Ted Wafer Trial – July 29, 2014

It is really disturbing having to follow the trial without being able to watch it.  So, the camera-person made a mistake on the first day.  Can’t that be forgiven?

Yahtzee is doing a fabulous job following and reporting what reporters in the courtroom are tweeting.  It’s lots of reading and I honor her for doing the job.

WXYZ-Detroit recaps yesterday’s testimony.  They also report that Wafer might take the stand on Wednesday.



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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Court reconvenes at 9:00 a.m. this morning.
    Here are 2 Twitter sites reporting the trial proceedings:

    Oralandar brand-wms is a Detroit News reporter (courts beat):

    Mandi Wright, a photographer for the Detroit Free Press, tweets photos from the courtroom:

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Good Morning faux and everyone 🙂

    ” Live tweets: Firearms expert expected on stand today in Dearborn Heights porch shooting”


  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Theodore Wafer Trial”


    Excerpt from article:


    Wafer faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for the second-degree murder charge. Manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

    The additional felony firearm charge carries an additional mandatory penalty of two years; Michigan law imposes the two-year sentence when a person is in possession of a firearm while committing or attempting to commit a felony.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Witnesses and Testimony in the Renisha McBride Murder Trial (RECAP)”


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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    Medical Examiner’s report:

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Police Report:

  9. yahtzeebutterfly


    oralandar brand-wms @oralandar_DN · 3s
    everybody’s just about in place this morn. court shld be starting soon in wafer trial..last juror coming in now

  10. yahtzeebutterfly


    pros and atty sidebar with judge first

    sidebar over…

    judge calls another case right quick..it’s an arraignment on information..real quick proceeding

  11. yahtzeebutterfly


    def atty asks judge before jury comes in to allow pics of mcbride’s cell phone pix to rebut what pros saying. one pic has her w/gun..

    mcbride’s aunt has said the gun is not real. carpenter: “why can’t i bring in cell phone pics to show she deals drugs” about mcbride

    carpenter” “it is so critical to this case”

    def atty: we plan to recall amber jenkins (mcbride’s best friend)

    def atty:mcbride’s demeanor cld have changed since the accident. her blood alcohol was decreasing. don’t know about marijuana state.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      def atty: her blood al. level decreasing and she is capable of causing damage to wafer’s doors

      def atty: requesting that she be able to admit mcbride’s FB and Twitter acct where, she says, McBride’s handle was young and thugging

      • crustyolemothman

        It’s pathetic that the only defense that TW’s attorney can offer now is to smear the victim. Disgusting and vile on the part of the defense.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      carpenter says FB of McBride shows she was first aggressor says at15 mcbride damaged someone else personal damage

      pros athina siringas says McBride FBpage in no where shows evidence in the case. “c’mon…this case mr. wafer said this was an accident..

      def atty objecting now to siringas’ remarks about ax shooting

      pros says wafer had an oppor to see renisha mcbride and he can testify to what he heard..”did he say he’s in fear??”

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      pros says the FB info. is irrelevant..def atty now says “Mr. Wafer has a right not to testify.”

      judge says photos are inadmissable here..they don’t tend to show the vic was the first aggressor

      on twitter acct: seems as though she deactivated acct in june, 2012, says judge. photos don’t paint portrait of what hap. on porch nov. 2

      judge: i dont think screen name young and thugging shows she was prob. first aggressor. says too long ago

      • crustyolemothman

        If the defense insists that she was selling drugs then the pros should suggest that TW was a customer and must have owed her money causing her to be there to collect… I suppose that TW could have been in a drug induced rage when he murdered the victim, right. The defense needs to be careful, what they say can be turned around and used against them…

    • How the HELL is it critical to this case? What does it even remotely have to do with it? I am SO sick of the victims being demonized – all toxicology reports for victims but not for shooters. Too much, just too damned much.

  12. oralandar brand-wms ‏@oralandar_DN

    mcbride’s aunt has said the gun is not real. carpenter: “why can’t i bring in cell phone pics to show she deals drugs” about mcbride

    – – – – – – –

    i would think that *if* mbride was dealing drugs that she would have been found with a lot more than $56 on her as well as having more than the 1-2 blunts she smoked with her friend. (note: based on actual experience with real dealers)

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I agree

      Plus…remember….she had to go out to someplace to get a blunt before her friend went to Renisha’s house to play the drinking card game with her.

