DOJ Responds To “Leaks” In Darren Wilson Investigation


Michael Brown’s mom at her son’s funeral

I choose not to use the phrase “Michael Brown case.” The reason why is because Michael Brown is not under investigation. He is deceased and thus, there is no case that can be filed against him. The investigation is into the acts of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, MO police officer currently on paid vacation because he killed Michael Brown.

A “leak” that Darren Wilson testified before the grand jury came out weeks ago. Now, the St. Louis County’s Medical Examiners autopsy has become public, followed by another “leak” of Darren Wilson’s side of the story. Some are trying to mold Wilson’s story into their interpretation of Mike’s autopsy.


Michael Brown’s dad at his son’s funeral.

Those who know me no doubt know that I seldom get involved analyzing autopsies. I keep it simple, only discussing those things that are logically understood. In our circle of warriors are nurses, and they are able to explain medical findings in laymen terms.

That is why I can’t help but gag when people who have no education in medical science, no education in criminal forensics, and don’t know their right from their left, purport that Mike’s autopsy confirms Wilson’s story.

(I say they don’t know their right from their left because, after the independent autopsy was released showing that Mike was shot on the right side of his body, those supporting Wilson circulated an autopsy photo that had the shots on the left side of Mike’s body.)

Oh – and let me add that they have no logic whatsoever. Effectively, we don’t need to know the details of what happened in Wilson’s vehicle because what happened there did not result in Michael Brown’s death.

It was after Wilson got out of his vehicle and shot at a fleeing Mike, that we question if it was reasonable. Once Mike ran, Wilson’s self-defense claim goes out of the window – PERIOD. 

By all eyewitness accounts, Wilson shot at Michael as he ran away, and continued shooting him as Michael stopped running, and turned around with his hands in the air surrendering.

Please allow me to add this; the leaked side of Wilson’s story is that he was unable to fire his gun more than twice while in the vehicle, because Mike was holding down the mechanism to prevent it from firing. Logically, that sounds like a young man more interested in not being shot again, rather than taking the gun.  Even the leaked story that Michael hit Wilson so hard to almost knock him unconsciousness indicates that Michael was fighting for his life — not for the gun to end Wilson’s life.

Eric Holder

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder released a statement saying that he is “exasperated” at the “selective flow of information.” He calls the leaks inappropriate, and says he is highly suspect of local authorities. Government sources have been cited in some leaks, but Wednesday night Dena W. Iverson, spokesperson for the Department of Justice, released a statement saying:

“The department considers the selective release of information in this investigation to be irresponsible and highly troubling. Since the release of the convenience store footage there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case.”

The Department of Justice needs to get a clue. The leaks are not to influence public opinion but rather, they are to influence public REACTION.   Certain White Supremacists in this country, Canada, and New Zealand, have wanted a “race war” since Barack Obama was elected President in 2008.   Those significant in using social media to provoke racial tensions have been identified by Anonymous. This brings me to a related subject;

A person on Twitter who advocates for equal justice was personally identified by the person who was reported on this blog by scrodriguez. LionHeartress1 was identified because she posted to a comment section on the internet and her email address was revealed.

The cyber-extortionist uses a software program called “Creepy” where the user can enter a Twitter handle, and the program traces the city and state. The cyber-extortionists comb forums, blogs, Facebook, and other internet media in effort to match what the individual has shared about their personal life with the area where they live.  Then they lay a bait, accusing the person of being on welfare, a low-level call center worker, etc., hoping that the person defends themselves and reveals their profession or where they work.  (I don’t want to cause unnecessary alarm. The program only uses Twitter handles.)

While one cyber-extortionist gets email addresses, cities and states, he passes that information to another of his group who subscribes to background check programs. If it reveals the employer of their target, then several others get involved contacting the employer and complaining about their target’s use of social media. Another of the group then makes insinuations on her Twitter account to give false impressions of the target victim. Last week, an employer found it necessary to terminate LionHeartress1 because of the harassment of the cyber-extortionists.

Some months ago, I was threatened with fraudulent reports of practicing law without a license and impersonating a lawyer unless I removed my presence on blogs. Actually, I laughed at the ignorance of the cyber-extortionists because they don’t know the difference between legal information and legal advice. That however, is not the same as being gainfully employed today, and unemployed tomorrow, because of the schemes, lies, and actions of cyber-extortionists. The cyber-extortionists have gone beyond threats and actions to get people off the internet, to actually depriving them of property.

Not being able to get to me, and having a restraining order against him where he can no longer harass scrodriguez, the cyber-extortionist has now traced an author of this blog; Towerflower. Towerflower should not worry because the cyber-extortionist is now well-known by law enforcement. Just file a report with the local police department so it’s a matter of record.  Towerflower’s connection with this blog, being an author along with scrodriguez, automatically places her on scrodriguez’s restraining order as a person who the cyber-extortionist cannot harass.

