Michael Dunn Retrial – Day 2

Good morning caterpillars, butterflies, moths, and all creatures great and small!

We’re following the Michael Dunn retrial.

Yesterday consisted mostly of State prosecutors going in chronological order of witnesses on the scene and law enforcement that first reported on the scene.  Click here to watch videos of yesterday’s hearing.

Judge Healey plans to hold court on Saturday because the jury is sequestered.

For live stream, here are some links:

Wild About Trial

Court Chatter


As videos become available, I’ll update here.


Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 – Part 2


Day 2 – Part 3

Day 2 – Part 4


Day 2 – Part 5


Day 2 – Part 6



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  1. good morning everyone!


    • faux !! How ya been !! Top O the morning right back at ya !!!


      • ahhhh haaaa! we’ve just discovered the dangerous, black cylindrical weapon that was pointed at dumb-dunn — jordan davis’ finger :/


        • DAMN !!! How I miss the obvious !! The ever deadly 17 year old black finger…….and it was probably horizontal……not even vertical.

          That Duuhhnnnn is really dumb.


  2. crustyolemothman

    OK, trial is over, the black kid cursed at the “White Male” in the black car… Everyone know that if a “black kid” curses a “White Male” he should be murdered.. Wow, I can’t believe the defense is going this direction. Of course that is the only defense that Dunn has, the black kid disrespected him..


    • great minds think alike … and the scottish corollary my dad often added
      and fools seldom differ.

      see my post below, i’ll go with ‘great minds’ here


      • crustyolemothman

        fauxmccoy, Great mind on your end, on my end not quite so! While we don’t like the tactic that Dunn’s defense attorney is using, it is probably the only defense that he has. What (IMO) she is doing is trying to reach one of the male jurors that might have been (at least in their mind) disrespected by a black kid at some time in their life. Even the closet racist feels that they are owed respect by black people because of their superior abilities! The bad part is that it will possibly work due to the composition of the jury… I don’t think ever Dunn thinks he can be acquitted of the charges, so a hung jury is the best they can hope for…


        • I believe a hung jury at best….well, for him. I think that since the jury probably knows he was convicted on shooting at a vehicle and a weapons charge, by default the end result was due solely to the 4 conviction.

          By common sense he’s guilty of a homicide……Only racists with an agenda can’t see that. At least there are a few black people on the jury……Thank God.

          It should be “….a trial by the victims peers” Not a trial by a bunch of blind racists.


    • That’s it……enough is e-freaking ‘nough. I want the law cited about this disrespecting shit…..then cite the code that enables a shot to be fired in anger over the aforementioned and alleged dissing……..


  3. what strikes me profoundly is how these boys have grown since the last trial — just as my own teens continue to grow and develop.

    the only one who is not and never will grow is jordan davis. the tears i’m crying for his folks are unbearable. although i can not understand their pain precisely, i pray that i never will.


  4. can’t help but hating on this defense lawyer bitch. the questions she is putting to the victims of an absolute tragedy disgust me, jordan’s friend who held onto jordan as the life drained from him. she’s asking what they were wearing. considering the events, i’d be shocked if the poor kid could remember much of anything. i know i wouldn’t.


  5. oh holy fuck, christ on a crutch! jordan davis cursed at a white man? how in the hell can society allow such a god awful thing? some poor bastard is gonna pay!

    (sorry, the defense lawyer is driving me nuts, acting as if cursing is a capital offense.)


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Perfect demonstration, fauxmccoy!

      See that Mr. Dunn (and your attorney)?

      Fauxmccoy’s obscene words used to express her feelings have just sat here all day. No harmful words back at her have been put in a reply to her because we are all REASONABLE people…. UNLIKE you, Mr. Dunn. WE understand that fauxmccoy needed to express her feelings.

      But, you Mr. Dunn, shot Jordan Davis right after saying to him, “You are not going to talk to me like that!”

      You shot and killed Jordan just because you did not like him expressing his feelings to you in a manner that you considered “unacceptable.”


      • yahtzeebutterfly


        Making my point I said “we” in order to be more powerful.

        I know that the fact is that I can only speak for myself. 🙂


      • kindheart101


        “But, you Mr. Dunn, shot Jordan Davis right after saying to him, “You are not going to talk to me like that!”

        I can’t repeat this enough, and I will remember it until the day I die.

        Dunn “said” NOTHING to Jordan Davis. If you watch his testimony from the first trial, you will see him seething with anger as he repeats what he SHOUTED at Jordan Davis!

        Dunn, on the stand, reenacted how he got his gun, cocked it, and pointed it out the window at Jordan, while he hollered: Quote: “You ARE NOT going to Talk to ME like that you Son of a Bitch!”

