not gotten out of his truck, the story would have ended there and he would have had no need to lie about Trayvon reading his mind to know that he got out of his truck; where he would walk, and where Trayvon should hide to confront the creepy looking man he ran from.


    Please forgive my absence and not writing a new article in the last several days. I’m putting information together for my attorney regarding defamation by a cyber-harasser. As legal matters go, if the third-party fails to cooperate to remove the unsupported material intended to defame, we shall proceed to a lawsuit against the violating individual and subpoena proper third parties to acquire the individual’s address to serve summons.

    This matter might also involve violation of federal civil rights law. If any bloggers have received comments regarding me, I would like to have them to add to other comments that have been sent to bloggers for the purpose of interfering with our constitutional right to freely associate regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

    • scrodriguez

      Xena, I have a trail of Evidence that goes back to Sept 2013 regarding their doxing running IP checks to locate people etc… I did speak with my attorney this morning we have to discuss that over DM cus there is something else coming up in regards to the person in question

      • scrodriguez, I have an evidence trail that goes back to September 2012. LOL! In addition, there’s a defamatory blog post by the subject person that goes back to 2012. There is loads of evidence that their harassment is because of race, or what they perceive as race, and some sent comments to this blog giving credit to the subject person for generating defamatory material. The bunch of them would have done better had they stopped the harassment in early 2013 when they were warned, but they became emboldened thinking that proxy IP address websites did not record their originating IP address. That address tracks to their internet service providers who have their account info. I can see lots of subpoenas being issued.

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