Demonstrations, Protests, Marches

Demonstrations, protests, marches. Those three words have been on my mind since August 9, 2014 when Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. I admit that I have not yet gotten over Juror B37 in George Zimmerman’s case referring to peaceful protests as “riots.”

Times have changed, and most people may not know or remember why there is a difference in the words.

Ferguson demonstration TuesdayThe citizens of Ferguson, Missouri were protesting and  demonstrating. They were protesting because the name of the police officer had not been released and that he was not arrested. However, they were also demonstrating. They demonstrated against police harassment, injustice, and a system that oppresses, denies, and violates, their civil rights. They were demonstrating against the system that Darren Wilson freely used to take the life of an unarmed 18-year old and protesting because the system appears to be protecting Wilson.

What happened next is that law enforcement turned protests andMarch 1 demonstrations into marches. If the people did not want to do anything other than march, they were arrested. This week, live stream has consisted of watching reporters watch reporters until marchers came in the area where reporters were sequestered. In my opinion, that is not freedom and it certainly isn’t freedom of speech and right to assemble.

Michael Brown memorial In the 1960’s, there were marches. People gathered at one location, marched to a designation, then stood or sat listening to a speaker address them. Sometimes there were numerous speakers. When that was over, people disbursed.   In Ferguson, the Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies would not allow the people to stop marching. That automatically prevents anyone from taking on a position of addressing the people.   Reporters had nothing to report other than chants instead of speeches; chants instead of poetry; chants instead of prayers. Heaven forbid if there should be another Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X in Ferguson, MO to be captured on film by the media while addressing the people.

Just like George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin as a group of guys committing crime, law enforcement in Ferguson profiled every citizen in the street and their backyards as trouble-makers because of the actions of several. It speaks volumes, saying that all are responsible for some and, all will be punished for the illegal actions of a few.

In the 1960’s when people marched together to a meeting point, it was called the “Civil Rights’ Movement.” The people of Ferguson, speaking of how their civil rights are violated by the Ferguson police department, are called “protesters.” Hence, I suppose that once there is law on the books, and that law violated, to speak out against the violations is to “protest,” — but the powers that be in Ferguson, MO made the people march instead.


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  1. Two sides to a story

    You’re being far too kind to B-37 and others who “might not know the difference.”

    Those dog-whistling fools definitely know the difference between a riot and a protest, and they know damn well that certain elements, both criminal and police or government provocateurs will sometimes loot or riot during legetimate protests and that this doesn’t mean that the reason for protesting is in any way diminished or negated.Shame on them.

    And shame on the powers that be for making Ferguson protestors constantly march. Prayers to them all to keep going until justice is served.


    • Two sides,

      Those dog-whistling fools definitely know the difference between a riot and a protest,

      They define it based on their biases. That is why I’m unforgiving of Juror B37 in Zimmerman’s case, because she didn’t see a “riot” yet concluded that is what people do when it concerns the death of or injustice to a Black person.

      and they know damn well that certain elements, both criminal and police or government provocateurs will sometimes loot or riot during legetimate protests and that this doesn’t mean that the reason for protesting is in any way diminished or negated.Shame on them.

      They see one person to represent an entire group or entire race, and are too ignorant to discern and too stubborn to acknowledge that not all people are the same. To acknowledge that would be to rid themselves of racial prejudice.

      And shame on the powers that be for making Ferguson protestors constantly march. Prayers to them all to keep going until justice is served.



      • “And shame on the powers that be for making Ferguson protestors constantly march.” I was wondering why the supporters who gathered for Off. Wilson weren’t required to constantly march. That also sends a different message to people.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Excellent point, towerflower!


        • towerflower,

          I was wondering why the supporters who gathered for Off. Wilson weren’t required to constantly march.

          Because of the double-standard caused by racial profiling.

          That also sends a different message to people.

          It certainly does.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

       Xena, you are so correct when you write:

      They see one person to represent an entire group or entire race, and are too ignorant to discern and too stubborn to acknowledge that not all people are the same. To acknowledge that would be to rid themselves of racial prejudice.

