George Zimmerman Questioned By Police for Threatening To Shoot Driver

Hat tips to Towerflower and Rachael

Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell said that 35-year-old Matthew Apperson of Winter Springs, did not want to press charges, so there would be no arrest.

Tuesday morning, Apperson told a 911 dispatcher that he was driving his Honda Accord on Lake Mary Boulevard, made a U-turn heading west-bound, and a Honda Ridgeline truck pulled alongside of him. Apperson told the dispatcher, “George Zimmerman was the driver, and they were threatening to kick my ___ and to shoot me,”

It sounds as if someone else was in the truck with Zimmerman.

Apperson said he pulled into a Circle K to find a phone so he could call for help when the Ridgeline made a maneuver to block him and “almost hit my car.” Zimmerman “said he was going to shoot me dead,” Apperson told the dispatcher.

According to a police report, a store surveillance video showed that as Apperson was walking into the store, the Ridgeline left.

Apperson has a concealed weapons permit and was carrying a gun.

Two days later, Apperson called Lake Mary police again to report that he believed Zimmerman had followed him and was watching his movements. Lake Mary police arrived, found Zimmerman’s truck nearby, pulled him over and questioned him. Zimmerman said he was in the area for a doctor’s appointment.

Zimmerman was armed with a handgun that was taken from him during the approximate 8-minute exchange with the police. It was returned to him at the end of the exchange.


How’s that not being a public figure working out for you, George?




Watch Zimmerman’s body language.


The Orlando Sentinel has Apperson’s 911 call.

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  1. scrodriguez

    Get this the 911 call took place on the 9th of this month one year ago to the date Shellie called 911 stating Zimmerman assaulted her father and threatened them both with a gun…

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “The fault, dear gz, is not in your stars,
      But in yourself, that you are a gunderling.”

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Why can’t his gun be taken away after all these rage-filled threats??

    • Maybe there is something in his astrological make-up that makes him feel big and emboldened in the month of September. LOL! Or, maybe that’s the month that his prescriptions have to be renewed so he’s off his meds for several days.

  2. I wonder who’s feeding him, he’s certainly not missing any meals.

  3. In September 2003, Zimmerman called police and reported that another motorist spat on him, according to reports, Zimmerman followed the man in his car until the police arrived. Daniel Osmun, the other driver, told police that Zimmerman was tailgating and that he spit his gum out the window “out of frustration.”

    Osum said that Zimmerman then pulled alongside of him, and the two argued. In a police report of the incident, Osum said “at one point, he thought Mr. Zimmerman was going to attack him.” No charges were filed against either man.

    Here is another September incident, this one from 2003 where Z had another case of road rage.

  4. what the entire fuck!? I just can’t take it! there’s too much of a nonchalant camaraderie! with these pigs!! this asshole has already murdered a 17yo kid using the ‘I’m the victim’ BS when he’s the only one with the ‘side’ to tell! this is reckless on the part of law enforcement and state of Florida for allowing him to carry a gun, much less follow ppl and threaten to kill them!!
    I wish there was something we citizens of florida cld do to get that POS off the street.
    I wish that guy wld’ve blown his head off when he threatened him! he certainly had a reason to fear for his life. I know if I see him pull up beside me, knowing what he’s already done, I’d be in immediate fear for my child’s and/or my life, and I’d have no choice but to stand my ground.
    this guy is on notice. if he doesn’t want to be zimmerman’s next victim he better keep his eyes open because he’s in danger & he should not hesitate to protect himself.

    • I so agree with ya Shannon! No one files charges against this *&^%$(!!!!!!
      I don’t get it whatsoever.

  5. I was able to capture a portion of the 911 call.

    • He is such a fukn idiot

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks, Xena, for getting this part of the 911 call.

      I wonder who gz’s passenger was.

      And, the nerve of gz having a kel-tec bumper sticker….the very gun brand that he killed Trayvon with!!!

  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Will he ever go away??? No more of him … Ugh!!! If he’d been convicted …. this is something waiting to happen!!!

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    He never quits, does he?

  8. The below is an example for why people do not press charges against Zimmerman. Armed with nothing but a name, (no photo, date of birth, address), Zimmerman’s minions go into doxing mode. If that doesn’t work to discourage pursuing charges against Zimmerman, they allege names of family members with “doxed” information, publicly post their addresses, and launch into an all out intimidation process to intimidate and attempt to humiliate.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


    • Yep.those freaks are relentless. she forgot to mention the myriad of charges of the guy who road raged others and chased them home, molested his cousin, attacked 2 ex GF who got restraining orders against him, threatened ex wife& punched father in law before he wrecked their house &stole TV&Furniture & murdered an unarmed 17yo Boy.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Only a honest and unbiased person would do that, Shannon.

      • Shannon,
        Can I add to that? Please let me add to it. 🙂

        Remember the $18,000 that he got through the Aames bankruptcy case but failed to pay his attorney’s fees and costs? Then, he called the cops on his Landlord who wanted him to pay rent. Remember also the server at his (non) graduation party that he refused to pay?