        Dunn murdered Jordan Davis because he felt disrespected. Then, it was off to motel for drinks, pizza and a good nights sleep before heading home.

        Sickening…………and more than worthy of a Murder1 Conviction!


        • Yep……Duuhhhnnnnn NEVER said anything like

          “Oh !! is that a gun you’re pointing at me ?”

          God forbid…….

          “Shit dude…..are you getting out of that SUV to attack me ?? !! ??”

          or even this

          “Pshaw, that’s just a stick…..sticks and rap…..how harmless”

          Noooooo Duuhhhnnn’s own words about there only being words, no matter how they were uttered are a blatant admission, Jordan Davis, THE VICTIM, never made any threatening move in any way, shape or form.

          Not only that but FL. law also says, despite the SYG law, that since Davis and his friends had a legal right to be there and were not committing any felony, Duuhhnnn, must exercise every avenue of escape before using deadly force. This is in part how Phat FogenPhoole got off. He needed to lie about not being able to escape.


      • You guys and gals all know me…..well, sort of. If this 58 year old white Christian man told Duuuhhnnnnn or Fogen, or Wafer this………

        or this

        would I get shot…..what difference does it make what color I am. Like I’ve said before I’m not a rap fan but I am a musician and have played, and still play, on stages with 6 1/2 ft tall high wattage amps. I have a 9000 + watt PA system……I like it loud, but when anyone is in the car next to me and even my windows are shaking from some rap or hip hop or whatever…….I appreciate that someone with some talent recorded something. I ignore the annoyance factor……..why ???????

        “…….because we are all REASONABLE people…. UNLIKE you, Mr. Dunn.”

        Well said people……well said !!


        • kindheart101

          I LOVE the way you say Duuuhhhnnn! And let’s not forget, Ari ass is about to start the penalty phase again on Monday. Personally, I’m happy it’s not going to covered on TV. That sicko is just too into herself, and loves the cameras and interviews.

          SMH………sick sick animals.


          • Forgot all about her sorry ass…


          • But then again, she may have dyed her hair a new color which will drive the media into a frenzy…..4 press conferences will be called and she’ll get some stupid reporter to get an interview……sick pup.


        • kindheart101

          Once she’s sentenced to death, or thrown in prison to rot for the rest of her nasty, vindictive, air sucking existence on earth, she will be forgotten for good. As it should be Racer………..as it should be. 🙂


      • 🙂 don’t tell anyone, but i’m just getting warmed up. this is a prelude. i have not yet begun to curse!

        while it is entirely possible that i may do yet again so tomorrow, it is unlikely. i was astounded at the number of times the defense twit used the word ‘curse’ along with her implied “F’n” and ‘n-words’. i also noticed how craftily she attempted to get jordan’s friends to use these words. luckily the boys (well, young men, now) had more sense than to fall into that trap, it would have made them appear as ill mannered goons before the jury. i did notice the trap though and hope that no one else is fooled by this either. she doesn’t try to force any other defendant into using foul language on the stand and we can be sure the cops used some choice words during their investigation.


    • kindheart101


      Just wanted to throw a hug your way. 🙂 I’ve missed you.


  6. sidewinder50

    So, were Jordan’s fingerprints on the tripod? I think not but why isn’t that brought up?


  7. Good afternoon everyone. Sorry for my absence. I’ve had problems with Flash crashing but hopefully, that is fixed, at least for the time being. I’m catching up on what has happened in trial today.



    Just updated the post with parts 1 and 2 videos from today’s trial.


  9. I hope they don’t play Dunn’s police statements, it’s the worst mistake they made in the other child killer’s trial


  10. Dunn claims that Jordan was out of the SUV, and that the door was opened when he shot. If that were true, the bullet projectory would have been like in the following photo.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Good afternoon. I have only had a chance to listen to a small portion of today’s court proceedings.


  12. crustyolemothman

    Too bad the Prosecutor can’t tell the defense attorney this: “Hey stupid had your client remained on the scene we would have searched for a weapon at that time!” Too bad the only defense that Dunn has is that he really has no defense…


    • Mothman,

      Too bad the Prosecutor can’t tell the defense attorney this: “Hey stupid had your client remained on the scene we would have searched for a weapon at that time!”

      EXACTLY! Dunn wants the jury to believe that he was so afraid because Jordan had a gun, that he left the scene and did not call the cops so Jordan could use the gun against another person who didn’t like the music he was listening to.


      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, Yes he was so scared that he drove to his motel, ordered pizza drank a little alcohol, got a good nights sleep, then drove home! Boy he must have been really scared, yeah sure he was…


        • Mothman,
          Haha! Don’t forget that he walked the dog too. Because he failed to call 911, it indicates that he was hoping to get away or to use favoritism to help him get away.


