Juror in Ted Wafer case: “no one believed it.”

A juror in the Ted Wafer murder trial spoke to the Free Press on the condition of anonymity. Ted Wafer was convicted of 2nd degree murder for killing Renisha McBride. Renisha had been in a car accident, was intoxicated, and knocked on Wafer’s door. He opened his door and shot through his screen door with a shotgun, killing the 19-year old.

Ted Wafer is taken into custody after the reading of the verdict.

Ted Wafer is taken into custody after the reading of the verdict.

The juror who interviewed with Free Press said that Wafer’s conflicting statements ultimately helped the jury reach its verdict. The jury was made up of 7 men and 5 women. When they went into deliberations, they took an anonymous vote. That vote was that Wafer was guilty, but they still had to decide whether to convict on second-degree murder or a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. The juror said that their decision hinged on the evidence.

Wafer is scheduled to be sentenced on August 25, 2014. He has been in jail since the verdict. His attorney has stated that after sentencing, she will file an appeal.

Last week, McBride’s parents filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Wafer. The suit seeks more than $10 million. Gerald Thurswell, the attorney for McBride’s family, said he doesn’t know what he’ll be able to collect from it, but said he plans to get whatever compensation he can for the McBride family’s loss.

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  1. He’ll be sentenced today. I’m so glad the jury knew he was lying. Justice for the family of Renisha McBride


  2. Michael DONE is back in court this morning for a pre trial hearing.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      This reminds me of how the Catholic Church just moves pedophile priest from one church to another.


  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I am glad her parents are pursuing a wrongful-death lawsuit against Wafer.


  4. Watch Live: Funeral for Michael Brown



  5. good to know, that not one person on wafer’s jury believed that steaming pile of dog poo served to them daily by wafer and his defense team. at least sensibility reigns somewhere.


    • Hey Faux!! Yes, that is good to know. Not one juror believed him and none were distracted with the “Renisha was not a good girl” or “Renisha was trying to break into his house” lies. If Carpenter plans to appeal based on the exclusion of Renisha’s social media as evidence, she is wasting her time.


      • @xena — i liked carpenter’s quote in the article

        “I’m surprised the jurors didn’t think he was honest”

        can you say ‘lost in space’???

        i also think a jury of predominantly men was not a bad thing. no decent grown man would see a 5′ tall, unarmed woman, regardless of race, as a viable threat to hearth or health. most would find it laughable.


        • Faux,
          For Carpenter to accept that the jury did not believe Wafer, means to accept her failure. Evidently, she thought the case could be won with dog whistles. Shortly after Wafer was arrested, Zimmerman’s cheerleader (DP) set up a Facebook page for Wafer and went on television promoting it. That Facebook page looks like something out of a KKK play book. There is very little on it about Wafer, and nothing supporting him — just demeaning of Blacks and blaming Rev. Sharpton for Wafer’s arrest.

          If Carpenter perceived that as the way to go to defend Wafer, she made a very bad mistake and also forgot where she is. She was not in the south but in Detroit, MI. “Ted said,” “Ted thought,” was not sufficient to overcome the evidence.


          • yup

            “… in ted’s wee little mind, there played out a vicious fantasy world where 5 foot tall women (especially black women) could over power his 6’2″ hulk by sheer force of will. naturally, this frightened poor ted and his wee little mind.”


  6. Nobody believed Fogen, he just had a jury of FL racist’s…………..Oh, and one of them thought he learned his lesson.


    • Racer,
      There you go. Exactly. Juror B37 made that really clear — her thoughts in a nutshell on AC360; Georgie is guilty of murder but since he was only arrested due to riots, then he already suffered enough.


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