Michael Dunn Retrial – Day 6 and Verdict Watch

Prosecutors PowerpointClosing arguments concluded yesterday evening.  The State conducted effective closing argument, incorporating the use of Power Point. The defense however, talked for about 80 minutes, often being redundant, and took statements out of context.


Judge Healey is bringing in the jury to give them instructions, and then they start deliberations.  We will be on verdict watch.

To watch the jury receive instructions, and if they have any questions for the judge, and when they announce that they have reached the verdict, use any of the following links.

Wild About Trial

Court Chatter


jordan-davis 5


 Day 6 – Part 1


Day 6 – Part 2





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  1. My faith in mankind will be restored with a guilty verdict.

    • I’m with you on that one Mindyme…

      I’m just now able to get into Day 3 part 4 – Rhonda. This is still so difficult for her. Looking forward to closings – hoping to get to them before “verdict watch” turns into a final verdict! I’m dragging my feet having to listen to the defense. (jabs pencil in ear)

      Xena ❤ thanks so much for the videos. Hope you got some sleep!!!

      • my best advice would be to to skip the defense’s closing statement entirely. unless you feel strongly about self torture, you won’t be missing anything. 😉

        • I’m going to take your advice Faux – I’ll jump to Guy closing. The defense has been unbearable.

          • i did sit through it yesterday, but felt as if i had a bad case of sudden onset ADHD. i could not stay still, could not focus, my mind kept wandering. i’m surprised i wasn’t making paper airplanes to try lodge them into the defense beast’s hair. it was that bad.

            further note — i am in no way making fun of ADHD. my brother and his son both suffer as well as some best friends. i felt like i had the closest inside glimpse into the issue as i ever did yesterday. i’ve known the difficulty of coping with the manifestations all my life, but this was different.

        • Oh I fully understand what you were saying Faux. And I do believe I’ve not ever heard a defense attorney such as Waffa Hanania. Sincerely, I hope I never do…again 🙂

      • “jabs pencil in ear” Ha! I know just what you mean!

    • ladystclaire

      Mine too!

      • With the (very) few instances lately, where members of law enforcement are being held responsible for their actions, where the judge who sentenced the rapist of a 14 y/o, to 30 days in jail, after having blamed the victim for her own rape, AFTER she committed suicide because of it, was sanctioned, and a few other things like that, I think there may be hope for us all!

  2. crustyolemothman

    Good morning? I’m going to make a guess and say we will have a verdict on Friday morning before noon. I was really impressed with the job done by the prosecution this time. Too bad their hands were tied for some reason in the Zimmerman case and they were not able to perform nearly as well in that case, I still think that decision was made much farther up the chain of command, but I don’t think we will ever know that for sure.. Fingers crossed and the cramps are setting in so the jury needs to do their work quickly and correctly…

    • I still think that decision was made much farther up the chain of command, but I don’t think we will ever know that for sure.

      – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – –

      i agree with you crusty. i make no secret about my admiration of john guy. i see him working as hard on this case as ever and with enormous passion. if he were a part of anything shady in the zimmerman case, i would be shocked, truly. i do not really respect of like corey, but the rest of her staff seems on the ball and up to snuff to pull out some silly phrases.

      if the state’s attorney or governor (both seriously right wing and in support of SYG) wanted that case thrown, it would have been. think also, that the prosecution’s performance was diligent, professional and effective throughout a year of tough hearings. although the case remained the same, their performance went downhill straight after opening statements. also note that that was also the time that corey showed up in the court room. could be a coincidence or perhaps she was orchestrating something.

      one thing is true — we will never know.

      • PS — in the dunn case, i also see an added benefit in prosecuting the charges separately. it is shorter (easier for sequestered jurors), easier for all to keep up, minimizes jury instructions and it makes some kind of sense, at least to me.

        this time around, the only thing that felt too long and unbearable was the defense closing statement. last time was a real slog all the way through.

        • I really like Guy, he’s so passionate and doesn’t seem to be affected by the politics of the office, yet…

      • Fauxmccoy,

        agree with you crusty. i make no secret about my admiration of john guy. i see him working as hard on this case as ever and with enormous passion

        Same here, and that includes Bernie. Bernie was a bull dog at pre-trial hearings. When it came to closing in GZ’s case, he turned into a “suggest” arbitrator rather than a prosecutor.

    • Mothman,
      I’m predicting a verdict by tomorrow morning. This jury is sequestered and since they got an early start, they will probably cover much ground by this evening. At least, I hope so, and hope they are all on the same page to convict Dunn of 1st degree murder. I watched his testimony again and it is easy to see that there was no credibility in his words. He saw his “attacker” then he didn’t see his “attacker” but he shot the door where he thought his “attacker” was behind. Well, if the “attacker” was behind the door of the SUV, then he sure wasn’t attacking Dunn.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Just returned from doing some Christmas shopping.