        • I hope that pizza was damn good, since it’s the last one he ever ate and the prospects of dialing Papa Johns, or Domino’s….hell, even Uncle Mario’s or whatever are long gone. Ya know………with that 75 year stint looming large. And that’s if he beats this rap.

          I like mine with sausage, mushrooms and onions……how ’bout you Duuhhnnnnn.

          Maybe FogenPhoole will take him one…….ya know, as a sign of solidarity…..and support, just like when Fogen said all the black guys in his jail block showed him all that love ‘n such.

          Personally…..someone giving Fogen the finger isn’t exactly a sign of support, but hey, that’s just me.


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    “5 Myths About the Michael Dunn Trial for the Murder of Jordan Davis”
    by John Phillips
    September 26, 2014



    • Thanks Yahtzee. Attorney Phillips gives us an important reminder:

      A grand jury indicted Michael Dunn for first degree murder. As such, this was not merely Angela Corey deciding to charge Dunn 1st Degree Murder. A panel of Duval County citizens decided first degree murder was appropriate in this case.


    • crustyolemothman

      yahtzee, Thanks for the link! The reasons he gave for the importance of this trial are probably the best we have heard from many sources in a long while…


  14. In absence of defense ,technicians qualification,driver license suspension, restaurant names,lightning,bushes,trash cans,teacher background coming into play.

    Amazingly everyone knows the defense is avoiding at all cost that was their defendant who murdered Jordan Davis and after went to his hotel with Rhonda for Rum and Coke plus pizza.

    I wish I have the power to reach into my TV screen and trow some eggs to that beach lawyer.

    How long she will continue insulting everyone’s intelligence?

    I understand that is lawyer job to defend their client but those despicable turds like
    Ohara and Done attorney are more dirty than dirt.

    Despicable Ohara (disgraceful child killer defender)commenting about Dunn lawyer expertise and Dunn lawyer court demeanor shameful!

    Sadly weeks after Jordan Davis murder the Florida supreme declared that loud music is legal!t


  15. UPDATE

    All videos from today’s trial have been added above.


  16. peni4yothot

    Hello to all, Question: does anyone know why the defense was inquiring impeachment of witness and what witness? The reason I ask, the cameras weren’t on but the audio was.

    Have only watched bits/pieces.


    • Peni,
      I heard that part too and wonder the same. Going by Judge Healey’s response, I think that the defense was going to try and use the depositions and/or testimony from the first trial to compare with current testimony. If Judge Healey is not allowing the mention of the first trial in this trial, it forbids the defense from bringing up prior testimony.


      • peni4yothot

        Oh, I listened as long as I could tolerate the defense cross, but didn’t hear of an impeachment.
        She’s a little too redundant for me.
        I did hear him speak of what/how impeaching “should” work, but thought I’d missed something.
        Thanks Xena.


        • I thought his lawyer said they had no peaches and wanted the witness to get peaches. Must be that racist condescension, I have a hard time when a racist spews that drivel.

          Impeach the witness…..get peaches from the witness……what’s the big deal……he’s guilty, with or without fruit.


          • racer, Ha! long time since the Huffpo days.

            Fruity delight 🙂


          • peni Yep….and you know me…..I tell it like it is, sprinkle in some appropriate comedy, when I make a dig at the murderer that is, or his lawyer, or what those pesky racists spew and the like.

            Long time since HP……which is now a sewer. Many of us are here and/or Leathermans site.


          • peni4yothot

            “Long time since HP……which is now a sewer. Many of us are here and/or Leathermans site”.

            Oh man, racer; HP designed another disaster (as if people wouldn’t/couldn’t open anonymous FB accounts) sewer is about right.

            I peek in Leatherman site from time to time. Hope he/family are well.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          @ the potential need to impeach:

          The defense lawyer at the end of the video “Day 2 -Part 1) had asked Tevan Thompson if they (in red Durango) had parked in the 3rd parking space. At first Thompson says he can’t say exact space. Thus, she was going to impeach him to prove he had earlier (maybe in deposition or in first trial) confirmed that they had indeed parked in the 3rd space.

          Here is how it went down:

          DEFENSE:Now when you pull up into the Gate gas station, y’all pull up into the left of the front doors, correct?
          THOMPSON: Correct.
          DEFENSE: And, y’all are in the third space from the front doors, right?
          THOMPSON: Uh, I couldn’t…
          DEFENSE: When you first pull up…
          THOMPSON: Yeah, I just couldn’t say exact space.
          DEFENSE: Okay.
          (Starts rustling papers, then asks judge if she can approach witness. Judge says no and tells defense attorney that he hasn’t seen what she is going to show witness. During 15 minute jury break, the judge tells defense attorney how to properly impeach a witness.)

