Closing Arguments – Ted Wafer Trial

Closing arguments in the Ted Wafer trial start at 9 a.m. The judge has allotted one hour to each side.

This thread is open for following closing arguments and discussion.  We will then be on jury watch for the verdict.

If I come across any videos from the courtroom, I’ll update by posting them here.

Justice for Renisha!


UPDATE from today’s closing arguments.


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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am grateful to the reporters who are tweeting out the trial proceedings.

    I so wish we could watch the closing arguments.

    Here are two links where you can find reporters who are tweeting from the court:


  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Renisha McBride’s Killer and his Two Tall Tales


    There are always 2 sides to every story but in the trial for the murder of Renisha McBride, the two sides come from the same person–the defendant. Theodore Wafer’s two tall tales give conflicting accounts of what happened on the night that McBride was killed. The jury is the judge of the facts in every case and must decide on the truth…..

    A tall tale is often a story that is exaggerated and told as if it were true. In Wafer’s case, he has told a tall tale at trial to fit his own needs—to be acquitted. He didn’t just forget some parts; He completely has two different versions of how the events unfolded. An accident fits into manslaughter while self-defense completely exonerates the defendant from both manslaughter and second degree murder. And the jury will be instructed on making false exculpatory statements. At the end of the deliberations, the jury must decide what to believe—the Theodore Wafer on trial or the one on the night or Renisha McBride’s killing. Jury deliberations will start after closing arguments on Wednesday, August 6.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Defense Rests in Murder Trial of Ted Wafer
    Cross-examination reveals inconsistencies in defendant’s testimony”


  4. Jueseppi B.

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  5. crustyolemothman

    Yawn, good morning… After two long unproductive days I am now able to be here to follow this extremely important case. This case and others to follow will have an important impact on this nation and it’s love affair with the 2nd amendment. While perhaps the intent behind the re-writing of the castle doctrine was good, the much too often results of it has not been. This man (TW) is guilty and yet many people (mainly gun lovers) continue to espouse that he had the right to murder the victim if for no other reason because she was on his porch… Note to all people who might have to go onto a porch, simply doing so could cost you your life, so just start throwing the packages in the street in front of the house… that is the cost of this kind of ignorant law… be prepared to pick up your own mail, packages and girl scout cookies in the middle of the road…


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Good morning, crustyolemothman 🙂

      “Note to all people who might have to go onto a porch, simply doing so could cost you your life”

      I hope EACH member of the jury realizes this and how important “getting it right” during deliberation is!

      Thank you, crusty, for all of your commentary and retweeting during this trial. I appreciate your contributions so much!


      • crustyolemothman

        It has been said by many (too many?) people that I too often think outside of the box… My opinion is that too often the box is hiding the truth! It is because of you and others here on this site with the guiding spirit of Xena speak the truth and promote the repair and healing of this nation that inspires us to continue having faith that this nation will finally become the great nation that is can be….


  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Renisha may or may not get justice but I believe that a man as large as he could not have felt as fearful as he says. We had a drunk come to our door once and I called the police and waited but my husband paced back and forth with a baseball bat. My only concern was the glass in the outside door; if that broke the man could have been hurt. Poor man thought he was at home… exactly like Renisha.


  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    judge dana hathaway on bench


  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Court clerk/asst just informed us copies of instructions given to the jury will be avail to the media: 33 pages, $33


  9. good morning folks — no rest for the wicked, i suppose. i have been awake all night, it is still quite early for me in CA. expect to be disappointed in the pithy comment department as i can barely keep my eyes open, but i’m doing my best.

    i’m hoping for a powerful round of closing argument by the prosecution and nothing but the weak mewing of an injured kitten from the defense (no cats were harmed in the formation of this statement). keeping my fingers crossed for the jury to do the right thing.


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Motion being heard first; DEF saying absolutely no evidence that #RenishaMcBride was looking for help; wandered off from site of accident

    DEF asks that the PROS be prohibited from making that argument in closing today


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      motion from def atty to strike from record that renisha mcbride looking for help that nov. 2 morning. doesn’t want pros to mention inclosing

      pros pat muscat arguing now the defense brought it up

      def atty says wafer didn’t inject it in his defense that mcbride was looking for help..judge says no dispute mcbride injured, bleeding ..

      that morning judge will allow it..muscat will do first part of closing for pros. and pros athina siringas will do rest and rebuttal

      PROS arguing that DEFN brought it up, he considered it a possibility @ 1st, it is circumstantial which is allowable