The cyber-extortionist is now doing his dirty work in stealth so it’s not associated with his IP address, including using a computer at the law firm where he interns, accessing the files of clients who have filed for bankruptcy. He then searches Facebook to see if those clients, or their Facebook friends, have posted anything in opposition to those who the cyber-extortionist adores, such as George Zimmerman or  Darren Wilson. If they have, he engages in the racial harassment that has become his pattern.

This same group of cyber-extortionists are attacking protesters in Ferguson and St. Louis – anyone they can identify by name, and also attacking witnesses to the Michael Brown killing. I don’t approve of using violence, but appreciate that Anonymous understands the danger, emotional drama, and harm caused by the group of cyber-extortionists.


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  1. Oh WOW, the video, the message!! Powerful.. And how many of those names are familiar! YES!

    It’s very obvious that the powers that be in Ferguson are the source of the leaks. And of course the leaks were intended to sway public opinion in support of Wilson. I agree Xena, there is no way in HELL shooting someone who is running away from you, can be considered self defense.

    I’m sure you’ve seen this already today


      • Thanks for the info. The one I saw was only for Twitter. Correction noted. At least Word Press is not on that list.


      • crustyolemothman

        I wonder how these people would like it if someone started to use this same software to cause harm to them? As a recipient of DP efforts, I am quite aware of his schemes. However to think that he unique is foolish, there are several popular blog owners on WP that people would be shocked to find out their activities… Fortunately for the bulk of the folks on here Mz. Xena has found a way to pretty well protect them while here, just be aware that that protection is not found in too many other spots…


        • Mothman,

          However to think that he unique is foolish, there are several popular blog owners on WP that people would be shocked to find out their activities…

          Now that you mention it, when bloggers visit here for the first time, I try to pay it forward by visiting their blog. There two that my virus protection program blocked for malicious malware. Several other blogs that I visited asked about downloading or allowing access to some other program.

          Fortunately for the bulk of the folks on here Mz. Xena has found a way to pretty well protect them while here, just be aware that that protection is not found in too many other spots…

          I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is my internet home, and I apply the same standards as if it’s my real home.


    • ladystclaire

      I agree Joe Madison! DOJ take over this the DARREN WILSON case, NOW.


  2. scrodriguez

    I think its best we all sit on the sidelines apparently that group of people doxed the wrong people and its come back on all of them.
    We do not condone violence as a means to resolve our differences however I do understand that they have slandered some protesters harassed eye witnesses and that has put those people in danger.

    @Xena I will be working on a piece regarding Ferguson the leaks the misinformation and the clear cover up that is in the works should have it to you by tomorrow


    • I look forward to publishing your next article. I did read tweets on the Canadian’s timeline where she “outed” an eyewitness’s place of employment. She also has no problem tweeting questions if anyone knows where people work, who their relatives are, and asking for help sorting out their Facebook photos and comments to see who is related, if they have children, etc.


      • scrodriguez

        She only has herself to blame and on the other side the other two nutters posted false information about some protestors which led to them being slandered and labeled a sex offender by Law Enforcement they barked at the wrong dog this time


        • She only has herself to blame and on the other side the other two nutters posted false information about some protestors …

          The same as she did with the man who called the cops on GZ. They don’t care if it’s correct information — not even if it’s an incorrect name. If they think your name is “Bambi” they will post how many times animal control was called; how many of your movies were not released because you failed to show up for filming; how many babies you had with different baby daddies, and then ask what happen with all the money paid to you by Walt Disney since you’re on food stamps.


      • Two sides to a story

        Annette claims to be neutral in the Darren Wilson investigation and waiting for more information, but she sure as hell harasses people working for justice and rubs elbows with all the scoundrels, including David Piercy, the so-called legal intern. I doubt he is one – probably has taken a class or two and spends much of his live hiding behind his computer.


        • Two sides;

          Annette claims to be neutral in the Darren Wilson investigation and waiting for more information, …

          HA! She may not say certain things herself, but she doesn’t hesitate to retweet racially offensive tweets by others, including those directed at President Obama, and every Black politician in Ferguson and St. Louis. She will make and pass on a rumor faster than we can say “All My Children.”

          Her “We need to wait for all the facts” is classic, while she also says that Mike is guilty of strong arm robbery and beating Wilson to a pulp.


  3. scrodriguez

    The he went for my gun defense

    Officer Darren Wilson must have that element added to the narrative in order to walk you take that part of the story out Wilson isnt even close to being justified.
    Question I have is if Wilson believes Brown went for his gun does that make it a wrap? What we know is Wilson reversed the patrol unit aggressively after telling Brown and Johnson to get the fuck out of the street.
    as his Patrol unit approached the two Wilson reached threw his window and grabbed Brown then drew his pistol.
    What justifies Wilson Drawing his pistol at that point? he cant argue that Brown reached for it as it was holstered at his right hip and we know so far there have been no reports that shows any touch DNA or fingerprints from Brown on that pistol.

