Open Discussion – July 30, 2014

Caterpillars, butterflies, moths and all creatures great and small,

I noticed some mentioned having problems posting comments.  The same happened to me.  That generally occurs when lots of comments have been posted on recent threads.  The two most recent threads have over 500 comments combined.

Thanks so much for your interests and discussions.

Please feel free to continue discussions here.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      ArzeeeJr says Again. No “job as security guard”, no job @ all.

      Doesn’t he know we get scared when gz “volunteers”?????

    • the only liar is el Tubs.

    • Note to Robbie the Racist :

      Once again you have it wrong. Try again.

  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Should I wait until I have a dozen tweets from courtroom reporters before I post their tweets? or even 2 dozen?

  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    I have been thinking about fun games we played when we were young: musical chairs, grab the bacon, king of the mountain, etc. And, I still think they are fun games.

    But, what were the subconscious messages we were receiving by playing these games? I don’t think they were teaching us community togetherness and sharing.

    Let’s look at “musical chairs.” It was a personal survival game. You know, don’t worry about the other person….just be sure to grab a chair when the music stopped….who cares about what happens to everyone else.

    And, then there was “king of the mountain”. Hey, if you ever make it to the top (in society?), don’t share the perch….just push everyone off who dares to attempt to climb up…..and, for heaven sakes, don’t level the mountain so more people can have a fair chance at a higher level.

    Any thoughts about how some children’s games instill messages on a subliminal level?

    Can you think of other games? Others with possible negative lessons?

    How about some with positive lessons?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Oh, and grab the bacon. Does that equate to work hard, scourge, to earn for food and commodities and hope the competition doesn’t beat you at it and tag you out?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        What happens to those who are left out of the job market and are unable to “grab the bacon”? Sharing commodities and food is great…but what about sharing jobs and helping people learn how to “grab the bacon”?

        I remember finding most of the jelly beans in nursery school because I was quick and athletic. I filled my paper cup. But, when mothers were picking up my classmates, my teacher said to me as she would take jelly beans from my cup and add them to other children’s cups who had none, “Now you want Johnny to have some jelly beans …..and Susie and Tommy, etc…..don’t you? And, I would answer “yes” each time. We all went home with equal amounts, and I learned that just because I was quick and athletic, I shouldn’t get all the jelly beans. I was blessed by my athletic gift. My teacher taught me that day that I was “blessed TO BE a blessing to others.”

  3. From Sanford Watch:

    Their notes:

    The ‘REAL SUSPICIOUS GUY’ cops found parked behind a gun store in Deland, Florida, early Sunday morning was George Zimmerman. Once again, he LIES to police: Lies about his address and his authority to be on the property. Watch the complete story here: Police dashcam video (00:16); Investigative reporters expose Zimmerman’s lies (07:50); Interview with gun store owner (10:40).

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Kendrick Johnson’s Parents Sue Georgia School Board For Wrongful Death [VIDEO]”2014/07/30

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Don’t let yourself forget what you are capable of…!”

  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thought this might cool some of you off if you are experiencing a hot evening. 🙂

  7. Dannywarrior

    Thanks Xena. I had issues through WP replies. It delayed my reponses. I had to open my archives and respond. Used two browsers had the same issues.
    Try to open the depth of the replies in settings. May help.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      One thing that I am noticing today is that I do not see my posted comment right away until I reload the page.

      • Dannywarrior

        I have that as well. I have to refresh the page. I think there is just alot of traffic 😉

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Orlandar Brand-Williams has been tweeting from the courtroom during the Wafer trial. Here is her article from yesterday that was posted at 10:43 p.m. – – –

    ‘Fight or flight’ response to fear part of defense case in porch shooting trial

  9. chuquestaquenumber1

    Hello all. NJ Detective Joseph Walker was acquitted yesterday on all charges in the shooting death of Joseph Harvey. Detective Joseph Walker successfully claimed self defense in shooting unarmed Joseph Harvey in a duty to retreat state Maryland. My point was the way the LEOS and DAS in Maryland went very hard on another LEO. In my opinion this was because Detective Walker is Black and the guy he shot Joseph Harvey was white. I can’t at any time recall a white police officer getting arrested immediately,charged with 2nd degree murder(upgraded to 1st degree murder),given 1.000.000 bail and suspended from job without pay. My point was that even Black police officers aren’t given automatic acceptance when it comes to self defense. I believe if Detective Walker had been found guilty. The effect would devastating. Not that anyone should be shot unjustly. It’s just that a guilty verdict would have stated that Black police officers would be subjected to unnecessary hostility,because in the back of those Police officers minds,we’ll be imprisoned if we take action especially deadly force.

  10. just something sweet shared with me.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Sending sympathy and prayers to the victims and their loved ones.

    ” China Quake Death Toll Nears 400 With Rain Hampering Rescue Efforts”

    As rescuers continue to sift through the rubble left by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that struck southwestern China’s Yunnan province on Saturday, heavy rain and landslides are slowing down rescue efforts and the delivery of desperately needed supplies to survivors — with worse weather to come.

    Thunderstorms and torrential downpours are forecast over the next three days for Ludian County, one of the worst affected areas, forcing thousands of troops, police and other aid workers to race against time.

    The death toll in what local officials say is the most destructive earthquake to strike the mountainous area in years is now 398, with 1,801 injured, China’s official news agency Xinhua reports. Over 411 aftershocks have also been recorded, some as high as 4.9 magnitude.

    Around 80,000 homes have been destroyed, and 124,000 others seriously damaged, the Yunnan Civil Affairs Bureau said on its website. And though some 230,000 people have been evacuated, thousands more remain threatened by aftershocks, landslides and floods. A lake has formed near the Hongshiyan hydropower station and is rising at one meter per hour, engulfing homes, forcing further evacuations, and threatening several power stations downstream

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