      Judge will allow the PROS to argue if they so choose


  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    def atty and pros still going over what instructions jury shld get..def atty wants the word “aim” in there ..pros objects..jurors not in ct

    muscat says “aiming” not part of’s pointing, he says

    DEF asking about jury form, sees some corrections needed; murder should specify 2nd degree;

    DEF also saying verdict form should state “aiming”; PROS says it is misleading, not an element of crime

    PROS says it is extraneous information on the verdict forms


  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    muscat says jury form not confusing and it’s too late for the def to start adding other wording for elements… of the crime

    pros says the def atty doesn’t need to add extra wording that will “confuse” the jury

    PROS arguing that verdict form should not add elements; says DEF is playing a game

    DEF says its in the statute, its in the elements, its everywhere


  13. yahtzeebutterfly

    Judge states that generally don’t add information on verdict form; says if jury needs further info they can send a note


  14. defense going down in flames alread – i love it!


    • with her request regarding word changes on jury form, it sounds as if she is doing her best to keep murder 2 off the table and lead the jury to manslaughter.

      9:29 AM and her ‘secret’ brand deodorant is out.


  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: “is she (def atty) really concerned about making the jury form as clear as poss.??”

    muscat: ..” cannot restrict us in that way (from demon. with the shotgun) during closing arguments

    DEF says she is only asking for three words; Judge doesn’t want 2 provide additional info

    DEF also asking that PROS be admonished about shotgun handling; Judge starts to say no handling of shotgun;


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    def atty: “i know juror # 9 was horrified (about pros handling of shotgun during cross tuesday)..”

    pros athina siringas: “they want to sanitize this case””..about judge saying for shotgun not to be shown during closing arguments..

    judge gonna allow pros muscat to use shotgun for closing arguments. says she’s going to “hold” him to his promise to safely handle shotgun

    PROS strenuously objects, says judge cannot restrict the People from handling the shotgun in closing arguments

    DEF saying PROS swept the jury with the shotgun and pointed at DEFN; PROS objects says they did not;

    Judge agrees, says she saw it, PROS did not do that; PROS objects saying that judge wants to sanitize this case;

    PROS says it can’t be sanitized; says this case is about her client taking this shotgun and shooting #RenishaMcBride in the face with it

    PROS says we have the burden of proof, we should be allowed to proceed. Judge eventually concedes


  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    def atty wants to tell jurors during closing that mcbride broke wafer’s home cause she was on porch. pros objects

    at issue now, the porch as part of Wafer’s home; PROS arguing that duty to retreat on porch will be used improperly by DEF

    PROS saying DEF is going to do exactly what i said yesterday; that #RenishaMcBride was in Wafer’s house because she was on porch

    DEF concurs, “I am going to do that.”


  18. oralandar brand-wms ‏@oralandar_DN 1m

    judge tells def atty she will stop her if she infers. that mcbride was breaking into wafer’s porch cause she was on his porch

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    yee fuckin haw!


  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: says def.going to argue mcbride “broke” the house cause she was on wafer’s porch..pros objects saying def gonna argue it for self.def.

    judge says she has not given jury instructions in relation to breaking and entering. the whole issue is whether someone was attack. in home

    judge says there was no attack. pros. says def is going to infer there and that law contrary to that

    judge says you still need an attack for no duty to retreat (michigan self defense law)

    judge tells def atty she will stop her if she infers. that mcbride was breaking into wafer’s porch cause she was on his porch

    def atty says as an atty she follows the law and wants to make sure it’s okay to make her arguments

    def atty says “i’m never going to say she was inside mr wafer’s house. she wasn’t”..jury comes in now

    PROS wants an instruction for the jury that there is no “breaking” when a person is on your porch;

    Judge says she has not given any instruction on “breaking and entering,” and DEF will not be allowed to argue it

    Judge says instruction was re porch is considered house.

    PROS says “porch is considered being in the home.” Judge says “you still need an attack”

    PROS says that is what she is going to do, we argued this yesterday and she said no I’m not going to do that,

    PROS says instruction deals with “duty to retreat”. Discussion concluded.

    Jury had been brought in and led to back room, they were not in the courtroom during that discussion.


  20. idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 34s

    PROS Pat Muscat begins opening statement by saying that #RenishaMcBride “just wanted to go home, but she ended up in the morgue

    (wishing to god i could see this)


  21. yahtzeebutterfly

    prosecutor pat muscat begins closing statements starting with “she wanted to go home..she just wanted to go home..”

    PROS Pat Muscat begins opening statement by saying that #RenishaMcBride “just wanted to go home, but she ended up in the morgue


  22. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says he was mad. Clip of police interview vid is played with Wafer’s voice.

    PROS said #RenishaMcBride was drunk, disoriented, and had bullets in her head and brain.


