Darren Wilson Testifies Before The Grand Jury

FergusonFerguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown 6 times, twice in the head. The shot to the top of Michael’s head spilled his brains unto the street. Photos and videos show Darren Wilson casually standing and walking around as Michael’s blood flows like a river from his body.

Darren Wilson has been in hiding. On Wednesday, news sources reported that Darren Wilson testified before the St. Louis County grand jury.

St. Louis Today reports:

Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson testified here for almost four hours Tuesday in front of the St. Louis County grand jury investigating his shooting Aug. 9 of Michael Brown, a source with knowledge of the investigation said Wednesday.

Wilson was not obligated to appear, and also has spoken with St. Louis County investigators twice and federal investigators once, the source said. The source said Wilson was “cooperative.”

New York Magazine cites the Post-Dispatch, reporting:

The Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown on August 9 has finally told his story in court. Darren Wilson spent nearly four hours in front of a St. Louis County grand jury on Tuesday, the Post-Dispatch reports, despite not being required to testify. An anonymous source called Wilson “cooperative,” and said he has also given his side of the story twice to local investigators and once to federal investigators.

MSNBC has a video with an introductory line that says:

Big questions surround Officer Darren Wilson’s reported grand jury testimony. Legal expert Lisa Bloom has answers.

As Lisa Bloom says in the video, grand juries are secretive. My perspective is from that basis.

confidential_stamp_smThis case has demonstrated that those in public trust betray trust. There are conflicts of interests with a Missouri State legislature and State’s Attorney McCullough being officers in two different organizations that raise money for Darren Wilson.

Now, there is someone who may be an employee in the judicial system, leaking information about who appeared before the grand jury. That person has betrayed the confidentiality of the grand jury system and in doing so, has also betrayed public trust.

Does it bother anyone else to know that someone who apparently works in the system cannot keep confidential information — confidential?

The grand jury’s investigation should be closed due to breach of confidentiality and turned over to the federal government.

The below video combines two news reports from MSNBC on Darren Wilson testifying before the grand jury.  They bring out good points, including that State’s Attorney McCullough is using the grand jury to “investigate” without telling them possible charges.



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  1. Cover up in the making.

    • Cover-up that is working out to be an uncovering of a cover-up in the making, and those conducting it are like the Emperor and his new clothes.

      • Two sides to a story

        Great comparison. The trolls, and especially DP with his posing as a paralegal, are out in force on STL newspaper comments, arguing that because DW testified, that this shows his case is airtight – ??? – what I get out of this the same that you do, Xena – overreaching and conflict of interest in an attempt to whitewash the case.

        • Two sides,
          I wonder why the trolls, and especially DP, did not defend Ramos and the other cop who beat Kelly Thomas to death? Oh hell — we KNOW why.

          Posing as a paralegal is right. Any so-called paralegal who does not know that federal bankruptcy case decisions on stays pending appeal, do not apply to state cases on civil restraining orders that have been denied, missed a couple of semesters of class.

          We know that in criminal trials, the defense presents its case after the prosecution, and grand juries NEVER hear the defense. For McCullough to allow Wilson to testify before the grand jury at this juncture indicates that he did not present the grand jury with evidence of guilt, or that he did and there is nothing more for the grand jury to consider.

          The feds need to move-in and move-in quick.

          • Two sides to a story

            DP didn’t know about the case until I stumbled on his comment on a news site rambling on about GZ’s “brutal” beating. I posted a Kelly Thomas photo to demonstrate what a real beating is. He called the case “interesting.” Not sure what the feds are waiting for, but sometimes they do have the right timing. They may be letting the state case run its course – or not.

            • Hey Two sides!

              DP didn’t know about the case until I stumbled on his comment on a news site rambling on about GZ’s “brutal” beating. I posted a Kelly Thomas photo to demonstrate what a real beating is. He called the case “interesting.”

              I stumbled upon their secret earlier this year. They stalk here and Leatherman’s blog to learn of cases that they automatically rebut — but only when it involves a Black victim. They have no interest in cases involving White or Latino victims because it does not fit their “all Blacks are uncivilized” and destroying the “BGI” racist agenda.

