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The situation in Ferguson, MO has kept my attention at a rate close to 24/7 unless I’m sleeping.  Things happen so fast that before I get a chance to write on what happened at noon, something else has been reported at 12:15.  Tomorrow, evidence might be presented to a grand jury and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is to arrive in Ferguson.

New York District Attorney Daniel Donovan announced that a special grand jury will convene to determine whether or not to charge police officers in the July choke hold death of Eric Garner.


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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    The Federal autopsy of Michael Brown is complete.

    “Michael Brown federal autopsy done: sources”

    • Hmmm. So, they report that the results will not be released until the federal investigation is completed.

      • They will have access to all the evidence and not just the body as in the case of the 2nd autopsy. I can see where they would wait until they have access to see/test all the evidence.

        • Towerflower,
          Yes. I’m patient. 🙂

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Xena, you have explained to us over the months the DOJ process of investigation and how long it can take so well to us. I would not have had a good understanding of the process otherwise. Most people do not.

          The people of Ferguson WILL keep pushing for Ofc. Darren Wilson’s arrest and justice for Mike Brown. We must remember that the community has NOT seen any results from the DOJ investigation of GZ, of the officers who killed Kelly Thomas, nor of what befell Kendrick Johnson. This is a major strain on the community seeking justice for Michael Brown.

  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    I heard that protesters were complaining about white racists being in the crowd whom they wanted arrested…I don’t know if these were the same Whites or not.

    Pine Lawn Police were involved in a pursuit after a vehicle fled from state troopers in the Ferguson area Friday morning.

    Police say the incident occurred before 2:00 a.m. near West Florissant and Canfield.

    Officials say a police helicopter flagged the car which was then picked up by police who pursued the vehicle until the suspects were caught at Avondale and Natural Bridge.

    Police say four white men with multiple weapons were taken into custody.

    The investigation is ongoing.

  3. Funeral arrangements for Michael Brown have been confirmed for Monday. Attorney Benjamin Crump says that a press release with complete details will follow.

  4. Two sides to a story

    Hurry up, Feds!

    Meanwhile, watch people play cop apologist bingo:

  5. #Ferguson If you are not credential media you need to disperse immediately,do it now! You can protest during light time . Cap Ronald Johnson.

    #Ferguson If you are credential media you need to stay on your assigned place.The news will be offered 2 you by the police.

    The press removed from their previous assigned place, reroute to a new location
    (Freedom of the Press)where Cap Ronald Johnson.give them filtered news.

    • Joseph,
      That bothers me because it does appear that the cops want to control what the media sees, hears and reports.

      They are no doubt concerned about possible law suits for gassing and arresting members of the media who are too close to the action. Too late. They will come in like a storm.

      • Xena,that it’s exactly what happened last night.
        about 44.000 viewers watched the stream how they removed the media
        to an isolated location waiting for the “official news”

        As you said before ,it won’t be good, Cap Ronald Johnson needed to show
        his strength to please the power to be.

        Cap Ronald Johnson will the last guy standing if lawsuits are follow up.

        Cap Ronald Johnson stated his force was “heavily attacked” and he only show
        2 guns and 1 Molotov cocktail.

        • ‘heavily attacked’. pfftt Compared to What??

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Cap Ronald Johnson is in their grips. He needs to speak out and disapprove of what they are making him do.

          His job is nothing compared to what is happening to the Black community of Ferguson…..compared to the grief of parents whose son was killed execution-style!

          He needs to speak up and be willing to lose his job. He needs to advocated against the injustice in Ferguson.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      LE needs to stop blocking and sending reporters away to different locations of the night protest rallies so that LE can make up false stories about innocent people they are tear gasing out of the reporters’ view!

      • Annie Cabani

        Absolutely! LE is in fact hiding what’s going on by denying complete access to whatever activities the media might wish to observe.

  6. ABC is reporting that police officer Darren Wilson has been interviewed by investigators and will be offered the opportunity to testify to grand jury.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Looks like things are moving along.

      • Yahtzee,
        Yes. It’s imperative. The citizens of Ferguson have stated that they will continue to protest until Wilson is arrested. The city and St. Louis County might already be out of money for meeting the payroll of all those cops during the evening along with their military equipment.

