Community of Bloggers Award

The beautiful and talented Just Patty has nominated Blackbutterfly7 for the Community of Bloggers Award.

Community Award

Community of Bloggers Award

This is truly an honor. The community of bloggers that I’ve come to know this past year are diverse, talented, and informative.   There are times that I feel guilty not timely keeping up with them all, including not visiting the blogs of new subscribers and new visitors to thank them. I hope that they accept my apology and this group acknowledgement of thanks.

I would like to pay this forward by nominating the following for the Community of Bloggers Award:

Lady2soothe of What Zen Let Our Voices Echo – She introduces her blog as “100% Natural, Eye Opening, Raw and Thoroughly Thought Provoking “. Lady has taken on the project of documenting the stories of those unjustly killed and has a victim archive that she updates regularly.

Caleb Gee – As he explains in his “About” page, “The themes explored deal with racism, capitalism, imperialism, American police brutality & violence, religion, (in)tolerance, capital punishment, prison and incarceration.”

Juan of Yes Even This Too Will Pass. While wearing his honesty and emotions on his sleeve, Juan shares his life with his blog readers. What doesn’t pass is that he consistently supports other bloggers.

Chess –  After a 4 year lay-off, Chess is back writing and always takes time to support other bloggers.

Paul Militaru takes excellent photographs that I feel I can reach out to touch, smell, and be a part of the content.

J.R. LeMar  – As J.R. says in a post on his blog, “You know the old saying: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You? If you want people to read and follow your blog, then you need to read and follow theirs.” And, “Sharing is caring.” J.R.’s posts reflect a serious side and his sense of humor. Thanks J.R. for your visits to Blackbutterfly7 and introducing me to your blog.

Valentine Logar –  I’m very happy to meet Valentine. She blogs on subjects of social issues in addition to inspiration. When I read her “House Rules” I thought to myself that we are sisters of a different mother.

unique-wedding-bouquets-8The Rules:

Thank the blogger that nominated you on their About or Award Page. Post the Community of Blogger Award on your Blog. Pay it forward by nominating others as the spirit moves you.



Thanks again to Patty for this honor. 


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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Congratulations, Xena, on your well-deserved award!

    Your beautiful heart and spirit of love and caring graces your blog here and has attracted a wonderful community of delightful and warmhearted people.

    I appreciate all that you contribute toward bringing sunshine and goodness in an effort to create a better world.

    Bless you!


  2. Congratulations 😄


    • Hey Chess! Thank you, and congratulations on your nomination. I understand about constraints, but know that you are appreciated. Post the logo on your blog anyway if you want, and when time permits, I’ll pay it forward for you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations! Did you know when you started this blog how many people you would reach and meet who are so like minded??


    • Mindyme,
      Thank you. I think that you knew. You were/are my strength, and I would not have learned about starting a blog had it not been for you standing by my side. I remember Jim too, and his encouragement. It’s been said that a three-corded braid cannot be broken. Love you!


  4. Congratulations. It is well deserved. Hugs, Barbara


  5. butterflydreamer2

    Congratulations Xena!


    • Butterfldreamer, thank you and know that you are an inspiration and contributor to what makes Blackbutterfly7 award worthy. Love you.


  6. Congratulations Xena!


  7. ladystclaire

    Congratulations Xena, you deserve this and more, for all you do. GODSPEED My Friend!


    • Ladystclaire, thank you, and congratulations to you too because you have been an inspiration to me. I have not forgotten your supportive comments during the time we advocated for justice for Trayvon. It almost seems like yesterday, and yet so long ago because we’re still waiting for the DOJ’s decision.


  8. When Kindness is shared it always makes my day. Well deserved. Hugs and thank you for allowing me to read and comment now and then ha.
    Hugs………… Namaste’


  9. Xena… I am pleased, honored and humbled to accept this nomination. Thank you so much.


    • My dear Lady2soothe, you are most welcomed. You deserve it. Your hard word is demonstrated in your blog, and you still find time to comment on other blogs. You are a member of the Community of Bloggers! Congratulations.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Xena ,Congratulations ! Hurrah, you are the Best!


    • Hey Joseph! Good to see your fonts. Thanks for your kind words but it’s really because of the people who participate here, including yourself, who are the best.


  11. Congratulations to you Xena!! And thank you so much for the special shoutout/ nomination!! Keep up the great work.

    Caleb G.


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