It Has Been A Long Week

It is Friday already.  Seems like yesterday was Monday.

Butterflydreamer2 had a birthday this week.  Yahtzeebutterfly covered the Ted Wafer trial, along with other magnificent participants.  I’m afraid that if I try naming everyone that I might inadvertently omit someone, so here’s a huge thanks to everyone.  It certainly was not easy following a trial that was not live streamed.

Justice for Renisha is no longer a hope but a reality.  We lift up her parents, family and friends.  Nothing will ever replace Renisha, but knowing that the jury entered a ruling based on facts and the law is like having an eternal flame.  May it brighten the path for others to follow.

dog and catWe continue moving forward in hope and love for peace, not only in our nation of America, but for all inhabitants on Earth, including all creatures, great and small.


I checked the docket for Seminole County and learned that the case of Zimmerman v. Barr has a hearing scheduled for October 16, 2014.  That indicates to me that Barr’s attorneys are preparing motions to have the case dismissed.

Thanks to everyone who commented here for the first time.  I realize that I missed welcoming a few by replying to their comment, and ask for your forgiveness.   It’s just been a fast week of being divided into many directions.  Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, (LOL) but the truth is that if I don’t do things as I see them, it takes me time to remember what I didn’t do.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I might or might not post anything else this weekend, so feel free to use this for open discussion and remember, make somebody happy — make somebody strong.





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  1. What a week! Happy Birthday Butterflydreamer2 and Thank you so much YahzteeB for your diligence in bringing us the trial that found justice for Renisha McBride.

    I wanted to share the following:

    We have a local news channel who has allowed horribly racist comments to stand on their comment boards. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has contacted the station to complain. In the past their response has been (an excuse) of ‘community moderation’, blah blah blah. Yesterday I noticed that several stories didn’t allow comments at all. What follows is an e-mail exchange with the writer (Alicia Booth) of one tragic story:
    On Aug 7, 2014, “m” wrote:

    > Thank you for not allowing comments on the story of Howard Wiley who drowned in Black Creek yesterday.

    > The last thing those who loved him need to read are the wicked comments you and I both know would be posted.

    > Sincerely,

    > M

    Alicia Booth
    Aug 7


    m d

    Hi M

    That has been a big cause for concern/discussion in the newsroom. It’s heartbreaking to see what some people write, isn’t it?

    Thanks for your email. I’m passing it along to the web folks who govern those policies.



    Baby Steps but it may come to something. There may be hope for us, as a society, after all.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yes, Mindy, as you say, “Baby Steps but it may come to something. There may be hope for us, as a society, after all.”

      I hope something will come of that letter as it reaches the people who govern policy at that news station. There IS hope!


    • Mindy,
      Excellent work! At times, it’s like cutting down a huge tree, one branch at a time persistently, then the trunk.

      It’s about time that news sources take notice of hate-speech and bullying in comment sections.


      • Thanks y’all! At one point, a reporter/writer admitted that they CAN moderate the comments.. when suggested if they can’t they shouldn’t have the comment board at all.. ( I never heard back from that particular one after that exchange)


        • Mindmy,
          Of course they can moderate, and some have where comments can be flagged which is good as having nothing. That is why I stay away from those cesspools.


  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    “We continue moving forward in hope and love for peace, not only in our nation of America, but for all inhabitants on Earth, including all creatures, great and small.

    Beautiful, Xena!

    Yes, with hope in our hearts
    With a yearning for peace

    Inch by inch in a forward direction
    Caring for
    Advocating for
    Lifting up

    Reaching out
    To those in need
    To the hungry
    To the suffering
    To those in harms way

    In Love
    In Peace
    In Community

    No man is an island, no man stands alone.
    Each man’s joy is joy to me.
    Each man’s grief is my own.
    We need one another, so I will defend
    Each man as my brother,
    Each man as my friend.

    “No Man Is an Island” :


  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Santana is a good end to the week. Take a deep breath and enjoy your weekend, Xena.