        GZ actually scammed people out of donations for a (pre) legal defense fund and living expenses, but used the money to pay off his pre-Feb. 26, 2012 debts, purchased cell phones for him and Shellie, and got a land line phone installed in someone’s home but not his own because he purportedly had no place to live. He then sat in court like a “potted plant” as Shellie misrepresented her knowledge of the money. Judge Lester wrote that with the valid passport and $35,000 of “other people’s money” that GZ planned to flee the country.

        Who can trust a guy like that? Five women on the jury and about 6 people on Twitter who still support him.

    • Annie Cabani

      Well, ain’t that a spectacular find! But I can TOP that one, Annette!

      George ZIMMERTHUG was charged with MURDER … only TWO years ago!
      And SINCE that, he was arrested AGAIN for assaulting a young female!

      Did ya’ know that, Annette? Pretty damning, eh?

    • Two sides to a story

      Nettles and her minions stay busy!

    • Wrong GUY! wrong birthday! LMAO

      • Shannon,

        Wrong GUY! wrong birthday! LMAO

        HA! Just goes to prove what we say — as long as it is something they can paint in a bad light they don’t care if pertains to the person they are trying to intimidate, defame, demean.

  9. Give me a damn break!!!
    Why didn’t they go after him?
    There are policemen waiting all over the city.
    She knew who the 911 caller was talking about.
    Just a matter of time!!
    He thinks he’s God!!

  10. kindheart101

    Zimmerman reminds me of a rabid animal in the last stages of delirium, just before losing total control, while still being able to spread it’s infectious disease to others. To anyone who is foolish enough to assume this delusional, sick animal is their friend, just try to slightly withdraw your hand and see how quickly it is bitten. To be able to recognize the signs of a deadly disease is the first step in staying healthy.

    Stand back………the froth is now visible, and this animal is about to implode.

  11. georgiakevin

    I agree with Dr. Rex. Thanks for making us aware of this despicable person.

    • Hey Kevin, and welcome to Blackbutterfly7. George Zimmerman is currently preparing an appeal against the judge’s order that dismissed his lawsuit against NBC. At least one basis is that he argues he is not a public figure. I post news about him to show that he is, and it is because of his own actions.

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    What did gz mean when he told the driver that he threatened, “Do you know who I am?”

    Did gz mean that he his past proves that he has no problem pulling the trigger??

    • Did gz mean that he his past proves that he has no problem pulling the trigger??

      And, getting away with murder. His real boast is that he’s a good liar.

      • “……..His real boast is that he’s a good liar.” Well…..there ya go. You and I had this discussion several times.

        He not a good liar………6 jurors, 5 family members and Taaffe……strike Taaffe, he changed his mind, believe him. The rest of the world…….eh, not so much.

        WTF is he thinking !!!!!!!! With all the armed citizens, he starts some shit, spews that same stupid “…do you know who I am” shit, makes a few threats and doesn’t think that guy might be a good shot……..with a quick temper ?????

        Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That alone prove even he knows he’s a public figure.

  13. Xena, no one reads her posts but now you’ve printed her doxing, and we don’t even know if that’s the same guy as many people have same name, now all your blog readers know this xyz man who was terrified , had a charge, not conviction 13 yrs.,ago at age 22 of DUI. Who among us didn’t drive with drinking at that age.?

    Why print her garbage? Keep focus on tubs, that’s where our focus should be not on some obscure blogger that no one follows and is mostly banned.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Calm down.

    • 2dogs,

      … and we don’t even know if that’s the same guy as many people have same name

      And, neither does she, which is why I posted it to demonstrate how those minions take information and present it for no good-faith purpose.

      BTW, I don’t drink and drive — pretty much don’t drink at all.

      You do realize that another of the minions presented an “arrest record” for Trent that was actually for another person with the same name that lived in another state, and the case was dismissed?

      Why print her garbage? Tell me why I should not expose her garbage. Tell me if exposing them doesn’t give some form of encouragement to their victims and potential victims?

    • Believe me the wrong people read her post and her blog the people that will go out of their way to dox you and put you your family and your career at risk. This woman is one who not only assisted with Mass Doxing TMers but she also has advised them to get my wife in trouble at her job.

      So when we see something like this its our job to expose it our job to challenge it and our job to stand up and fight against it. What Nettles has done and been doing lately let me just put it to you this way she found several eye witnesses for the Mike Brown shooting and has began digging into their personal facebook and started to use dirt they dug up to discredit them

      My question to you is why ask about posting her tweets? is it really because you actually think its garbage or is she a friend to you?

      • So when we see something like this its our job to expose it our job to challenge it and our job to stand up and fight against it.

        You hit the proverbial nail on the head. The fact that what they are doing is criminal should spur us on to expose their tactics rather than keep them silent.

        See, people are asking why folks are not filing complaints against Zimmerman. Well, I remembered how Shellie and Sam were denigrated by George’s minions. They called Sam all sorts of filthy names.

        People do not like having to live looking over their shoulder, not for George Zimmerman, but for one of his minions. They are shocked that anyone would think enough to try and find and publicly post their personal information on the internet to disparage them.

        There is a history that goes back to at least April of 2012 when the ring leader swore to “destroy” and “silence” anyone who comes against George Zimmerman. After getting Nettles and Piercy to do his dirty work, the ring leader deleted his blog, his website, and his Twitter account. It’s funny but not funny — we see the internet Mafia at work protecting the Godfather.

