‘I’ve Seen The Body And It Is Bad, It’s The Worst Police Shooting Ever,’ Attorney Ben Crump On Michael Brown

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Roland Martin talks to Attorney Ben Crump about the shooting of Michael Brown, the Ferguson teen who was unarmed and shot by police. Attorney Crump is representing Brown’s family and has famously represented Trayvon Martin and many other deaths on social injustice.

“I was so proud of President Obama…that did not look like America the other night,” Crump says. “We cannot have the FBI doing a joint investigation where they’re going to rely on the St. Louis police department to give them evidence.”

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  1. An excerpt of Rev. Sharpton’s speech at today’s rally.


  2. Courtesy of Sanford Watch;


    • I really don’t know what to say. I am sickened and saddened beyond belief. Maybe I will come up with the right words when I stop crying. But I haven’t really stopped crying since Trayvon was murdered. I know my tears don’t accomplish anything, so it is about time to dry my eyes and DO something.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    So chilling!

    Yes, we are in the trenches again.

    A new CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT is being born.

    And, as it was said in Sanfordwatch’s video, “we have to show more love for one another and watch each other’s back” and put aside differences so that we can be better advocates, better activists, and better JUSTICE fighters.


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