        • OH I haven’t even thought of that, how much this is costing the city.

          • Mindyme,
            I suspect that Gov. Nixon called in the Missouri National Guard so the number of local LE could be reduced to reduce the payroll on city and county LE. The City of Ferguson probably exhausted all of their emergency LE funds on the first night since they went Iraq on the citizens.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        The Ferguson protesters has as much steadfast determination as those of the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1957 who boycotted the city buses from December 1, 1955 to December 20, 1956.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I am praying so hard, so hard that U.S. intelligence will find the ISIS video tape NOT to be authentic. My insides are sick and numb. *tears and more tears*

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      James Foley on his motivation in BBC interview (video)

      • Yahtzeebutterfly,
        The President is suppose to hold a press conference this afternoon. I did not realize that James was kidnapped over 2 years ago.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Yes, I saw a video of it and also his parents.

          I pray that God will make His close loving presence felt by them and that they will receive His steadfast strength and comfort.

          Rest gently in peace, Jim, in God’s loving embrace.

          You will be missed so much.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        James Foley’s Parents Recall Son’s ‘Big Heart’.

  7. Is This is like the twilight zone! Am i crazy?
    This MO Lt Governor wants the curfew back, knows race ‘definitely plays a part’ & says 2X this country was founded on Anglo Saxon Laws! I can’t think straight right now.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Anglo-Saxon laws???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So upsetting.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Anglo-Saxons” brutal history toward African Americans has been been heinous and horrifying….apparently the Gov. is not too upset by that and wants to bring back Jim Crow and who knows what else.

        Now I am going to listen to the video.

      • Anglo-Saxon American Civilization?

        Someone need to tell Captain Ronald Johnson he is not part of the equation,pronto,ASAP!

        The Mayor and Lt Governor foot ,footsie into their mouth,

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Someone need to tell Captain Ronald Johnson he is not part of the equation,pronto,ASAP!


    • shannoninmiami,you are normal.

    • Don’t get me started. Actually, he’s right, (but wait on it). Anglo Saxon law is British law and British law is what the “founders” used. Where he misleads is by speaking of a “country” when he actually represents a state, and states have their own laws. That is an outcome of the Civil War, which apparently, he didn’t like who won.

      Today’s Anglo Saxon law does not have capital punishment – no death penalty. Some of the states do as well as our federal government. Missouri is a death penalty state.

      What he should have said is that Missouri is founded on pre-1865 Anglo Saxon law.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        But why bring it up now? Why push the word “Anglo Saxon” at a time like this when the Black protesters from Ferguson are not Anglo-Saxon if not to emphasize that fact?

        • Yahtzee,
          I could only address “Anglo Saxon law.” If I could get into his mind and know why he used the term, I would charge him a couple of hundred bucks to also predict his future. LOL!

        • Yahtzee,
          On a serious note, people who are not experienced in diversity don’t think about the phrases or terms they use. Some might be outright bigots but think they are talking “history.” Others do think the words they use and form dog whistles so those who are not diverse don’t recognize them.

    • Oh btw X & Y, I have to correct you both & myself here too, he says Anglo AMERICAN Laws, not Anglo Saxon!
      It’s like he’s used this phrase/term so many times before to say it 2x &not slip up &say Anglo Saxon like most ppl automatically do!
      I searched online and it’s simply NOT USED!! it’s just a fucking bigoted dog whistle pure &simple, just like saying Aryan Law! And he’s so stupid he thinks he’s clever!

      Everyone needs to remember ALL the things we’ve heard from the Officials, Politicians and Cops and get them all out of there..
      Remember when that cop called the protesters animals, that guy needs to be FIRED NOW too!!

      oh and didn’t the chief of police say early on -at the time unnamed officer wasn’t seriously hurt at all?? I swear he said that a few times tho he wanted to make sure he mentioned a mark on the side of the officers face but stressed it’s not bad at all when realized he’s talking about an armed cop’s booboo while a kid was shot 10times in the head and stuff.

      • I agree, that cop has no business on the streets dealing with citizens. EVER.