        • Xena,
          That’s exactly what I believe.
          Some way he’s connected with the mob.
          He isn’t afraid for his life, he goes around yelling at everyone don’t you know who I am?
          He wants them to know. He reminds them. AND he say’s he’s afraid for his life.
          That’s total BS.
          He tries to intimidate everyone with his name and his guns.
          He SHOULD be rotting in prison.

    • @2dogs, I can’t imagine that you’re trying to be rude, but I really can’t tell! to suggest that no one would’ve seen it were it not here. that’s just absurd cuz it’s all over twitter.
      it’s just outrageous telling ppl what they should or shouldn’t post on their own blog.

      you know that bitch posted this on twitter to harass& intimidate Zimmerman’s latest victim, just like they did to all his victims.
      and it proves the point of X’s post the other day talking about how so many victims are hesitant to come forward for the fear of being humiliated & doxed.

      and another thing. that guy is a dumbass, and I don’t care about his ‘fear’ if he doesn’t care enough to press charges period! the man HAS IN FACT KILLED AN UNARMED BOY and basically goes around bragging about it and using his acquittal as a means to intimidate ppl he threatens to kill! this guy as well as shelly,her father&samatha have all just added to Zimmerman’s bravado by letting him get away with all the shit he’s done since.
      these grown ass ppl could’ve DONE SOMTHING about this dangerous clown by doing the right thing and pressing the appropriate charges! THEY ARE ENABLING him just as much an LE is by doing nothing.

      they really are all idiots bc if not for themselves, they could’ve protected his next victim from his next attack and it might not be an adult w.the means to defend themselves, like Trayvon.

      • Shannon, there’s something else too that maybe 2dogsonly forgot. Months ago, I encouraged participants here to check out the blogs of those under “My Community.” Suddenly, after all this time, the subject person began following this blog and her gravatar appeared under “My Community.” I changed the options so that only those who click “like” or post comments appear under “My Community.

        So, while 2dogs is correct about her blog not being known, (she doesn’t use the widget to report her number of followers and her blog is able to run a 3 month long “open discussion” thread with little discussion), the subject person had a bad faith agenda in following this blog. It was a layered agenda. I won’t re-visit the multi-layered agenda now, but can’t understand why anyone who believes in equal justice for all would not want to expose the intimidation process and criminal acts of such persons.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I agree with you, Xena.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I also can’t understand why anyone who believes in equal justice for all would not want to expose the intimidation process and criminal acts of such persons.

      • Wasn’t being rude. Just saying focus should be on tubs and there’s where I want to stay. Not on anyone else. Just my opinion.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          And, that’s what Xena is doing.

          She writes the following to you below referring to gz:

          You didn’t answer my question.

          Did you read and understand what I meant with the comment about why people do not press charges against Zimmerman? Maybe by exposing how GZ’s minions dox and intimidate them, his next victim won’t care and work with the cops so that GZ is arrested and prosecuted.

          By the way, your comment about staying on focus has caused more to focus otherwise than if you had not commented. Why did you post that comment anyway?”

          • Yahtzee butterfly : not to be rude to Xena. Just now see where scribe has police report with tub’s info redacted but complainant’s email and work address listed. Damn them, do they want tubs to get away with terrifying everyone because that’s exactly the message they are giving to the not so lucky citizens of Lake Mary.

            • 2dogsonly,
              Why do you intend to not be rude to me for something that someone else posted on scribe?

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            “not to be rude to Xena”

            Is that like the phrase “No offense, but….” which is used to take the heat off a put-down that follows?

            Lyrics from “Man from La Mancha”:

            I’m only thinking of him.
I’m only thinking of him
            Whatever I may do or say,
I’m only thinking of him.

            Confessional Priest:
            I know, I know, my dear.
Of course you are, my dear
            I understand.

            Xena simply provided a link to the police report. It is EVIDENCE. That’s it. Yes, it does have Apperson’s personal info in it, but it is NOTHING like what Nettles does which IS WHAT Xena is talking about.

            Again, I quote Xena’s comment:

            You didn’t answer my question.

            Did you read and understand what I meant with the comment about why people do not press charges against Zimmerman? Maybe by exposing how GZ’s minions ***DOX and INTIMIDATE them***, his next victim won’t care and work with the cops so that GZ is arrested and prosecuted.

            By the way, your comment about staying on focus has caused more to focus otherwise than if you had not commented. Why did you post that comment anyway?”

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Nettles and minions remind me of this routine:

        • 2dogsonly,
          If you wanted to focus on Zimmerman, then you should not have butted into the conversation of what his minions do to intimidate, demean, and defame. Do you believe that what they do is legal and that they do it with no bad faith intent? Are we to forget about victims and witnesses? Should we not show them some support and compassion in understanding what they are going through or might endure?

    • “….Who among us didn’t drive with drinking at that age.? ”

      I didn’t….seriously, but then again, most of my family drank enough for a whole reunion so……….

  14. Couldn’t understand audio but body language was tubs’s tense at first and cops, once again, playing nicely nice. Too bad their audio was so poor.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I saw the folded arms as being defensive and resistant…almost as if he is holding something back.