    • Hey Jackie! I like Santana and “Make Somebody Happy” is one of my favorite songs. He also performs it live in Spanish.


  4. (Administrator’s note: Donna, if you want to share something privately, you can post it as a comment. I have set it up so your comments will go to moderation and will not be posted publicly.)

    good morning. I’ve been reading this blog since the Zimmerman trial but have never had an account until today. I have something I want to share with Xena privately but I don’t know how to send an email directly to her. Can you tell me how to do that?


  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    Happy birthday Butterflydreamer. Also kudos to Xena on your new correspondent towerflower. Double kudos to all that did the work covering the Ted Wafer trial. It is a good thing that Ted Wafer has been found guilty of all charges,as he should’ve been. Where is the self defense in shooting someone who just banged on your door? That was all she did. Yet Wafer had the nerve to say he didn’t want to cower ,he didn’t want to feel less than a man. What a coward. Of course there are those that feel what he did was self defense and just. These same people will tell you that Joseph Walker and Trevor Dooley were unjust in their shootings. Even though Walker and Dooley actually faced aggressors and had people verbally assault them ,plus Dooley was physically assaulted. Now that Wafer has been found guilty,a heavy prison sentence will complete justice. Thank you all.


    • Can I call you number1 for short? 🙂

      Wafer’s stories didn’t line up. Neither did Zimmerman’s, but the prosecution in his case made the mistake of presenting the jury with all of his statements and videos rather than forcing Zimmerman to take the stand and explain his inconsistencies. IMHO, the prosecution in Zimmerman’s case should not have played anymore to the jury other than his first statements to Serino and Singleton.

      I would have loved to see Jose Baez cut into Zimmerman and Dunn.

      These same people will tell you that Joseph Walker and Trevor Dooley were unjust in their shootings.

      Of course. It’s a double-standard. When I researched the Dooley case and found that he tried walking away, I said, “Then he’s covered under SYG.” Then the jury came upon its decision of Dooley being the initial aggressor, and I said that the same applied to Zimmerman. But, after the Zimmerman verdict I saw that citizens of the same state, with the same law, apply it differently. That is an injustice.


      • chuquestaquenumber1

        Actually I prefer chuquestaque pronounced like chuck steak,but number 1 is fine.


        • No problem, “chuck steak.” Chuquestaque it is. I cannot thank you enough for having a Word Press account so you can keep participating here.


  6. T.G.T.I.F. Looking around and searching I found information related to Zimmerman’s protector and ex employer,Pat Johnson the one who texted him “Don’t come back to the store”

    “Johnson received that certificate and said he also attended classes there from 1985 to 1998 but didn’t receive a degree”. Wow!

    “FSU: No record of college degree for DeLand mayoral candidate” Wow!

    ” DeLand Police Department shows he was fired for insubordination in 1991 after two years on the force”.


    Deland mayor’s race
    FSU: No record of college degree for DeLand mayoral candidate


    • Hey Joseph,
      What you just shared helps us get into Zimmerman’s head. Thanks.

      GZ apparently surrounds himself with people who once had positions with power and authority, failed, but were able to use their former position (or try to) to propel them into another position with more power and authority than the former.

      That is why it’s so important to him to try to be a celebrity for taking the life of an unarmed teen who was just trying to get home.

      I remember reading where Pat said he could give up on the election now. Have you read anything more about his run for mayor?


      • Hello Xena, looking facebook “friend” page,there are 167 likes- supporters,crash and burning campaign it seems to me.

        He posted a recommendation letter dating back July 2 1991 -LOL-LOL

        OMHO after his “friend” was caught moonlighting as “vigilante in his business his chance to become a major was nullified,it need to be said his chances before were 0 -political agitator stirring an empty pot.


        • Joseph,
          Unless the voting population in DeLand is like 300, (or only 167 citizens there are on Facebook), I would say that Pat didn’t have a chance even before Zimmerman made it known that he was stalking out the store.


