Why American Police Departments Are More Of A Threat Than ISIS [VIDEOS]

Thanks for this article. The uncivilized and criminal actions of law enforcement upon the citizens of America cause all cops to be profiled as terrorists who the government has given authority to terrorize and murder citizens without consequences. The bad cops impugn the integrity of the profession. Why do they want to be cops anyway, and why do they want to be cops in communities where they do not reside? That in itself questions their motivation.

United States Hypocrisy

While the shills in the corporate media try to convince us with their propaganda that ISIS is the most imminent threat to America’s security and necessitates us spending another $10 billion by year‘s end to “wipe them out” with bombs, many Americans are a lot more fearful of a threat much closer to home – a threat which terrorizes them and the ones they love just about everyday. I speak not of some foreign jihadi bogey-man whom we are told should be arriving any day now to chop off all our heads. No, I speak about the police officers who make up the police departments in every region of this country.

Now you’re probably saying, “You must be out of your mind. Cops are more dangerous than ISIS, or al-Qaeda, or [insert whatever Islamist group name the media wants us to be terrified of this week]?! That just can’t…

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  1. Annie Cabani

    (Copied from preceding post … and it’s more on-topic here, too.)

    I saw this Daily Show segment last night, and I think you all will enjoy it – whether or not you’re a fan of Jon Stewart’s show. Stick with the video. There’s general silliness at the beginning, but the important part starts at about 1:30 into it.

    As background: Jon Stewart was sick last night, so one of his “correspondents,” Jason Jones, was substituting. The video begins with Jason’s wife, Samantha Bee (also a Stewart “correspondent”) complaining that SHE was supposed to be the substitute. That’s the lead-in to Samantha Bee’s “report” (and you won’t “get” some of it because references are made to the preceding segment).

    The part everyone will enjoy (I predict) is Samantha Bee’s “report, ”which starts at about 1:30. Here’s the link:


    • Annie Cabani

      OMG … no one’s watched this?

      I didn’t want to be a spoiler, but It’s about police shootings/killings and how there are NO DATA at all about them (except maybe by request in NYC).

      And one of the interviewees says that he studied Nevada cases for some time period and that nearly NINE PERCENT OF ALL HOMICIDES IN NEVADA WERE COMMITTED BY POLICE!

      Even I was astonished that it could be THAT high!

      Did I pique any interest now?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Oh, sorry, Annie. I did watch it when you first posted it, but did not comment because I did not want to give away the subject and research.

        I should have at least written to you about how great it was!

        • Annie Cabani

          Thanks, yahtzee. No problem. I thought it might stimulate conversation, but if it didn’t, it didn’t. (And I realize that the cursing – even if bleeped – is offensive to many reasonable people!)


          • butterflydreamer2

            Okay, I just got done viewing the video. Am I surprised that there is no data on police killings? Not really. If there was, then the question would be how many of them were justifiable, and that’s all folks, of anything believable that is.

      • Annie, I’m going to watch first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing it. Sorry I’ve not been available today.

  2. Woman, 90, locked officer in basement, settles with police. The Baltimore police department paid the woman $95,000 for abusing her in her own home.

    Read more: http://www.wbaltv.com/i-team/Woman-90-locked-officer-in-basement-settles-with-police/11028044#ixzz3FZxJxFTU

    • I just spoke with a paralegal who worked with the attorneys that represented Venus Green, the 90 year old woman. That story is from April 2012. Sadly, she died in her sleep about 3 weeks after the settlement was reached.

  3. Thanks for that article. I have said the same thing. We don;t know one Isis or terroist from another, but we do know that the man in an officers uniform is supposed to be doing his job to protect, not to torture and kill. We’ve always been taught to call them if we’re in trouble.
    When are the “good” ones going to step up save our lives from other cops? No, others just jump out of their car and start beating, kicking, stomping innocent people.
    Tasing has gotten totally out of hand also.
    We don’t need to get involved on other countries. That is insane and never works,
    We need to fix ours.

    • I agree, Lolypop, we have NO business interfering in other countries polices when our own polices allow for such abuse upon American citizens right here at home.

      • I know mindy!
        It galls me every time I hear how terrible the people are in other countries and what
        they’re doing to their own, when right here they’re doing things just as bad and it’s our law enforcement!
        Pretty scary!!!!!

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    I can’t watch the videos in the article…sadness

  5. Annie Cabani

    Breaking News:
    Eric Holder and Bill Clinton made some presentation today about Ferguson and policing. Rev. Al reported it in his Politics Nation show.

  6. Police Violated Constitutional Rights Of Ferguson Protesters, Federal Judge Rules.

    Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson defended the practice at the time, saying the police were “not violating your rights. We’re allowing you to protest.” The federal judge disagreed.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Hi Joseph,

      This is step in the right direction.

      So many police issues need correction.

    • Annie Cabani

      Yes, the federal judge granted ACLU’s request for a preliminary injunction to put a halt to the “keep moving or you’ll be arrested” orders some police were giving to protestors.

      The judge hasn’t yet definitively determined that it was unconstitutional police conduct (that remains to be determined for purposes of a permanent injunction decision). But she made it clear that she thought the ACLU was very likely to ultimately succeed in its claim that that particular police practice is, in fact, unconstitutional.

      And the case is against the St. Louis COUNTY police, so it’s very likely to impact (even if not directly address) all the gazillions of little municipal police forces – and, also, the state highway patrol (even though they claim they would never condone such – literally – “marching orders” to the protestors.)

      Here’s a link to the federal judge’s order and preliminary injunction:

      • Annie Cabani

        (Oops! Sorry…. I think the judge DID already find that particular police conduct to be unconstitutional. So, if they discontinue it, there may be no need to to go forward with a permanent injunction. If not, they’ll be back in court.)

  7. peni4yothot

    “Now you’re probably saying, “You must be out of your mind. Cops are more dangerous than ISIS, or al-Qaeda”

    . I share the same view. Each and every time I hear a report about Isil, It sounds as though they’re reporting another police brutality. The LE in this country is the American version of terrorist.

    • Same here, peni!
      I always say sounds like what some are doing here!
      People don’t see that????

    • Peni,
      It’s terrorizing and traumatizing. It’s also progressing because ultimately, the only sure consequence for cops who kill citizens is a paid vacation pending investigation conducted by people who think cops are perfect human beings who have government sanctioned authority to kill citizens who are burdens on society. (We can fill-in the description of what makes people a burden on society, limited to race, mental capacity, financial status, or homeless vets.) Welcome to Nazi Germany!

  8. The greatest threat to the United States is the United States itself. Congress is filled with Republicans who do not care for the citizens of their country, but are quite willing to spend trillions on wars they would not fight were it not for the world’s dependence of “pétrole” to drive cars, etc.

    • Hi Micheline. Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for your comment. The United States was built on greed, from the taking of land from the Native Americans, to their mass slaughter. The shift of agendas between the two major political parties came after the Civil War. It is said that the United States is a nation of laws, but that is not true. Rather, we are a nation of states with laws that the federal government does not infringe upon. There are state or district attorneys in each county within each state, and they all proceed and conduct the business of law individually, mostly based on their political agendas. The one thing that is becoming common among them is that none are willing to hold members of law enforcement accountable for using deadly force.

      This has created a nation of heartaches.

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