  23. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS now asking why? Because he was angry that his car had been paintballed by some kids? Plays clip.

    He wanted a confrontation, he wanted to show those kids that shotgun, because he had had enough, enough of the paintball


  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    muscat says wafer angry, “full of piss and vinegar” over kids paintballed his vehicle ..he finds unarmed teenager ..

    raised up his shotgun and shoots mcbride in the face

    Enough of the drug paraphernalia [on his lawn]

    Now the sound, the knocking is back at the front door.

    What he found at that front door was a 19-year old, wet [from the rain]


  25. yahtzeebutterfly

    He tells us he crawled through house looking for his cell phone, but he didn’t look in the place where he usually keeps it

    You heard no evidence from the DEFN of any noises or anybody being in his backyard or at the back door;

    Nosies only at front and side doors


  26. yahtzeebutterfly

    muscat:”she’s not here to tell you what happened that night because of his actions.” the police interog. video is played/evid pics shown

    He may have said something, he’s not sure, because he said “now I’m mad”

    You won’t get to meet #RenishaMcBride, she’s not here, because of his actions

    He shot her through a locked door. He found his phone right away; never told them somebody was trying to get into his house


  27. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: there is no evid of fear .no evid that he was going to get hurt. No evid anyone was in his homeby his own words/by his own actions

    hearing 911 call from accident..mcbride had earlier

    the 911 operator calls him back, he says it was an accident; that’s what he tells the police;

    PROS now talking about the state that #RenishaMcBride was in, says she was wondering around after car accident

    PROS plays 911 tape of witnesses at site of #RenishaMcBride’s car crash


  28. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: we know she was injured..bleeding..drunk (in accident) and she wanted to go home..she wanted to go home

    pros says in the three hours in btwn accident..she may have go to sleep and then awakened and started looking for help

    “injured, bleeding, disoriented, drunk, unsteady on her feet, possible closed head injury, and she wanted to go home”

    What happened between 1:30 and 4:30 am? People looked for her; did she lay down and go to sleep? Quite possible


  29. note to yahtzee — in my state of sleepless stupor, when i see you type POS, i first think of wafer.


  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: wafer only person who says he heard knocking/ evid of it..his testimony not worthy of belief

    Photo of Muscat pointing to defendant:


  31. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros going over elements of second degree..overheard shown with elements of law on it

    PROS going over the law/instructions for the jurors, elements needed; says jury only has to find one of those elements true


  32. yahtzeebutterfly

    Says if you all agree at least one of three states of mind was present, a box gets checked; don’t have 2 agree on which

    PROS says Wafer’s shotgun is a deadly weapon; it is designed to kill. It is not designed to scare people away.

    PROS racks shotgun [still unloaded], PROS says THAT [sound of racking the shotgun] scares people away.


  33. dear lord — defense is objecting during closing arguments. total desperation has set in. i’d be very wary of what she intends to say.


  34. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF objects to statement in PROS closing; Judge advises jurors that closing argument is not evidence

    Judge says closing is aid to the evidence; DEF objects again to what is called a misstatement


  35. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros says wafer has not established great defense for self defense and that he handled his gun like a toy and as a result a 19 yr old isdead

    pros says wafer, waffled, but told jury in testimony that he raised his gun and pulled trigge

    PROS using projector with wording of the law/instructions on it for the jurors

    PROS says you can look at the injuries on the victim to determine the DEFN’s intent

    PROS says you can infer that if DEFN used a dangerous weapon, he intended to kill

    PROS says when we began this case we didn’t know the DEFN was going to testify; he told you more than once he intended

    to kill; he has said he raised that weapon; PROS says jurors can infer from these actions.

    Wafer’s statement to the police; “I should have called you guys 1st.” If he had called police 1st, we wouldn’t be here

    PROS talking about how Wafer’s house was buttoned-up tight. Steel doors. No threat of anyone coming thru them


  36. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros says police have said wafer home “buttoned” up so there was no threat of mcbride coming into his home

    No threat from five foot four, 19-year old #RenishaMcBride. The locking mechanisms of those doors were intact. No damage.


  37. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says the DEFN is guilty of 2nd degree murder.


  38. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS now going over Manslaughter and Gross Negligence. PROS says DEFN could’ve used ordinary care, flipping the safety on.


  39. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says jurors have to assess credibility; PROS says Wafer’s credibility is lacking

    PROS says Wafer has manipulated; “buzz words” used for a reason


  40. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS asks does Wafer have a reason to lie? “How about to save his own skin?”

