Maya Aaten-White: Ferguson Police Officer References Shooting of Maya Aaten-White, Other Officer Shuts Him Up

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I learned of this story from Tayhlor on twitter, @tayhlordaniele, who linked to a page on Instagram by @thebestdamndj.

The video depicts a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri admitting that someone had been shot in the head.  Before he could say too much, the other officer tries to physically shut him up.  It is symbolic as the entire police force seeks to silence much more than that.

The victim was Maya Aaten-White, a Howard graduate. She survived.  She was in Ferguson supporting justice for of Mike Brown and his family and protesting the lack thereof.  The social media age gives people who used to be voiceless a voice.  It is precious power.  She was reporting the events taking place in Ferguson, Missouri on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Sounds like he accidentally let the cat slip out of the bag, and the other police officers actually made it all the more obvious when they told him to stop talking and covered his mouth.

    • Hey Caleb. It certainly does sound like that. I’m watching Joy Reid now. Watching the videos reminds me of Egypt some years ago. Is this America?

      • And you know, the two struggles are even more related than one might imagine. Remember it is American-manufactured and paid-for weaponry used against protesters in Egypt and also last year’s military coup of that country’s democratically-elected government. Now the same weapons are being used to quell dissent here in America. It’s all part of the Imperialist order of things.

        • Caleb,
          Interesting that you mention that. Just this morning on MSNBC was a person interviewed who said that the federal government donates or bids out “old” military weapons and equipment to police forces. Since the city counsels and such don’t have to vote on purchasing such equipment, citizens are not privileged knowing what type of weapons and equipment their own police forces have.

          • Oh yes indeed. The weaponry coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going DIRECTLY to police departments all around this country! It’s being handed down to them like candy. We are living in a complete Police State I’m afraid. /-: People are going to have to get unified to counter this, but the fact is people like the tea partiers are so blinded by their racism that they will collaborate with the brutal armed oppressors against unarmed Black and Brown citizens before they realize that their own freedoms are going to be stripped from them as well.

            • Caleb,
              You make an excellent point. Evil has an appetite and it will continue looking for prey. Already, there is a great divide based on financial status. We have veterans who are homeless; college grads working for minimum wage. No one is off limits. The only thing that “trickles down” is those with power as they do down the food chain.

            • Yes, now if only those who are non-wealthy and white could get past their racial hatred they could join to fight against the oppressor instead of allowing themselves to always be used as his lapdog to repress Communities of Color.

            • Caleb, of course you’re correct, but those who are racial bigots are deceived to believe that they are superior and to prove their superiority, they have to oppress others. I suppose that means that before they become what’s left on the food chain, they will then approve immigration from South America and Mexico.

            • Dang. Great point! They will stop at nothing to preserve their dreams of grandeur in which they live in a white heaven… but of course if they truly did get to live in their desired all-white utopia, who would be required to do all the work for them?

            • Caleb,
              Oh, let’s see. Maybe the Irish, or the Polish, or anyone whose last name ends in the letter “i”.

            • I see you know your history very well Xena. (-;

            • Caleb,
              LOL! It’s the history of mankind based on his nature.

              If Tom Laughlin were alive, I wonder what he would say about Ferguson. The theme song from “Billy Jack” plays in my head.

            • Wow! As cheesy as that video was, the lyrics are real. Lol

            • LOL@Caleb. I suppose you have to be a Billy Jack fan for the video to make sense. Tom Laughlin made a series of Billy Jack movies, all intended to promote equality for all. I liked the movies, but it was actually the last 10 years of his life that really caught my attention. Laughlin was a student of Jung and he used it to share his opinions on political and other issues.

              When I heard that he died, I cried. Listen to what he says here in “Billy Jack” about when the police break the law.

            • Okay, you’ve convinced me that I need to check this series out! I enjoyed that clip, “When police break the law there is no law, just a fight for survival.”

            • Caleb, oh yeah — in the early 70’s there was a Billy Jack cult movement. It set the stage for the Rocky Horror Picture Show cult movement. That’s when people dress like the movie characters and the audience says the script out loud as the movie is shown. I miss those days, and I miss Tom Laughlin.

