BREAKING: Medical Examiner Rules Eric Garner’s Death A Homicide

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  1. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton also said he received the medical examiner’s report and that the department will continue to cooperate with district attorney’s office.

  2. yahtzeebutterfly


    Thanks for the update.

    So does “homicide” means a criminal act?

    Has the officer been charged?

  3. omg, what some of the other cops were saying… blech.. less than human. This Sh*t has got to Stop!!

    • Mindyme,
      Scary isn’t it? These are people sworn to serve and protect who are unzipping and exposing their biases and prejudices.

      • It was never supposed to be this way. I read a meme recently that stated to remember that while we are expected to trust the police, that they are trained to never trust us. It makes one think..

        • I read a meme recently that stated to remember that while we are expected to trust the police, that they are trained to never trust us. It makes one think..

          That is deep and so true. I’ve had others tell me how they called 911 and felt they were interrogated.

          • Xena said she had others tell her when they called 911 they felt interrogated and I just have to share my recent experience. Recently I had to call as a deranged tenant was threatening me. I was terrified. I told 911 ” I need a cop”. You could hear tenant unraveling in background and I am clearly a white older lady.
            Anyway, I say ” I need a cop.”
            911 lady responds with :” do you mean a policeman?”
            Half sec. Pause, ok, yes if need a policeman.

  4. roderick2012

    Did we really need an ME to tell use it was a homicide?

    It won’t matter because no jury will convict the officers because they would open themselves up to possible harassment from the police and possibly not receiving help from them in an emergency.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Do you think that’s what happened in the Kelly Thomas case in Fullerton? (Police taser-tortured him to death but jury acquitted the police.)

      • roderick2012

        That’s the only conclusion l can think of that would prevent a jury with video evidence of the assault from convicting the cops.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        The FBI needs to bring charges….they have had enough time….I mean, how long does it take to watch at video of the the atrocity??

  5. crustyolemothman

    Xena, This post is off topic, but I’m putting it here so more people will actually see it. It does answer quite well the questions involving the boot the Mz McBride was wearing that was damaged, here an excerpt from the story that I will link below…

    “”But witness LeDell Hammond, who was one of the last people to see Ms McBride alive, says he could not tell if she was drunk. He also told how guilty he felt that he didn’t do more to stop her when she walked off into the night from the crash scene.

    Speaking to MailOnline, the father-of-one said: ‘I got back from work a couple of moments after the crash and the girl had walked off. But then she came back and got in her car, before getting back out and walking off again. She did that another two times and it was clear she was very confused and didn’t really know what was going on.

    ‘If I’m being honest I couldn’t tell if she was intoxicated, it seemed to me she was probably just really confused and really scared. She was only 19 and she was probably terrified about getting in trouble.

    ‘The people on the other side of the street were trying to get her to stay, but she just kept really quiet. She walked right past me and I noticed a bit of blood and that her boots were all torn up. She was wearing some kind of jacket and she had her hood pulled up over her head.””

    This should clear up confusion as to where the damage to the shoe took place…

  6. RE: choke hold of Eric Garner
    That is wonderful! Yes, homicide means criminal act by killing. John Stewart of The Daily Show had a segment on it..saying hey police here’s a clue, if you see a smart phone recording, STOP whatever you are doing.;-) love his show.

    And His AA cohost, did a bit about the badge changing behavior, saying oh yes, a bro with a badge will beat up a bro also.

    I really attribute this ruling to NY’s wonderful new mayor, De Blassio, who also put a stop to stop and frisk.

    People, this is a major step forward. With Garner’s huge weight, very easily could have been attributed to heart attack. HOMICIDE!!! RULING! Major step for all NY citizens.

    I’m sure all AA in NY are breathing easier. This will have an impact on police brutality in NYC.;-)

  7. Off topic but deserves mentioning. What Dunn meant for evil by taking life has turned out for good for the living.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yes, beautiful! His name will live on through this Scholarship Foundation named in honor of him.

  8. Professor Whonoze. I think he’s going to keep his bold open but I feel so honored to be given a shout out.

  9. Keep his blog open..typos are so fun;-)

    • Kudos! Looks like you and WordSalad keep info posted on Whonoze. He can make WordSalad an “author” and she will have privileges to moderate comments posted to her articles but I don’t think that privilege allows for accessing the info of everyone who has ever posted there.

      If BlushedBrown were here and had time, she could answer that. I see things on the Admin Side as the administrator. She sees things as an author. Towerflower and Santiago see things as contributors. In giving them privileges, my concern was what they can see in order to do what they want for the blog rather than what they cannot see.

      I can feel Whonoze’s words. I understand, but I hope he does not go dark.

  10. Word salad never fails to give H/Ts to Xena which speaks to their ethical standards. He said he would keep it open.

    • 2dogsonly,
      It’s good to hear that Whonoze is keeping his blog opened and thanks to Wordsalad for reading here and reporting there.

  11. ABC news report on Eric Garner courtesy of Phil Owens

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Eric Garner’s widow calls for justice after his death is ruled as homicide”

    ‘Now, I just want them to do the right thing and get justice for my husband,’ Esaw Garner said after the Friday ruling that a police chokehold and chest compressions killed her husband.

    Photos and videos included in article:

  13. At the end of the video I posted, the reporter says the undercover cop who did the initial choke hold has two previous lawsuits. One for mistaken arrest ( still in lawsuit) and another very serious charge. He’s on desk duty and the EMS who did nothing are suspended.
    It’s worth watching as it has interviews with medical experts. Choke holds are prohibited in all city police departments and most rural ones.

  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Man Who Filmed Fatal Police Chokehold Is Arrested on Weapons Charges”
    Aug 3, 2014


    The Rev. Al Sharpton, who travels to Washington on Monday to urge the Justice Department to start a civil rights investigation, hastily gathered a news conference in Harlem on Sunday, pointing to Mr. Orta’s arrest as evidence for why federal prosecutors, rather than the Staten Island district attorney’s office, should be handling the case.

    By simultaneously prosecuting Mr. Orta and calling him as a witness in the Garner case, Mr. Sharpton said, the office would be creating a conflict of interest. “Let the federal government handle it,” he said, “so that there is no question about the objectivity of the investigation.”

  15. roderick2012

    Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Chokehold Death, Arrested On Weapons Charges

    Aug 3 (Reuters) – A man who filmed a New York City police officer use a choke hold on a suspect who later died has been arrested on weapons charges, law enforcement officials said on Sunday.

    Ramsey Orta, 22, and a 17-year-old female were spotted on Saturday outside a known drug location on Staten Island by narcotics officers who saw Orta put a handgun in his companion’s waistband, the New York Police Department said.

    Orta, who has a previous criminal conviction, faces two charges of criminal possession of a weapon.

  16. This is from ACLU. NYP spied on friend who had courage to film and then upload the chokehold of Eric Garner.

    The NYPD spied on brave friend who filmed and posted Eric Garner’s chokehold.
    The above link is from ACLU, not a left wing org.

  18. Sorry about the identical posts. Didn’t think first went thru. (Sigh)

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