    PROS says a “false exculpatory statement” is when you say something deliberately false so you won’t get in trouble


  41. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros says wafer has no credibility and that he manipulated the facts in the case when he testified

    PROS says look at statements, testimony that Wafer gave, if you determine that ANY of these statements were false & related


  42. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS now speaking about self-defense. Honestly and Reasonably is used more than once


  43. yahtzeebutterfly

    in instruct. jurors on exculpatory statements, pros tells them they can find him guiltyin the case if they believe he was lying

    PROS says person must have a fear of imminent death or great bodily harm


  44. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF objects again, Judge says she has already instructed jurors, if lawyers say something different, refer to her


  45. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says law says u must consider all elements; DEFN shot thru a locked door, a woman on his porch.

    PROS says law says u must also consider the condition of the people involved: #RenishaMcBride, staggering, torn boot, closed head injury


  46. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: she was unarmed, injured and looking for help (of McBride). says what wafer did was not neces. “he had other options.”

    PROS says no evidence #RenishaMcBride was armed. She was not. She was a young girl looking for help.

    PROS says what he did was not immed. necessary. it was reckless. horrific


  47. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says Wafer had other options, could have gone into another part of his house, which is not retreating.

    PROS says don’t know exactly where #RenishaMcBride was when she was shot; submits that DEF expert is not credible


  48. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says if you go and pick up an unloaded weapon, self-defense ends


  49. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros: The law only excuses the taking of another person’s life in extreme wasn’t met in this case.


  50. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS says Wafer shot an unarmed teenager, left a steel door open and gun on the ground, who does that?


    • Especially if you think that there was more than one person present. Didn’t he testify that he thought there was more than one person around?


  51. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros:He shot through a locked door. He shot an unarmed teen.

    PROS Wafer went to that door to have a confrontation


  52. yahtzeebutterfly

    pros says look at evid in case and deliver justice..”.justice for renisha mcbride”

    PROS says Wafer is guilty. #RenishaMcBride just wanted to go home. Wafer’s actions were unjustified and unreasonable.


  53. yahtzeebutterfly

    def opening now..”they were coming for him..” about incidents leading up to shooting

    DEF is rebutting. Does Ted Wafer look like a man who was out of his mind with anger that night?


  54. yahtzeebutterfly

    Defense attorney Cheryl Carpenter now addressing the jury


  55. yahtzeebutterfly

    def atty cheryl carpenter: the law of self defen so simple, so easy and not complicated at all.


  56. oralandar brand-wms ‏@oralandar_DN 47s

    def atty cheryl carpenter: the law of self defen so simple, so easy and not complicated at all.

    – – – – – – – –
    oh, this is gonna be good ::eyes roll to back of my head::


  57. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF says you will get be going over the instruction for self-defense, which the PROS did not really mention to you


  58. dabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 56s

    DEF says only two questions matter; was Wafer in fear for his life or great bodily injury? and was it imminent?

    – – – – – – – – – –

    not through a locked steel screen door it wasn’t. try again ms carpenter.


  59. yahtzeebutterfly

    def atty quoting wafer: i thought there were coming in..(the shooting) was not my first..(he grabbed bat).i tried to play dead

    def atty: What evid did they give you the shot gun blast caused that (damage to screen door)…zero!!!

    DEF says the law of self-defense is the ultimate protection for every single one of us, for you and for me.

    DEF says only two questions matter; was Wafer in fear for his life or great bodily injury? and was it imminent?

    idabwellsinstitute @idabeewells · 29s
    DEF says PROS belatedly concurred, “well maybe #RenishaMcBride did break screen door.


  60. yahtzeebutterfly



  61. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: “She was coming from the side at mr. wafer… Mr.wafer was terrorized in his own home.”

    DEF says burden is not on them, always on the PROS. Likens it to a big boulder, a big burden.


  62. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF brings out Wafer’s screen door and screen insert for emphasis


  63. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: “this case is about renisha despite what the prosecutors think..”

    DEF talking about being awakened at 4:30 in the morning, in the dead of night. Asks for vid to be played


  64. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF switches and begins talking about drunk people; we’ve all been around drunk people; we know what they’re like;


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      DEF says we all agree #RenishaMcBride was in an accident, we all agree she was probably disoriented. but she wasn’t the same at 4:30 as she

      was at 1:30 a.m., she was coming down. This really isn’t about


  65. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: “I’m not blaming renisha but alcohol is what caused all of this. Shows timeline of renisha’s last hours and wafer’s

    DEF says #RenishaMcBride was drinking and smoking marijuana earlier. DEF says her friend Amber says Renisha was mad about losing drinking

    game, 11 shots of alcohol. DEF says Amber left because she didn’t want it to escalate.