              Wiki details Tom’s life showing just how much of a rebel he was in his day seeking to film controversial topics that were not realized because Hollywood could or would not deal with them.

  2. Excellent compilation by Sanford Watch of police attacks against reporters in Ferguson.

  3. Oh, m’lord!! Can’t believe these days we are living!!

    • Know what Horty? I would say the same but as I think back, America has been around this mountain previously. In the 60’s, there was the anti-war and Civil Rights movements, chaos in the streets, students killed on college campuses, invasions and assassinations. President Reagan introduced laws that were legislated banning certain rifles and open carry because the Black Panthers were the only people doing so. Now, we have open carry of assault rifles in some States by Whites who do so under the 2nd Amendment.

      There were also entertainers who over dosed or died otherwise. Our generation lost most of our heroes to death. Those who came out of our generation are not dying.

      The Age of Aquarius brought out the good and the evil, and good won over more than evil then. Here we are again. Whenever light shines in darkness it reveals evil. Still, it’s oppressive and tiring.

  4. The ACLU has filed suit against St. Louis County and the St. Louis County Police Department for withholding the police report regarding the shooting of Michael Brown. You can see the complaint at the following link:

  5. Eyewitness of the shooting of Michael Brown. It’s a shame that witnesses have to lawyer up.

  6. Two sides to a story

    I found it interesting that our local CBS affiliate (I think, could have been KTLA) – at any rate, a major Los Angeles news station aired an Alex Jones livestream of action in Ferguson during most of their report on the 10 PM news last night rather than their own film.

    Mainstream news seems to be acknowledging that there’s a lot of stuff going on in Ferguson not being reported by MSM and that livestreamers are a viable news source.

    Not that I have any great love of Alex Jones, but I do like the everyday people who go out on a limb to go livestream police action. There are many such courageous souls in S. Cali, and some do go out of state into hot situations like Ferguson.

    • Two sides,
      I vaguely remember the name Alex Jones when hearing he was live streaming from Ferguson. Main stream media is relying on citizens and amateur reporters to get out live streams, photos and videos. I’m in a place of saying that I don’t care how the information gets out, as long as it does. Mostly, I’ve watched MSNBC for reports on Ferguson and they are doing a good job keeping current and exposing the lies of Missouri’s governor and the Ferguson Chief of Police.

      I remember those brave souls, (including you) who protested when the cops who beat Kelly Thomas to death were acquitted. We shall not forget.

      • Two sides to a story

        Alex Jones is a bit over the top with his conspiracy theories but he’s getting livestream out, which is good.

        Nope, we shall not forget. There are many cases ongoing. New deaths of unarmed youth in Utah and Los Angeles.

        • Two sides,
          Ahhh. Thanks for the reminder. That is where I remember Alex Jones’ name. Some people placed him in a category of conspiracy theorists with the late Sherman Skolnick, who I knew personally and because of that, knew when and WHY he had to play that role.

      • Xena, Plain and simple, the officer had no right to take Mike’s life. Any time an officer kills and murders innocent civilians it is murder. The only difference it is legal for the cop is because he wears a bagde, uniform and carries a gun and if they prefer beating them to death, kicking them to death and tazered for no sense until they are dead, it in my opinion is murder.
        Why all of the secrecy?
        Why ignore him for 45 minutes after mudering him?
        There are no more excuses for the brutality from officers. I’m sick of it. There are way more then we even hear of.
        An officer shouldn’t be kept secret because they fear for his life. All of the other secrets. We’re always having to beg for the truth and we’re never going to get it from them.
        If they had nothing to hide, why not come on out with what they do know.
        They always tell us what they want to anyway.
        Just have lost complete trust in them.
        That is just completely wrong.
        They said Kelly Thompson was trying to breat into cars.
        That was a damn lie AND if he was are 15 cops supposed to murder him.
        WTH he was homeless, maybe he was cold.
        They will have all kind of lies and they know they can get by with it.
        They did with that one and too many others and they will keep on doing it,
        Because They Can!!!
        It’s murder, and they shouldn’t get special treatment.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Excellent comment, Lollypop!