    Question I have is chances are Mike did NOT want to get shot, and likely pushed the pistol another direction to avoid being shot. but here is another question who pulled the firing pin back? I mean a gun doesnt just accidentally go off, 9 times out of 10 officers keep their firearms safety engaged so that means Wilson drew his pistol disengaged the safety, those are two conscious decisions right there made by Wilson after having assaulted Brown for not listening to him.

    the gun went off by accident? thats possible but here is another question if Wilson says the gun went off by accident then what the hell is he doing getting out of the SUV and continuing to fire shots at Michael Brown considering in his own words in his own sworn testimony the first shot went off by accident.

    does an officers gun going off by accident suddenly make Brown a threat and justifies Wilsons actions that followed?

    You can not claim this was self defense if you are saying that gun went off by accident and if you drew your fire arm for no good darn reason you cant claim this kid went for your gun when chances are he was likely pushing that gun away.


  4. Hello everyone. Long time no post on here but checking everytime and read . I’m so glad that those familiar names got blasted all over the world. Karma is a nasty bi*ch and they deserve everyting what’s coming to them. #HOODIES&HANDSUP# Keep up the good work Xena. Much love and respect to you and all justice fighters


  5. scrodriguez

    #MikeBrown #Ferguson

    Starting to question the leaked Autopsy findings here, we know that one autopsy showed No present Gun Shot Residue on Browns body, No sign of a struggle. This would mean the medical examiner checked for foreign DNA on mikes hands under his nails ect…

    However we have another report that states Browns blood was on Wilsons firearm, and there is allegedly another report that also indicates Brown had gun shot residue on his hand.

    If that is true, and thats a BIG IF cus I dont trust a word from Law Enforcement, but if that is true that in itself does NOT confirm that a struggle for the gun took place.

    Look at what we know witnesses heard Wilsons tires screech as he reversed his patrol unit to come back to Brown and Johnson. Wilson grabbed Brown by the shirt and thats where the “Struggle” took place.

    Wilson grabbed mike and drew his firearm (Over Jaywalking seriously?) its very possible and likely the case that under those circumstances Brown was in fear for his life and began to pull away from Wilsons grip and probably pushed the gun away as Wilson pointed it at hiim.

    So in reality this little bit of evidence weather true or not, that bit does not piece together what really happened.

    I have questions however,

    #1 who took Officer Wilsons service pistol and placed it into evidence? what time did that happen at or did it even happen at all while at the scene?

    #2 Wilson is said to have scratches and bruises on his face, was there any swabbing conducted to the face of officer wilson to look for Foreign DNA or touch DNA from Brown?

    #3 was Browns prints or DNA other than blood found on Wilsons Service pistol?

    #4 it is alledged that Brown was shot at or inside the SUV blood is said to be found on the pistol and in the SUV was there a trail of Browns blood found on the street from the SUV to where Brown was shot at?

    #5 where is the blood on the outside of Officer Wilsons SUV, if a shot did hit brown there with brown on one side of the door and Wilson on the other, Blood should be present on the outside of that door as well.

    #6 is it possible Wilson after having shot brown that Wilson went over to Browns body to check for a pulse and some how transferred Browns blood to his Pistol?

    Keep in mind Law Enforcement stated that due to a hostile environment they had no other choice but to leave Browns body in the middle of the street for four hours.

    4 hours is plenty of time for Wilson and Ferguson PD to come up with their narrative and plant evidence…. after all no report was ever filed to date, in addition Wilsons name was not released they gave Wilson plenty of time to skip town and scrub all of his social media accounts.

    I reject any narrative that is set forth by Law Enforcement because from the very start they have proven that they can NOT be trusted.


  6. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on MrMilitantNegro™.


  7. Have we had enough of federal, state, county and city corruption yet?


  8. Fifteen questions for Darren Wilson, via Daily Kos:

    “1. When your SUV pulled up alongside Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson as they were walking along Canfield Drive, did you tell them to “get the f*** on the sidewalk?”

    2. When you pulled away from Brown and Johnson on Canfield Drive, why exactly did you decide to put your SUV in reverse to confront them again? Your chief says you did not know about the earlier convenience store incident where it is alleged Mike Brown stole some cigars. Was it to express your anger that they didn’t obey your earlier command to “get the f*** on the sidewalk?”

    3. Four eyewitnesses report seeing and hearing your tires screech as you violently put your SUV in reverse on Canfield Drive, nearly hitting Brown and Johnson. Why did you reverse in such a reckless and provocative manner?

    4. When you arrived back at where Brown and Johnson stood, if you did not know about the store incident, why exactly did you open your door to confront them? Did you intend to arrest them for jaywalking?

    5. Precisely how far away was your door from Brown and Johnson when you flung it open?

    6. Did you believe Brown or Johnson were armed at any point during your confrontation?

    7. Reports have surfaced that you told federal investigators that you were repeatedly punched and scratched by Brown through your SUV window. Why did you not see the medic who arrived on the crime scene? Why do no photos or videos or eyewitness reports from the scene have evidence of even a shadow of an injury, or you touching or favoring any injury?

    8. It’s been reported that you claim that Brown “went for, or lunged for,” your gun. Was this when the gun was within inches of his face before you fired two shots at him through your window and hit him with one?