      • Annie Cabani

        Me, too. I also saw that the folding arms was really difficult for him to accomplish on top of his huge gutless gut.

      • Each time I see the folded arm stance when someone is being questioned, I think of Judge Judy who does not allow that posture in her courtroom. 🙂

        It is truly a defensive posture and also one that seeks to take authority by conveying they have already made up their mind and others should listen to them.

  15. Just listened to the 911 audio. That was very clear!!

  16. Just think focus. Needs to stay on tubs.

    • 2sdogsonly,
      You didn’t answer my question.

      Did you read and understand what I meant with the comment about why people do not press charges against Zimmerman? Maybe by exposing how GZ’s minions dox and intimidate them, his next victim won’t care and work with the cops so that GZ is arrested and prosecuted.

      By the way, your comment about staying on focus has caused more to focus otherwise than if you had not commented. Why did you post that comment anyway?

      • “By the way, your comment about staying on focus has caused more to focus otherwise than if you had not commented. Why did you post that comment anyway?”
        Exactly right, Xena!!!!

  17. Annie Cabani

    Hey, Scrodriguez,

    Would you mind emailing the St. Mary Police slacks and ask them why they didn’t bother to even look at Zimmerthug’s proffered “doctor visit” receipt? I mean, what the heck did they pull him over for – just a routine “chat session” with their wanna-be cop buddy?

    I mean, why bother? (Other than to ask the thug to call them ASAP if any other incidents happen so they can get HIS side of the story as quickly as possible. … Which I’m sure they must routinely do with men of color on the “other side of town,” right?)


    • Annie Cabani


      Please accept my humblest apology if my entry offended you. The part about you emailing the police was intended to be tongue-in-cheek (since you’ve already fought and won that battle), but I can see how it was likely perceived differently.

      I respect the heck out of how you bravely and successfully fought against your cyber-harasser, and I look forward to your next chapter.

      Annie Cabani (the Bonehead)

  18. While this guy may have been charged with a DUI he was never convicted of a felony, nor did she show he was ever convicted of a lesser charge. For all we know it may have been all thrown out. See Apperson has a Concealed permit and was carrying when Z threatened him. Lucky for Z, Apperson is more of a responsible gun owner and didn’t pull his out nor threaten Z with his. Z is indeed lucky since it is well known he carries at all times and any threat from him could result in some action from another out of fear. One of these days his luck will run out.

    • Towerflower

      See Apperson has a Concealed permit and was carrying when Z threatened him. Lucky for Z, Apperson is more of a responsible gun owner and didn’t pull his out nor threaten Z with his.

      INDEED! He did not escalate the situation but removed himself from it.

      Now, I get to the double-standard of his minion. Frank Taaffe was arrested for DUI just months after GZ was arrested. There was no doubt that it was Frank, so why didn’t his minions use that to attempt to remove Frank’s credibility for his support for GZ?

      I also see where she is trying to intimidate witnesses to the Michael Brown murder by posting where some of them work, and demeaning their employment. So, this leads me to something else, i.e., Blacks have always been wrongfully stereotyped and demeaned in this country, and it has not stopped them from pursuing equality and equal justice. If their methods worked on Black people, attorney Crump would not now be elected President of the National Bar Association; Rachel Jeantel would not have put her fears aside and testified at GZ’s trial, and Barack Obama would not have been elected and re-elected President of the United States.

  19. To sum it up, I don’t have the same interest in what she does.
    Now, What tubs does, has my undivided interest. And this last display really highlights how unravelled he’s becoming. His anger had No connection to lost love, divorce, father-in law anger, speeding, painting a copy written AP pix, trying to get bucks through a faux fight and leaving when he found out it was going to be real.

    This was anger directed at a perfect stranger with no emotional entanglements that so often make us impulsive.and act irrationally. I mean the guy didn’t even cut him off, follow too close, or steal,a parking space he was waiting to get in.

    He threaten to kill someone who had done nothing more than point his finger and then took time to find out where he lives and show up there. And this was after the cops had apparently stopped and slightly questioned him, ever so politely. And that enraged him to the point of coming to man’s work place.

  20. Correction…find out where he works and show up ( not lives)

  21. Yatzeebutterfly, and those man boobs. wowzie!!;-)

  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    LLMPapa – “The Watcher”

  23. butterflydreamer2

    Did you notice on 09/10 GZ tweets

    Don’t ever forget….

    • butterflydreamer,
      He leaves it open, like fill-in the blank. Isn’t that something that psychotic people do to appeal to the emotions of others? If they fill-in the blank, then it can be said that it’s their assumption although they have reason to believe what they assumed?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        And, we don’t know if gz was writing that to the general public or, for some reason, to just one person.

        • Based on responses to his tweets, people filled in the blank with everything from not forgetting 9/11, to not forgetting that he got away with murder, to not forgetting that he is still under FBI investigation.

      • kindheart101

        That’s because it was sent by “TherealGeorgeZ”………You know, the one with Cheetos for a brain. Is there any doubt 3 words and an unfinished sentence is all he can manage to tweet without lying?