  66. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF recounts timeline of all that we know/believe happened that night; says #RenishaMcBride went to “the spot” to purchase mairjuana.

    DEF recounts timeline of all that we know/believe happened that night; says #RenishaMcBride went to “the spot” to purchase marijuana.

    DEF says police passed the buck, didn’t do their jobs.


  67. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: wafer is a rule follower..that night he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s protected by the law of self defense clear and simple


  68. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense says dbrn heights police “turned a blind eye” to some key evidence in the case during inves.

    #RenishaMcBride’s mother has left the room. No one else has left. She may return.

    DEF says she knows what is like to live in Detroit, Wayne County. Lived there her whole life. Says all of you do too.

    DEF says Ted Wafer knows. Knows what its like to live in that fear. DEF says this is not about race.

    DEF says look at Wafer’s interview, where he says his neighbors are of all races and ethnicities


  69. oh gawd, i cannot stand this wench. she is blaming everyone but her client. i know it’s her job, but it rings false to me.


  70. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense:ted was getting attacked…attacked

    DEF says remember what chief of police said, go and arm yourself. DEF says stats now saying crime going down

    because people are arming themselves


  71. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense doing overhead with diagram of a house and words “FEAR” on home


  72. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense:This man is acting and reacting to get awakened that morning. Are you going to sit in your home and wait?

    defense: There’s pounding and’s reasonable that you are in fear for your life

    DEF says she didn’t hear how the PROS disproved self-defense; says they’re trying to disprove case with a bunch of photos


  73. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF wants to go over verdict form for jurors, judge says “wait a minute,” DEF gets a verdict form from PROS


  74. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: (the pros.)didn’t bring anything to you. There is no way they can disapprove this was self-defense. None.

    DEF reiterating that PROS did not disprove self-defense


  75. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF going over testimony/issues: why bring an unloaded gun to the door; gun is scary and menacing,


  76. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: He’s not a gun nut. He’s not an angry person. He’s not paranoid. He did it in the heat of that moment. He was in terror.

    defense: I hate guns but i love the law(mi self defense law changed in 2006)

    DEF says law says “u can’t Monday morning quarterback.” Law says if u act in self-defense and find out later u were wrong

    u are justified

    DEF says if u want the law changed you have to go Lansing. Today, the law says Wafer is not guilty.

    DEF goes back to why Wafer said it was an accident. DEF says he didn’t know how to explain it; go back to interview & view

    DEF says Wafer was not sitting in back of squad car making up his legal strategy, as he had to look at #RenishaMcBride’s body on his porch.


  77. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: he didn’t call 911 because he cldn’t find his cell phone.

    DEF goes back to Wafer not calling 911; Wafer said he could not find his phone.
    he looked and looked and looked for it

    DEF says why leave the door open; says that shotgun blast probably sent whoever else was out there off


  78. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF says her client showed remorse from beginning, asked at the time, was it a neighbor girl?


  79. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense:He cares. He thinks about Renisha every day he wishes it never happened but he acted and fired in self defense

    DEF says Wafer raised gun in self-defense. It was a tragedy and horrible. We all want her back


  80. yahtzeebutterfly

    I will not be able to be here during the jury instructions.

    Faux or anyone, will you be able to post retweets?


  81. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense: we cldn’t have asked for a better jury. thank you from the bottom of my heart

    defense shows jurors pics of a vigil for mcbride by her family at wafer home to address her concerns over poss. contam. of crime scene

    defense: ted likes the police and they failed him

    DEF says #Renisha can’t speak for herself. She didn’t deserve this.

    Didn’t hear what just happened but Judge told DEF to move on.

    DEF thanking jurors, from the bottom of her heart, for leaving their lives for this time period.

    DEF now referring to errors in transcript; not “square this away” at police station but “sort”; Wafer said

    Transcript says she jumped backward.

    DEF now referring to vigil for #RenishaMcBride held in front of Ted Wafer’s home. Possible contamination of scene by people @ the vigil

    DEF saying police didn’t dust for prints until after this.

    DEF says Ted likes the policed and this is how they acted

    DEF talking about various errors in case, says so many of them. The $100 bill.


    • butterflydreamer2

      “defense: ted likes the police and they failed him”

      renisha knocked on ted’s door for help, and he shot her in the face.


  82. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense to her team of lawyers: “thank you team..”

    DEF pointing out inconsistency of PROS statement, footprint found on ac unit, could’ve beens someone


  83. yahtzeebutterfly

    DEF pointing out inconsistency of PROS statement, footprint found on ac unit, could’ve beens someone
    trying to break in w/ #RenishaMcBride, PROS witness says that’s the person who Wafer should’ve shot; DEF says PROS allows


  84. “… and i want to thank my legal team, you the jury and most especially ted wafer so that i can buy those gucci shoes i’ve been eyein …”

    she acts as if she is accepting some fab award instead of defending a worthless POS.


