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Mick Brown Kindheart

By Kindheart 101

I do not mean to cause alarm,
it’s only me, I mean no harm.
Why do you look at me that way?
is color all you see today?

Yes I am brown, that’s all you see?
please look beyond, and just see me.
Let down your guard, I mean no harm.
I do not mean to cause alarm.

I hold my loved ones dear, and true,
and love my family, just like you.
I’m off to college, on my way,
I graduated yesterday.

Oh wait, you stopped your car I see,
and now you’ve grabbed a hold of me?
I turn and run, as bullets fly,
I’m hit, I turn around and cry…….

OK OK OK, I’m done,
hands in the air………put down your gun!
I do not mean to cause alarm,
I’m Big Mike Brown, I mean no harm.

That didn’t mean a thing to you,
you didn’t stop till you were through.
I hit my knees, fell to the ground,
and never heard another sound.

And then a hand reached out to me,
and picked me up so I could see.
The glory, friendship and pure love,
that’s shown by all those up above………..

Thank you for greeting me, Trayvon.

Mike Brown



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  1. Caught me right up at the end…where I caught my breath, my eyes ached and the tears came.
    No doubt, the message is for all left behind ~


  2. Jueseppi B.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly


    I feel Mike Brown’s heart and spirit spoke to you!


  4. Kindheart,
    That was beautiful.
    So sad!!!
    I know we’ve heard this before but it’s powerful from Rodney King “can’t we all get along”
    In this life I will never understand WHY difference is a threat.
    Simply the color of one’s skin or any other difference? Why can’t they accept, no matter what, we ARE all the same. There are way too many with the george zimmerman mentality.
    GZ and Wilson are murderers and should be charged like any other murderer.
    Thanks Kindheart for the powerful poem. It say’s so much!
    If everyone could share your heart, what a wonderful place this would be.


  5. Simply makes me weep, all the young ones.


  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    This gave me chills. In what I do, I’m always trying to find solutions to fix situations but I can’t touch this. How do you fix a group of people’s attitudes and hatred? It really bothers me that I am basically powerless.


    • Jackie,

      It really bothers me that I am basically powerless

      I feel that way about death. If only we had the power of resurrection …. (sigh).

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  7. OMG!!! Chills … beautiful!!


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    The power of the written word!! Chills ….. read till the end!!


  9. Touching and beautiful.


  10. Beautiful.


  11. Kindheart101 as always your words resonating,clamoring for justice!


  12. “I’m Big Mike Brown, I mean no harm”

    Amazing. KH101 had several like this she posted on HP back in 2012 about Trayvon that my son wanted to turn one of them into a rock song. Unfortunately his band broke up but I believe I have the start of it in one of my computers.

    Those were amazing as well…….such talent here.

    But I’ll look at the positive side and say Mike & Jordan are up on Trayvon and Kendrick in that pick up basketball game 22 – 18……..but Trayvon’s just getting warmed up !!!


  13. Two sides to a story

    Lovely. ❤


  14. kindheart101

    I am so truly humbled, and honored that you posted this Xena.

    It is very apparent to me by all of your responses that our hearts ache for the horribly brutal way Michael Brown was murdered. This is not my opinion, but the result of testimony from eye witnesses, as well as a video tape of contractors who showed pure anger and revulsion after witnessing Mike Brown being murdered while being unarmed, with his hands in the air.

    My hope is that it will one day be mandatory that every single officer be required to wear a body camera while on duty. Also, after any kind of confrontation, such camera should be surrendered to a third party, (an agency with NO affiliation to law enforcement) until it can be reviewed, and not mysteriously disappear.

    Though this will not prevent the loonies like Zimmerman, Dunn, and others from using the: “It was self defense” line of bull…., stricter gun laws need to be adopted. Why is Zimmerman able to continue to have a CCW permit? Since the murder of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has repeatedly threatened people, has been accused of striking his father-in-law, played under cover cop at a business, (after which the owner emphatically said he had NO knowledge of Zimmerman’s so-called stake out, and through twitter told him NOT to return). Then there was the little matter of Zimmerman destroying his wife’s property, (computer) which we all saw on the surveillance tape, while he stands with his hand under his shirt, (as if to be going for his gun, after his wife found an empty shoulder holster box in the house) and was as much as baiting her to come and get him.

    Yes, we have a long way to go. But, my hope is if we can, (through requiring police officers to justify their actions, by wearing cameras) we might wind up with a more honest police force, if only because of transparency. Hopefully this will lead to the dedication of getting the racist gun abusers off the streets.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      One thing I have notice since the beating of Rodney King is that LE officers are trying to hide their brutality from onlookers.

      Now instead of swinging wildly at their unarmed victim, they are “quietly” getting the victim down on the ground and tasing and performing other brutal things on the victim. Often other officers surround the victim in an attempt to block the public’s view.

      Even when a victim is not resisting LE says things (probably for the public that is witnessing their actions) like “stop resisting.” Also, when a victim says he can breathe and is trying to move to save his life, the officers simply continue and again say, “Stop resisting.”

      Then, when they KNOW the victim IS dead, they cover-up saying things like “He’s breathing” or “He is fine”, “He has a pulse,” or “EMT will help him.” I think this is simply a performance for the I-Phones that might be recording the incident.

      I think that when the public becomes more and more educated of these cover-up gimmicks that officers use on the scene, there will be an even greater outcry from even more citizens.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Correction: “When a vicim says he *CAN’T* breathe….


      • kindheart101

        Plague, Ebola, Polio…..

        Just the mere mention of any of these diseases are enough to scare anyone to their core. Death can result as a result from many different factors, i.e.: bacterial, viral, contamination, and even genetic. Though valiant efforts to eradicate all deadly diseases is welcomed, the fact is they are forever mutating into different strains.

        I think of it like this:

        A mighty oak suffering from wood rot. Although it may drop plentiful acorns the year before it crumbles and dies, what are the odds that it’s seedlings will be able to survive in rotten, sour soil?

        The feral cat, laden with fleas, that gives birth to a litter of kittens. Is it not inevitable that unless a quick intervention occurs, they will also be wild and laden with fleas?

        A food service employee, suffering from the flu, will contaminate how many people?

        It’s simply a give-in that diseases and illnesses are passed from one to another throughout the years. They may change, or mutate from their original form, but they are passed on just the same. Decade after decade we see some form of the same deadly diseases resurface, with Racism being one of the most deadly.

        Racism is grown in the “family” petri dish. It ultimately affects every member of the family for generations to follow. As the family tree grows, it spreads it’s infected, racist roots to other neighborhoods and states. This was thought to have been seen at it’s worst in the 50’s and 60’s, but has once again mutated and reared it’s ugly head. The really frightening reality is, there is no test, pill, or cure for this disease, as it is solely a learned behavior.

        Hence, when a person is given a badge, that has been contaminated with this disease, it gives them a sense of empowerment toward those they see as being of a lesser worth than themselves. Where it used to be an issue of marriage, voting, or a seat on the bus…………it has now mutated to a death sentence.


        • Kindheart101,


        • yahtzeebutterfly


          You have made excellent use of analogy to explain the past and present existence of racism with its present mutation.


          • kindheart101


            I guess I’ll always be a Motown girl at heart. 🙂

            Having been born and raised in Detroit, I saw many struggles first hand growing up. Everything from forced inner city busing, to the riots of the 60’s. What wasn’t pretty then, is just flat out UGLY now!


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Yes, kindheart

            It is flat out ugly now and it is brazenly BOLD.

            They have no fear.

            They don’t even hide their identity behind white sheets and hoods as they go about their heinous acts.


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