              The double-standard they demonstrate impugns their credibility. In their standards, a cop can get out of his vehicle and shoot a running teen after the fact of a purported assault. They promote that cops have right to retaliate. All of their arguments conclude that deadly retaliation is within the law. Had Michael Brown threw a rock at the age of 5 that cracked someone’s window, they would argue that Darren Wilson had the right to kill him at the age of 18 for doing so.

              Not sure what the feds are waiting for, but sometimes they do have the right timing.

              Maybe they are not waiting. The feds shut the eyes and ears of the enemy while they conduct investigation. They work in stealth many times.

  2. Shaun King provides photos, maps, and witnesses accounts to support that Mike Brown WAS SHOT AT LEAST 100 Ft from where Darren Wilson stopped his vehicle.

    Willis Newton, if you’re reading this, you were on the right track and Shaun tells us the reason for the “30 feet” lie.


  3. Governor Jay Nixon ‏@GovJayNixon 1h

    New Office of Community Engagement will listen, learn & act to address challenges low income & minority communities.

    My statement to him ;https://twitter.com/Obamatomic/status/512668312069627904

    • @Obamatomic thanks for posting that little tidbit.

      I went to the MO GOV website and noticed Nixon announced large funding to the public schools in North Kansas City area. Just call it a hunch, but I was curious about the demographics of that ‘Lucky school district’ chosen to receive this 100million dollars plus of extra gov funding.
      Surly Nixon is a fair and thoughtful Governor and either chose the schools at random or more appropriately chose based on the need?
      After i watched the video posted of his speech at what appears to be at least one of the high schools receiving the money I went to have a look-see on a map at the proximity between Kansas City & Ferguson- cuz from that video it seemed like the students, faculty and everyone else at the school he spoke at was predominantly white and Ferguson is not.
      Ferguson is MILES away, no where near Kansas City.

      Unfortunately my ‘hunch’ was correct and even worse than imagined.
      Nixon grants 100s of millions to predominantly white school districts that are already by all standards, HIGH performing, while providing nothing to the schools that are under performing & in obvious need of more funding!
      I checked and ALL schools in and around Ferguson, besides the single special education school for the entire area, are below average or utterly failing those kids!

      It’s another example of institutional racism and classism AND segregation. AND the government using taxpayers’ money to benefit some and not the others!
      It’s so unbelievable these ppl keep getting away with this shit!!

      Just to give an example of what some kids & parents are dealing with I copied a parent’s review posted under one of the elementary schools in the Ferguson area from July 2012.

      3 of my children have attended this school, and i would not recommend this school to anyone. They have some good teachers, but unfortunately my last child did not receive any of them. The principal did not work well with parents. This year they are getting a different principal and i hope she does a better job listening to the concerns of the parents. I believe the teachers need to take diversity classes and learn age appropriateness. My childs 1st grade teacher wrote my child up for breaking his pencil in half. Wrote me a long letter telling me how inappropriate the action was and how a broken pencil is dangerous and can be used as a weapon. Not because he broke it and threatened someone, but just because he broke it. I’m thinking lady, he’s 6.
      —Submitted by a parent

      • shannoninmiami,in short words Governor Nixon is another Wallace in disquise.

        He can’t be fair supporting someone that when he is fundraising funds for a killer.

        shannoninmiami,the following picture happened exactly 4 days after Michael Brown was murdererd by Darrell Wilson,read the caption and with whom he met while Michael Brown’s murderer went into hiding and while protesters in Ferguson were deprived of their civil rights.

        Governor Nixon is a very dangerous individual because he is not an upfront racist,he is demagogue pig moonlighting as Democrat.

        shannoninmiami,sadly that scum went to Ferguson to pay his “respect” to Michael Brown after the facts.

      • shannoninmiami,you welcome,I replied via twitter ,sometime here is troublesome.

        I have a “messy” life..trying to elude my “trolls” they love so much 🙂

        Disguising my self for Halloween……….

        • Joseph,
          I appreciate your valiant efforts to submit comments here and apologize for the trouble you have doing so. It’s because of the trolls that I opted to have only those with Word Press accounts be able to submit comments. That has saved me about 5 hours a week that I was spending reporting their criminal actions and preserving the evidence.