      And, as you probably know, Xena, Mainstream Media, has been caught doing this…distorting the character and actions of the protesting and demonstrating Black residents of Ferguson as well as “giving voice” (through ENDLESS replays of the convenience store video) to Police Captain’s insidious attempt to divert attention from the execution-style killing of Michael Brown by pulling “an egregious trick of blaming the victim which has nothing to do with being shot at and killed”(quoting retired Philadelphia Captain Lewis).

      Headlines by mainstream media are distorted and unfair to the Black residents of Ferguson. Talib Kweli points this out when he is interviewed by Don Lemon in this video that I will post.

      But, before I post this video, I want to post my transcription of Talib Kweli’s words WITHOUT the segment where Don Lemon is constantly interrupting Talib Kweli and not allowing Talib to make his point:

      Talib: No, I think what you are speaking about is intentions. And, I think, especially an organization like CNN, I don’t think the intention is to not be fair about it.

      But, we live in a world that’s run by White Supremacy, and that’s the narrative and language of the oppressors taking over.

      On, right now, you have a story that says “Ferguson Calm Until Bottles Fly.”
      Well, that’s inaccurate because I was there that night. You know what I’m saying, and that’s not what happened. And, the first thing in the story, it says, “Police chase down men

      (hère Don Lemon is interrupting Talib for one whole minute)

      Talib continuing:
      From what I saw with my own eyes (another Don Lemon interruption) Okay and I was there on the ground. Alright? That’s not what happened. The CNN reports on your website said they chased men down. No. They chased men, women and children down.

      The CNN report…the headline says, “Calm Until Bottles Fly.” They don’t mention the bottles in the article. In the article, you read 5 pages…there’s no mention of the bottles flying. I saw the bottle fly. You know when the bottle flew? After the cops told me that they were going to blow my f… head off. After the cops put on riot gear, put up their shields, and took their batons out and lined up on the streets. And, then when they got in position, a bottle comes out of a PEACEFUL protest. That don’t make no sense. What I’m saying is what the headlines should say is “It’s Common For the Cops to Agitate the People.” And, that’s what the headlines should read.

      One commenter (Kweation) under this Youtube video posted this comment:

      Let me tell you what happened. Talib Kweli is known for his activism and is very aware of how the media is used to distort the public opinion.  He knows the tricks. Don knew that once Talib was doing that he had to cut him off because he wanted to make the point that he was saying invalid by saying “well you know that is just one of hundreds of thousands of CNN headlines” just to soften the blow. please. Don’t let Dons whole “I’m an honest reporter” look fool you he still represents the corporation of CNN and didnt want their name tarnished.


      • Yahtzee,
        I’m so disappointed with ALL media that I’ve tended not to read much regarding Ferguson. What I mean by disappointed is that lately, reporters are assigned to situations that involve some understanding of political jurisdiction and legal procedures, but they have none and what they write is misleading.

        It is also time for CNN to take a step into reality. Now with O’Mara as part of their “legal team,” many viewers, minorities and non-minorities, no longer give them any credibility and do not watch them.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, I know.

          Natalie Jackson tweet this:

          Natalie Jackson @NatJackEsq · 1h
          After the trial of #TrayvonMartin’s killer, I went 2 many media sponsored conferences on media ethics & race…it seems nothing has changed.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          What good is freedom of the press if they lack truth-finding and have reporters in the field who lack legal understanding and historical knowledge??


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Back then: “In the 1960’s when people marched together to a meeting point, it was called the “Civil Rights’ Movement.” ….. Now: Ferguson!


  3. Thank you for reminding us about our history. I took part in many marches, demonstrations and rallies both for civil rights and against the war in Vietnam. There were often actions called civil disobedience during which people expected to get arrested and did so peacefully. The people in Ferguson weren’t allow to do any of this.


    • mhasegawa,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for your comment.

      The Ferguson police department has set America back so far that I think I am having a dream.


  4. I had forgotten about that, Juror B27 referring to the demonstrations as riots.. Our system really stinks, and the people of St. Louis have been denied their rights


    • Mindyme,
      I am unforgiving of Juror B37 because she was a biased stealth juror planted by O’Mara. I picked that up from her voir dire, and then her AC360 interview. Lisa Bloom’s books confirmed it more.