      If she had been a drug dealer, she would have had the stuff on hand AT home BEFORE the card game.

      • good points. she would also likely have drugs in her car or on her person at the time of death as well.

        this line of potential questioning is total bullshit with no basis in reality.

  13. yahtzeebutterfly


    jury in now..judge doing daily check to make sure the jury has not been exposed to publicity/internet info on case

  14. yahtzeebutterfly


    first witness up: james bivins

    • crustyolemothman

      It sounds as if the defense has just now figured out they have no defense… They should have attempted to reach a plea for manslaughter…

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      First Witness – James Bivens


      james a. bivens jr. is chief of wayne county prosecutor office criminal investigative unit

      bivens is former detroit police department homicide dt.

      pros has bivens look at map of area where wafer lives..its the outerdrive/west warren area..bivens and 7 inves. canvass area.

      investigators went out 4 days and 4 night..and knocked on 80-100 doors..noone located who had info on the shooting. only one witness located

      that was ray murad, who test. monday

      his invest. took statements from mcbride’s mom and dad and best friend amber jenkins. pros done..def atty cross exam

      def atty asking bivens about his interview with amber jenkins, mcbride’s best frnd

      Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi · 11s
      James Bivens Jr. chief of the criminal investigation division for Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, on stand.

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        bivens interviewed jenkins at a coney island parking lot. he says the location was at her request

        sidebar after def atty asks bivens to go get his notes from upstairs (pros office in ct house) on interview with jenkins.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      bivens interviewed jenkins nov. 21 about nov. 2 shooting..def atty asking why he waited so long

      def atty asking bivens if wayco pros office has enuf investigators..

  15. marie osborne ‏@marieosbornewwj 37s

    #TheodoreWafer judge rules photos FB & Twitter accounts can NOT be admitted by defense. Says they are too far removed from date of incident.

    • Just effin common sense!!!!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Kinda wild, huh?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I thought this issue was all worked out pretrial.

        Why is the defense bringing it up again?

        The jury was not in the courtroom to hear about Renisha’s handle and twitter postings….let’s just hope that when the jury members go home that none of their relatives and friends will tell them about all of this!

    • Thank Goodness!

  16. yahtzeebutterfly


    jury being excused for 5 min

    judge asks def atty to find case law related to her request

    everyone taking 5 min break

    • Dannywarrior

      Thank you Yahtzee for the posts. I caught up here.
      You would think by the 3rd or 4th request Carpenter would have case law recited by now! This isn´t the first Judge that has denied those request to submit the “evidence”. Unless Wafer saw McBride with a gun, or he was buying drugs from her, I see no relevance to that information. Wafer stated it was an accident. Most everything in Carpenters opening the Prosec. has shown to be untrue already. Carpenter is attempting to set up appealable issue in regards to the denial of the Judge.

  17. crustyolemothman

    oralandar brand-wms @oralandar_DN · 32m

    def atty: her blood al. level decreasing and she is capable of causing damage to wafer’s doors”

    Read that and think for a moment, the defense attorney is suggesting only that she was capable of damaging the door, and nothing else… It would seem that even the defense is now admitting that they have no real claim of potential injury or death possible to TW….

    • Dannywarrior

      I agree! They are now attempting to show that TW had a reasonable fear due to Renisha´s possible temperment. But, we already know she could not have been aggressive, loud, and there may have been no interaction what so ever until he opened the door and shot, because TW´s neighbor heard very little. No shouting, no talking ….

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        And, everyone at the accident scene said Renisha was calm and not confrontational.

        • Dannywarrior

          That as well.
          Has it ever been determined when and why TW bought the gun? Early on I heard he had paintballs shot at his car & he had believed those people came back. I also heard he had renewed a PFA on a women.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            A gun to combat kids playing with paintball shooters?? That’s like a person shooting dead a person who throws popcorn at him in a theater!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “It would seem that even the defense is now admitting that they have no real claim of potential injury or death possible to TW….”