      • butterflydreamer2


        Exactly, just like “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words.”

      • Like “Don’t ever forget…….I’m a shithead”

        Nope……..never forget that part.

      • I’m convinced that Z does this on purpose…..from the partial fill in the blanks to selective Bible verses. He knows that it will stir up emotions on both sides from support to condemnation. Any other person would have gone gently into the night, never to be heard from again, not Z. He has a need to put it out there and still it up. He could be on twitter under any name…….he has to put himself out there with his name. I believe it strokes his ego, even the condemnation, it makes him relevant, he feeds on it. You can tell this by the ratio of comments favorable to him vs the comments against him. Against him always out number the for him and yet he still posts and remains.

        This is one reason I try never to mention his @ on my posts. I won’t give him the pleasure of the fame he feels he deserves. He doesn’t care if it’s bad press or comments he only wants the feeling of fame.

  24. Someone needs to press charges against Zimmerman and make them stick. He’s a real menace to public safety.

  25. Second 911 call when Apperson spotted Zimmerman at his place of employment.

    There’s some controversy on Twitter concerning the color of Zimmerman’s truck. It was first described as “gold” by the dispatcher, and Apperson agreed. Then, Apperson describes it as “green” then goldish green. The cops’s video makes it appear dark grey.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      You can hear in the caller’s voice the unnerving effect that gz has on him.

      • Yahtzee,
        Matthew Apperson said that he works in the vicinity where the road rage took place, so that is probably why Zimmerman decided to stalk the area. I truly hope that Apperson is and stays safe. If it is true that George sees a doctor in that complex, I also hope that he stays safe since the 911 call reveals the address and name of the sports medicine group. But, if anyone should have to run and hide, it should be George and not his victims.

      • Annie Cabani

        I agree, Yahtzee. His second call clearly demonstrates that he was genuinely in fear during as well as after the previous encounter and threats.

    • kindheart101

      911 Operator……”Anyone else in the vehicle?”

      When it comes to Zimmerman, how are you supposed to be able to see around the pizza boxes and gun rack?

      • LOL@kindheart101. Yeah, and his works of art, newspaper clippings, and court papers to impress others that they have met a celebrity. LOL!.

        • kindheart101

          Smirk…………And the following day he was spotted “Mentoring” dozens of Lil Black Children in the park, right after helping out at the senior citizen center. LOL

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          and, cheez-its, too, which not only blocked the interior view but made it hard to determine the color of his vehicle:

    • Two sides to a story

      His vehicle definitely used to be gray and has always been identified as such. You think maybe he painted it a different color?

      • Two sides,
        Don’t know. He could have painted it, or it could be a new truck, or it could belong to someone else.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, it could have been repainted…maybe with pigment pearl powder that takes on a different color look depending upon how the light is shining on it:

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Apperson described gz’s car as “green metallic…gold ish green” in his 911 call from the parking lot of his place of employment.

  26. The Lake Mary police really discouraged Apperson from filing a criminal complaint.

    The report is at the following link and can also be found in the right-side border under “Documents.”

    • I haven’t read the police report it yet or listened to the 911 call from the 2nd day, but I just have a theory. I think the guy was laughing at him. he basically said
      ‘I was laughing to myself- with my windows up’, and he knew it was Zimmerman. and I think he saw Zimmerman pointed at him, kinda like ‘look at this, i just passed by the POS kid killer!’
      but the midget got his ego busted when he saw the guy laughing and pointing at him.
      Zimmerman just freaked out and got big&bad with his friend in the car seeing that he’s not respected by strangers like he likes to pretends to be!

      now this guy is blaming himself thinking Zimmerman will make it his, the victims fault for instigating him simply by laughing and pointing at him! I bet the 1st thing out the cops mouth was “why were you pointing at him!’
      as if that child killer has the right to threaten someone’s life for laughing at him???!!! Zimmerman thinks he deserves respect from regular ppl-especially MEN??? NO! he’s so lucky no regular men were on the jury or they would’ve told him to take that BS about his boo boos on his head w.the maxipads for bandaids and stick them up his lying ass!

    • this absolutely stinks, now Zippy has Apperson’s address but no one knows exactly which box El Tubs really occupies at the UPS store..

  27. what a fucking idiot. i’m tired of his face. his truck is stupid and ugly. every time i see one, i want to throw rocks at it, just in case. honda should pay him as a spokesperson considering all the free press he gets for the wuss truck.

    sorry, i should probably just shut up. i will when george does. how’s that? this new stunt is unfuckingbelievable.

    • me too, sick of seeing his fleshy pig eyed mug

      • amen sister. you stated it perfectly! 😀 (i was really on a tear when i wrote this. i can’t even remember what all insults i hurled in his direction, but i sure am tired of him.)

        i’m also pretty damn tired of all these folks who won’t press charges an an indifferent (at best) lake mary police force

  28. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Won’t he just go away.. His 15 minutes of fame ended last year…

  29. Two sides to a story

    Tick tock for Z and his supporters.

  30. “Hey, you know who I am”

    “Yeah… sell shitty fake paintings………..on e-bay”

    “They’re real”

    “Bullshit………..they’re copies you enlarged”

    “No they’re not”

    “They’re not enlarged?”