      And yes, the people of Ferguson have had their constitutional rights stepped on. There have been very large protests in New York and D.C., and none of those cities felt the need to bring out law enforcement in tanks, armor, point rifles at citizens, and use tear gas and smoke bombs.


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  6. butterflydreamer2

    And on top of that to impose a curfew, bring in the tanks and armed shooters threating people not to cross the lines, with tear gas bombs and rubber bullets.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      EXACTLY, butterflydreamer!

      If you go to this link

      and scroll down to the archived video entitled “Interviews on the street (incl. retired Philadelphia officer) 8/21/14 and then go to TIMESTAMP 34:54, you can hear an interview with a retired Philadelphia police captain (Captain Lewis) who assesses the Ferguson situation which I have transcribed here:

      Timestamp 35:22 to 38:14

      INTERVIEWER: How do you feel about the current situation in regards to the relations with the police department and the citizens of Ferguson?

      CAPTAIN LEWIS: Well, it’s obviously REALLY POOR. But, that was brought on by the policies of the Police Chief Jackson. It’s his responsibility to make sure that he has a police force that is representative of the community, and he FAILED MISERABLY to do that.

      He’s got 53 officers…50 of them are White…3 are Black. And, what that represents is the good old White boys club. And, that’s exactly what it is. A police force should be representative in race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual preference.

      INTERVIEWER: Exactly, and so how do you feel that we can peacefully and successfully bring about a change to that system that many feel is founded on institutional racism?

      CAPTAIN LEWIS: I’m not a sociologist. That’s a question for a sociologist.

      INTERVIEWER: Okay.

      CAPTAIN LEWIS: But, my field is law enforcement. But I appreciate the question.

      INTERVIEWER: Okay. Let me ask you one final question.

      As a former law enforcement officer, how do you feel about the things you have seen in regards to the tactics used by the multiple jurisdictions in regards to how they handled the demonstrators?

      CAPTAIN LEWIS: They couldn’t have handled it worse.

      INTERVIEWER: Couldn’t have handled it worse?

      CAPTAIN LEWIS: Couldn’t have handled it worse. Number one, the Police Chief has not come out with any information for several days. You have a situation like this, you have to come out with information IMMEDIATELY to the community. And, that shows TOTAL DISRESPECT…when you just are quiet for 3 days.

      Second, he pulled an egregious trick of blaming the victim. When he did come out with the name of the officer, he also talked about Michael Brown stealing cigars. He tried to paint him as a thief, a thug. That has nothing to do with being shot at, killed. Alright, but he tried to change the whole scenario there, and the community did not buy it. That infuriated the community.

      And, then he has cops…he allows cops to come out in with machine guns and armored…their whole bodies in armor. And, this only makes people feel like their living in an occupied country. And, we all know when officers are dressed as occupiers, they will ACT AS OCCUPIERS. And, we know what atrocities have occurred in countries that we occupy. And, that’s the same thing that will happen in these cities.


    • Butterflydreamer2, the sight of law enforcement in Ferguson was a mirror of what we see in war zones in other countries. Eventually the Chief of Police and Governor Nixon realized that tear gas, smoke bombs, and having rifles pointed at them, were not going to stop the citizens from exercising their constitutional rights to assemble. So, they required that the citizens assemble according to what they wanted, which was a continual march.


  7. I think I can demonstrate how far Mike Brown was from the SUV when he was killed, and if you are like me, you will be surprised how far he ran away before he was fatally shot. I was shocked to piece this together and have it come out like this.

    Xena, if you recall I’m fond of examining photos to see what can be learned about an incident in dispute. I did quite a bit of this during the Trayvon Martin travesty, and am proud of how often I got it right, or asked the right questions. In this case it seems very little will be made public prior to a possible trial, and maybe there will or won’t be a trial. So it’s important to try to tease out the information that should be being shared with the public, I feel.

    Canfield, facing SE.  note bend in sidewalk, and hedge

    This is a set of 12 photos taken from screen grabs of eyewitness video and local TV reports on the day Mick Brown was killed by Darrel Wilson. By careful examination I think I can make sense of them. You have to click on each photo, and expand it to find the small cartoon bubble icon that opens up the accompanying notes.