          Jury returns.

          The Defense asks Tevan Thompson again (next video – Day 2 – Part 2):

          DEFENSE: And, I had asked you about whether or not that you. at the time that you pulled up to the Gate station, you parked in the third space, isn’t that right, sir?

          THOMPSON: Correct.

          Because he says “correct” here, the need to impeach became a dead issue.


          • DEFENSE: And, I had asked you about whether or not that you. at the time that you pulled up to the Gate station, you parked in the third space, isn’t that right, sir?

            In other words, since she couldn’t impeach him based on rules, she asked that he confirm her question. Thompson said “correct” because that is what she asked him.


          • Oh my, you’re good. Parking space one, two or three doesn’t pull the trigger. Dunn did it no matter if a witness can remember the exact twinkle of the stars, geeze.

            Thanks yahtzee!


  17. yahtzeebutterfly


    “Mobilizing Movements Through Social Media”
    (Segment from PBS show that aired entitled “America after Ferguson”)



  18. butterflydreamer2

    I like the way they tried to make it sound like the state got the two witnesses off because the one was in violation of probation and the other had a warrant for driving on a suspended license, in exchange for their testimony. I don’t know about Florida, but the courts here in So Calif don’t do anything for petty crap like that. The jails here are so full, unless you committed a violent crime, you are pretty well home free. Even if you are found guilty of a non violent crime and sentenced to do time, chances are you will be out within a week.


    • Butterflydreamer,
      I like that the state got those explanations out of the way to destroy the defense’s ammunition. It reminds me of the Wafer trial where the state got it out of the way that Renisha was drunk and had smoked pot so the defense could not later cross examine and make it look as it the state was trying to hide that.

      I think the REAL trial is going to start when the State gets to cross-examine defense witnesses.


  19. ladystclaire

    I just don’t see, where this defense lawyer’s line of questioning, is going!


    • Lady,
      We don’t see it, because the defense lawyer’s line of questioning is going no where. LOL!.


    • butterflydreamer2


      She’s going for the witnesses did not see everything, trying to make them agree they only saw only portions, using it was dark, or they were hidden by the door, or they couldn’t see what was going on one the other side of the door, or were fixated on something else, therefore Jordon could have pointed a weapon or stick at Dunn, but they didn’t see it. Jordon threatened him, said he was going to kill him, cussed at him, he was the aggressor and made Dunn fear for his life. Dunn was the good guy, he even told them thank you when they turned down or off the music. They could have gotten rid of the weapon, although witnesses said they didn’t see them toss it, they didn’t see everything.

      It should be interesting when His ex-girlfriend testifies. She said he never mentioned they had a gun, and he said he told her several times. The fact he never called 911, went to a motel, walked the dog, ordered pizza, and drank more alcohol, should seal the deal, but Dunn was in no hurry, after all he didn’t do anything wrong, he saved himself. He’d never been more scared in his life. He had all night to think it all out, had himself a pizza and rum and coke to wash it down with.


  20. Anonymous letter may not be allowed into evidence. Investigation results in no gun as alleged by the anonymous writer as he/she heard from someone else.



  21. Stupid defense asked the teacher since she was a teacher, she was instructed to pay attention to details, she said yes. Then the defense said that applies to your everyday life as well??
    This drives me insane!!!!!
    Her everyday life doesn’t include gunshots going off around her with her little nephew in the car.
    All of this is so total bullshit. The idiot Dunce, first of all drove into a spot and very close to the guys. He starts an altercation, KNOWING he’s going to piss someone off.

    Let me just say as a white female, IF he had done that to me, I would be mad as hell him parking so close and then telling me in my vehicle what to do.
    There’s no telling what I would have called him or said to him. He just like GZ, a spoiled brat, used to getting their way by bullying everyone, they don’t get it so they carry a gun just in case someone doesn’t do or act just like they want them to, he takes out a gun and kills them.

    The defense asked was Dunce screaming or piunding his fist in anger. OH hell no, he just blew them away with a gun.
    I’m so sick and tired of these idiots getting by with murder!!
    BTW, a growling dog is more dangerous than a barking one usually and that’s what Dunce was doing.
    I hope and pray he has to serve the max for what he did.
    IF he was so in fear, why the hell didn’t he just drive off?
    Just like GZ could have done in his truck.
    It’s hard to watch this.
    The smarky jerk thinks he’s going to get away with it.
    I pray he doesn’t


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