    “Yes..they are.,……ummmmm”

    “Yes, they’re fake?………..and didn’t I see you on Kel-Tek video”

    “No…..wait…..I was in the video ummmm wait, what did you say?”

    “I said your a fat, low life, moronic, gun toting shit head who beats up women, shoots innocent kids, threatens drivers, lies to everyone, defrauds lawyers, cons your ex, freeloads like crazy, is habitually unemployed, and is a race baiting hate monger who has his minions bully everyone who see’s what you are…………I forget anything??”

    “You got all of that from “I was in the Kel-Tek video”

    “Yeeeeep a video like that speaks a million words”

  31. This is so sad and wrong. Some people need help in order to stop hate, to understand where their hatred comes from, some people needs to be locked up in order to protect the world from them. Zimmerman probably needs to two.

    • Jenny,
      Welcome to your first comment on Blackbutterfly7 and thank you.

      Zimmerman does need help. As we know, only those who believe they need help are open to it. I continue hoping that he does not harm anyone else.

  32. Apperson’s home, work, work phone and email!!. I’ll bet my left leg that Apperson has received hate e-mails from Zimbo’s supporters and perhaps a few phone calls as well. So, I don’t understand on pg1 it says “Name, address and phone number of any items identifying a reporter (911 calls only)” – does that mean once a report is taken the caller/victim is fair game but the subjects full information isn’t public domain?

    I’d like to see a report taken by ‘any officer’ who spoke with Zimmerman – why is he receiving special treatment? Did the call go out as ‘handle with kid gloves?” Hardy handshakes noted with LE. Who was riding “shotgun” with Zimbo? Hispanic male noted – where is that subjects statement? Could it be that the passenger was Zimbo’s brother?

    Also interesting, Gregory, Ronnie, the officer responding to the initial call on 9/10 (pg4) states that “My previous encounter with Zimmerman was some time ago.” He also notes his recollection of the color of Zimmerman’s truck. Yep, lets call it a day of many to remember.

    And being a stickler for data accuracy…Peets, Jason responds to the 9/11 call from Apperson yet notes Apperson’s first encounter with Zimmerman as being on 9/9.

    I also don’t understand Apperson’s apathy to file a report. Threatening someone’s life is serious – we know what Zimbo is capable of but apparently, LE disagrees. It’s Georgie, no harm no foul eh? Righteous. Handshake handshake. Yes, I’m taking into account that Georgie’s “shotgun” would back up Georgie’s story. He said he said.

    • pilcherje, good points. I haven’t spent time analyzing the time frame, but it seems that based on Apperson’s report of seeing Zimmerman arrive when he did, that there was no time for Zimmerman to see a doctor and be back in his truck leaving when the cops arrived. What I did read in the report were the cops discouraging Apperson and focusing on whether he saw a gun.

      And so, I keep wondering — why didn’t the Sanford police department ask Zimmerman if he saw Trayvon with a gun?

      • One of the reasons why the dispatcher and the cops wanted to know if he saw a gun is because that is a charge…..improper display of a firearm. Talking about it doesn’t count, they have to flash it.

        • Towerflower,

          …..improper display of a firearm …

          Makes sense, but LE made it appear as if unless there was a display of a gun, that no crime had been committed.

  33. From Sanford Watch
    (notice how much effort it takes the cop to remove George’s gun from its holster. And, why was George wearing a gun in the doctor’s office?)

    • Z has stated before he carries everywhere except for work……when he was working.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “notice how much effort it takes the cop to remove George’s gun from its holster.”

      Just one more nugget to use in analyzing gz’s lies about the night of February 26, 2012.

    • Notice where his gun is…..not on his hip but on the back area. You stay with a place where you like a gun, just how did TM see his gun?

      • sidewinder50

        Exactly! Filthy liar. Other than killing a barely 17 year old kid, I will always remember him as filthy liar. I want the police to check if he did have a doctor’s appointment at that time, at that complex. Never will happen.

      • Towerflower,

        You stay with a place where you like a gun, just how did TM see his gun?

        That’s the same question that Lisa Bloom asks in her book. I remember Bernie saying that he believed GZ had his gun out long before he says that he did. Even GZ said that he was afraid the cop would arrive and see him with his “firearm” and shoot him.

        • kindheart101

          It all comes down to the same conclusion Xena.

          1. When Zimmerman did the video replay walk through, he showed that he reached for his gun in the same place the officer removed it from. (Around toward his back)

          2. How could Trayvon see the gun if Zimmerman was laying on his back?

          3. Even more at question. How could Zimmerman get to the gun if Trayvon was on top of him as he claimed?

          I honestly believe he had the gun drawn well before shooting Trayvon, as nothing else makes sense.

          • Kindheart,

            I honestly believe he had the gun drawn well before shooting Trayvon, as nothing else makes sense.

            I totally agree.

  34. By Lake city not deleting Attison’s info we know he is NOT the one nettles posted. The one nettles mugshot has birthdate of 3/24/78.( taken from nettles’s mugshot photo)
    The one reported has birthdate of (edited. If people want to see his DOB, they can read the police report for themselves.)
    Not even the same person.