      • Two sides to a story

        That’s disgusting that money is given to districts where students and schools are already doing well. As a native Iowan, I never considered Missouri to be particularly southern, but more a Midwest state, but I’ve quickly changed that opinion. The state may as well be part of the deep South.

  4. “the almost unbelievable connections between @RoordaJ & @GovJGovJayNixon how they’ve failed miserably”

    Exactly,GovJayNixon is the root of the problem ,sadly he is a democrat.

    • roderick2012

      True. They extended the grand jury deadline until after the November elections to make sure that Nixon’s chances for reelection aren’t adversely impacted when the grand jury no bills the indictment of Darren Wilson.

      • Roderick, you think that’s the reason for the extension? I figured it was to get through the holidays hoping that half of the Ferguson residents would be in jail and the other half out of town visiting family when they return a no bill. The sad thing is that Missouri voters are given only 2 choices, Nixon who is Democrat, or a Republican. At one of the council meetings, some in attendance were saying they are writing in the name “Michael Brown.” It should be an interesting election.

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    “HIS” side of the story …. guess we have listen!

    • Horty! Good afternoon, dear friend. Thanks for the reblog. Yes, according to the “source” the grand jury heard 4 hours worth of Wilson’s story. I suspect it was 15 minutes of telling them what happened, followed by how he has been “victimized” by having a State Rep. and the State’s Attorney raise money for him. (snark)

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    Very important post.

  7. From what I have read they changed the day of the GJ meeting to try and bypass people staking out the proceedings. They were normally meeting on Wednesdays but Wilson testified on a Tuesday.

    • Towerflower,
      I heard the conspiracy theory behind the grand jury meeting on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, but I think the reason is mere speculation. It was reported in a news source that THAT particular grand jury is exclusively hearing evidence in the Darren Wilson case.

      Now, what I’m not clear on is if the original members were retained, or if this is the new grand jury — because the original members were to end their positions, IIRC, last week. Since some have reported the racial make-up of the grand jury, and it’s different from the make-up originally reported, my guess is that this grand jury consists of all new members. It also means that this grand jury has not heard any evidence before Wilson testified before them.

      If I’m right, it means that McCullough pulled a bait and switch so that Wilson sets the stage for any and all evidence that comes after him.

  8. i have just found something very interesting, i accepted the police story about the body being 35 feet from the suv, BUT now i have seen the pictures and area landmarks, the fact is the body was over 100 feet from the rear bumper of the suv…….the body is right by a cutout in the sidewalk and the suv is up by the entrance to a parking area, those 2 landmarks are over 150 feet apart…..this mean the investigators are on video LYING about the physical evidence.

    • Hey Bill. Yes. Earlier I posted the link to Shaun King’s piece about the distance. He put time into it and lays it out plain and simple. I am also reminded that before Shaun posted that, our own Willis Newtown did work about the distance saying that it was more than 35 feet. I now understand the importance of it, thanks to them.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    You are right, Xena:

    “The grand jury’s investigation should be CLOSED due to breach of confidentiality and TURNED OVER to the federal government.”

    “The feds need to move-in and move-in quick.”

  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Photos of sweet, gentle Michael Brown:

    I will continue to advocate for Michael Brown and keep his family in my prayers.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Michael Brown as young child:

    • can I just say AGAIN, cuz i said this about Trayvon. I have 3 siblings I’m the oldest. and as a teenager I DO NOT (and i’m a girl) have ANY pics of me posing *happily* with ANY little kids, not my brothers & sister, not little cousins, not anyone!! NONE! I hardly liked my brothers but I did love my sister, but all the pics I’ve seen are basically forced portraits or candid shots at the beach or whatever. I definitely don’t remember ever wanting to take pics with them! I didn’t like little kids and I sure didn’t want to be seen with any! even the ones I do have I’m barely smiling let alone enjoying it!

      when I see these teenage boys taking pics w little kids & other elder family members I can tell they are good hearted, well adjusted, decent boys who were loved and raised in good families. these were just kids!
      they were NOT bad apples, not spoiled, not ungrateful, not selfish bullies or criminals with no home training. these boys are not the thugs or bad ‘men’ the murderers and bigots like to perpetuate!
      And if those bigots and killers weren’t such POS themselves they would be able to recognize that too. but they’re projecting all their negativity in their own lives on these kids to justify the hate and excuse the murder of innocent kids. I hate them.

