Sunday Songs To Cure Weekday Blues

The things happening on our planet can be overbearing. As individuals, we can make positive changes in our environment and in relationships, but find it difficult making changes when problems are caused by a system intended to bring about negativity, death to humans, animals, and our planet.

Let’s turn lemons into lemonade and fill ourselves up with the positive belief that we can make our world a better place.

For our encouragement, here are some songs. I hope that you enjoy them.

 Living through love reaps love.


Grab Someone’s Hand And Start the Love Train!


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    Music is the voice of the soul … and a mirror of the times!!


  2. Happy Sunday Xena and everyone!! Thank you for this.


    • Hey Mindyme. I’m late — Sunday is almost over, but I hope you had a great one as well as a great week. (hugs)


  3. Would you mind if I post 2 original Christian songs from my band, one I wrote, and one of our lead singer/songwriter/musicians ?

    That would constitute a Church Service here, but that’s a good thing !


    • Racer,
      I thought about you when I was writing the post, wishing that I had your songs on audio so I could put them to video.

      Post your songs as much as you like. I am humbled by your request.


      • I’m still a little techno challenged and I’m trying to figure out how to get them from hard drive to your blog. I’ll get it. Thanks !!


  4. Thank you! I’m listening to the news about the second ebola infection right now, and should probably be listening to music instead.


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks for these two great songs, Xena! 🙂


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