    It seems the investigating police personnel used traffic cones to mark where evidence was found, and the SUV Wilson drove was wrapped in yellow police tape to keep the doors shut. This helps identify where the shots were fired from, I think. It definitely seems to place the body and the car in context, some 125 feet apart. None of this is conclusive but it does seem to be persuasive.


    • Thanks for all of your hard work. I remember how you brought the clubhouse videos to understandable light in the Zimmerman case. Thanks again.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Bless you, willis!

      You are right on top of things will your outstanding photo-computer talent!


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      It definitely seems to place the body and the car in context, some 125 feet apart.None of this is conclusive but it does seem to be persuasive.

      That distance of 125 feet from the car to the place that Michael lay can be explained by by Michael’s friend’s account where he says that Darren Wilson (on foot, as I understand it) was pursuing Michael as Michael ran

      Excerpt from Michael’s friend’s account:

      and, I’m looking. I’m watching the officer. He’s pursuing my friend now. Then fired another shot.

      Then my friend stopped running. His hands immediately went in the air, and he turns around towards the officer, face to face.

      He started to tell the officer that he was unarmed, and that you should stop shooting me…..before he can get his second sentence out, the officer fires several more shots into his head and chest area.

      Right, Willis?

      And, then the distance of 35 feet or so, is the distance the two of them were apart when Darren Wilson fired all those shots that killed Michael?


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      I saw that you were looking for 3 cones that have no stripes. Here is one photo:


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I thought that only the link would appear. I am sorry that the photo opened up on this page.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        This video at timestamp 1:18 also has 3 cones with no stripes. I will post the link without the youtube www part so that it will not appear as a video.



    • Annie Cabani

      Wow, Willis. Thank you so much. I think your 125-foot-run theory is well supported by your observations and use of the landmarks you reference.


  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    As you know several times I’ve mentioned Maryland vs Walker. This was the case where off duty Black police officer Detective Joseph Walker was on trial for killing unarmed white Joseph Harvey. My point was never Walker’s guilt or innocence. My point was the way Walker was treated for doing what police officers do all the time. The killers of Ezelle Ford Michael Brown Eric Garner have yet to be arrested or charged with any crime.Walker was arrested and charged immediately upon Harvey’s death. Also you have these protests demanding justice for Ford Brown Garner, not one person had to protest for Harvey to get Walker arrested.This is the issue. Even black police officers are held to a racial double standard.


    • chuquesta,

      Even black police officers are held to a racial double standard.

      Don’t get me started. I could probably write a book on why Blacks do not seek jobs in law enforcement. Filings with the EEOC give us a little look into how Black police officers are discriminated against in the work place, and disciplined for things that White officers do at will without discipline.

      I personally know of two former Blacks who worked in law enforcement who resigned and started their own businesses. The stress of what they endured from White officers and the threats against their lives by other officers were too much. The two were employed in a small community of about 20,000 citizens.

      Americans should keep in mind that the Lethal Weapon and Miami Vice movies are movies, and are not true to relationships of having mixed-race partners. I’m sure there might be excellent partnerships in some cities, but it doesn’t take much to discourage minorities from seeking careers in law enforcement when experience and history tells them that those careers are most likely to be destroyed due to lies, double-standards, and the possibility of losing their lives to “friendly fire.”


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, you chose the right song to post!

    All I wanna say is that,
    They don’t really care about us.
    All I wanna say is that,
    They don’t really care about us.

    Tell me what has become of my life?
    I have a wife and two children who love me.
    I’m a victim of police brutality,
    I’m tired of bein’ the victim of hate.

    All of the Ferguson officers who don’t care about the Black community should be FIRED.
    The mayor who hired Police Captain Jackson should be RECALLED!
    Police Captain Jackson should be FIRED.

    By threatening and provoking citizens, the police have shown that they want to oppress the Black residents of Ferguson.

    The residents have refused to allow this to happen to them! They have stood up courageously, continued their protest against the oppressive police force, and demanded their First Amendment rights.