          • Xena,indeed I do not think he could have any chance to be a mayor ,specially after the news that he offered the vigilante some guns.

            His past lies caught with him.Bad cop,and non existent academics,is not a crime
            not to hold a degree to run for public office neither lying about one but
            it goes against his credibility and intention,Von Voyage!


          • Joseph,
            Pat was campaigning on a rise in crime. The incumbent mayor challenged him on that. Then, Pat’s store is robbed and Zimmerman is caught parked in the back of store waiting on robbers. That was to help promote Pat’s campaign strategy but it backfired.

            I agree that not having or obtaining things such as a college degree is nothing to lie about. The proof of intelligence is not in the college degree but in how people treat others. Pat gave Zimmerman a gun, but not a job. Speaks volumes.


          • Xena, indeed,,,speak volumes after been confronted by the mayor his store was robbed and the vigilante show up. Something is fishy and isn’t fish.


          • Joseph,

            Something is fishy and isn’t fish.

            You got that right! And, Zimmerman WANTED the cops to know who he was and that Pat had given him a gun.

            I’ve read the opinions of some that the robbery was staged. Don’t those motor bikes require a key to start? If so, how did the robbers know what exact keys would start those exact bikes unless they started them some other way? I really wish that the reporters writing about these things would present all the details from the police report. But then, in order for them to do so, the police have to have the details in their reports.


      • I’m not Joe, but there has been no story yet saying he was giving up his run. The only comment he has made was to a local TV station saying that this has ruined his chances. But he is still in the race.

        There is a reporter for the local area that has been breaking all these stories from him being fired to the lack of a degree. Johnson got so fed up with the questions that he had the reporter given a trespass warning by the cops. He claims that the reporter said he would get even with him…..although if the truth is on your side then what do you have to fear. The reporter has also investigated the school past (did he really have the degree) of the current mayor and claims by Johnson that the mayor sold a home that violated ethics (The mayor sold a home to a City Manager, that needed a Deland address to accept the job and Johnson claims it violated so ethics rule.)

        But it appears that Z gets his advice from fired cops.


        • Towerflower by his own admission those events ruined his chances,,.
          He stays in the race to save his face.

          He was ruined when people found out about guns for the vigilante and “friendship”

          As you said,he is embroiled with a reporter, trespassing warning etc..,,,

          He tried to run as mayor imploding the system from outside,he claims that everyone is corrupt,he claims that the city itself is corrupt without proof.

          Lastly,how he will present a support letter from 1991 ,a generation ago?


        • towerflower,

          But it appears that Z gets his advice from fired cops.

          That speaks volumes! I wonder where Osterman is these days?


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Brady’s death ruled homicide; police investigating”


    WASHINGTON — The death of James Brady has been ruled a homicide resulting from John Hinckley Jr.’s attempted 1981 assassination of President Ronald Reagan, the Virginia Medical Examiner ruled Friday.

    As a result, D.C. Metropolitan Police are investigating the death of the former White House press secretary and gun control icon. Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the shooting that left Brady partially paralyzed.

    Brady died Tuesday at age 73. The medical examiner attributed his death to the bullet that struck Brady in the head when Hinckley emptied his six-shot .22-caliber revolver in March 1981


  8. Priceless pic!


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    This is the Justice page advocating for Kendrick Johnson:


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    “White Crime Victims Favored In Mainstream Media Reports”
    October 17, 2012


  11. butterflydreamer2

    Good morning, Thank you all for the birthday wishes…..

    Lawyer says porch shooter ‘shocked’ by verdict


    • butterflydreamer2

      “We might not agree with what he did or how he did it, but he was honest with what he told us about that night.”

      And that is suppose to mean what? That he went a little to far, but you don’t think he’ll do it again?

      “Even if he gets 15 years, that’s essentially a life sentence for him,” Carpenter said, noting Wafer’s age.