    9. After you shot Brown through your window, he fled over 100 feet away from your SUV. Did you still feel threatened while you chased him down Canfield Drive with your gun drawn and firing, according to witnesses, at least six shots?

    10. Six eyewitnesses saw you fire multiple shots at the back of Brown while he fled down Canfield Drive. Was it your intention to arrest or kill him with those shots?

    11. When you fired your eighth shot of the day, four eyewitnesses said they saw Brown’s body jerk before he turned around to surrender to you. Did you believe you hit him again, for the second time, with your eighth shot?

    12. Six eyewitnesses say that they saw Brown turn around and physically and verbally surrender to you. How did you interpret those actions?

    13. Before you fired the two fatal shots into Brown’s eye and the crown of his head, as he was falling down, you had shot him a total of four times already. Did you still believe him to be a threat to you at that point?

    14. No record exists of you ever radioing in for backup or support at any time. Did you use your cell phone to call for backup? Who else did you call and why?

    15. Who first told you not to create a report after you shot and killed Brown, and what reason did they give you for such a request?


    • butterflydreamer2

      This is what I believe they are going for. The police chief states that the initial time he stopped them in the street, he did not know about the robbery. The second time or when he back up to them, he heard about the robbery on the radio and may have seen Michael with the cigarello’s.

      Even if that were true, there are no answers to why he shot him 6 to 8 times as he fled.
      What puzzles me is why are no news stations attempting to correct the fact that he was over a 100 feet away from the police car when he was shot?


    • 8. It’s been reported that you claim that Brown “went for, or lunged for,” your gun. Was this when the gun was within inches of his face before you fired two shots at him through your window and hit him with one?

      That’s an excellent question. I remember Dorian saying that he heard Wilson state he was going to shoot Michael. So we can put two and two together; i.e., “He went for my gun after I told him I was going to shoot him and as I was going for it.”


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ferguson protestors who are demonstrating and speaking out on Twitter have the right to free speech. They should not be harassed by cyber people. And, yet they have been reporting that this is exactly what has been happening to them. So sad.

    deray mckesson @deray · 5h 5 hours ago
    Why protest? To live. To ensure that our sons and daughters can live. To be visible and heard. To preserve the sanctity of black life.

    deray mckesson @deray · 4h 4 hours ago
    Why protest? Because our tears will not change this country. Because our grief is a living grief. Because we must.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Until the killing of Black men, Black mothers’ sons
      Is as important as
      The killing of White men, White mothers’ sons,
      We who believe in freedom cannot rest.
      We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.

      ~Ella’s Song


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “Something Inside So Strong”

      The higher you build your barriers the taller I become
      The farther you take my rights away the faster I will run
      You can deny me, you can decide to turn your face away
      No matter ’cause there’s

      Something inside so strong
      I know that I can make it
      Though you’re doing me wrong so wrong
      You thought that my pride was gone
      Oh, no, something inside so
      there’s something inside so strong

      The more you refuse to hear my voice the louder I will sing
      You hide behind walls of Jericho, your lies will come tumbling
      Deny my place in time, you squander wealth that’s mine
      My light will shine so brightly, it will blind you ’cause there’s

      Something inside so strong
      I know that I can make it
      But you’re doing me wrong so wrong
      You thought that my pride was gone
      Oh, no, something inside so strong
      theres something inside so strong

      Something inside so strong
      And I know that I can make it
      But you’re doing me wrong so wrong
      You thought that my pride was gone
      Oh, no, something inside so strong
      theres something inside so strong

      Brothers and sisters
      When they insist we’re just good not enough
      When we know better
      Just look ’em in the eyes and say

      I’m gonna do it anyway
      I’m gonna do it anyway
      I’m gonna do it anyway
      I’m gonna do it anyway

      In the following video Odetta sings this song (at the Clancy club called “Bitter End’):

      Uploaded on Dec 5, 2008:
      We wanted to share this clip of Odetta recorded this summer as part of a film called “Liam Clancy and Friends, Live at The Bitter End”. Odetta sadly died on December 2nd. Odetta recorded her first album under the Clancy Brothers Tradition Label, and Liam had known her for over fifty years. She is sadly missed.


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 23h
    #mikebrownautopsy coupled w/eyewitnesses testimony is reason #DarrenWilson SHOULD be indict. Autopsy DOESN’T conflict w/witnesses statements


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Benjamin Crump, Esq. retweeted
    Robert Mitchell
    @attorneycrump spoke the truth on #inners just now. Grand Juries are used to shield agents of the state. Not cool. #MikeBrown #Ferguson

    Benjamin Crump, Esq. retweeted
    Antonio French @AntonioFrench
    A non-transparent grand jury process and a leaky investigation is not the way the outcome of this important case should be determined.

    Benjamin Crump, Esq. @attorneycrump · Oct 22
    The LAST WORD with Lawrence O’Donnell on #MikeBrown and #Ferguson –


  12. Amnesty International just released its briefing document outlining some of the human rights concerns they witnessed in Ferguson and giving a series of recommendations that need to be implemented.