    The Black community of Ferguson, is “holding on” as they keep their eyes on the prize of freedom from the oppressive police force.

    “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Hold On”:

    Until the killing of Black men, Black mother’s sons,
    Is as IMPORTANT as
    The killing of White men, White mother’s sons,
    We who believe in freedom cannot rest.
    We who believe in freedom CANNOT REST until it comes!

    ~Ella’s Song

    And, thousands of people across our nation are “NOT RESTING”….they are protesting the killing of Michael Brown, the police oppression in Ferguson, and are standing in solidarity with the Black residents of Ferguson!

    I, too, am doing this!


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King @ShaunKing · Aug 23
    The most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order:


  11. That’s a good video. The most succinct tweet I’ve seen was “three witnesses tell one story. One police chief tells three stories.” Of course it’s like FIVE now for both.


  12. There was an excellent Front Lines documentary about Ferguson on Al Jazeera (you can find it on their website). Showing the situation on the ground, from the point of view of the marchers, and another look at the heavy-duty military equipment brought in by the police. If you really want to get frustrated, watch the Al Jazeera reporter trying to get some answers from the cops about why all this is happening, and getting told “We’re done talking here.” Argh.


    • Eurobrat,
      The Ferguson police department, and other law enforcement that came to Ferguson, has clearly demonstrated to the nation that they believe they are entitled to do and say whatever they want without consequences. They were equipped to kill every single person in Ferguson for being outside of their homes. Our nation should be, and has a right to be, concerned about that attitude.


      • Completely agree. To all those who don’t think it’s a big deal, I say–even if they’re not coming for you yet…one day, they may decide you are the problem, and what then?


  13. crustyolemothman

    An Open Letter Of Apology…

    To all the posters on here that my recent words have offended please accept my sincere apology. My intent was never to cause hurt or to insult and by some of the comments that I have seen that is how they were perceived. My intent may have been good but the resulting turmoil indicates that they were not well received and for that I alone am responsible. I will not attempt to blame my words or actions on anyone else, for I alone are responsible for my acts. Again I do apologize for my words that offended.

    Xena, At this time because I have abused my right to be here on this site and post comments, I offer you especially a sincere apology for any disrespect that my words have shown to you, your site or your members..

    Thanks to all of you who have allowed me to discuss various points of view in the past and I feel shame for violating the trust that allowed that to happen…

    The end… May all of you enjoy success in all things you endeavor to attempt…


    • Mothman,

      Xena, At this time because I have abused my right to be here on this site and post comments, I offer you especially a sincere apology for any disrespect that my words have shown to you, your site or your members..

      I’m pulling rank on you. I’m the only one here who decides if a person has abused their right to be here. I don’t find that you have.

      While on the subject, this is what I’m finding out — whether media or individuals, there are things purposefully intended to distract us from the main focus as it concerns Michael Brown. That focus is that no one, badge or not, can shoot at a person running from them and call it “justified.” I don’t care if Michael had just robbed a bank. Our nation has constitutional laws that no person is deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.

      That’s my focus. Others have their own focus. That is what makes a body with each part doing its job.

      Mothman, you are welcomed to stay and post comments.


      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, At the present time I feel it would be best if I refrain from posting my thoughts or opinions, I will however continue to read daily. My biggest fear at this time is that Officer Wilson will not be prosecuted for his actions, which IMO include murder. There is one bright side if considered, murder charges have no statute of limitations and in the future if a less racially biased government comes into power in the Ferguson, Mo. area including a new prosecutor then charges can be brought against Wilson far in the future… Only time will tell what the outcome will be, but is the deck stacked in his favor at this time?
        Don’t forget that Ted Wafer is set to be sentenced if my memory serves me correctly tomorrow..
        I may not be here in word, but I will be in thought…


        • Mothman,
          Thanks for the reminder about Wafer’s sentencing. I’ll look out for it in the morning because I read also that it was scheduled for 9/2.

          Regarding Wilson, the evidence is before a grand jury. If 9 do not return a bill to indict, the State loses jurisdiction. The future then only holds federal jurisdiction. My guess? If McCullough presents the forensics and physically evidence, the jury will indict. That is only step one. Step two is getting an impartial jury to preside over Wilson’s murder trial.


