Ferguson Chief of Police, Among Others, Sued for $40 million

The $40 million lawsuit isn’t all. Forgive me for not being present on rtr4356mthe blog. After hearing about the lawsuit, I began to research to see if I could obtain a copy. What I did find opens the eyes more into the experience of the citizens of Ferguson. When U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder visited Ferguson, Missouri, I read that his interest was not only because of the killing of Michael Brown, but also because of other complaints against the Ferguson police department. One complaint involved the arrest of the wrong party who, when Ferguson police discovered the mistaken identity, beat the man then charged him with destruction of property because he bled on their uniforms.

The U.S. Department of Justice has a division to receive and investigate complaints against law enforcement who violate civil rights under color and claim of official right. I do not know, but highly suspect, that some citizens of Ferguson used that option. What gives me further reason to believe that they did is because the family of a man killed by Ferguson police in 2011, stated that every lawyer she contacted was afraid to take cases against the Ferguson police department, and news stations were afraid to report on the incident.

I can believe that because I live in such a small town where upsetting the apple cart can result in harmful retaliation. People have no option that to depend on government agencies to investigate because local government, lawyers, and news reporters, ignore them.

When law enforcement arrested members of the media during the recent protests, I predicted that their employers would sue the law enforcement agencies. We have yet to see if that happens, but another lawsuit has been filed.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson speaks during a news conference in FergusonFive people who were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri have accused the police of using “wanton and excessive force,” intentional infliction of emotions distress, negligent supervision, and assault and battery. In their complaint, they allege that the Ferguson and St. Louis County police treated U.S. citizens “as if they were war combatants.”   The arrests happened between August 11th and August 13th.

CNN has not yet confirmed the arrests, but lists them as follows from the complaint;

  1. Tracey White was about to buy an ice cream sundae at McDonald’s when officers “in what appeared to be army uniforms, carrying rifles and sticks and wearing helmets” entered and ordered her to leave, according to the lawsuit. She was told to shut up, thrown to the ground and handcuffed after criticizing officers for the way they were treating her son, the lawsuit claims.


  1. Dewayne Matthews was walking to his mother’s house when a group of officers in military uniforms shot rubber bullets at him, the lawsuit alleges. He fell into a creek or sewer, the suit says, where officers “pounced on him, slammed his face into the concrete, and pushed his head into the water to the point that he felt he was going to be drowned.”


  1. Kerry White was shooting footage and holding his camera out his car window when an officer snatched his camera, “took out his memory card and threw it to the ground,” the lawsuit says.


  1. and 5. Damon Coleman and Theophilus Green were peacefully protesting, the lawsuit says, when police in riot gear fired tear gas and what appeared to be stun grenades in their direction, then “hurled racial epithets at them, while punching and kicking them the entire time.”

What I found while researching for the aforementioned lawsuit, was another lawsuit filed on August 19, 2014 by the family of Jason Moore. Named as defendants are Ferguson police officers BRIAN KAMINSKI, MICHAEL WHITE,WILLIAM BALLARD, MATTHEW BEBE, THOMAS JACKSON, the City of Ferguson, Missouri, and the Ferguson Police Department.

The officers are accused of violating Jason Moore’s civil rights by tasing him to death. Since a lawyer for the family declined to comment to the media, I am not going to make the lawsuit available to the public here on the blog. The lawsuit requests a jury trial and does not request any specific amount of money.

The cover-ups, and the ignoring, that has placed the citizens in a position where they have to “suck it up” and continue on without answers, without redress, is the type of oppression that this country should never allow.

Mr. Moore’s sisters and brother are in the following video.


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  1. I’m listening to the Ferguson forum that was recorded last night. It’s currently playing at http://stlpublicradio.org/listen.php


    • Xena! You have to know how much we all support you and appreciate everything you do!


      • Mindyme,

        Big Hug

        There are no words to express my appreciation. Between storms and health issues, I’ve not been online much this week.


  2. Jueseppi B.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am stunned more and more each day…..I’ve just been staring at my computer screen for the last half hour…..no words……just witnessing the hell that residents are up against


  4. Fantastic news, though, that people are starting to fight back.


    • Amen, this sh*t has got to stop. I have a feeling it may get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better!


    • As a former Flower Child, there are times when I ask myself, haven’t we gone down this same road before? This time, people are wiser because as a nation, we are in this together.


  5. crustyolemothman


    From the link!
    “”When it comes to human rights, the United States must practice at home what it preaches abroad,” he said.””