  13. i saw the chief of st louis pd clearly say ANY citizens that steps within 21 feet of an officer is subject to the use of deadly force IF the officer “feels threatened”, the reporter asked no weapon seen? he said no weapon needed, then no aggressive move, he said nothing just the officer feeling threatened……that IS their unwritten policy any citizen stepping within 21 feet of any officer is in their KILL zone and may be killed with nothing being done to the officer, all he has to say is i felt threatened….when asked about how many shots he said we do NOT shot to “kill” we shoot until they STOP MOVING………..i know this is hard to believe how they can draw some distinction on that point. the ONLY way to cease movement is to KILL them.


    • butterflydreamer2

      It seems to me that Michael and Dorian did not step within 21 feet of the officer, the officer stepped within 21 feet of them. Now who do you think is in more fear, the officer with the gun or the two unarmed citizens fleeing from the gun shots?


    • Bill, I can’t help but wonder when the attitude of law enforcement changed from helping to intentionally hurting?

      I read of a new protest chant today:
      No Justice. No Trust.


  14. As I said on another blog concerning GJ leaks:
    What the prosecuting attorney has done is turn the grand jury into a trial jury! He is not seeking an indictment! He is trying to avoid one! That is why he is flooding them with “all” the evidence! That is why the “suspect” Dannen Wilson supposedly testified for four hours! Why do they say a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich? The GJ is a tool of the prosecutor and they are not supposed to “try” the case, only find probable cause! A real prosecutor, who wants an indictment puts on evidence that there is probable cause for a specific charge and that Is it! This prosecutor doesn’t believe a crime was committed and is using the GJ as a escape hatch! Imagine him doimg ths same thing for any other “criminal suspect”! The leaks are obviously orchestrated to preview the upcoming “no bill” result! It is a farce! It started with the police refusing to release the cop’s name and his story and incident report! The “prosecutor” is actually acting more like a defense attorney and the grand jury is “trying” the case!


  15. How can Wilson and others that stand behind him sleep at night? For some reason I keep having a terrible thought that cops are in for a real battle if Wilson walks. (As if he truly isn’t already. “Paid Vacation” rings loud and clear.) Cops better wear a lot of armor and they better put some extra eyes in the back of their heads. This isn’t going to be “hands up” as in, we give up, the grand jury has spoken. It’s going to be “hands up” we are not going to let you kill our children anymore as in we now have your back but not in a peaceful way. I hate thinking like this. Cops need to go back and learn all over again. Human nature is, you keep slapping me, I am going to slap you back. It’s just a part of life. Oh well, I just keep rambling on and on. Sorry!

    PS: Towerflower…. So sorry you are going through this too. Seems I’ve known you forever on cyberspace. My thoughts are with you and all who are being targeted. HUGS!!



  16. Dreamer9177

    Once again, the media has allowed this to get out of control. There is a case against a murderer that somehow becomes a case against the victim. Making a dead person have to justify why they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED is a perversion of Justice!


    • This deserves repeating. Profound!

      There is a case against a murderer that somehow becomes a case against the victim. Making a dead person have to justify why they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED is a perversion of Justice!


  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King @ShaunKing
    (VIDEO) These women are my heroes. They inspire me daily. @MusicOverPeople & @bdoulaoblongata –
    Brave beautiful souls


  18. I’d like to see this man’s name added to those Anonymous listed on the video.


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    Antonio French @AntonioFrench · 4h
    This young man recorded #STL police back in March threatening to frame him:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    ShordeeDooWhop @Nettaaaaaaaa · 6m
    Hello @CNN. RT @deray: We are tough on some MSM bc their fear-inducing narrative of blackness may actually get us killed. #Ferguson


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray · 9m 9 minutes ago
    This is not a game. We are being watched and targeted. #Ferguson


  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray
    And if you are an ally, you need to be thinking about how you’re going to use your privilege to protect black lives. #Ferguson


  23. yahtzeebutterfly

    Rebelutionary Z retweeted
    Cassandra @CassandraRules · 9h
    ICYMI – Karma? Confused #NYPD Officer Mistakes Fellow Cop for Suspect and Kicks Him in the Head

    Excerpt from article:

    Apparently the struggle began over an alleged fair-dodger. When the situation escalated into violence, the soon to be victim cop grabs the suspect in a choke hold and brings him to the ground.

    Actually, it was most likely a ‘headlock’ and not a ‘choke hold’ as choke holds are illegal for the NYPD to use and the NYPD would never do anything illegal. *end sarcasm*

    Shortly after going to the ground, the two are entangled and here comes officer “confused and aggressive.” Around the 15 second mark in the video, officer “confused and aggressive” kicks his fellow choke holding officer in the head. Realizing his error, he rubs the head of the officer who he just kicked, in an attempt to acknowledge his mistake.


