Michael Dunn Retrial – Day 1 of Trial

The below are videos from the first day of trial.  I’ve also included those of opening statements that are on the previous thread so that the entire hearing for today is on the same page.

I big “thank you” to Croaker Queen for providing the videos.

Day 1 – Part 1

Day 1 – Part 2

Day 1 – Part 3

Day 1 – Part 4

Day 1 – Part 5

Day 1 – Part 6

Day 1 – Part 7

Day 1 – Part 8 – (jury not present)

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  1. Oh, perfect…his lawyer says not to put much into the evidence since the casing and the like only confirm what we know…..Duuuhhhnnnn opened fire……don’t use any sympathy because no law says a 17 year old can’t be the aggressor……BUT….be sympathetic to the defendant because he was defending his life……or what he perceived…….that is a reasonable person…..
    ….blah, blah, boring blah.

    Then why are 4 casing on the windshield wiper shelf…..some outside the car, one inside the car, and God forbid any witness is correct, ‘cuz we all know ALL witnesses are wrong. Then again, her client has no reason to lie…..hell no !!

    Gee……I wonder what law there is about driving away from the scene of what could we call this, ummmmmm….incident ? Oh, yeah…..leaving the scene of a crime. Oh, and lets not forget those pesky convictions for feloniously shooting into a vehicle.


    • Racer,

      Gee……I wonder what law there is about driving away from the scene of what could we call this, ummmmmm….incident ?


      What surprised me from the defense’s opening statement, is that it was only about 20 minutes. Well, maybe she realized that she didn’t have much to say other than to vilify Jordan. The defense isn’t doing much cross either and when they do, it’s confirming and not rebutting or challenging.


      • butterflydreamer2

        Here is my two cents of why the defense isn’t doing much cross, rebutting or challenging. She is vilifying Jordan to make him look as the aggressor to show Dunn was in fear of his life. He thought he saw a gun or something that looked like one. She made a point that that the first witness had his eyes on the gun the whole time, therefore perhaps he didn’t see what Dunn perceived as a gun from the back seat of the Durango. I suspect she will use the others in the Durango and their statements to show Jordan used profanity and threats that made him the aggressor. She will then make a point that weather or not there was a gun is not important, Mr Dunn perceived there was and felt threatened for his life. The state must overcome beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was not in fear.

        She said you will see 15 pictures of a gun, the casings ect, blah blah blah. She didn’t challenge any testimony of the police, emt, store manager, ect. She will not make a big deal of walking the dog, ordering pizza, drinking, ect, or other witness statements, because it does not reflect the moment in question. As long as she gets into the jurors mind Jordan threatened him and he was in fear. Hopefully the state does a better job this time and allows race to come into play.

        The State lost Trayvons case I believe for several reasons. The did not let racial discrimination in, they did not pursue as Xena said, the MMA instructor who testified he could not have shot him in the position he was in. They let the aggressor part of the jury instruction slip right thru their fingers, so that anything up until gun shot did not matter. The fact he got out of his truck, followed him, whatever, went up in smoke. No witnesses to the aggressor portion, his mini abrasions, and only his story, resulted in his acquittal.

        I hope the State does a better job this time and is able to pull a rabbit out of their hats.


      • I laughed when she wheeled the lectern 15 feet or so so she could read her notes. Then she had to do a few double takes since she lost her place a few times. That’s never a good sign.

        John Guy, just like in Fogen’s trial made a 39 + minute opening with nary a scrap of paper……not to mention far more passion.


    • racerrodig,
      I thought her opening was so ridiculous.
      Yes, let’s not feel sympathy for the one that only lived 17 years, didn’t have a chance against a how ever old the murderer was that was so in fear for his life that he drove two hours back to the motel. He didn’t even call and tell anyone that he was in fear for his life and could he get security.
      He waits until his girl friend said someone died and then he tells a police friend?? Did I hear that right and then turned himself in.
      WHAT A GUY!!!! bastard!!!
      He walks into court like he thinks he’s proud of himself!

      Gee……I wonder what law there is about driving away from the scene of what could we call this, ummmmmm….incident ? Oh, yeah…..leaving the scene of a crime. Oh, and lets not forget those pesky convictions for feloniously shooting into a vehicle.”