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      So is the defense attorney saying that thousands upon thousands of our youth should be shot dead because they have a groovy twitter handle and have alcohol and drugs in the blood??

  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    This break is turning out to be longer than 5 minutes.

    Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi
    #TheodoreWafer in court during 5 minute break during day 4 of his trial in the fatal shooting of #RenishaMcBride

  19. wow, even watching the ‘great’ seal of florida during court breaks was more interesting than waiting for a tweet to pop up :/

  20. crustyolemothman

    Just a minor observation… While Zimmerman put on weight for his trial to show that he was too fat to counter the alleged attack from Trayvon, it seems that TW has lost weight to indicate he was to frail to fight off an attack without the aid of a gun…

    • Dannywarrior

      In his defense…. He has little legal defense! The man is aware he may spend the rest of his life in prison.
      As for GZ his a$$ got fat on purpose(still is fat) to gain and keep sympathy from his following that he once had an active life that is now ruined because of a “malicious prosecution”.

      • good point, that I hadn’t heard before. maybe the state should’ve emphasized how active that fat bitches lifestyles was.esp since he was training 3x wk 3hrs a day in MMA so he could be in top shape to chase & detain imaginary ‘suspects’ far better than throwing them around like when he was a ‘bouncer’

        • Dannywarrior

          Ah. The State of Florida fumbled that case so bad! Would have thought how long it lasted we would have had a detailed account from the moment GZ laid eyes on TM!

          His whole life is imaginary! Anyone who puts any faith in this guy from now on will have blood on their hands. They are enablers, and very very naive to just how manipulative he is! He will hurt someone else again.

          • I really wish he’d hurt himself. or better yet. run up to a real thug & get his face bashed into the sidewalk. that wld be poetic justice. esp when/if he survived and hospitalized in a coma, w/his skull cracked open and his brains shoved back in, I’d personally like to ask him why he wasn’t wearing his invisible helmet that he wore the night he killed a boy.

          • tubs has a job now. working security at Pampano Pat’s in Deland.

            • Dannywarrior

              Was gonna say….I can envison him in full out riot gear awaiting those dang gun thefts coming to steal that precious mental he loves! Lol.

  21. yahtzeebutterfly


    ct back in session: def atty arguing that bivens notes are “discovery” for the case and that defense is entitlted to them

    • crustyolemothman

      Is this lady getting instruction on how to try this case from the MOM/West team?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Absolutely….taint the information going to the public and hope that friends or relatives of jurors tell the jurors about it when the jurors return home!!

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      def atty tells judge (jury not in court right now) she wants to see bivens note because there are 2 state wits. who contradict each other

      • crustyolemothman

        If one were to question that there are two Pro witnesses that contradict each other, how does the defense answer that the one main witness that they will call has already contradicted himself more times than that?

      • Dannywarrior

        Really would have enjoyed seeing this legal argument unfold. :-\
        If I remember correctly this happened during GZ trial with medical examiner. Judge allowed it but not as evidence and copies were destroyed. The cause was because he was relying on his notes for testimony which is not allowed.

        What does the card game hours prior to even the accident have to do with the shooting in the eyes of the defense? That Renisha was in a rage 9, 10, 11 hours later? Other witnesses have made statements about her behavior after the accident.
        Knowing the trial is almost over, I agree with Prosc…..delaying on purpose.
        She would be able to point out the contradictions during closing arguments!

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      def atty” after reading case law:”it is clear your honor we are entitled to those notes.”

      pros objects say “no where” in this case law does it say note

      Pros: case law says you get the report or statement but not underlined notes

      Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi
      Cheryl Carpenter says case law indicates defense entitled to notes.

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        pros: “if you want to know what mr. bivens has. go talk to mr. bivens. she knew about mr. bivens.” says now def attywants to interrupt trial

        def atty objects strongly to pros. characterization of her..issue is about amber jenkins statements to Bivens

        def atty says the issues about the statement is about the time frame and whether amber jenkins left cause mcbride upset from card game

        def atty says notes essential about mcbride’s demeanor. “i need to know what the notes say ..who is shading the truth here.

  22. defense attorney sounds as if she is in a total melt down. would hand over everything in my wallet to be able to see this in action — and that includes a 1921 morgan silver dollar, but almost no cash.