  24. Excellent post and I agree with you. My heart hurts for Mike’s family and friends. These leaks are intentional I believe. This has been handled badly from the minute Michael died. I am ashamed that this has happened in America. We must work for justice. We must have truth. Hugs, Barbara


  25. scrodriguez

    Food for thought.

    The Canadian nutter made a post several days ago asking why brown or where he learned to be so violent, she then further added he learned it from his community….

    Okay well lets look at the accused, Since when do people accused of Murder suddenly tell the honest truth?

    The way I see it, Darren Wilsons upbringing has played a major role in this case, His mother is a known career con artist a career criminal.
    She was so good at her game she was able to fraud her friends and family members out of tens of thousands of dollars think about that for one moment.

    This woman was so good at her game such an expert at lying to her closest friends and family that she was able to swindle tens of thousands from them time and time again.

    Darren Grew up in that environment, meaning he was home schooled in the hustle in the scam he learned at a very young age how to manipulate and lie to people it was handed down from his mother as they say you sit in a barbershop long enough sooner or later you will get a hair cut.

    Wilson grew up learning how to convince people to believing lies that are told so what the hell makes anybody suggest that all of the sudden he is telling the truth now? Especially knowing he faces prison time you know good and damn well if anything Wilson grew up in an environment that taught him how to fool even the very people who think they know him


    • scrodriguez,
      The Canadian and her minions have a pattern of bigotry against Black families. They are those in which it is said, no matter the education, successes, financial status, that Blacks will never be as good as Whites. I’ve stayed out of their comparison games because people are people. The sun shines on the good and the bad. They need something to make them feel superior.


      • scrodriguez

        Thats funny that those particular idiots think that way considering not one of them have any sort of degree shoot you have a 40 year old still in JC and on SSI, the other minions I am confident do not have degrees and are likely in the same boat as that idiot is….

        They wouldnt have the need to feel superior if they were not so insecure about themselves and thats really what it boils down to


        • scrodriguez,
          You spoke a mouthful. It deserves repeating;

          They wouldnt have the need to feel superior if they were not so insecure about themselves and thats really what it boils down to


  26. It was after Wilson got out of his vehicle and shot at a fleeing Mike, that we question if it was reasonable. Once Mike ran, Wilson’s self-defense claim goes out of the window – PERIOD.

    Exactly Xena,
    Dunn tried to say he was in fear for his life after the suv was going away from him
    They are ALL liars and we KNOW Michael was running away.
    So, plain and simple Wilson should be charged with murder.
    Just because he is a cop doesn’t give him the right to murder.
    This is insane!!


    • Lolypop,
      More than liars — they are bearers of false witness, which is more evil. As it stands now, Wilson has one of two choices — live like Michael Dunn, or live like George Zimmerman. Neither are jumping for joy.


    • I just got home, turned on MSNBC, and they are reporting the school shooting. Looks like 4 wounded, 2 dead. Shooter was a freshman, Native American, on the football team. As soon as information is confirmed, I might blog on it.


      • crustyolemothman

        It is beginning to look like as a nation, we are becoming conditioned to accept death of our young people (of all ethnic groups) as just another small problem… This nation has so many problems that I am wondering if anyone or anything could save it from collapse in the near future…


        • Mothman, I wish I had the answer to that. I hang onto hope, but the next generation doesn’t seem to have much hope. It’s been 15 years since Columbine, and our children still are not safe in school.


  27. peni4yothot

    On August 12, 2014, Amnesty International wrote to the Chief of Police of the Ferguson Police Department to request a copy of their policies and guidelines on the use of force and use of lethal force. As of the time of writing, the request to the Ferguson Police Department is still outstanding.



  28. chuquestaquenumber1

    It’s good you correctly refuse to call this the Michael Brown case. You re also correct in reminding people Darren Wilson is under investigation. Words must be used correctly. Remember all of the “Trayvon was only or just armed with skittles and ice tea.” The correct thing to say was “He was unarmed. ” I hope I’m wrong, but I agree with Don Lemon,it’s being set up for Wilson to walk without being prosecuted.


    • Chuquest,
      Isn’t it interesting how people quickly report headlines and buzz words used by the media? I remember when Jane what’shername said “armed only with skittles and iced tea” and then others began repeating that. The media writes, “The Michael Brown case” and that is what is being repeated. “Loud music trial.” Loud music wasn’t on trial.

      The media is a huge form of propaganda, shaping thinking processes. Have you noticed that if they use a name involved in murder, it’s the name of the victim associated with “case”, as if the keep the name of the actual person on trial out of the headlines?


  29. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    Tef Poe/FootKlan @TefPoe · 2h 2 hours ago
    Nina just said there are jets flying above the Ferguson PD this is sick experiment happening right in front of our eyes

    deray mckesson retweeted
    Brad @bilfus01 · 2h 2 hours ago
    @TefPoe I work by the airport. Several jets, even a military cargo plane. I’ve worked and lived up here for 8 years, never seen that many.


  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson @deray · 7m 7 minutes ago
    This Vest or Vote video is DEEP. I just saw it for the first time. Intense. Every 28 hours.