    It is amazing how many pele have the same name.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

    • Many people have the same names and I’ve also known people who have the same names and same date of birth. That is one reason why LE runs fingerprints.

      By the way, Shannon read the police report last night and posted then that the wrong person was being doxed by the doxer.

  35. Oops, meant people , not pele

  36. kindheart101

    I wrote and posted this a few months after Trayvon was brutally murdered.

    As I said then, and still believe now, Zimmerman will continue to pay for the rest of his useless life.

    My tears still flow, I wonder why,
    it had to be, that I should die?
    He followed me, I ran away,
    What did I do? What did I say?

    Who was this man, where did he go,
    I turned around, then I would know!
    He stood there, looked me in the eyes,
    his anger raged, to my demise.

    I asked him “what his problem was?’
    he didn’t like me, “Just Because!”
    My hood was up, my skin was brown,
    next thing I knew, I’m on the ground.

    I cried, I screamed, he pulled a gun,
    I knew right then, my time was done.
    I begged him stop, please let me live,
    but that’s one wish he did not give.

    I heard the blast, I felt the pain,
    and as I died, I felt the rain.
    What did I do? What did I say?
    Oh Zimmerman….You’re going to pay!

    In Memory of Trayvon Benjamin Martin (February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012)

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Kindheart, thank you again for sharing your moving memorial poem to Trayvon.

      It still brings tears to my eyes as you capture Trayvon’s last agonizing moments of his
      precious life…his stolen dreams.

    • @kindheart i hadn’t read this, or i maybe i blocked it out. it’s just so sad.
      oh how horrible Trayvon’s murder was. the terror he had to face. how helpless he was. that poor innocent boy.

  37. Annie Cabani

    In a Nutshell:

  38. So i saw this article about another gun crime/domestic violence/murder and just wanted to see the differences in how the media and commenters referenced the white 17yo boy. and not surprisingly the white victims are treated with dignity and respect by everyone. there’s nobody trying to call the kid a man or saying that he must be a thug or that the woman was a hoodrat or a slut for having a boyfriend & no one is doxing her& her son’s past searching for something to demean them with and accuse them of thuglife or whatever.

    another difference is the way the community officials & schools are supporting the kids at school w.counselors and grief services. which seems to be standard practice in white area schools.

    but in ferguson we have the riot cops & growling dogs roll in to terrorize and intimidate citizens-including children, while another kid’s blood still stains their streets.

    from the article and then several comments below further refer to the 17yo & rightly so, as a CHILD!!!

    Teen found dead in home, mother abducted, killed

    “…Earlier Friday, authorities found the body of her 17-year-old son, Michael E. Mohney, in the living room of his mother’s home in Mayfield, Kentucky, while checking on Thomas after she failed to report to work, Redmon said. There were signs of a struggle, he said.

    “What we believe, apparently the son intervened and tried to protect his mother, and it cost him his life,” the sheriff said.

    The teenager suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and an autopsy was scheduled, said Graves County Coroner Phillip McClain.

    Mohney attended Mayfield High School. Students formed prayer circles after learning of the tragedy, and school counselors and youth ministers were available to help students deal with their grief, said school district spokeswoman Kim Hamby.

    “He’s as good as good gets,” said Don Hubbard, the high school’s principal.

    Senior football players and cheerleaders decided to go ahead and play the school’s football game Friday night, Hamby said. Afterward, a candlelight vigil was planned at Mohney’s parking spot at the school….”

    • Photos of the victims. May they rest in peace.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        So tragic.

        How many times do we hear the police say that the victim was going for the officer’s gun??

    • When Rockford police officers Oda Poole and Stan North killed Mark Anthony Barmore in the daycare center of a church, the City did nothing to help the children who witnessed that. Barmore was shot 3 times in the back in what Poole and North claimed was their response for Barmore going for Poole’s gun. An independent investigation found that the officers were wrong to enter the church with their weapons drawn. No charges were brought against either officer.

      One of the officers said there were about 15 children present between the ages of 3 and 5.

      The church has filed suit to recover the costs of professional counseling to those children and also continued counseling. Officers Oda Poole and Stan North filed counter-suits alleging defaming that the court subsequently dismissed.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        So tragic.

        How many times do we hear the police say that the victim was going for the officer’s gun??

        • we hear it just about every single time they murder someone unarmed. it’s pretty much the only excuse they can use to justify pulling their guns & shooting.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Why would ANY person go for an officers gun?? The success rate would be 0% !
            I don’t believe these police stories.

            • Yahtzeebutterfly,
              Would you believe civilian hospital security guards in mental health wards who physically abuse patients but defend their actions by saying the patients struck them first? That happens also. For years, the finger was pointed at patients and hospital staff justified that a patient lifting their arm meant that the security guards could beat them to a pulp.

              I investigated several of those cases for a lawyer and found that at least two of the accused civilian security guards subsequently applied for law enforcement. One applied with the Virginia State police. We were able to stop that. Another applied with the Rockford Police Dept., although he was previously arrested for impersonating a police officer.

            • yes, that’s the question.
              if all these young black males are so thuggish, how come they never have their own guns??? how come they’re never even committing a crime???