  11. I smell a novel –

    ‘Shades of White Lies’

  12. crustyolemothman

    O/T but worth listening to! The first 20 min or so are a bit slow and dry, but the last 4 min are pretty interesting and very relevant! The question is simple, are body camera’s the answer to the problem? IMO, yes if they are used properly, could they possibly be an invasion of privacy? Maybe, but will the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, yes… I would think that if they are set up properly, with no means for the officer to deactivate the unit, they will work as intended, however as history has shown, if the individual officer has the ability to turn them off then they will fail to achieve the desired goal. Now the real question is, will the public accept the use and tolerate knowing their actions as well as the police officers are being recorded? This tool is a two edged sword, and works both ways, and many times people want protection from the other side in a dispute, but do not wish to have that protection extended to their opponent. I wonder how the SCOTUS would/will rule on this tool’s ability to violate the right to privacy that we allegedly enjoy?


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Crustyolemothman, thank you very much for this excellent discussion link! I listened to all of it.

      I feel body cameras will prevent crooked LE officers from lying and making up false scenarios in their police report. A camera doesn’t lie.

      I think the suggested consequence for police officers turning off their cameras was well thought out: If a citizen lodges a complaint over treatment received from an officer who had turned off his camera, then the citizen’s word should be believed and not the officer’s word.

      Excerpt from

      “Rialto, Calif., police reported a 60% reduction in use-of-force incidents following a pilot camera deployment program in 2012.

      “There also was an 88% reduction in citizen complaints when compared with the year prior to deployment. ‘Whether the reduced number of complaints was because of the officers behaving better or the citizens behaving better, well, it was probably a little bit of both,’ Rialto Chief William Farrar said, according to the report.”


      Crusty, guess who seems to be resisting body cameras in St. Louis? Jeff Roorda! —->

      ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – Tensions are bubbling up between St. Louis Police and the officers’ union over the possibility of officers wearing body cameras.

      St. Louis Police said it would cost around $1.2 million to outfit all 1300 officers with body cameras. The police union said it must agree to any policy covering body cameras before a policy is adopted.

      “They can’t employ this equipment without violating the union contract they signed,” said Jeff Roorda with the St. Louis Police Officers Association.

      Union representatives told News 4 police and the union must forge an agreement on what the recordings will be used for before any decision is made on whether to use body cameras.

      “This gotcha discipline that we have with the dash board cameras is what we’d be afraid of,” Roorda said.

      by Alissa Reitmeier / News 4 and Dan Greenwald / KMOV.com
      September 16, 2014

      • crustyolemothman


        “This gotcha discipline that we have with the dash board cameras is what we’d be afraid of,” Roorda said.

        That attitude is what I would expect from Roorda, he would defiantly wish to continue to keep the present status for his minions… but I would suspect there are some “other” criminal elements that would not like to see this system implemented as well. As I said this is a two edged sword, and some on both sides of the issue will resist it. IMO the benefits out weigh the disadvantages, and the cost of the equipment and support would be negated by the reduction in costs associated with defending against legal actions in court involving officer maleficence… As far as the problem with the police union, I would think that the Justice Department could over come that problem quite well if they wanted to, but that in itself is another can of worms… It actually appears to me as if they are reluctant to do the job they are supposed to do in protecting the rights of all citizens and not just a select few…

        I have not yet taken the time to compare the demographics of Rialto, Ca. with those of Ferguson, Mo.! One would need to do so in order to ascertain if the same results could actually be expected to occur with the use of body cameras.

        The next question that would need to be asked is how the use of this camera and recording device would be received by the public in Ferguson? Would they feel that it intruded on their right to privacy, many people have resisted the use of patrol car cameras in the past and they are not as intrusive as these units could be… IMO, they are a good tool if used properly, but will the legal community find a way to evade the exposure of their acts? While I would hope they don’t, I suspect that some will…

        • “I have not yet taken the time to compare the demographics of Rialto, Ca. with those of Ferguson, Mo.!”