      Take note of this lady, Renisha was only 19 and he took the rest of her life from her.
      If he didn’t intend to kill her, then he shouldn’t have opened the door. He had other choices. No he doesn’t get sent to the corner to think about it, that’s not how it works when your an adult.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Honest about being contradictory?

        First he said he accidentally shot Renisha. When that did not work in the preliminary hearing because it was pointed out that the trigger required 6+ pounds of pressure and could not go off accidentally, he with his legal team said he shot intentionally.


    • butterflydreamer,
      Carpenter may not like what her client’s actions look like, but intentionally opening a door, and shooting a person’s face off through the screen door because they knocked on the door,is murder.

      Carpenter is right about sentencing but guess what? At least Wafer got to live to be 55, which is something he robbed Renisha of doing.


    • Happy Birthday butterflydreamer2!


    • Someone need to tell Carpenter without ambiguity “He’s (Waffer) a cold-blooded killer”

      From accident to self defense without an ounce of remorse he acted his part in the stand,he failed as a actor,a bad one I might add.

      Tough luck for him the trial was held outside Florida!

      Tough luck for him the judge stop all shenanigan played by his defense and her
      name is not Debra from Florida.

      Tough luck for him the prosecution tender the legal case as professional i!

      Tough luck for him,he have to deal with it!

      Lawyer Carpenter performance less than stellar ,she failed trying to blame the
      victim murdered by her defendant,tough luck!

      And YES ,her client is a murderer,a convicted ONE! She can disguise anymore
      her client as passive and well mannered -HE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A MURDERER! Carpenter need to Deal with it!

      We knew/I knew she was shocked,We Saw her face ! Priceless!

      And YES ,he never was honest,as a murderer that he is ,he tried in vain getting away with murder.

      And Ms Carpenter if you are reading this you are a despicable human being,
      shameful mother and eyesore to your profession ! My Opinion!

      One down 2 more to go!


  12. I wanted to share this sad story of another injustice. Remember the ammosexuals with their displays of open carry using real ARs in restaurants and stores? This young man had a TOY gun and was killed by police.


    • Jueseppi blogged on that story. Whomever called the cops saying the guy was waiving a gun at kids in the store should be riddled with nightmares for the rest of their life.


    • This is one of the problems I have with “toy guns”. In fact I don’t even like the description of “toy” being assigned to the guns/rifles. The rifle he had on him was a Crossman MK-177 air rifle. Air rifles do not have to have the orange tip unlike an airsoft which does. They can fire a small metal “BB” and the 177 denotes the size of the BB.

      This rifle was made to look like the Bushmaster ACR, which also comes in two different colors just like the MK-177, black or tan. When these companies make these “toys” they make them as realistic to the real thing as possible, looks, size, length, etc. There are few differences that can be made out in a life/death situation for a cop in which a cop has to make a split second decision.

      It would appear from first accounts, that he did not have this on him when he entered the store but picked up on or took one out of the box in the camping/firearm section of Walmart. Walmart does not put these “toys” in the toy section of their stores.

      IMO, if a toy company wants to make a BB/airsoft/bubblegun and wants to make it look like a real gun then there should be a federal law requiring more than just an orange tip, they should be required to have the body of the gun a bright neon color so that another officer does not mistake a “toy” for the real thing again.


      • towerflower,
        Ahhh. Throw-back days. I remember when kids had “cap guns” and rifles, and no one feared because citizens in general did not own guns. The only people who came out in the open with them were bank robbers and Al Capone’s gang.

        Guns have become so common now that “toy” guns and rifles should actually be removed from the consumer market, IMO. We need that to protect innocent citizens, children and adults, and relieve the fears of other citizens.


  13. butterflydreamer2

    It will be interesting to see if they have any video. The girlfriend said he was by the toy section, the mother of his children whom he was on the phone with said he was at the toy section, if he had a BB gun it came from the sporting goods section, the witness said he was shot in the lawn and garden section, the police said he was in the pet section.