      • Shannon,

        Anglo AMERICAN Laws,

        In other words, common law via Sovereign Citizen ideologies.

      • Early in the beginning I also heard that the store Michael was in said there was no insident. The officer wasn’t hurt. They need to keep showing those videos where things were different in the beginning.
        NOW, like GZ, they’ll come up with a pictures showing the officer however they want him to look.
        Don’t people understand how they did that in the GZ case?
        They are absolutely the biggest liars in our country.
        Bad apples, my ass. If you have ONE bad apple in a bunch, they all rot pretty damn fast if you don’t remove the rotten ones.
        Fire all of the rotten ones and start over!!

        • Hey Lolypop,
          One of the things we have this time, that we didn’t have in Zimmerman’s case, is video of Darren Wilson standing over and walking around Michael’s body just after killing him. Wilson is not injured. It’s in daylight, and not at night, so witnesses saw things clearly.

    • Anglo American: (Merriam Webster)
      : an inhabitant of the United States of English origin or descent
      : a North American whose native language is English and especially whose culture or ethnic background is of European origin

  8. Why it’s important the demilitarization of police departments in the USA.

    Officer David Johnston is seen going back into his patrol car to grab an AR-15 rifle.

    Orlando Police Officer David Johnston was indicted by an Orange County grand jury back in July .

  9. Annie Cabani

    Geez, Louise.

    Now even Capt. Johnson is blaming the media for something-or-other about the Ferguson protests, and then said (paraphrasing), “we’ve all had an opportunity to be heard, we can’t keep schools closed for months, the police can’t keep coming back here every night and risking their lives for months, it’s time to let the justice system work, that’s what makes this country great….”

    WTF?? I guess no one has been heard, no matter how much “opportunity” they’ve had to be heard. I mean, WHF?? If the “justice system worked,” none of this crap would be happening at all!

    Even Capt. Johnson is now spouting the same-old-same-old BS about our great “justice system.” And I’m sure he has no choice.

    It sounds like: OK, OK, folks. We’ve been so generous as to entertain your outrage for over a week now, so it’s time to just wrap that up, and let business go on as usual. Translation:

    We’re tired of you and all this stuff, and we all know it ain’t going to have an effect on anything, so let’s call it quits, OK? Let our great “justice system” do its usual thing, and then we can all say that was justice was done … regardless of whether it was or not.

    Sorry – no link. I’m watching MSNBC.

    How sickening. Especially after watching the St. Louis police chief talk so cavalierly about his officers’ killing of another black guy three miles from Ferguson. Ooooooooh, he had a knife near our city’s bravest! They just HAD to shoot him to protect their sissy little asses so they could go home safely tonight!

    WTF?? What the hell happened to billy clubs?? At the least little fear, the only thing our “highly trained” cops can do is shoot to kill? WTF????

    I used to respect cops, but they look like a bunch of babies to me. There. I SAID IT!


    Whew, that felt quite good. I admit: I was yelling, above. But not at you all, so I hope you will forgive me my rant. Thank you in advance, if you do. Perhaps it’s time for bed after a tense and tiring ten days or so.

    Now Rachel is describing how the media is being kept away from seeing what is going on in Ferguson.


    Cool – protesters are showing up with gas masks! How great is that?!

  10. Other one.

    Friends and family said a number of children were in the home when the shooting occurred and those children are who told them what happened. However, a late-afternoon statement from the U.S. Marshals Service states Tanner “was the only one in the home at the time of the shooting.”

  11. Lawrence O’Donnell;
    No eyewitnesses have come forth to support Darren Wilson’s story.

  12. No wonder the feds were quick to jump into the situation in Ferguson, MO. In 2010, they made arrests for RICO conspiracy that funneled money to the Hamed Organization in Palestine. The arrests included the owner of the Ferguson Market.

    • Very interesting.. Maybe the clerk there really didn’t report the cigar incident.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        He with his lawyer at his side has said that he did not call 911. Someone else did.

        • I saw the one burned building with the word ‘snitch’ drawn on it. I had thought that was the store but was mistaken.

      • Annie Cabani

        Right. The Ferguson Market probably prefers to avoid police contact, not initiate it!

