More Cross-Exam Video – Ted Wafer

Ted Wafer took the stand for the second day, and went under cross-examination by the prosecution and re-direct by his attorneys.

The video below has excerpts.  If more videos become available, I’ll post them here.

Also today, the judge allowed the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter to be included in the jury instructions.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. tomorrow.  Each side has one hour.  Then it’s up to the jury.

MUCH THANKS to everyone who keeps us informed and up-to-date by following Twitter and joining in discussions. Yahtzeebutterfly deserves a vacation after this.  I recommend Hawaii and that she takes me with.  (snicker)


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  1. Here’s the segment about yesterday’s hearing on MSNBC.


  2. MurphysSpork

    Yes! Yahtzee has done a wonderful job! THANKS YAHTZEE and XENA!


    • You too Murphy! Thanks so much for contributing, both in reporting on tweets and participating in discussion. We are all growing in knowledge because of everyone’s participation.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yes, you too, Murphy.

      Thanks for all your helpful posts today…both re-tweets and analysis, Murphy.


      • MurphysSpork

        YW. But you do rock better than me hands down. So where you going on vacay? Hope not Florida or Michigan! 😛
        Maybe you can check out the stalkers dox dumps. I recommend you make reservations cause most times they will send you knocking on strangers doors.
        I kinda picture Xena from her dox as the Oracle lady from the Matrix. I am not sure how her harassers pulled that off. But they did. LoL. Just helping out for a free vacay.
        Better than what I hear some do on the interwebs for a cruise.


        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I just have a fast computer mouse that I keep click, click clicking. 🙂


        • Murphy, I love Gloria Foster — another great actress who left us too soon. I wouldn’t mind looking like her either. She was classy.

          I’ve been told that I resemble Jennifer Beals, Carol Burnett, Tina Turner, Donna Summer and Meryl Streep So, take your pick for age or race. 🙂


  3. MurphysSpork

    What do you take on the Prosec. addition to gross negligence in jury instructions?


    • Murphy, I think prosecutors wanted that because Wafer had options that he didn’t exercise, but without drilling that in to the jury, it is a far reach.


      • MurphysSpork

        I think this may conflict the jury during deliberations but looking back on evidence and Wafer´s testimony it may have thrown the case had they not. He has two defenses!


  4. I don’t agree with this guy on everything, and I don’t like the ideologies associated with the symbols that he uses, but I honor him for presenting a balance. In other words, in spite of my disagreement on the symbols and some issues, he’s not a hypocrite.


    • he’s pretty funny, mr honkeykong! and he says for the gunlovers to stop loving everyone who kills someone just because they used a gun. that legal gun owners commit crimes too. which is exactly the problem w.the nra etc. they forget that just because you have a legal gun you can legally kill as long as you make up a stupid excuse.
      but I hate ppl get so complacent by accepting charges like manslaughter in a case like this and/or Zimmerman. these two cases are clearly murder2 because the person was only one armed and deliberately went after the person they killed and aimed & shot. of course Zimmerman could’ve been murder1 because of the circumstances surrounding but this guy wafer wasn’t just walking down the street w/a gun and in a fit of anger blow some drunk guy who punched him away. he was in the safety of his home doors locked &cell phone.

      I wonder why this guy wld get so up in arms about accusations of racism if it’s not leveled at him! wldn’t the ppl who’ve been subjected to racism be a more reliable source in identifying racism? he may not agree, but it’s not up to him. he’s not the one who’s been harassed or oppressed for centuries.
      I’d rather trust those who’ve suffered because of racism than the perpetrators of racism since the perps often deny it, just like any criminal would deny his crime..

      in fact I submit it’s indeed racist to protest possible racism unless it’s been thoroughly analyzed and rejected by the all new Racism Radar Detector 3000! lmao


      • Shannon, excellent comment.

        What many people do not understand about allegations of racism is that our nation has a history of doing certain things because of race. Not arresting a White person who has killed a Black person is rooted in the history of America.

        In a case involving McDonald Douglas, the Supreme Court developed a procedure in cases alleging employment discrimination. It said that employers must proffer non-discriminatory reasons for their actions, then the plaintiff gets to address those proffered reasons to prove they are phony.

        When I heard the “changing neighborhood” testimony in Wafer’s trial, it was a VERY LOUD dog whistle. If someone Black said that, would it mean something differently than having a White person say it?

        It really makes no sense for state prosecutors to try and bury racial animus in cases, especially when the defense is using race via dog whistles to tell the jury that the defendant believed he had good reason to be racially prejudiced to justify killing a human being.


  5. Yes Great Job YahtzeeB! And Hawaii has my vote as well!!


  6. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I hope he does not get off of this charge. He keeps repeating ‘self defense’ but I do not buy that.


  7. MurphysSpork

    I made two responses to comments directed to me. I got a sever update error. As far as I know when I went to repost they said it was duplicate comment. If you see no response from me please do not think I am ignoring. I am here. This is a WP issue. Not on Xena´s end.


  8. MurphysSpork

    In case of inquiring minds not knowing, Michigan´s involuntary manslaughter which was added today, carries a max. of 1 year and fines. This coupled with the firearms charge which would be likely in this verdict, is a mandatory two years. If the jury choses this verdict Wafer would do 3 years max. He would be a felon and never would be able to legally own a gun.

    Either verdict besides acquittal, I would expect him to appeal. Yesterday and in news reports Wafer hinted that his attorneys made statements against his best interest. I have a feeling the outcome not in his favor he will attempt to claim were issues with his defense.

    This may not be the most popular assessment with this new addition. I feel this should have been on the table for GZ. I voiced that many of times. If it had and the jury saw it as an option at least the man would NEVER own a gun legally.


    • butterflydreamer2


      He might have never been able to own one legally, my guess is he would have joined the ranks of those who own one illegally, and have one of his followers take the wrap for him and not pinch his ass.


  9. MurphysSpork

    I just saw a comment from a Wafer defender who said “I wonder how many are butthurt for just finding out the porch is also the home.”
    What kind of ignorance is that? Of course people know their porch is part of their home. They can be sued for an injury on it! It is part of home owners insurance! Renters insurance!

    I really would not test this idiot to try out his Castle Doctrine of course. I think he is just a wee bit misinformed and primative that shooting someone for tresspassing IS ILLEGAL and offers him no immunity at all! He may want to speak with his insurer if he has one.


  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    I hope the jury see the truth and hands down a just verdict.

    An innocent girl was shot dead with a gaping 7 inch head wound for simply knocking on a door as she sought help. May Renisha get justice.

    How many ears must one man have
    Before he can hear people cry ?
    Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows
    That too many people have died ?

    Well, the answer is not blowing in the wind….it is in the hands of the jury.

    What the jury decides will have an impact upon all of us as a nation.

    We need to become less fearful and more caring.

    We need to inquire of a person’s needs and then help.

    Mr. Wafer never asked why Renisha was knocking and therefore never found out that she was simply a harmless girl in need of rescue.

    “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother


  11. butterflydreamer2

    Yes yatzeebutterfly,

    Thank You again for all the hard work you put in. A trip to Hawaii sounds great, and I highly recommend that Xena join you. I think you two need an assistant who is familiar with the Island and can recommend various places that you will enjoy. I feel I am qualified for that position, as I have traveled many times to the great Island, and as a proud member of the Butterfly Family, I recommend that you consider me for that position. I also highly recommend that the hotel choice to consider, is The Butterfly Inn.


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