        I actually had been thinking that the verdict would come in by the end of today.

      • I wish I had kept count on how many times Dunn said “I was in fear of my life.”

  3. ladystclaire

    From my hospital bed, I’m praying for JUSTICE FOR JORDAN DAVIS!

  4. very impressed with judge healy’s handling of reading jury instructions and thorough explanation of them along with the juror form. he has given all 12 jurors full copies of all, which i heartily approve.

    still hate florida jury instructions regarding self defense as it allows for fantasy scenarios and magic, disappearing weapons of destruction to be considered valid. :/ errrrgggggg. me no likey.

    let’s see, i expect a verdict by the end of the day or first thing in the AM should jurors decide to ‘sleep on it’. as long as no one holds out for the phoney self defense issue, i would expect a verdict of 2nd degree murder. although i understand the legal definition of ‘pre meditation’ with no time restrictions, a vast majority of people in this country do not, unfortunately.

    all fingers and body parts crossed! yet again, i wish there were a verdict text system in place … i really should get off my arse and make that happen, i suspect there is money to be made.

    • me too, expect a verdict by the end of the day, or tomorrow.

    • crustyolemothman

      fauxmccoy, I really hope you are right on when the jury will return a verdict, however I really don’t expect it until early Friday morning. Let’s hope I am wrong… I had things that had to be done this morning so I missed the jury instruction, but to me that part was pretty well cut a dried, hopefully the jury does not contain any one who had their mind made up before the trial even started… an acquittal or even a hung jury will not allow true justice to be served.

  5. ladystclaire

    It really broke my heart, to see that kid’s body, lying on that table.

  6. well, we clearly have a foreman. may they have justice in their heart.

  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    And, I add my AMEN:

    • 😦 Such a great drawing, of a (another) child who was going to do great things.. Another child who now belongs to the ages.

    Just embedded two videos above. The first is the jury instructions and discussion about alternates. The second is a request from the jury for a board and note pads.

  9. Here’s a reminder of jury deliberations in Dunn’s previous trial.

  10. Powerful poem!

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Guilty 1st degree murder.

    Rest in peace, Jordan. You have received justice.

  12. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!! Guilty of 1st degree murder. FL finally got one right.

  13. kindheart101

    Cuff him, throw him in his orange jumpsuit, and lead him to the cell he will rot in for the rest of his life, never to be heard from again.

    RIP Jordan

  14. sidewinder50

    Yay! OMG. Disgusting, arrogant Ahole gone! I am so relieved.

  15. crustyolemothman

    Wow! Unbelievable, Not only did the jury give the perfect verdict, they did it in record time… The prosecution definitely did their job correctly this time… Now we can officially say that Dunn is done and hopefully forever done… I am sure that the family can now at least know that while their son is forever gone (but never to be forgotten) justice has been served upon the individual responsible…

    • Crusty, Dunn will never see the light of day again. The first trial….even though he wasn’t officially sentenced yet, will give him a minimum of 60 yrs in prison. The 10-20-Life law dealing with guns here in FL is very specific. There is no time off for good behavior and the sentences cannot be done as one. He will die in prison.

      The Dunn Davis family can now seek some closure (I only say some because a parent never gets over the loss of a child) in the senseless loss of their son knowing that their son’s killer is being held responsible for his crime.

      • OMG, I screwed up the names……the last paragraph should be the DAVIS family not the Dunn family.

        • crustyolemothman

          towerflower, I don’t think that anyone here could not have known to whom you were referring.. Boo-boo’s happen, mine are normally much better than that little one you made. But then again I seem to be pretty good at it…

        • Towerflower,
          Thou has seen an error and it is duly noted and has been corrected by thine humble blog administrator. 🙂

          • Thank you, I almost did it on the new page but caught it in time and then realized I did it on this one. I have another page up and all I hear is the Dunn name and I typed the wrong one. Thank you for fixing it.

            • Towerflower. You are very welcomed. That’s what blog administrators are suppose to do, and why Word Press gives us the tools to do it. My first major in college was journalism. For more than 2 decades, I worked editing the legal writings of attorneys. It’s something I enjoy doing — kinda like putting candles on a birthday cake and touching up the icing. 🙂

      • crustyolemothman

        The family of Jordan Davis will now, as you said, start to receive some degree of closure for the loss of their son. And the family of Dunn will start to share in the shame that he has brought upon them. I can honestly say I feel no sympathy what so ever for his parents, as IMO he was a product of the environment they created… May Dunn rot in prison and enjoy the company of his new BFF…

  16. crustyolemothman

    Hopefully the video clip of the jury decision will be up soon, my dog decided he needed out and I missed it… figures doesn’t it…

    • Mothman,
      I’m monitoring Youtube and Twitter. Hopefully, a video of the reading of the verdict will be made available soon.

  17. Annie Cabani


  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    If you click Blackbutterfly7 at the top of the page you will see Xena’s new page on the guilty verdict

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