          The racial makeup of the city is 39.37% White, 22.27% African American, 1.05% Native American, 2.47% Asian, 0.43% Pacific Islander, 29.20% from other races, and 5.21% from two or more races. 51.21% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

          Rialto is a city in San Bernardino County, California, United States. According to Census Bureau estimates, the city had a population of 99,171 in 2010.


          • crustyolemothman

            peni4yohot, Thank you for the figures, that would mean that by population alone that Rialto is about five times larger than Ferguson. If the crime statistics are close then using the reduction in Police abuses Rialto, one could expect a remarkable reduction not only in police brutality, but hopefully criminal activity as well? Perhaps is we as a nation could actually reduce the number of people that exist (you can’t call it living and be fair) in extreme poverty, we would IMO see a remarkable reduction in the over all crime rate. If a person is subjected to virtual slavery to a system that allows them no realistic means of escape, then what incentive do they have to improve their situation? Providing welfare with the only hope of escape is to a job that still does not provide the funds for the basic needs of life is not the answer, there has to be a way for a person to break out of the prison of poverty. Until we solve that problem we will make very little progress toward equality in this nation.

            • peni4yothot

              crustyolemothman, I agree w/you. It’s a vicious cycle which enables the city to profit but the citizens remain oppressed under the powers that be.
              Rialto was on the last leg of keeping local policing in place. Due to the outraged citizens fighting for change; it was the body-cams or lose LE to San Bernadino Sheriffs. As we see the stats since the bodycams, I’d say its working.
              Maybe if Ferguson PD was placed on noticed that they too will lose their position to St.Louis County (not any better) they’d clean up their acts. Ha!

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        but I would suspect there are some “other” criminal elements that would not like to see this system implemented as well. As I said this is a two edged sword, and some on both sides of the issue will resist it.

        Super! Let’s get those criminals recorded on camera!

        As far as the problem with the police union, I would think that the Justice Department could over come that problem quite well if they wanted to, but that in itself is another can of worms

        I would like to see the DOJ step in and deal with that can of worms. Put the good worms back in the soil of the lawn and “hook” the bad worms.

        As far as the citizens of Ferguson, from all that I have read, their wish seems to be in favor of police officers wearing body cameras.

        If some in the legal community try to “evade the exposure of their acts”, perhaps a police review board with subpoena power and run by the citizens of Ferguson will be able to counter any gimmicks of those in the legal community.

        • crustyolemothman

          yahtzeebutterfly, One thing for sure, with what seems to be a law enforcement community that is lacking in integrity, it would seem that forcing them to wear cameras would only improve the situation…

    • Remember Rodney King’s attack was on video & his attackers were acquitted, and Kelly Thomas’s entire murder was on several videos & audio and the pigs were acquitted too. Trayvon screamed and begged for his life before he was murdered& it was on audio and the killer literally stole his victims screams& the jury allowed him!

      so even with videos of a crime a jury & prosecutors are failing to follow the laws and treat the objective evidence properly! all kinds of outrageous crimes are on video that aren’t being prosecuted, especially police misconduct. so it’s more than the video, it’s the way ppl are allowed to ignore the evidence or pretend the evidence is subjective when it’s obviously not.

      I think the video of cops are necessary since they will deter some misconduct, just not all of it. but some is better then none..
      and I don’t care what cops think about it. they’re the not forced to be public servants, they chose to be. and they need to do what we pay them to do not what they’ve been doing.
      they’re held to an extremely high ethical & professional standard because they have the means and legal authority to actually take someone’s life away. they should be monitored for all of our safety.

      • Two sides to a story

        It’s true, Shannon that a corrupt court system can still misuse the data that cameras provide. But citizens everywhere are demanding change, so there’s still hope that small reforms will seed bigger ones.

    • Two sides to a story

      If used properly, cameras can turn both sides into ladies and gentlemen.

  13. butterflydreamer2

    If police officers don’t like the idea of wearing cameras, here’s a good solution, find another career, it’s a simple as that.

  14. any person opposing cameras on the cars and officers is admitting they are DISHONEST and dont want any evidence of what actually happens known.