  13. Renisha McBride’s family files $10M wrongful death law suit. I also uploaded it under “Documents” on the right-hand border of the blog.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Why am I not surprised?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        This has been the week when I have learned the true mindset of Ferguson PD, the long time prosecutor, and so many of those in authority in Missouri directly through observing their actions.

    • Ugh..

    • Annie Cabani

      I’m glad Don Lemon announced that on national TV. It’s so disgraceful, that it needed to be exposed to the world.

      And now, Gov. Jay Nixon needs to take action to eliminate racism in his little army.
      How about something like “Zero Tolerance,” Mr. Governor?

  14. The figure in the drawing was manipulated to depict him with arms raised in a traditional and recognizable form of surrender and compliance. The wounds and the positions of the arms are for purposes of this poster.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      It hits me powerfully!

      • i blew it up so if anyone wants to print it out and display it, they can. Attribution: I did not do the poster and the name of the creator is not known.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Thanks, I just printed it out.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I wish they had put his hands higher up and almost above his head so that people would see how all of those shots were in close proximity to each other.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            LLMPapa has the hands and arms in the right surrendering position to make the point. ( at timestamp 1:22)

            I hope the poster you posted, Xena, does not get too much circulation because it does not bring home the point that Michael Brown was surrendering as LLMPapa’s does at timestamp 1:22.

            • Yahtzeebutterfly,
              I owe a hat tip to Shannon, who discovered the poster and tweeted the link. Also, I owe a hat tip to the person on tumblr who posted it. That poster was and is being circulated (not because of anything I did). It’s to get out a message and should not be construed as evidence.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            It is a wonderful poster to serve the purpose of awareness.

            • Yahtzeebutterfly,
              That’s how I see it too. I can barely draw stick people. LOL! As time goes on, maybe someone with drawing talents will do one that speculates on the path that the other 3 bullets went that were not found in Mike’s body.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Didn’t one of the bullets hit an apt. building?

            I imagine if they had known about that bullet, some crime scene mathematician could have gotten the angle and determined where Ofc. Wilson was standing when he fired his gun.

            But, I don’t think the Ferguson PD investigators would go to that trouble.

            Remember how with the gz case, Ofc. Mike Benosky did NOT write up a police report after calling in 2 car tags one of which was gz’s?

            No one…. the investigator, the prosecutor, nor O’Mara….. seemed to want to ask Ofc. Benosky the EXACT location of gz’s vehicle….and a verified location was NEVER presented in the trial.

            In fact, the investigator’s (can’t remember name) report was very odd (no reference to gz’s car being located). It simply said:

            Officer Mike Bernosky
            #59 Traffic
            Sanford PD
            He arrived after everything was stabilized. He assisted with crime scene tape. He ran two car tags to attempt to identify the victim as he had no id. The tags came back to people in the complex.
            He went back to his assignment.
            He did not prepare a report.

            Obviously if Mike Bernosky only called in two tags and stopped when he had identified gz’s, he was NEVER looking “to identify the victim as he had no id.” even though that’s the reason the investigator gave. I always considered that fishy.

            I have bad vibes about how thorough the scene investigation in this present case will be. We already know that Ofc. Wilson did not write up a police report.

            • One of the bullets went into an apartment. There are 40 FBI agents on the streets in Ferguson, and they did not tarry arriving. I’m listening to Michael Brown’s cousin, Ty Pruitt, on Dr. Drew now. He makes good sense, getting to the meat of the problem; i.e., if Darren Wilson was hit in the eye, is the correct response to shoot Michael 6 times? Wilson claims taking a punch to an eye socket, and he responded by putting a bullet in Michael’s eye socket.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            (I should probably add that I had to go to the dispatch written record to find his 2 tag call in’s but found that the license plate numbers were redacted and so then I had to listen to the dispatch tapes to get those tag numbers.)

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I hope there will be a video of what you are watching, Xena.

            Have you listened to the new witness (Michael Brady) interview by Anderson Cooper?

            • No, I didn’t see the interview. In general, I only watch CNN when given a head’s up about something that is coming on. I’ll see if I can find it on their website.