        • Mothman,
          Thanks for letting us know of your decision. I will miss your comments and hope that you will join us in discussions of other subjects and issues.


          • Annie Cabani

            Have you been in touch with Fred Leatherman about this “Crusty” guy/gal? He/she has been banned from that site and – I would submit – reasonably so.


            • What Fred does on his blog is his decision. I went over and read the exchanges and it appears that he was banned due to what Fred saw as using numerous IP addresses.

              Mothman has apologized here and I respect that as humbleness and honesty. He has a record here, and it was only recently that some became upset with him at what was discovered to be a misunderstanding of who comments were directed to. He and towerflower have a history of debating gun control and they stay respectful.

              I really think that if Fred compared email addresses and traced the IP addresses, he might have found that some of those comments were submitted by impersonators. The harassers pulled that game off on Crane-Station previously. Those sworn to destroy and defame unless blogs are deleted have attempted the same games here, but I take time to verify comments in moderation when they are submitted with a handle of someone who has posted here previously and been approved.

              It’s much faster and peaceful to email a person about inflaming comments, than to approve them and then make things a public spectacle for the entertainment of cyber-extortionists.


            • Annie,
              Oh — sorry. I didn’t actually answer your question. No, I’ve not been in touch with Fred about anything.


          • Mothman asks tough questions at times but I for one am not offended and appreciate his questions and comments because it will make you think.

            Please rethink your decision Mothman…


          • Annie Cabani

            Maybe some day I will learn to be as charitable and gracious as you! Your fair and reasoned approach is what earns you such great respect from the rest of us. Heaven knows I’ve been the beneficiary of your patience and forgiveness when I get too ornery, and I’ve appreciated it very much. So I’m sure others do, too.

            I was wondering about impersonators, too, because it’s been so shocking. Maybe it was purely my imagination, but until recently I thought Crusty Mothman was a new handle for Crazy1946. But then a new arrogance seemed to pop up out of nowhere (and if there’s one thing I don’t suffer gladly, it’s arrogance).

            Anyway, this Ferguson police shooting has really struck a nerve in me, and I’m thinking I may need to back away from it a bit. I’m not sure I can hang on through another ugly legal roller coaster without vomiting up angry bile along the way. Maybe it will be possible if I’m able to follow your excellent example. And, who knows – I might become a better person along the way! (I might be getting old, but I’m still evolving and developing, too!)

            Thank you for all you do and the fine example you set.


            • Annie,
              Thanks for your kind words. They are humbling. I still go through the caterpillar to butterfly cycle, learning along the way — motivated by those such as yourself.

              Yes, Mothman is crazy1946. The Ferguson situation has many layers. Mothman’s first position in the matter addressed the protests in Ferguson. Although I do not support violence, I withhold judgment on the citizens of Ferguson because I’m not walking in their shoes. If a cop shot tear gas in my backyard, I would have spent the following day preparing a complaint and filing an incident report seeking charges against trespassers using the color and claim of law. Then, I would have collected all the tear gas cans for that week and dumped them all in front of the police station. And, I would have sent them an invoice for collecting their garbage. But, that’s me.

              Mothman is okay. He’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.


  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Could Ferguson happen in Detroit the topic of NAACP forum”

    (Excellent summary by reporter in video which includes excerpts from the discussion)


  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma Hog-Tied And Injured A Young Child, Lawsuit Alleges”

    WASHINGTON — A Ferguson police officer who helped detain a journalist in a McDonald’s earlier this month is in the midst of a civil rights lawsuit because he allegedly hog-tied a 12-year-old boy who was checking the mail at the end of his driveway…….


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    Inside the Pentagon, meanwhile, the Ferguson Police Department’s misuse of this weaponry has been as frustrating to defense officials as it has been for many critics. 

    “These guys are idiots – riding around on the top of armored trucks looking like rednecks on a country drive, pointing their weapons at unarmed Americans,” said one Pentagon official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give his opinion on the matter.

    “Don’t tell me that’s militarization – our troops would never do that stuff, even in a war zone,” he says. “And why are they riding around in woodlands camo in a city? That kills me.”


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