          I agree.

          • yahtzee and Xena, I’m just so happy to have this place to come to.
            Xena does a damn good job.
            Not easy, is it?
            Very time consumming and also a lot of heart ache in it.
            But thanks for the great job.

            • Lolypop,
              THANK YOU for being a part of this. Your comments are important and always appreciated. You’re family.

            • I love this family. : )
              I’ve got to go out of town for a few days, but will catch up when I get back!

              Doesn’t it amaze you the cry babies always worried about their guns being taken away?
              Where is their heart?
              Care more for a piece of metal that does nothing but KILL.
              I have NEVER seen anyone’s guns taken away from them.

            • Lolypop,
              My son told me today that he had a conversation with a group of friends about conceal carry. None of them were aware of any case involving conceal carry, neither of an unarmed person being killed, other than Trayvon. It caused me to think that so many people do not have fully-informed opinions. Even for those who conceal carry, they need to know the mistakes of others to avoid them.

              Enjoy your trip. May it be safe.

  7. crustyolemothman

    FYI: The officer that starts to speak was not a Ferguson Police Officer, he instead is a St. Louis County Officer… If you are objective you will realize that it does change the context of the event, of course it does seem that many people are in a feeding frenzy and simply accept the story as you wish/hope, or need it to be. At some point the full truth will come out, will it be as the protestors say or as the police have described, or some where in the middle? Here is a link that some of you might find interesting…

    • Mothman,
      I understand what you’re saying about the officer being a St. Louis County officer but here’s the point — he knows something that has not been released to the public.

      There are protesters who are less than cordial, true. Still, when I hear what reporters are saying about how they were handcuffed and put in jail only to be released without charges, I give them credibility.

      • crustyolemothman


        “There are protesters who are less than cordial”

        That is an understatement! The problem that has happened in the area will impact the residents in that area for years… While the anger was justified and quite frankly expected, the destruction of businesses in the area, many who will not rebuild will have an economic impact on all the residents of the area. Jobs have been lost, property has been destroyed, and crimes have been committed, and unfortunately not just by the police department… If the people doing the destruction had used even a small amount of thinking they would not have destroyed there own area to get even with the white race… Or perhaps I should say it this way, if I get mad at you, I’m not going to burn down my house to get even with you…
        Perhaps now that the State Patrol has assumed the law enforcement duties for the area, the citizens of the area might allow an investigation to take place? Only time will tell… The truth will come out regardless of who is guilty and justice will take place… But is that what the residents want? Or do they want revenge? So far it looks like revenge is leading…
        Did you take the time to read the link I posted, this man made the same mistakes and offered advice, after the fact unfortunately…

        • Mothman,
          I admit that maybe I’m not fully informed. The only business that I read about being ruined was a Quick Mart — burned down. There were reports of looting. That’s not to say that I support that type of behavior. When I said less than cordial, I was referring to what I heard on videos in response to the tear gas.

          No, I didn’t read the link yet. Sorry.

          • crustyolemothman


            “I admit that maybe I’m not fully informed”

            That is the point that I was attempting to make, every one of us is dealing with 1/2 of the information, not one of us knows the absolute truth about this entire incident. Yet we chose to accept unverified information as truth, and fail to question the source. You have seen enough of me to realize that I deal with facts quite well, but deal with rumors and allegation very poorly. We simply don’t have enough facts, at this point to make a fair judgment of truth or fiction in this case. The Justice dept. is involved, and hopefully we will get some semblance of truth, and quite frankly (IMO) unless the information that they release matches what some people demand as the truth, it will also be denied as truth…
            My point of the business being ruined is simple, while the Quick Trip was burned to the ground, and the other business were “simply looted” was true. Where do you think the ones that were looted will get the funds to replace the stolen merchandise? You do realize that insurance will not cover those losses? If you were a business owner in that area would you rebuild or replace, as a former owner of several small business, I will state quite honestly that I would not, too high a risk for the business and the employees to and not enough return on investment. The only hope for many people in the area is that the Fed’s give financial relief, but with the GOP/TP/NRA group holding the purse strings that is unlikely to occur..
            Please understand, I’m not saying at any point that the police dept. did not commit some atrocities against the citizens of the area, only that at this point we really don’t have enough facts to know the truth of what has or has not happened…

            • Mothman,
              Your comment is rather loaded. 🙂

              What we do know — the police came out like a military occupation. Reporters were tear gassed and retained in jail. Politicians were retained in jail.