            • Shannon,
              It’s called racial profiling and if that’s not enough, because of prior “crimes” that they are still punished for although they received “due process”. I’ve looked and it appears that since Barack Obama was elected president, civil rights violations by cops have increased, in addition to the number of Black employees in law enforcement jobs who have been terminated. In essence, the entire Black race is being punished under color and claim of official right because America has a Black president, and to prevent the younger generation of Black men from ever dreaming of becoming president. If, under color and claim of official right, LE can’t taint the backgrounds of young Black men, they kill them.

            • This is outrageous! and it think it was the day before yesterday that i saw a vine of someone making a speech before Obama was elected and he said that if Obama was elected there would be MORE POLICE BRUTALITY against black ppl!
              and apparently he was right!

              this is going to be one hell of a fight. and it’s not gonna be w/o casualties. i saw a post yesterday that said something like:
              when one feels he’s got nothing to live for,
              he will not fear dying for something he feels for.

              i say it’s about time for a revolution!

            • Shannon,
              I remember those threats well. It was a double-layered agenda to also race bait. Those making the threats hoped that if elected, Barack Obama would speak out where they could allege he was only for Black Americans and not all Americans. Their hope was that if he did, and did it enough, that he would not be re-elected.

              It’s not only in law enforcement but also in employment, particularly for municipalities in small towns. Then, those municipalities challenge equal employment violation cases before some federal judges who have made it as humanely difficult as possible for Black employees to proceed beyond summary judgment. Some of that however, is also because we just don’t have enough civil rights attorneys. That seems to be a dying art these days.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I will join with all of those who are fighting against this oppression. We must smash the evil plans of those who are using repressive tactics and those who are trying to gain control through attempting to suppress voters.

            The Black community of Ferguson is lighting the way…the movement has begun and WILL spread across the U.S. to stop the oppressors in their tracks.

            I join hands with the Black community to stamp out the evil that we have been witnessing.

            Power to the People!
            Power to Justice!
            Power to Equality!

            Down with the evil minded!

          • yahtzeebutterfly

        • How many times do we hear the police say that the victim was going for the officer’s gun??

          About 90 percent. The other 10 percent, they say the person had something in their hands or went in their pockets and they thought it was a weapon.

          Before Mark Anthony Barmore, Oda Poole killed 3 Black men previously. His story each time is that he thought the men had weapons. They were all unarmed, as was Mark.

          In what happened to Mark Anthony Barmore, there were daycare workers who said that Mark came out of the room with his hands up. Their eyewitness testimony was disregarded in favor for the officers’ version.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I bet we can discover other unjustified killings (murder?) by police if a special panel went through police files/reports across the country looking for “victim went for officer’s gun.”

            • We should first remove the demi-god privilege from law enforcement officers. They are human like everyone else and should be investigated and prosecuted like anyone else who kills. Voters must also start holding their mayor responsible and accountable, because the mayor is appoints the Chief of Police.

              Police brutality has gotten out of hand. We need tough mayors and tougher jurors who enter reality and place themselves in the shoes of victims because they could be next when out-of-control cops are on the street.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I cosign this!

  39. yahtzeebutterfly

    Dreaming for change……

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Harmony and understanding
      Sympathy and trust abounding
      No more falsehoods or derisions
      Golden living dreams of visions
      Mystic crystal revelation

      Let the sun shine in!

  40. Hmmmm, seems like George Porgie has anger issues, doesn’t it! The same anger issues that caused him to murder Trayvon Martin! His past and recent future show that he is the thug! If you were a conservative, this is the man you champion! He has so many issues – George Zimmerman Is Addicted to Guns, Vigilantism, Cops and/or Fame! It is just a matter of time, before he collects the just reward denied to him by the jury of 6 gullible persons.

  41. The cops probably intimidated him into not pressing charges against Zimmerman since he is the hero of all white supremacists now.

    • Hey Caleb,
      The police report sounds as if they really discouraged Apperson — no witness, didn’t see a gun. That makes it his word against Zimmerman’s word. Then when Zimmerman was at Apperson’s place of employment, he said he was there to see his doctor. The cops did not appear to be interested in the timing. Apperson said he saw Zimmerman pull up and park. I question if Zimmerman had time to see a doctor between the time he pulled into the lot and the time that the cops arrived.

      • I wonder if they even decided to ask the doctor “hey did you really have an appointment with him?” Or better yet, I bet they didn’t even question Zimmerman by asking, “oh really, who is your doctor?” The law will never hold Zimmerman to account. It’s going to have to be somebody with nothing to lose who finally does.

        • Caleb,
          What is interesting is that Zimmerman offered to show the cops a “receipt” that he had been to the doctor. The cops declined to see the “receipt” but put in their report, as fact, that Zimmerman was in that area to see his doctor.

  42. An interesting article about personality traits of trolls, thinking of those like umm Canadian lady and DP. Well researched too.

  43. yahtzeebutterfly
    • Yahtzeebutterfly, I read that the other day along with some more info about GZ. It was news on Twitter also. I decided not to blog about it. The reason is, let his supporters promote his personal actions and what he is doing. I don’t want to drive “hits” to his new money scam. Now, if he comes in contact with the police AGAIN, I won’t hesitate to blog on it.

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