    • I wonder if one that looks (to me to be) the graze wound to the inside of his arm is the one he felt before he turned around to put his hands up.

      • No, it is the one below the elbow, that is the one they said could’ve been received from the back or front. In fact it is the only shot that could’ve been from behind.

    • Annie Cabani

      I would so love, Love, LOVE to see that image on some **protest signs** tonight!!

      I think the protesters could use some help with signage from some of those interested “organizations” that are monitoring and/or on the ground in Ferguson, MO.

  15. I do not see how this prosecutor is not going to be swayed by bias in favor of police force. A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich but not of prosecutor does not want them to. Look at how state threw Zimmerman case. I am very concerned there will br a “no bill” return.

    • Mysteryquest,
      Have you ever known a suspect to testify before the grand jury? I find that strange.

      • That is strange. The suspect is usually not “invited” to testify. The grand jury is a tool of the prosecutor who controls the evidence the grand jury sees which is why they will usually return an indictment. In fact,a defense attorney wouldn’t even want their client to testify in front of a grand jury as they assume he or she will be indicted regardless and they don’t want a sworn statement on record.

    • This just keeps getting worse..

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I agree with the author’s points in this article you linked, Xena.

      And, I second this proposal at the end of the article:

      ” I also urge there be a moratorium in the media of mentioning the toxicology report of the victim unless they also ask for that of the shooter in the same breath.”

    • They don’t test cops after shootings……they should. They test air traffic controllers after even minor incidents where no loss of life happens, it is a definite test if a plane crashes. They’ll even test us for no reason, just show up and say here’s the cup. Time has come that they should test cops anytime they fire their weapon.

      • Yeah, I don’t get that, why don’t they?

      • Towerflower,

        Time has come that they should test cops anytime they fire their weapon.

        Absolutely! They should also be tested after running over people with their cars. That method of killing seems to be picking up momentum.

    • ‘ladythatsmyskull’ can’t help but smile at the name

  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    Yamiche Alcindor @Yamiche · 4m
    This man is telling people to go home and meet at 9 am at St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s office office

  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    #OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers”

  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    Johnson, a good public speaker, read (his?) words to the reporters at the press conference. Strange.

    Here is what was reported before the press conference:

    From KARG Argus Radio:

    Now, there was an overrunning of the Media station by the protestors who were fleeing from the police. We don’t know what the agitation was, but we do know that we lost signal. We reset the broadcast 3 times and it kept saying ‘no network. Error.’ We had a foreign reporter that was on the roof with us. She was not able to get any signal on her cellphone and reporters on the ground were saying, “I can’t tweet out. I can’t tweet out.”

    But, we’ve left the area and miraculously we are back on the air. (sighs) So there is going to be a press conference probably..after ….(is shaking his head discouragedly, sadly)

    see archive at

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      John Veitch @Johnni68
      #Gaza #Ferguson When it is ever acceptable for unarmed civilians to be up against heavily armed state funded trigger-happy thugs?

      • sidewinder50

        And, for those who don’t believe a cop would ever utter, “Get on the effing sidewalk!” (I used the right word but went back and changed it so as not to offend).

        • sidewinder,
          Actually, using the actual word would have sent your comment into moderation or spam. (You just reminded me that I need to change that. The cyber-harassers had a pattern of using 4-letter words in their handles. Having those words in the “blacklist” sent those comments into the black hole of spam.)

  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    “In Ferguson’s wake, outcries arise about police shootings in other cities”
    by Amanda Paulson


    Although national attention is fixed on the Missouri protests that have followed the death of Michael Brown 10 days ago, Mr. Brown was not the only apparently unarmed young black man killed by police this month.

    And, perhaps influenced by the attention to Brown’s death, smaller protests and demands for answers are beginning to gain steam in other communities.

    In Los Angeles, 25-year-old Ezell Ford was shot and killed by police on Aug. 11, just two days after Brown’s death. According to news reports, the unarmed man was mentally ill. Police say that after they approached him he tackled one of two officers and was trying to get the officer’s gun, but witnesses dispute that version of events and say there was no struggle between Ford and the officers and that Ford was surrendering. On Sunday, protesters gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters to demand more information, and an attorney that Ford’s family has hired has promised a wrongful-death suit.

