Bet it landed on its feet. 🙂

The Last Of The Millenniums

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    This reminds me….I better take a nap now so that I don’t fall off my sill. 🙂


  2. kindheart101

    OHHHHHHHHHH LOL! This is too funny!

    I have 3 cats, (15, 8 and 6) all rescues, and I can honestly say they make me laugh daily. 🙂

    My oldest (almost 16) who also falls asleep frequently, has fallen off the landing leading upstairs, the window ledge, and off the mat on the table by the door. (And so far, knock wood, she hasn’t been hurt) Since then, I have replaced the padded mats with high sided, stuffed pet beds, and secured them to the window ledge and table with straps, so they won’t move. Now when she just can’t sit up anymore, she just falls over in the bed, and calls it a night. LOL

    And if you have more than 1 cat, and really want a good laugh, it’s all in the placement of mirrors!

    When I had a bathroom facelift done over the summer, I had the large, 3 X 4 foot mirror over the sink removed, and had a framed, smaller mirror put there to replace it. In the meantime, they leaned the larger mirror on the wall, outside of the bathroom door. Within minutes my home had turned into STALKING GATE! They would sneak around, peeking at the whereabouts of the their fellow cat buddies, by spying on them, while sitting out of view, and pouncing when they rounded the corner.

    I loved the interplay so much I had them mount the large mirror on the wall, where it was leaning, right above the base board. (It looks really stupid there, but provides me more entertainment than you would ever know!)


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      I can just picture your cats using that mirror as a heads up to pounce on the approaching cat rounding the corner! What a hoot!


      • kindheart101

        Oh Yahtzee, it’s even better than that. Ha!

        The large mirror is directly across from the sink, right outside the bathroom door. Cats LOVE running water! So several times a day I drip the water in the sink for them, and they have a blast. (And they are able to see one of their buddies sneaking up on them, by looking at the reflections through the bathroom mirror,,,reflecting off the hall mirror, which shows them coming!)

        So all of a sudden I have one cat drinking water, in the sink, (with it’s back turned, so the other thinks it’s a clear strike zone) and the whole time they see the other cat coming. ROFLLLLLLL It’s been months and they still haven’t figured it out…and I hope they never do. 🙂


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Now THAT is REALLY funny, Kindheart!!!

          I love animals…we’ve always had pets.

          Once had a cat that would jump up on the kitchen counter and dip his paw into any drinking glass that had a bit of milk left in it. He would dip his paw into the milk and then lick the milk off his paw. Fun to watch his patience in getting all of the milk.


          • kindheart101

            Awwwwwwwwwwww………..for sure Yahtzee. Unless it’s a covered mug, they feel they have the rights to it.

            This one amazes my neighbors. My 8 yo female is my shadow, and the alpha. She will put up with a lot, but she’s almost 20 pounds, and when she hisses, it’s Game Over. LOL

            I will play with them, with bubble gum. After a while of blowing, and popping bubbles, she takes over. When she jumps in my lap, right in my face, waiting for the next bubble……….I blow it, she grabs it, and I let her have the gum. She runs all over the house, chewing it, dropping it, pawing at it, and chewing it again until I take it away from her.

            (I can’t wait for her to blow a bubble so I can put her in the Guinness Book of World Records!) 🙂


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here is a funny compilation of cats sleeping:


    • kindheart101

      Oh my sides hurt! LOL

      I know some of these positions very well.

      It’s the same thing for me every single night. From the point I lay down on the bed, I have all three cats staring at me, waiting for me to assume the position.

      My 8 year old cat has a hair thing. LOL She sleeps on my head, every night, and tangles my hair in her paws, occasionally tugging at it, while rolling over on her back and purring.

      My 15 year old cat waits for me to lay on my stomach so she can crawl under my left arm. (Right arm doesn’t work………she will cry all night until I’m on my stomach, and she can wiggle under my left arm?)

      And my 6 year old little boy rolls over my legs all night long. From side to side, dragging his blanket with him. (When I adopted him he was in very bad shape, and was going to be put down the next morning. I had a small little plaid, soft blanket, that I wrapped him in, and would comfort him daily while he was getting better) It’s been almost 6 years, and he still loves and trusts that blanket, and lets me know that by rolling all over me at night, and dragging his blanket with him. 🙂

      Thank you Yahtzee, I really enjoyed watching this.


  4. Kindheart, knowing that you are a cat lover and have those precious creatures, I immediately thought of you when I saw the clip on Father Kane’s blog. 🙂


    • kindheart101

      And I can’t thank you enough Xena!

      I think I qualify for the status of having harbored a virtual zoo over the years. 🙂

      Growing up I always had dogs, and my Grandmother had cats.

      I always had a houseful of dogs, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs……etc……..when my children were growing up.

      It wasn’t until 15 years ago when I wasn’t able to walk a dog regularly anymore, that I opted to take in, and care for, a motherless kitten of only a few days old. That was one of the best decisions of my life Xena. They require very little care, but have hearts of gold.

      They get treats 3 times a day, they have electric, automatic litter pans, so it’s always clean when they need to do their thing……:) They have a huge toy box full of all kinds of mouse toys, balls, rattle toys, feathered toys, cat nip…………(which they dig in and spread all over the house daily) and a large padded shelf at every door and window for them to perch on and look outside.

      Yup, they are spoiled rotten, but what they give back to me……….money can’t buy.


      • Kindheart, you have them spoiled. 🙂 I can tell that they bring you great pleasure. That’s precious. Years ago I had a 20-foot long aquarium with sharks. After my husband died, I gave it to a brother-in-law thinking that maybe I would not have the time and patience to care for the fish. Now, I miss it and am thinking of getting another aquarium. One of the most peaceful moments I remember was turning off all the lights other than the one on the tank, playing soft music and watching them swim.


        • kindheart101

          I know exactly how you feel my friend. I have had at least one aquarium for the past 40 years! LOL I have been saying for years I should give them up because of the time it takes to clean them, water changes, and maintenance.

          Well, I still have two! I have a 30 gallon in my foyer with parrot fish and tetras. And I have a 55 gallon Hexagon, tall standing, in my living room, with 4 Large Angel fish and a dozen neon’s.

          Yes, they are work, but the joy and peace they give is well worth it. 🙂


          • I don’t know if I can handle a large tank again, but then I wouldn’t want a smaller one either. LOL! I’m thinking about a 20 gallon with Silver Dollars or Swordtails.


            • kindheart101

              You could do that with little effort Xena. Years ago I had a huge salt tank that took way too much of my time, and cost a mint in maintenance.

              The pleasure we get from small tanks are worth their weight in gold. 🙂


        • kindheart101

          And when my kitties tire of their toys………they sit on top of the tanks and lurk over their unsuspecting prey??????? Oh……..what temptation….though they have never dipped a paw in the tank yet, but enjoy the fish as a source of moving entertainment. 🙂


          • I love the photos of cats staring at fish tanks and putting their paws on the glass.


            • kindheart101

              My cats don’t sit and stare at them, pawing on the glass…………they lurk above…….like jaws………duh dah duh dah duh dah………..

              That’s when I call them in the kitchen and open a can of tuna……..:)


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here’s a great Simon’s Cat episode:


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