Michael Dunn Trial Update: 2 Weeks Until Trial for Murder of Jordan Davis (Recent Filings Attached)

Thanks so much for the update and links to newly filed pleadings.

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In February, a Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty on four of five charges in a case in which Dunn shot ten times at a car full of teenagers over a dispute that started about loud music.  However, the 12 person jury could not come to a unanimous decision on the charge of the murder of Jordan Davis and a mistrial was declared on that count alone.  A retrial of that count is scheduled for September 22.  Dunn faces a minimum of 60 years for the other convictions.  Sentencing has been delayed until after trial has concluded.  Read the Rolling Stone Story here and see their appearance on Katie Couric here.

I have the honor of representing Jordan Davis’ family.  A story was written about how meeting them changed me.  You can find that here.

Trial Update

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  1. So much information in the links.. so the defense doesn’t want the kids referred to as ‘victims’ and doesn’t want photographs shown of Jordan’s body and the damage inflicted, they don’t want the jailhouse letters and drawings shown… which would show the mindset and racism that exists in Done’s heart.

    Excellent article! Thank you so much.


    • LMAO You make it sound as if mike dunn doesn’t want the evidence of murder used in his murder trial! hilarious!


    • So the testimony will be………….

      “I pulled in and Rhonda went inside for Chips and wine. I don’t drink at all, it was for her, but I am a BBQ chip and Doritos fan……oh and pizza. The next thing I know this car has that dreaded thug music and I know how lethal it is. Then I say a broom hand……………er shotgun barrel pointing at me and I had no other choice”

      Prosecutor “But you said they wouldn’t obey you command, when was that.”

      Duuuhhhn “I did…..?? Oh…that. I ordered them to shut that shit off, and hey, I’m the white guy here, er, I mean the victim here, that is I’m the one with the white hat”

      Prosecutor “Really…okay now……how many shots did you fire at the actual victims….you know, the ones who were, how we say………..fleeing??”


  2. crustyolemothman

    Hopefully the jury will actually listen to the evidence this time? I wonder if Mz. Ronda will be as supportive of him this time? She could, if she will tell the full truth, provide enough evidence to convict him, IMO…


  3. roderick2012

    O/T but:

    New Michael Brown Shooting Witness Comes Forward

    Another witness to Michael Brown’s shooting has come forward in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    The witness, who spoke to the Post-Dispatch under the condition of anonymity, was working on a building in the neighborhood and wasn’t from Ferguson. He told the Post-Dispatch that he could not tell whether or not there had been a struggle between Officer Darren Wilson and Brown, but that he saw Wilson chasing Brown and shooting him while Brown had his hands up.



    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I think the position and location of Michael Brown’s hat is significant.

      If it had fallen off when he was running the visor would be in a different position facing back the other way (180 degree difference)

      What I see in the position of the hat in the photo is where it would land if Michael’s head had whipped backward as he pushed off from Ofc. Wilson’s hand hold on Michael’s throat as described by Michael’s friend.

      Ofc. Wilson had to have known that a standing person could, if fact, break away from the neck hold the sitting Wilson had on Michael Brown. Therefore, I DO think that Ofc. Wilson pulled his gun out and aimed it at Michael hoping that Michael would not break away from Wilson’s hold on Michael’s neck.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        That police vehicle with the slanted yellow crime tape on the door is Ofc. Wilson’s vehicle as I understand it.


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      This is link has a video where you can hear this “new” witness telling what he saw.
      This article with video was posted August 12.

      Exclusive: Witness claims he saw Michael Brown being shot</em?


      I learned about this from one of Natalie Jackson's retweets:

      Retweeted by Natalie Jackson
      Sheryl Kaye @SpecialKDesigns · 5h
      @NatJackEsq This was from August 12th, 3 days after the killing. Some people missed it. http://fox2now.com/2014/08/12/witness-claims-he-saw-what-happened-when-michael-brown-was-shot/


  4. crustyolemothman

    Xena, O/T, this case once again shows the favoritism given to members of the police community. Read the last two paragraphs and you will simply have to shake your head in shock… These are our tax dollars at work….



  5. h/t to attorney John Phillips who posted this excellent Rolling Stone article on his twitter
    Re: background of Michael Dunn leading up to his killing of Jordon Davis.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      hmm…odd writing style for a news reporter…the first few paragraphs make him sound like a frustrated novelist.

      The writer’s style is much better in the second half of article as he reports on U.S. history.