  31. yahtzeebutterfly

    deray mckesson retweeted
    Nyle Fort @NyleFort · 48m 48 minutes ago
    we are LIVE. tune in.. #7LastWords .


  32. crustyolemothman

    Has anyone else seen this? It is also not looking good that several school districts (if I have read right) cancelled school today and possibly for next week? This is not a good sign, IMO would they be taking this action if they were going to indict Wilson? Would they release the findings of the GJ on a weekend? Then again perhaps they want to do it on a non work day to minimize traffic disruption?


  33. crustyolemothman

    While I think most of us support body and dash cameras use by law enforcement, would not the use of street cameras also not only provide another level of protection from the police, but deter crime (or at least make more crimes solvable?) Would the use of both not protect not only the citizens but the law enforcement community as well? If we had this type of system in place in the area where Mike Brown was murdered, we should have already had a video that shows exactly what occurred at the scene in real time…


  34. Wow. I’d hate to be those named by anon.


  35. butterflydreamer2

    Where I live the Indian casinos have surveillance cameras. This is not only to look at what is going on at the tables ext., they use them for each and every person that enters the casino. If you have a warrant, within minutes of entering the door, you will be hauled off and taken to jail.


  36. yahtzeebutterfly

    I think that Ofc. Wilson, while sitting in his cruiser, had his gun out and was aiming it at Michael Brown. I think that Michael Brown pushed the barrel of the Wilson’s gun away in self defense.

    I think the following from Dr. Judy Melinek’s blog actually supports this. What do you think?
    Thursday, October 23, 2014


    Forensic Sound Bites & Half-Truths

    A reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch called me earlier this week, saying she had Michael Brown’s official autopsy report as prepared by the St. Louis County Medical Examiner, and asking me if I would examine and analyze it from the perspective of a forensic pathologist with no official involvement in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting death.

    I read the report, and spent half an hour on the phone with the reporter explaining Michael Brown’s autopsy report line-by-line, and I told her not to quote me – but that I would send her quotes she could use in an e mail. The next morning, I found snippets of phrases from our conversation taken out of context in her article in the Post-Dispatch. These inaccurate and misleading quotes were picked up and disseminated by other journals, blogs, and websites.

    This is the text of my actual email exchange with Post-Dispatch health and medical news reporter Blythe Bernhard:

    “From: “Dr. Judy Melinek”
    Date: October 21, 2014 at 5:53:21 PM PDT
    To: Blythe Bernhard
    Subject: Re: media request

    Great talking to you. Here are the quotes:

    “The autopsy report shows that there are a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 gunshot wounds to the body. The graze wound on the right thumb is oriented upwards, indicating that the tip of the thumb is toward the weapon. The hand wound has gunpowder particles on microscopic examination, which suggests that it is a close-range wound. That means that Mr. Brown’s hand would have been close to the barrel of the gun.

    “Given the investigative report which says that the officer’s weapon discharged during a struggle in the officer’s car, this wound to the right thumb likely occurred at that time. The chest wounds are going front to back, indicating that Mr. Brown was facing the officer when he was shot in the torso, then collapsed or leaned forward exposing the top of his head. You can’t say within reasonable certainty that his hands were up based on the autopsy findings alone. The back to front and upward trajectory of the right forearm wound could occur in multiple orientations and a trajectory reconstruction would need to be done using the witness statements, casings, height of the weapon and other evidence from the scene, which have yet to be released.

    “The tissue fragment on the exterior of the officer’s vehicle appears to be skin tissue, but only DNA analysis would confirm if it is from Mr. Brown or the officer. It is ‘lightly pigmented’ but even African-American skin can appear lightly pigmented on a small microscopic section, depending on what part of the body it came from.”

    This is how I was quoted in the Post-Dispatch the next day:

    Dr. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco, said the autopsy “supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun, if he has gunpowder particulate material in the wound.” She added, “If he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he’s going for the officer’s gun.” Sources told the Post-Dispatch that Brown’s blood had been found on Wilson’s gun. Melinek also said the autopsy did not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.

    Notice the difference? There’s a big difference between “The hand wound has gunpowder particles on microscopic examination, which suggests that it is a close-range wound. That means that Mr. Brown’s hand would have been close to the barrel of the gun” and “he’s going for the gun.”

    I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to correct this, in my own words last night, when Lawrence O’Donnell invited me to appear as a guest on MSNBC. Mr. O’Donnell allowed me to explain the autopsy findings clearly and in context—if not in full.

    The show is called “The Last Word,” and Lawrence O’Donnell makes sure he gets it. Despite the guest-badgering and interruptions that are a signature of his television persona, however, Mr. O’Donnell did allow me to correct the record that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch created.

    I am even more grateful to Tyrmaine Lee, whose companion article to last night’s Last Word segment (linked above) serves as an excellent corrective to the Post-Dispatch article.


  37. yahtzeebutterfly

    Rebelutionary Z retweeted
    Tom Morello @tmorello · 31m
    #MarchingOnFerguson is right here for you. My new “finger pointing song”:


  38. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m ok. I’ve been quiet on social media lately not because of the trolls and their efforts but because this is a busy time of the year for me and I have a lot going on.