    I don’t consider a BB/Airgun to be a toy, and if he was walking around pointing it at people, I would be concerned also. I have a problem with open carry in stores anyway. I have a problem with guns period. I think I need to hear more news of what occurred.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “Family of man killed by cops at Wal-Mart demands video”
      08/13/14 07:59 PM

      The family of an John Crawford III, African-American man shot and killed by police in a Wal-Mart store in Ohio, is demanding the retailer release surveillance video of the events that led to his death. Wal-Mart has released the footage to the Ohio Attorney General’s office, but has refused to release it to Crawford’s family…….

      Jill Del Greco, a public information officer for the Ohio attorney general’s office, confirmed to msnbc that the attorney general’s office received the initial footage from Walmart and reviewed it, and then further requested surveillance footage from every camera in the store where the shooting took place. Del Greco says Wal-Mart complied and delivered all the footage to the attorney general’s office on Monday, and that they are now in the process of reviewing it. Del Greco also said they will not be releasing footage to the family or to the media until the investigation is completed.


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        LeeCee Johnson, the mother of John Crawford III’s two children — Jayden Crawford and John Crawford IV — holds their 4-month-old son Jayden on Wednesday outside of her Fairfield apartment. John Crawford III was shot and killed during an incident at a Walmart in Beavercreek on Tuesday night.
        NICK DAGGY (Dayton Daily News)


  14. butterflydreamer2

    Former friend, supporter of George Zimmerman Frank Taaffe on King Jordan Radio

    Since there’s an investigation he really can’t say much that we already haven’t heard. He states the State is to blame for the verdict.


  15. Like

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “Mom died at Walmart, trying to save kids after shooting”

      SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – A mother of four who died following a shooting incident at the Beavercreek Walmart was most likely shopping for school supplies and wedding items for her upcoming nuptials.

      Angela Williams, 37, collapsed inside the store Tuesday night as she was rushing to get two of her children out of the store.

      2 NEWS spoke with Williams’ colleagues and friends at the Villa Springfield Health and Rehabilitation Center where she worked as Director of Education.

      They say she was a free spirit, hard worker, excited about her wedding on Saturday.

      Her fateful shopping trip with two of her children came at the same time that police believe John Crawford, 22, arrived waving a rifle in the store.

      Police confirmed that they shot and killed Crawford as they tried to arrest him.

      Williams’ friends say she collapsed in front of her 10-year-old daughter.

      Williams’ is said to have a heart condition and recovered from an episode in the recent past.


  16. Sadly it has happened again. Ferguson, MO:

    Michael Brown, 18 and a recent graduate of High School was shot multiple times by police. He was unarmed and walking home from the store at around 2pm. He was to start college on Monday. Reports are still coming in, so right now most is still “rumor” until a full news conference is done. Reports have him being shot in the back or head/chest, 10 shots to 12 shots, having his hands up to being on the ground. But the one thing that has been verified was that Michael Brown was unarmed.

    I wondered out loud what someone could have done to justify being shot and killed in the street when one did not possess a weapon nor attacked anyone? It is still unclear as to what prompted the shooting…..other than walking home and being black.

    My thoughts and prayers are with this family, may they soon get answers and justice.


  17. It’s a long video, but this guy has interesting perspectives and there are times when he tells it like it is.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      My fellow Black citizens have ALWAYS faced this horrific treatment by police. Why hasn’t ALL of America condemned this in the past, in this last year, in this last month?

      Why now start talking in generalities? Is this Vermont guy’s talk given in order to talk reason to his white-priviledged audience?

      What needs to be address MOST at this crucial moment when an UNARMED Black child with his hands up in a SURRENDER mode is the treatment of our innocent fellow Black citizens….the UNJUST, NEGATIVE profiling and stereotyping of Blacks by LE, wanna-be cops and hateful racists.

      The following tweet says it all! Things haven’t changed:


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      The following tweet says it all! Things haven’t changed:

      Kolawole Tokeaux @Tokeaux · 6h
      reality check check white supremacy exist. Justice needs to be served FOH w/ petitions & prayers #Ferguson


  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    The horror of it all!