  85. yahtzeebutterfly

    defense referred to 1925 murder trial of dr. ossian sweet who shot in self defense to defend against white mob in detroit. defen. closingovr

    trying to break in w/ #RenishaMcBride, PROS witness says that’s the person who Wafer should’ve shot; DEF says PROS allows

    for that scenario, but not for the shooting of #RenishaMcBride who broke screen door.

    DEF quoting words of Frank Murphy on self defense, cites case of the Sweets, Black family run out of home and neighborhood

    DEF says Clarence Darrow defended them. Landmark moment. DEF asks jury to send Ted Wafer home.


  86. yahtzeebutterfly

    asks jurors to send Ted home. and find him not guilty. pros athina siringas doing rebuttal ..tells jurors they can’t get in wafer’s head


  87. yahtzeebutterfly

    PROS rebuttal. Athina Siringas says this is a typical murder case & Ted Wafer is acting like a typical murder defendant


  88. yahtzeebutterfly

    I have to leave now.

    Thanks faux and crusty for taking over now 🙂


  89. Siringas said Wafer’s actions speak louder than words.
    by Gina Damron 8:21 AM

    Siringas said Wafer’s actions were confrontational.
    by Gina Damron 8:21 AM

    Siringas said that maybe people who don;t know how to handle guns shouldn’t handle guns.
    by Gina Damron 8:23 AM (AMEN!!)

    Siringas said that when Wafer was talking to law enforcement, he was hoping he could get away with the accident scenario.
    by Gina Damron 8:23 AM

    Siringas said one of the first things they asked MSP to do is ask if the gun could go off accidentally.
    by Gina Damron 8:24 AM

    Siringas said the gun doesn’t discharge unless someone pulls that trigger.
    by Gina Damron 8:24 AM

    Siringas said the only thing that happened to Wafer is someone woke him up from his sleep.
    by Gina Damron 8:27 AM


  90. idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 1m

    PROS refers to DEF having nerve to bring up case of Sweet, armed white mob came to his house; DEF objects, PROS says DEF brought it up

    idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 2m

    Judge agrees. sustained.

    (i was pretty shocked by this as well — faux)


    • idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 3m

      PROS says i guarantee you, if an armed mob came 2 Ted Wafer’s door, he would not be here. Unarmed, injured #RenishaMcBride came to his door

      idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 3m

      PROS says this whole case happened because #RenishaMcBride was drunk. If u go 2 any college campus, u will find a lot of #RenishaMcBrides

      with .10, .20 and more; if you go to the suburb, people my age, you’ll find them there too #RenishaMcBride

      dabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 2m

      PROS asks was honestly and reasonably in fear? Wafer says “i pulled the trigger intentionally.”

      dabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 2m

      PROS says our job is prosecute the guilty and your job is to make that determination, if we’ve done that properly


      • idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 3m

        PROS says our job is prosecute the guilty and your job is to make that determination, if we’ve done that properly

        dabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 3m

        PROS says we don’t run from that burden

        idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 3m

        PROS says the law says murder in the 2nd degree, and the aiming of that gun

        idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 2m

        PROS says it is clear that the self defense came after the accident story wouldn’t work.

        idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 2m

        PROS says you see it on the video, how he pointed that gun, he showed you with his own hands.

        idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 1m

        PROS says Wafer is just the typical defendant trying to protect himself.

        dabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 2m

        PROS says Wafer says i intentionally pulled the trigger and shot an unarmed teenager who had the nerve to knock on my door

        PROS says #RenishaMcBride was dead within a minute; how long did he take to look for his phone?

        idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 41s

        PROS says what you see on video is someone trying to manipulate officers; he says i shot her & then i went 2 call you guys


  91. Siringas said Wafer decided to be the judge, jury and executioner.
    by Gina Damron 8:28 AM

    Siringas said the self defense came after it was clear that the gun wouldn’t go off accidentally.
    by Gina Damron 8:31 AM

    “He’s just a typical defendant trying to protect himself,” Siringas said.
    by Gina Damron 8:32 AM

    Siringas questioned how much time Wafer took to look for his phone.
    by Gina Damron 8:34 AM

    Siringas said McBride is dead because she maybe had the misfortune to be confused about where she was. She had the misfortune to walk on Wafer’s porch, Siringas said.
    by Gina Damron 8:37 AM


  92. idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells

    We’ve got a dead 19-year old; how dare you say this is about Ted Wafer

    #RenishaMcBride is not dead because she was drunk; she is dead because she had the misfortune of knocking on Ted Wafer’s door

    He wanted a confrontation, he wanted it to get around the neighborhood that he had that gun. #RenishaMcBride

    We ask you to return a guilty verdict


  93. state finishes rebuttal.