    Their attention toward me has been based solely on my viewpoint of events. Most have jumped into a conversation that I’ve had with others and when they couldn’t break me with their insults or threats then this is what happens.

    I will like to thank those who have given me heads up about comments pertaining to me.


    • Towerflower,
      Trolls know what makes them weak, but do not know what makes us strong. Your handle should be towerflowerofpower because you have a powerful voice presented with the softness of flower petals that are high like a tower.


  39. Lawrence O’Donnell exposes the phony leaks.


  40. peni4yothot


  41. peni4yothot

    Left: Police at the OPEN CARRY rally, they have GUNS. Right: Police at the #Ferguson PD lot, we have CELL PHONES.


    • peni4yothot

      Hi Xena, I couldn’t get the links to open (above) you may delete that post if you wish. thx


      • Hey Peni,
        Deleting will result in the comments being un-nested and appearing all over the place. I will edit to remove where the links should have been.


  42. yahtzeebutterfly

    The Making of Ferguson:
    Public Policies at the Root of its Troubles


    • peni4yothot

      So it boils down to elected officials permitted to carry on status quo. The reason I mention this, is; I lived in an area similar to Ferguson (years ago). The mayor of that city forced integrated housing and expanded school districts to nearby suburbs (where white flight flew to) Mind you, this mayor happened to be republican but had a city council that represented its citizens. They worked well together.

      Good article Yahtzee!


  43. peni4yothot

     Operation Ferguson retweeted

    OpJohnCrawford @opjohncrawford · 44m 44 minutes ago

    @OpFerguson confirms the grand jury won’t indict DarrenWilson for killing #MikeBrown.

    It’s time to fight. Nationwide. #Revolution


    Not sure if this info is ligit or not.


    • crustyolemothman

      peni4yothot, There are also rumors that Eric Holder has arrived in St. Louis! Time is getting close for the full blown riots to begin?


      • peni4yothot

        So many tweets, as one organizer hinted; not all are legitimate.


        • crustyolemothman

          Sadly, it would seem that most are not legitimate! One good thing is, that with so many to choose from we are able to pick and choose which ones we wish to accept as true and dismiss those that we assume are false… The latest rumors are that they will not announce the decision of the GJ until after the elections have been counted… IMO that is a mistake, the longer they wait the more time for planning for nefarious deeds the worse the outcome will be… For all people involved…


          • Remember McCullough/Roorda/Nixon are all democrats in a red state.
            McCullough is running unopposed.
            Nefarious deeds, on whose part? Peaceful demonstrators have remained peaceful. I don’t doubt there will be unrest, to what extent I don’t know.
            This is a repeat in history. Whenever the powers that be-government (the deciders) excludes its citizens from a process, what do you expect, a campfire kumbaya? Not hardly.
            Can’t remember the exact, but in the early 1900’s Colorado history; a horrific “riot” broke out. It’s oppression.


          • Have You Ever Heard Of The Ludlow Massacre? You Might Be Shocked When You See What Happened.

            Brandon Weber Curated by Brandon Weber

            A special Upworthy mini-series about labor history, made possible by the AFL-CIO. Read more.

            The early 1900s were a time of great social upheaval in our country. During the years leading up to the Ludlow Massacre, miners all around the country looking to make a better life for themselves and their families set up picket lines, organized massive parades and rallies, and even took up arms. Some died.

            I’ve always wondered why history like this was never taught in school when I grew up. Could it be that the powers that be would rather keep this kind of thing under wraps?


  44. yahtzeebutterfly

    Vonderrit Myers funeral was today. May he rest in peace.

    KayRay @RE_invent_ED · 5h
    It was a beautiful service. We were reminded of purpose as we laid out brother to rest. Rest well young prince


  45. yahtzeebutterfly

    “U.S. Inquiry Sought in Police Treatment of Press at Ferguson Protests”

    Compiling 52 accusations of violations of the freedom of the press during the protests in Ferguson, Mo., after the killing of Michael Brown, the PEN American Center will announce on Monday that it is calling on the Justice Department to investigate the local police forces’ treatment of the news media.

    Such an investigation, a report by the organization said, would “shed essential light on the factors that drove law enforcement officers in Ferguson to infringe on media freedoms,” and should lead to new guidelines from the Justice Department for police departments in the United States “on respect for media freedoms during public demonstrations.”

    The PEN report described a range of police interference with journalists who covered the protests that followed the fatal shooting on Aug. 9 of Mr. Brown by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department. Mr. Brown, 18, was not armed.

    The examples in the report included the decision to hold reporters in areas that denied them access to the events they had come to cover, and accusations of flashing lights to hinder photographers and of threats and assaults, culminating in the arrest of 21 journalists.

    Link to the report:

    “Press Freedom Under Fire in Ferguson”

    Click to access PEN_Press-Freedom-Under-Fire-In-Ferguson.pdf


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