    • Mothman,

      “When it comes to human rights, the United States must practice at home what it preaches abroad,” he said.”

      What the U.S. government preaches abroad also criticizes the government of those countries. That means for the U.S. government to preach here what it preaches abroad, it must address local governments. Then we get back to that dreaded Civil War that gave the states rights to legislate their own laws and govern themselves. There’s a plus to that, and negatives. I’m finding more and more that many U.S. citizens do not understand the local political structure where they live.

      Here’s a question — I don’t know the answer. Why are there police unions?


  6. Xena,you were right about lawsuits and such.

    I hope the police chief is take to task for demonizing Michael Brown.


  7. Matthew Pappert, was fired on Thursday after he commented on Facebook that Ferguson protesters should be “put down like rabid dogs.”

    Aaron Jimenez, St. Ann Police Chief,need to stop excusing police officers brutality.


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      From this article you posted:

      That chapter’s vice president, the Rev. B.T. Rice, called Pruitt’s allegations “baseless and unfounded.” Rice said the county NAACP had conducted its own investigation and found no evidence of racial profiling.

      Guess Rev. B. T. Rice was wrong as we know now.

      (There was even a whistle blower from within the police ranks.)


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I bet this is why early on in the Ferguson protest it appears that the protesters showed that they apparently did not give credibility to Rev. B. T. Rice. (I could be wrong, however.)

        Rev. BT Rice tries to address the crowd. Faces anger and frustration.


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    This video shows what happened a week ago when a State Senator tried to deliver 70,000 signatures on a petition asking for the prosecuting attorney removed from the case and have a special prosecutor appointed. She was originally denied access to the public building.

    “Black MO State Sen denied entry by white officers while trying to serve biased Mike Brown prosecutor”

    Published on Aug 24, 2014 bgyr4life
    MO State Senator Jamilah Nasheed Denied Entry To Serve County Prosecutor 70,000 signatures calling for him to recluse himself from prosecuting Mike Brown case due to personal biases.

    What you see here is typical of how Missouri treats blacks, not only was no explanation given the Senator was threatened with arrest.

    I stumbled upon this injustice and along with others demanded accountability… after threats of going to national media with this footage Sen Nasheed was allowed entry.

    This in another example of the strong arm tactics applied by authorities against blacks in the region. Doesn’t matter if you’re Mike Brown or Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed.

    Sidenote… local media was there, they captured the same footage I did. But you won’t see it on their sites.


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Live streaming of Ferguson National March today:



  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Ryan J. Reilly@ryanjreilly
    Lesley McSpadden, mother of #mikebrown, arrives at the spot where her son was killed.


  11. Annie Cabani

    Great work, Xena.

    The ENTIRE system is completely broken, indeed, when local lawyers and media are both afraid to hold local officials accountable. I mean, WHO ELSE IS THERE – locally, that is – to expose police mayhem if not the local bar and media? Like you said: Nobody! Talk about hopelessness!

    I had noticed that all three lawyers who filed the August 28 lawsuit (White v. Jackson) were from out-of-state and wondered why they hadn’t associated local counsel. Silly, naive me!

    I didn’t notice a link to the complaint here. Maybe I overlooked it or maybe everyone has it from a previous article, but in case some don’t have it, here’s where I found it:



    • Thanks Annie! That’s the one I was looking for when I discovered the other lawsuit along with several others. At least one was from an incarcerated person that the judge did not allow to be filed. I’ll see if I can get the link under “Documents” on the border for convenient access. Thanks again.


  12. Annie Cabani

    Chris Hayes (MSNBC “All In”) had a good segment last evening, I thought. It’s not a short one, though, so you might want to put the kids down for a nap and grab a fresh cup of java or other beverage of choice before watching. (It’s about 18 minutes.)

    All In 08/29/14
    “Controversial St. Louis officer allowed to retire”


  13. From Reign of April very interesting RE: Wilson’s supporters


  14. BREAKING: just announced on Morning Joe Justice Dept. has opened a formal investigation into whether there is a pattern of civil rights violations in Ferguson Police Dept.

    . Now, Morning Joe MSNBC! Is reporting it is not just Ferguson they will be investigation but other police departments. Including, tasseling of mentally ill person, pistol whipping of child.

    News is reporting they are expecting a formal announcement later today!!!

    Holder said his visit to Ferguson was the ” most potent experience of his life”. ( MSNBC NOW)


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