              I don’t know about the businesses and insurance. The last time that I had any experience with business owners who were looted was around 1990 when the Bulls won in Chicago and some people used that to loot and go crazy. They were mainly family owned and operated businesses and did not employ others. I don’t know if that’s true for Ferguson or not and understand, I’m not saying that looting was right nor am I trying to justify it.

              It would be good if we heard from the owners of businesses that were looted.

          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, I apologize if my comments seemed to be “loaded”, that was not my intent. I was going to comment farther, however I think this whole ordeal will be one where anyone who thinks that it is better to operate on factual information instead of what could possibly be biased (in either direction) information will be not only ignored but ostracized as well. I will simply make this statement and it should stand quite well on it’s own merit… Two wrongs simply do not make a right…. Have a good afternoon…

            • Mothman,
              Xena, I apologize if my comments seemed to be “loaded”,

              No need to apologize. Your comment deserved a point-by-point response. It’s not your fault that I’m tired and Flash keeps crashing on my computer getting on my nerves, while I’m multi-tasking watching the press conference on MSNBC along with my dog wanting to play. 🙂

              I HONOR factual information and am not above being corrected. You’re right that two wrongs don’t make a right. Think about this however — killing a fly with a hammer is unnecessary. That’s the bottom line for me at this point. Michael Brown was killed. The way that the Ferguson community reacted is another issue. The lost of merchandise is another issue. The history of Ferguson is another issue. There are numerous issues. Please have a little patience with me in addressing them one at a time and actually, I might not address some because I have nothing to go on other than the standpoint of Ferguson citizens.

          • Xena,
            This reminds me so much of the Zimmerman case.
            GZ walked in the police station as we all saw.
            His nose was not broken. THEN his brother said wait until the pictures come out.
            That’s exactly what I see in this case.
            WAIT until we hear the STORY.
            WHY, if this had anything to do with Mike doing wrong, they would have jumped all over that.
            The policeman get’s NO pass for murdering Michael Brown.
            And BTW why the lies and coverups?
            Why didn’t they interview Michael’s Brown’s friend. Why did they ignore him.
            TRYING to find justice in murdering Michael Brown is like trying to find justice in them murdering Kelly Thomas. There is none. AND shamefully the damn officers once agan got away with murder.
            They finally did what they wanted to do and that was get the story onto Michael Brown and not the murderer.
            I’m ashamed!

            • Lolypop,
              They pull those shenanigans for several reasons. One reason is to use it as an intimidation factor to scare families of victims so they will not pursue justice.

            • And WHY the public ignores this is beyond me.
              It’s right there for us to see.
              It’s been done so many times and when you see the people that do’t open their eyes and ears is just maddening.
              My husband and I talk about it all of the time.
              They are in your face with lies that you can go back and prove it. Yet people give them the benifit of the doubt because they ARE above the law. It’s been that way for too long. That’s why Zimmerman wanted to be one. He still got off. It’s mind boggling.
              AND Thomas’s trial must have been a joke because all of the “people protectors” got aquitted.
              Unbelievable, isn’t it?
              They will protect this cop for as long as they can until they can make up enough BS to try and plan their cover ups. They should all be fired.

            • Lolypop,

              Unbelievable, isn’t it?


  8. I read where Rep. Lewis is asking Obama to declare Martial law, to utilize the Missouri National Guard to come in to protect the protestors.

    • Mindyme, yes. However, the Governor decided to call off the local police and allow the Highway patrol handle things. There is peace and confidence in Ferguson tonight.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly
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