  15. yahtzeebutterfly


    Yesterday was the final pretrial hearing for Michael Dunn. Judge Healy denied the defense’s motion to limit the testimony of Stacey Simons.

    Also: ” Dunn’s new attorney, Waffa Hanania, intends to call forensic consultant Michael Knox to testify that Davis wasn’t in a sitting position when he was shot. Knox intended to introduce evidence that includes diagrams and computer animation, but Healey ruled Thursday that the visual aids couldn’t be used.

    The trial with jury selection begins Monday and is expected to last two weeks.

    “Final Michael Dunn pretrial becomes battle over competing forensic experts”


    • Isn’t Michael Knox the guy that LLMPapa tore a new hole in? The prosecutors should already be familiar with him. He’s no forensic consultant — just a guy that explains car collisions.

      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, I wonder if anyone has investigated why Michael Knox left the Police Dept after 15 years of service? It would seem strange that after advancing to the position of authority in the force he would leave before becoming eligible for retirement… Possible that he left due to misconduct or?

        • Mothman,
          You are a good researcher. I did not know that about Knox. Hopefully, prosecutors will verify his credentials.

          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, While the prosecutor can grill him about his credentials to a degree, I don’t think they would be allowed to breech this subject in the court room. I know we have at least one member of our group that lives in the area, and perhaps they have some knowledge of this man. It just kind of caused me to wonder why a man would leave the police force that close to earning a pension, especially after rising in the ranks to a position of authority. Giving up that much money for no apparent reason, is very strange… I’ll see if I can dig up any information on him, but with my slightly better than dial up connection it is difficult to pull up many sites that would hold the information…

            • Mothman,
              Discovering the truth about Knox’s resignation/termination from the police force is knowledge we can appreciate, but it might not be advantageous for the trial. Dunn is guilty of first degree murder. No matter what Knox might reconstruct, the prosecution must have an expert to tear his version to shreds.

              Actually, Dunn’s story, any way we look at it, signifies that when he fired his gun at Jordan, that Jordan was no threat. If Jordan was diving to get back in the vehicle, he was removing himself from the situation. I don’t know why Corey and her assistants allow defendants to distract and give juries their interpretation of the law.

      • “….. just a guy that explains car collisions.”

        Oh, come on now……..he’s not that smart. Hell, I heard he got the color of one car wrong. I heard he kept saying “….the white car always has right of way over a black car……it doesn’t matter if the white car ran the red light…..at 80 mph……and the driver was drunk”

        Seriously now !!!!!!

        • Thanks guys for verifying this tired person’s memory. LOL! I thought it was the same guy that LLMPapa put to shame. Hopefully, prosecutors will drill him on the stand about his background in “consulting”.

          • Two sides to a story

            He is the same guy that LLMPapa embarrassed.

            • Two sides,
              Dunn did declare himself indigent and has a public defender. Since Knox will be limited to what he can charge, I suspect he’s doing it for the publicity.

  16. yahtzeebutterfly


    This article is from Sept. 10, 2014:

    Kendrick Johnson Update: School attorney will file defensive pleadings


  17. Lets look on the bright side !!

    Wafer went down, Duhnnnnnn is still looking at what ?? 60 + 15 years without being convicted of murder. He’ll probably die in prison anyway, which is fine by me.

    I’m pretty sure that his conviction for shooting into a vehicle alone goes a long way on this one. Now the prosecution has his locked in story from the 1st trial and I’m betting they won’t just go through the motions here.

    Wilson……you’re next.

  18. kindheart101

    I do not mean to cause alarm,
    it’s only me, I mean no harm.
    Why do you look at me that way?
    is color all you see today?

    Yes I am brown, that’s all you see?
    please look beyond, and just see me.
    Let down your guard, I mean no harm.
    I do not mean to cause alarm.

    I hold my loved ones dear, and true,
    and love my family, just like you.
    I’m off to college, on my way,
    I graduated yesterday.

    Oh wait, you stopped your car I see,
    and now you’ve grabbed a hold of me?
    I turn and run, as bullets fly,
    I’m hit, I turn around and cry…….