  94. two alternate jurors dismissed, both white women. jury consisting of 4 african americans now deliberating until lunch break at 1 pm.

    i think it’s possible to get a verdict today, based on trial length, but imagine some folks would want to sleep on it. or it could be a giant fucking nightmare in there. manslaughter seems like a slam dunk, at least to me.


    • butterflydreamer2

      As we sit here and wait for a verdict that reflects Justice for Renisha, I am reminded of a giant fucking nightmare that plays over and over in my head of how Justice failed us for Trayvon

      “he had a good heart”, I think he went a little to far, but I don’t think he’d do it again.


      • crustyolemothman

        Wouldn’t you just love to ask those jurors after all that Zimmerman has done since they put him back on the street, if they still think he will not kill again? To me it is not will he kill again but when will he kill again…


        • mothman, looks like Zimmerman has looked for the opportunity to kill again by lurking behind his friend’s store.


          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, Good to see/hear your words, I worry about you when you are quiet… 🙂
            I just hope “when” Zimmerman does kill again it is at least not another child… I hope no one takes that comment wrong?


          • mothman,
            It’s the “DD” (damn disease) and medication. The medication either makes me sleep, or causes drowsiness where I move in slow motion. I go to the doctor again next week.


    • Faux,
      I agree. Manslaughter does seem like a slam dunk. I’m predicting a verdict tomorrow.


  95. idabwellsinstitute ‏@idabeewells 4m

    Jury should now consist of 5 whites, predominantly male; 3 Middle Eastern/Arab Americans, and 4 African Americans.


  96. crustyolemothman

    This case has proven to me how much attention that the pros and the defense paid to this blog from the start to finish of this case. Please note how many of the questions asked and answered here on this blog before many of the facts of the case had been released were actually pretty darn accurate. Great job of keeping up with the various blog comments during the case by yatzee and fauxmccoy, to that we owe a big thank you. To Xena, we are for ever indebted to you for allowing us to not only participate on this blog, but for allowing this blog to be such an inspiration to many people who do not even post here….
    Now as we wait for a verdict, sitting here wondering if the pros did all they could have to make the case for the benefit of the jury, I am lead to wonder if the true gravity of his actions on that cold rainy morning will ever sink into Ted Wafer’s mind, I honestly don’t think so, if for no other reason his reference to Mz. McBride with the term “IT”, that to me indicates a man who has no grasp of decency or honor…


    • Mothman,
      As I watched the videos of Wafer’s cross-examination, I wondered what he educational level is. He seems to try hard to find words. Or, maybe it’s because when people have lives that are limited to “I’ll have another,” they really don’t build a vocabulary.


      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, I have known very few people who after using alcohol for a long period that seem to retain the ability to actually converse with any true cognitive ability. It seems that their thought process is tuned in only to where is the next drink coming from…


        • Mothman,
          That is true. Also, they are usually loners or only have people around to enable them. If someone knocked on my door at 4 a.m., my first thought would be what friend or neighbor needs my help — not who is trying to break-in.


          • crustyolemothman

            Wow, if someone knocks on my door at that time of the night, my concern would be what has happened to my four legged 110 pound child… I’ll tell you something if they get thru him to my front door I’m in real trouble… PS: my baby boy (with four legs) is smart enough he would let them walk thru the gate and wait until they were too far from the gate to simply run back before he introduces himself to them! Several years ago I came home to find a deputy sheriff trapped on my front porch with my child stand guard. Have no problem with trespassers, but having one or two a month would help greatly with his food bill…


          • Mothman,
            Those 4 legged children are good security alerts even when non-threatening breeds. I had a former neighbor whose husband worked various hours. She and their son were home alone many times at night.

            My dog at the time was a mixed German Shepherd Dog and Great Dane. She looked like a big GSD and was gentle as could be, but she was a barker whenever anyone came around outside the house. I was so concerned once with her barking that I went to my neighbor to apologize. Know what she said? No need to apologize. She felt very secure knowing that my dog was going to bark whenever someone came around. It put her on the alert. If her husband wasn’t in the house in a minute, she knew to look out to see what the dog was barking at.

            She also knew that I would know the dog was barking and was also looking out.

            I miss that neighbor. They were renting and eventually bought a house. Just before doing so, guess what? She got a Beagle puppy so she would have an alert system at their new home.