  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    It is just so distressing to know that little has changed over the decades.

    Racist mindsets whether within police departments or in individuals have been responsible for horrors…..

    Music, Mr. Dunn? And you have to shoot and kill Jordan Davis because of that?? and are such a coward that you fled the scene and would never have come forward if they did not find you??

    Chief Jackson…..can’t you just simply acknowledge a wrong?


  7. From LLMPapa about the construction worker witnesses.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I am glad that LLMPapa has made this record with the written statement. Much better than just having the instagram form.

      Thanks, LLMPapa!


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    “No change of venue decision in Michael Dunn retrial”
    5:18 p.m. EDT September 8, 2014


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A decision on whether a high-profile retrial will remain in Duval County was not reached Monday morning.


  9. Lucia McBath speaks about Dunn’s motion for change of venue.


  10. Circuit Judge Russell Healey said at a hearing on Thursday that he would attempt to seat an impartial jury before ruling on the defense’s request for a change of venue.

    The trial is set to begin Sept. 22.


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Michael Dunn’s second murder trial begins with jury selection”



    A pool of potential jurors reported to the Duval County Courthouse on Monday morning to begin the process. Healey has banned news cameras from the courtroom during jury selection, but reporters will be allowed to observe the process.

    Outside the courthouse, Davis’ parents spoke to demonstrators gathered to call for “Justice for Jordan.”

    “Davis family arrives at courthouse”



  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Leslie Coursey tweets:

    Jurors can know about the case, just can’t have formed an opinion about it.

    Change of venue will only be considered if jury cannot be found in Jax. Need 16 people. 12 jurors. 4 alternates.

    A total of 490 potential jurors have reported for jury service today. This pool will support all cases picking juries for trial this week.

    Jurors can know about the case, just can’t have formed an opinion about it.

    #MichaelDunn has new atty for this trial. Waffa Hannania, Office of Regional Conflict Counsel.

    Dunn’s atty using telling judge that #JordanDavis rally outside courthouse should be considered for change of venue request.

    Judge says he cannot control what happens outside courthouse.

    Same state team prosecuting #MichaelDunn. Angela Corey, John Guy, Erin Wolfson.

    Potential jurors being brought in now.

    Potential jurors filling out questionnaires as they sit down.

    Judging by buttons potential jurors are wearing, there are 100 of them in the courtroom right now.

    Judge Healey telling potential jurors it’s their civic duty to serve. Thanks them.

    Judge reading charge against #MichaelDunn. 1st degree murder of #JordanDavis

    New jury will not know #MichaelDunn was found guilty of 3 counts attempted murder in last trial.

    Potential juror, a corrections officers, says he knows #MichaelDunn. Will likely not be considered.

    Two other potential jurors claim to know attys. Will also probably not be considered.

    Judge telling potential jurors they will be sequestered, if chosen. Will stay at hotel, cut off from TV, Internet, newspapers.

    Judge telling potential jurors trial will probably last two weeks.

    Judge: Jurors will be allowed to watch movies, supervised. No TV. Cannot have outside influences.

    Judge: Potential jurors cannot talk about case via text, social media. Begins now.

    Judge reminding jury their identities are confidential. Filling out questionnaires now. Gonna take a sec.


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    Leslie Coursey Tweets:

    Potential jurors finished filling out questionnaires.

    Judge, attys about to ask potential jurors questions. Object – to find impartial jury.

    Judge reading names of potential witnesses to see if potential jurors know them.

    Juror #12 says he knows Tommy Stornes, saw him on TV. Stornes was one of teens in SUV where #JordanDavis was shot.

    A few other potential jurors say they know police officers who could be witnesses in #MichaelDunn trial.

    #MichaelDunn facing potential jurors as judge, attys work to pick impartial jury. Wearing white shirt, tie.

    Judge asking potential jurors who know possible witnesses if they could still be impartial. Seems like the answer is no.

    Judge asking potential jurors if they have any medical conditions that would prevent them from serving. Some say they have neck, back pain.

    One potential juror with hearing problems getting headphones to help her hear.

    One potential juror under doc’s care for panic attacks. Another says he can’t read English well.

    One potential juror says issue in Ferguson, MO will prevent him from being fair in #MichaelDunn case.

    Judge understands many in jury pool have probably heard of #MichaelDunn case. Question is whether they can be fair.

    Breaking for lunch. Judge, attys will go thru questionnaires. Back at 2pm.


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