      I was just asking my husband the same thing. They have 15 cop cars chasing after someone they think is in a stolen car here (which I think is wrong anyway, because the innocent ones get killed) but not ONE went after him after he had mudered and was a danger to anyone around that station.
      Why didn’t they go after him? They knew the license number.
      1st degree murder isn’t enough for him. The death pentalty seems to be the problem so give them life behind bars for the rest of his life without parole, then there wouldn’t even be an appeal, I don;t think, not real sure about that though.
      This is insane that he wasn’t charged with murdering Jordan Davis anyway.
      What a slap in the face for the Davis family!


      • Her opening was ridiculous. i tend to analyze what is said and look for the hidden meaning and what isn’t said. Her crap about Jordan being the aggressor is a joke. I don’t know the makeup of the jury, but I’m praying it’s not all white racists.

        Here’s a small snipet of common sense from ole racer…….if your convicted of shooting into a car………..and one of the occupants dies…….you’re guilty of at least 2nd degree murder by default.

        If he wanted to scare them off, just wave a gun around…….just back up, or like John Guy said……..ignore it. Being a guitar player myself, and having stood in front of high wattage full guitar amp stacks……at volume’s well over 100 db, and not being a rap fan at all, I can appreciate any type of music, but sometimes we just have to ignore what someone else loves…..even if we don’t.

        Oh, I’m sorry….there goes that common sense thing again.


  2. kindheart101

    Quote…………….”You’re not going to talk to me like that you son of a bitch”

    I’ll never forget hearing Dunn say that on the stand. I remember starting to shake, and not being able to control my tears. So here we go all over again.

    I’m calling it a night, but look forward to talking to all of you later.


    • Lets analyze that remark he admitted he made and put some hypothetical’s up.

      “You’re not going to TALK to me…….” Uh, Oh……TALK being the operative word.

      Now, he never said “You’re not going to point a GUN at me……..”

      He never even said “You’re not going to point, what is that…..a stick ??…..at me…”

      Duuhhhnnn never even said “What are you doing……..are you getting out of the car?”

      No…….in a normal Court of Law his own words would convict him since he admitted Jordan Davis…….the victim……only talked to him…….didn’t yell……didn’t threaten.


    • Kindheart

      Quote…………….”You’re not going to talk to me like that you son of a bitch”

      That is anger and not fear. Dunn would have us believe that he stared down the barrel of a shotgun held by a person who threatened to kill him. Yet, he had time to go into the glove compartment, get his gun, prepare it for firing, aim out of his window that was down, and shoot while the guy who aimed the shotgun at him does not return fire.

      At least 9 members of the previous jury saw through Dunn’s lies. Let’s hope that this time, all 12 realize that what Dunn says happen was impossible.


  3. Jueseppi B.

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  4. Wait a minute, did state play Dunn’s police statements?? I didn’t watch all day yesterday or this morning/


    • Shannon,
      I haven’t watched the vids from this morning yet, but don’t think the State will play Dunn’s police interview. In the first trial, they didn’t play it until after Dunn testified.

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  5. thanks for this! I have so much catching up to do!


  6. Finally able to finish the first day. Openings, I thought the prosecution did well. Defense, she grated on my nerves. The less said by the defense, the better, so I don’t have to listen to her. However, what I did hear, she’s laying her groundwork…for ‘a weapon.’

    The “outside perimeter.” Securing that perimeter. The ditch with water, brush and hedges, exits and entrances, dumpsters. Other non-witnesses present. And… what direction did that Durango go after the shooting before it came to rest in front of the store. The “inside perimeter.” No one knew. And who was watching Jordan’s friends after they all exited the vehicle?

    She ‘harps’ on Jordan’s girlfriend (part 7) and near the end, asks her if she knew Jordan had a pocket knife on him that night. No, she didn’t know that.

    What I foresee – the defense will attack the characters of Jordan’s friends – they’d get rid of a weapon for Jordan, because Dunn is white. Did they know Jordan had a pocketknife on him that night? Is the defense going to attack Jordan’s character too?

    Will this be the case of the missing weapon or the pocketknife in Jordan’s possession? Will the jury see this as speculation – pulling a rabbit out of a hat by the defense or…reasonable doubt, for Dunn?

    I can’t wait to get to day two! But sleep I must.


    • pilcher,
      I’m with you — I too need to get some sleep. LOL!

      I agree that the defense is trying to lay ground work for Dunn’s story. Just one problem — the only one with his story is himself. If Jordan got out of the vehicle and threatened to kill Dunn, why didn’t Jordan fire the gun? It’s absolutely ridiculous for anyone to think that the response to seeing a pistol when you have a shotgun, is to not fire.

      His defense lawyer has a nervous throat clearing and mostly reiterates testimony. She’s actually helping the prosecution by doing that.


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