    Protests have been building in Ohio as well, including some 100 people who gathered at the attorney general’s office in Columbus on Monday night to demand release of the store’s security video……

    “Once a critical mass of these incidents occur in real time it can certainly shift public opinion even among those … who previously might have thought the police could do no wrong,” says Professor Weitzer. “The silver lining is that it does shed media and public attention [on the issue], and might have some delayed effect on reforms that are necessary not just in Ferguson, but in other cities.”

  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    God bless you, LLMPapa. You are here at this dire time with this outstanding video.!

    Thank you!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      And, LLMPapa, I just saw this excellent one that you posted a few hours earlier. Thank you!!!

      35 Feet


      • Absolutely right LLMPapa. And thank you Yahtzee for posting this. According to Wilson’s “friend,” while fatally wounded, Michael ran backwards so he would die the same distance he ran before being fatally wounded.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Now there is another eyewitness…Michael Brady…who saw that Michael Brown did NOT “bum rush” Ofc. Darren Wilson. He saw Michael Brown take two death steps forward after he had been shot multiple times.

        Here is the video of Michael Brady being interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

        Start at timestamp 0:52

    • Annie Cabani

      LLMPapa … as phenomenal as always!

      And Yahtzee – It looks like he granted your wish in one of his videos (I forget which one) – I’m sure you noticed the diagram. Here’s what you wrote around 5-ish this morning:

      I wish they had put his hands higher up and almost above his head so that people would see how all of those shots were in close proximity to each other.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Someone else also posted a picture of the ME bullet diagram to reflect the position of the wounds when the arms are up surrendering:

  21. Love the Papa videos, that you!

  22. butterflydreamer2

    Thanks LLMPapa,

    I’ve always said, anyone who thinks GZ is innocent, watch LLMPapa’s videos.

  23. Missouri police officer Kim Tihen, who was previously accused of participating in the beating of Henry Davis and then charging him with destruction of property for getting his blood on the uniforms of the four officers involved, has had a new job since 2012:

    Officer Tihen now sits on the Ferguson City Council. (sigh)

    • This is why people need to get out and vote and educate themselves on who is running.

      • Towerflower,
        Re: voting. Absolutely. If Ferguson is anything like where I live, there are people who run unopposed and people who also run on a major ticket that people of that political leaning do not want to vote for. What we started doing is, when a candidate runs unopposed, don’t check the box. They can vote for themselves and still win. For the political ticket game, write in a candidate. That has worked to a small measure here. Some offices where incumbents ran 20 years without opposition, we now have opposing candidates.

    • Xena,he need to be fired the thug is out of control.
      Luckily for the protesters they recorded his “bravado” and the
      Sargent was around there.

  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    The truth of this picture, summing up all that I have been thinking and feeling, hit me hard in a way that I cannot describe.

    • Annie Cabani

      Wow – I see what you mean, Yahtzee!
      So powerful. I so admire people who have the ability to express so much so “simply.”

  25. Took them long enough.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yeah, to me it was a no-brainer.

      • Joseph,
        Law enforcement is running rampant, deciding who gets to die, and who gets to live with scars physical and mental. Unless — unless, the person shoots a U.S. Congresswoman in the head; or slaughters in a movie theater, or eats his victims. Then they are captured unscathed, charged, and stand trial.

    • That is absolutely sickening!!!
      I guess he was threatened for his life.
      What a POS!!!!!!
      He needs to be in prison! RIGHT NOW!!!!

  26. yahtzeebutterfly

    A Former Marine Explains All the Weapons of War Being Used by Police in Ferguson:
    There’s at least one line every Marine knows: “Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.” The St. Louis County Police Department apparently never received that memo.


    There is a growing chorus of military veterans who have chimed in on the absurdity of photographs like this one. Let me join the parade.

    What we’re seeing here is a gaggle of cops wearing more elite killing gear than your average squad leader leading a foot patrol through the most hostile sands or hills of Afghanistan.