    OK OK OK, I’m done,
    hands in the air………put down your gun!
    I do not mean to cause alarm,
    I’m Big Mike Brown, I mean no harm.

    That didn’t mean a thing to you,
    you didn’t stop till you were through.
    I hit my knees, fell to the ground,
    and never heard another sound.

    And then a hand reached out to me,
    and picked me up so I could see.
    The glory, friendship and pure love,
    that’s shown by all those up above………..

    Thank you for greeting me Trayvon.

    Mike Brown

    • kindheart101,priceless as always!

    • kh101…just phenomenal !! I remember your prose back in 2012 on HP.

      “I’m Big Mike Brown, I mean no harm” Sounds like a great T shirt or bumper sticker line. Just like “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” but far more personal.

  19. OT

    Sheriff: Grandfather killed 6 grandkids, daughter, self.

    BELL, Fla. — An ex-convict who killed six of his grandchildren, his adult daughter and himself had been in and out of jail and spent time in prison for accidentally shooting his son to death during a hunting trip.


    • Soooooooooo, more guns are the answer according to those silly gun nuts. See, if his daughter was armed………blah, blah, boring blah.

      Once again a dipshit gets armed and the innocents pay the ultimate price.

      • Indeed,he exterminated his all family including a 3 months baby. Very sad ,,,,

      • crustyolemothman

        racerrodig, The gun nutz will be quick to point out that he had the gun illegally. But does it matter to those people who he murdered if he had the gun legally or not?

  20. crustyolemothman

    O/T: It seems like all you have to do is give a man/woman a badge and a gun and you have death in the making… This article is troubling to say the least… One might give a moment of thought and realize that at the heart of all the most of the murders in this nation is one common element and that is the prized 2nd Amendment toy, the gun! Has anyone ever considered how many deaths that guns are used in? Is there no way that this problem can even be discussed without one becoming accused of being a non patriot or worse? Wake up America and smell the gun powder in the air, we have a real problem and it can only get worse as the gun population increases rapidly…

    PS: it’s hard to smell the roses over the pungent odor of gunpowder…


    • Mothman,

      Is there no way that this problem can even be discussed without one becoming accused of being a non patriot or worse?

      Sure, but it’s based on the constitution, applying it to every American citizen, beginning with the basic principle that each citizen is entitled to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It is actually a constitutional violation when citizens are deprived of liberty because they don’t know the good guys from the bad guys as it pertains to conceal carry and law enforcement.

      It is a violation of liberty when people call 911 and report a “suspicious person” when law enforcement assumes that the caller is telling the truth and proceeds with deadly force.

      The constitution also provides that no person be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. When people are deprived of life by self-appointed vigilantes or others, they cannot testify, and the state is suppose to do that for them by presenting evidence and the law. If evidence is uncertain, it is the state that should motion the court to exclude that evidence. I’m thinking about the Laurer 911 call with the screams in the background. Since Judge Nelson excluded expert testimony, that tape should have been removed from evidence. It was a violation of Trayvon’s civil rights to not have an expert testify of voice recognition on his behalf.

      When the rights of those who cherry-pick the 2nd Amendment from the rest of the constitution violates the rights of others and other Amendments, then the constitution has become a blank piece of paper.

      • crustyolemothman


        “When the rights of those who cherry-pick the 2nd Amendment from the rest of the constitution violates the rights of others and other Amendments, then the constitution has become a blank piece of paper.”

        There is the problem in a nutshell! Too many individuals seem to think that the 2nd Amendment is the “sum and total” of the Constitution of this nation. They ignore that the rest of us are entitled to the right to “remain alive” and their view of the rights of the people have the effect of denial of our basic rights. I still can not understand how they can view their rights as being more important that those of any other citizen of this nation… The phrase “stop to smell the roses” keeps running thru my head, but it is hard to smell the roses over the smell of gunpowder and death… How many guns does it take to kill a dream? How many dreams must be killed before our nation dies? Why must any young person have to live in constant fear of death at the hands of a man with a gun? Is a child more dead if he is killed by a gun that is legally owned than one that is not owned legally? Many questions that our nation needs to answer if we wish to continue to be considered a civilized nation… As a person, I grieve every time I hear of a young person struck down before they have had a chance to actually live, as an older person I can’t understand why we as a nation can place value on a young persons life according to the color of their skin… I often wonder how we as a nation can look at countries in the middle east and call them out as violent when we suffer from so much violence in our own nation, but I suppose we are blind to our own sins, but have 20/20 sight to the violence of others…