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    Michael Skolnik will be discussing this police killing of Michael Brown at 8:40 on MSNBC:


  20. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Protests Follow Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Teenager Michael Brown”

    Police have confirmed the shooting, but little else, and as if the people of Ferguson, or across the nation via social media, needed any more reason to be outraged, their response to community grief and frustration was a show of force, rather than a show of concern. Aside from minimal statements to the press, there has been no press conference, no hint of what precipitated the shooting, and perhaps most tellingly, no denial that the young man was unarmed.

    The notion of black people as threats is older than America itself, but there is something new and disturbing about this current roster of names added to those etched even in our recent past. Rodney King, Amadou Diallo, Eleanor Bumpurs, Abner Louima, these incidents were all rather far removed from the era that consumed the life of Emmett Till, but still occurred during times of roiling racial tension that was palpable to all. Even the killing of Sean Bell happened in the waning days of the pre-post-racial era before Barack Obama was elected president, and our popular (white) culture declared an end to racism.

    What’s different now is that in post-racial America, it has become acceptable to be “post-racial,” and still fear black people. Policing strategies have legalized racism, and the media, beginning with the killing of Trayvon Martin, has made the view of black people as de facto threats just another side of the argument, and a persuasive one for many.

    You can lock up all the killers of unarmed black people, or not lock them up, and it will make no difference the next time some panicky person with a gun shoots down the next Michael Brown, or Renisha McBride, or Jonathan Ferrell, or John Crawford, or chokes out the next Eric Garner. The people who have made it their business to legitimize the view of black culture as the wellspring of criminality have blood on their hands, and will continue to have blood on their hands.


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    I saw a tweet somewhere that said there might be a Ferguson police news conference this morning at 10:00 a.m.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Tweet: ““When will young people of color’s lives matter when they are alive?”


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        From erica williams simon @createdby erica:

        The killing, the militarized police response, the coverage. How many more ways can you say “Your lives hold no value”? #Michael Brown

        They’ve tried for GENERATIONS to wipe us out & time & time again we rise. Our ancestors blood runs too thick through our veins. #Ferguson

        Fortunately, the state cannot define us. Nor can they hold us back. They still don’t get it: YOU CAN’T ERASE US.

        This is an epidemic, plain & simple.


  22. Another chief of police trying to blame a victim of murder of his death.

    Oddly a young man went to grab the officer gun,causing his own death.REALLY?

    Remember Rodney King beating,the police and the defense hired a video expert
    to tell the public that every blow was justified like We were blind!

    Why then the victim is 35 feet from the shooter?

    According to witnesses the young man was unarmed !

    Police chief from Ferguson sounding more ex chief Lee (Sanford) watershed everything,,,

    Using words as individuals and men to rest importance that the murdered victim was
    an UNARMED teen!

    Why is important to put the horses before the carriage in this circumstances from
    the police chief perspective because We the people are fools,you see ,nowhere was
    mentioned what crime was committed by the victim nor words the compassion to the family.

    It’s my belief that higher up crime agencies were created to justify every police murder
    as justifiable or how many times everyone knows any officers indicted by gunning
    or beating a civilian to death…

    In this case the police chief very subtle started his press conference intent to grab the
    gun by the victim,shooting inside the patrol car and such,,,,His code words,,, young thug
    tried to disarm the police officer…

    One down 2 more to go!

    The DOJ is entertained with child porn and blue collar crimes,the violent deaths
    of civilians from every race,gender and social status is an aberration.

    I do not know why everyone is shock ,torture is legal in America,incitement against the
    government by well known politicians is a daily occurrence.

    When people in power worry more about missiles than students in the classrooms,
    hugging and praising known racists and homophobes,denying living wages,they don’t care about US.

    I could rant forever but everyone know something is fishy and isn’t fish!

    Note-I got a big satisfaction that at least/last a bigot was convicted by a jury of his peers.


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