    They are equipped with Kevlar helmets, assault-friendly gas masks, combat gloves and knee pads (all four of them), woodland Marine Pattern utility trousers, tactical body armor vests, about 120 to 180 rounds for each shooter, semiautomatic pistols attached to their thighs, disposable handcuff restraints hanging from their vests, close-quarter-battle receivers for their M4 carbine rifles and Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights.

    In other words, they’re itching for a fight.

  27. MurphysSpork

    I must place a blessing here. I hope all can and are willing to receive comfort who are afflicted.
    Isa 55:1-11 (NIV) “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; hear me, that your soul may live…” Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon… “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

    • Murphy,
      Thanks so much for that. I needed it. I believe that faith, hope and love conquers evil, no matter if evil plans or evil works. Yesterday was a downer for me because of reading others who have given up hope. They stand in a place where nothing is good enough, no one can be trusted, everything is corrupt and the “fix is in.” Well, you know, I think it’s a Proverb that says as a man thinks, so is he. We can speak things into existence, and this is a time to speak forth positive things.

      Thanks again.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Xena, here is a new video I just found. As I listened to it I started to get in touch with the spiritual side of existence and and felt myself being stilled.

        “Spiritual Butterflies”

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Let there be peace
Let there be love

      Let there be reverence for life

      ❤ … ❤ … ❤ … ❤ … ❤

      May the day come when all people

      Touch with kindness

      See with compassion
Listen with understanding

      Dwell as community
Share in abundance
Relax in friendship

  28. They said ” Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Beaten Nearly Unconscious,
    Suffered Eye Socket Fracture Before Shooting Michael Brown”

    We saw Darren Wilson perfectly looking Michael Brown’s body,police chief
    declared that Darren Wilson suffered any injuries,none whatsoever.

    The fallacy machine created by the police chief killer 2 version started
    soon as expected ,the chief need to be held accountable and the
    right to people to assembly restored.


  29. here’s a strange incident where a young lady was given a courtesy ride in the front seat of a cop car to the hospital for emotional/mental issues,but suddenly she grabs the cop’s gun and shoots herself in the back of her own head..
    apparently another case of someone seeking suicide by cop.
    like the guy on Tuesday who’s mom only found out that one of her dinner knives was missing when the cops informed her he must of decided it was easier to just have them shoot him.

    I think this is a ‘thing’ now. like a new public service. you can call on the cops, ask them to kill you and w/o much persuasion & free of charge, they’ll either provide you the weapon or carry out the request themselves.

    PS. I’m gonna check to see if anything came out of the this investigation cuz it happened a couple of years ago,(in Missouri) but she’s still dead. you know..

    also note in the video the cop says of the 5’1 100lbs girl that “nobody in their right mind would consider her a threat..”
    just wonder why then there’s so many who are NOT in their right mind employed as cops who think 10yr olds and other smaller women children & men that most ppl wouldn’t consider a threat either, yet are shot, tased or otherwise beaten & killed anyway…

    so I’m trying for the 1st time to use the ’embed’ option (whatever that technically means 🙂 lets see what it looks like.

    • My first question — why was a cop going outside of his jurisdiction to take Stephanie Hicks to a hospital? It was an Alton, IL cop but she was shot in the head, in his cruiser, in north St. Louis County???

      • hmmm.. I didn’t even notice that part! so he came from outside his jurisdiction to drive her to the hospital in her jurisdiction?
        it’s also weird her boyfriend wasn’t with her since he was trying to go with her initially, and he called the cops! it’s just not even close to kosher!
        speaking of kosher, she even ended up at a jewish hospital I think, not the one she was headed but it must of been closer.

        the whole thing sounds like a big fat lie. it’s nonsense.

        • Shannon,
          As Judge Judy says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not the truth.”

          These are the people in uniform with a badge that citizens are suppose to trust — I think not. They are no longer perceived as serving and protecting.

  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here is a new petition—->

    Marilyn LyDay
    8 hrs
    Over 141,000 signatures. *Sign / *Share please
    Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.

  31. yahtzeebutterfly

    HuffPost BlackVoices @blackvoices
    Officer involved in @Walmart shooting of #JohnCrawford is back on the job

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