        • Mothman,
          Many moons ago, the church I attended had a seminar about relationships. The seminar started with discussion about the relationship of believers with others. One thing I remember from that seminar if I don’t remember anything else, is that the minister taught that we should never use our freedom of religion to place others in bondage. That foundation flows into all other relationships — never use our freedom to place others in bondage.

          As a person, I grieve every time I hear of a young person struck down before they have had a chance to actually live, as an older person I can’t understand why we as a nation can place value on a young persons life according to the color of their skin…

          While minorities make the majority of victims of murder-by-cop, we have also lost many, many people of other races to guns, including children, such as Sandy Hook. It’s a shame that so many innocent young lives are lost before those Americans who believe they are living the dream wake up in a real nightmare. Now we read more and more about non-minorities murdered-by-cop. It’s an epidemic. Cases involving Black victims were used to establish precedent to justify murder-by-cop and use of excessive force.

          Just like large corporations conduct marketing trials before engaging in wide product distribution, government agencies and special interest organizations also use test markets to establish precedent. For example, Florida was the test market for stand your ground law.

          The Brady Campaign has put in work for gun control, including background checks. They are making baby steps and need help. All lawyers who are interested in gun control should make themselves available to assist the Brady Campaign in drafting amicus briefs.

      • Two sides to a story

        We definitely have the constitutional right to be free from fear and the actions of gun nuts and I believe that right trumps the 2nd Amendment. The day will finally come when this is official, but sadly, there will be a lot of carnage along the way before a majority agree.

        • Two sides, I too am afraid there will a lot of carnage along the way. People cannot go to the movies, kids cannot go to school, consumers cannot go shopping — even politicians cannot address their constituents in shopping malls without the thought that some nut with a gun will end their life.

          • Two sides to a story

            I don’t know what’s worse, cops or irresponsible citizens.

            • Two sides,
              It depends on your gender and where you live but ultimately, I think the fear and caution should applied evenly to both cops and irresponsible citizens. Personally, I think that irresponsible citizens are worst. I would know what to expect from cops, but irresponsible citizens are unpredictable. Now, they don’t have to pull a gun and kill — they can call the cops and report a “suspicious person” and have them do the harm or killing for them.

  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King @ShaunKing · 6h
    ……….Truth is ugly. I didn’t believe it @ 1st either. https://www.stlouisco.com/Portals/8/docs/Document%20Library/police%20academy/2014/Mediashoot.pdf

  22. yahtzeebutterfly


    Published on Sep 20, 2014 by djoh652846
    These videos show what was taking place inside the Canfield apartments as Michael Brown body lies in the street.Most of it is raw cell phone video not seen on the news. Part 3 contains police using force that was uncalled for.


    Published on Sep 20, 2014
    These videos show what was taking place inside the Canfield apartments as Michael Brown body lies in the street.Most of it is raw cell phone video not seen on the news. Part 3 contains police using force that was uncalled for.

    • I really wish that people would wait until they get more facts before doing videos. The purported photo of Darren Wilson is not that of Darren Wilson. That was discovered and tweeted out massively along with where the photo was found on the internet.

      It’s good compilation video otherwise. Thanks for sharing it.

  23. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Michael Brown’s mother: ‘We just got rudeness and disrespect’ from the police”



    Brown and McSpadden said they came to Washington to ask the federal government to take over the criminal investigation into their son’s death. They are also seeking congressional hearings into the shooting, which sparked weeks of clashes between protesters and heavily armed police officers and drew worldwide attention to Ferguson.

    While in Washington, Brown’s parents are also advocating for what they called the “Michael Brown Law,” which would require police to wear body cameras.

  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    Serious things going on in Ferguson (Dellwood mentioned)

    Unconfirmed reports are that two people have been shot….an officer and a young person.

    Here is Antonio French’s twitter on the situation:


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