    • Mothman,

      To Xena, we are for ever indebted to you for allowing us to not only participate on this blog, but for allowing this blog to be such an inspiration to many people who do not even post here….

      No, I’m indebted to all those here who participate, whether that’s by comments and/or clicking “likes.” You guys motivate me.

      I don’t know if the attorneys paid attention to this blog, but I do know that some reporters have contacted me asking how I get this blog to appear in the first page of Google searches. I don’t do anything other than blog and don’t know why it appears in the first page of Google search results.

      Also, I do realize that once certain LE agencies were contacted about the cyber-extortionists, that it made LE aware of this blog. I saw where they visited.

      There have been many who have commented to me on Twitter that they like reading here, even if they don’t post comments, because those commenting are intelligent, respectful, and knowledgeable. There are no big egos here. We discuss and at times, respectfully disagree. We do make honest attempts to answer questions and seek out or research information.

      I owe that to all of you.


      • Xena says LE visits her blog

        2dogs says: RE: Eric Garner post:
        ah, about my post on LE spying on person who filmed and posted the killing via chokehold and now has charged the person w/ two criminal violations.
        I was drunk, didn’t mean it. I LOVE the police. Please LE ignore my comments on police setting up filmer of chokehold.”

        And now, 2 dogs greatly apologizes and will now quietly exit with the hope LE will understand 2 dogs is just a batty old lady. AND she LOVES all LE!! 😉


        • 2dogsonly,
          Not to worry. Some theories would need pre-knowledge of the decisions and actions or others before those decisions and actions occurred.

          I wrote about that regarding the theory of Zimmerman’s supporters that Trayvon doubled-back to engage Zimmerman. Trayvon would need to know, before-hand, every decision, move, and WHEN every decision and movement made by Zimmerman would take place before it did in order for their “double-back” theory to work.

          No matter what planning could have possibly been done to video the cops, the truth is and remains that they placed Eric in an illegal choke hold.


    • I think the ‘It’ in wafer’s statement is equivalent to Zimmerman’s constant use of ‘suspect’. these killers don’t recognize their victims as sentient beings, much less as actual deserving human beings worthy of respect and the right to live their own lives!

      I hope this jury realizes there is simply no defense for shooting a girl in the face with a shotgun for knocking on his door.


      • Shannon,

        I think the ‘It’ in wafer’s statement is equivalent to Zimmerman’s constant use of ‘suspect’.

        Yep, buzz words that paints that they are better than the person they killed and had the right to kill “it”.


  97. oh crusty — would love to stay and discuss it all, but must get some sleep. if only i could get someone to text me if/when we get a verdict. ~sigh~


    • crustyolemothman

      Good night (well actually Good Morning or?) go to sleep, and rest, time will pass soon enough and I don’t expect a verdict until al least tomorrow, but who knows…


  98. Good afternoon everyone! I just embedded a video from today’s closing arguments.


  99. Butterflydreamer2,

    Happy Birthday

    Birthday cake


  100. Amazing difference in Fl. And Michigan law. Mi sounds like it is what most states used to have, Castle Doctrine. In 2005, there was a burglar in our courtyard, dogs barking, gate opening, voices. DH yelled I’ve got a knife. Our attorney neighbor told him if you had hurt him, you better drag him inside your home. Tray’s murder was my and many people’s awakening to the SYG and ok to shot if you just feel threatened, even outside your home.;-(


  101. I mean ok to shoot( not shot) and people are using it as a ” shield” to solve issues. Even in over 55 HOA Del Web Apolla Beach community. I think I’ve posted the link for you’ll and of course, we know about the popcorn/ movie killing. Btw, both of those were white on white and both involved angry now feeling displaced older white men, who up to that point saved and followed the rules. Now, rug was pulled out and they displace their rage onto a random ( usually minority but as noted not always) younger person.

    Very very sad. Why didn’t her friends take her home? I mean insist. They must feel horrible also.

    I hope Michigan keeps their Castle doctrine law. There’s only like 3 states that have not given into the NRA push to expand it.


  102. crustyolemothman

    Jury is going home for the night… Maybe tomorrow will be the day?


    • Yeah mothman. I think there will be a verdict tomorrow. Right now, I’m wondering whether the jury is pondering if Renisha dislodged the screen, or if the shot did. If I were on the jury, I would ask why does it matter? What matters is Wafer’s state of mind. We know he shot through the screen door and according to his testimony, the person was not knocking at the time but came up from the side of his porch.

      If Renisha was intent on breaking-in, she would not have walked away from the dislodged screen door but would have been there working on getting that door opened.


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