  23. yahtzeebutterfly

    oralandar brand-wms @oralandar_DN · 27s
    judge off the bench to review case law about sharing of notes from investigators

  24. crustyolemothman

    With the words from the defense attorney in mind, I suspect that TW will not testify… Hopefully I am wrong, I would like to hear how he can explain his thought that the gun he put the shells into was unloaded and accidently discharged!

    • i cannot imagine how he cannot testify. there is absolutely no evidence that could support carpenter’s opening statement unless he does. but it is clear now that she is grasping at straws in total desperation.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Thick as a Brick

      • crustyolemothman

        Agreed, but can she allow him to testify and contradict what she alleged in her opening statement? The defense is in a hard spot, and digging a hole that gets deeper the more they talk….

        • to her credit — at least she did not start off with a knock knock joke. so she’s got that going for her 😉

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            yeah….and a knock knock joke would have been more appropriate to this knocking-at-Wafer’s-door case than to West’s case.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            …..but very sick

  25. yahtzeebutterfly


    def atty asks judge for notes from dearborn heights sgt gurka(spelling?)..judge says”if they are notes I shld at least take a look at them..

    to see if you are entitled..gurka just rose said no notes. jury comes back in

  26. lord help me, now she’s asking for some other LE notes. kinda thick in the head, isn’t she?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “Thick as a Brick”

      and we “wise” people can’t empathize with her because we don’t know

      “how it feels to be thick as a brick.”

  27. yahtzeebutterfly


    bivens coming back on stand

    def atty proceeding with cross exam of bivens

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      def atty asks bivens how many witnesses they got..he says again one and that another inves. spoke with murad. that interv occured a wk later

      def atty cheryl carpenter asking bivens why: “i have no idea.” givens says

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      def atty asks bivens about the golden “first 48 hours” optimum time, she says, is best time to conduct interviews and inves on case

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      bivens inves. team also canvassed area where accident occurred

      bivens’ team also went up and down warren avenue which is the main street that brammell street runs off and not far from wafer’s home

      def atty asks bivens why inves didnt go to nearby 24-hr gas station on warren..east of accident scene

      def atty: “it remains a mystery where she went in that 3 hour (time frame). it’s like she disappeared..”

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      def atty also asks bivens if he wld want to know if mcbride went to a drug house or not .bivens say it didn’t matter where.def done.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Def. attorning just had to say it…..so low down!!!

      • Dannywarrior

        Hang on a min. Carpenter was saying the BCA was dropping which could have allowed Renisha to damage a door (which has no evidence of being damaged), yet poses that she was at a drug house? What smoking pot? Drinking more?
        Sure. Makes sense! Not! The girl stayed at a drug house and got not even a bandaid for the cut on her hand! Called no–one and didn´t ask for a ride! Oh and she left with $ and had no drugs on her at the time of death!
        Who can believe this?

        • no one in their right mind. beyond that, it is completely irrelevant to the crime of her client.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      pros. redirecting..asking him to review mom’s statement. monica mcbride

      pros now asking about bivens earlier statements during cross about comments on 1st 48 . he now explains inves. process

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        bivens says despite budget issues in wayne county pros office..he was able to conduct thorough investigation in wafer trial

        pros asking about murad interview ..date was nov. 9. def atty cheryl carpenter asks now about monica mcbride statements to investigator

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        bivens done before some discussion about monica mcbride’s statements to the effect that she had told her daughter to stay home.

        monica mcbride has testified to that. her testimony was about renisha mcbride finishing housework

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        A bit dangerous for the public, I would guess….

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Remember this March 29, 2012 article?

          >George Zimmerman lost job as party security guard for being too aggressive, ex-co-worker says”


          “Usually he was just a cool guy. He liked to drink and hang with the women like the rest of us,” he said. “But it was like Jekyll and Hyde. When the dude snapped, he snapped.”

          The source said Zimmerman, who made between $50 and $100 a night, was let go in 2005.

          “He had a temper and he became a liability,” the man said. “One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted,” he said. “It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.”

      • I know!

        The fool can not stay away from firearms or things related to them.

        Pompano Pats Deland Burglary

    • Dannywarrior

      What a liability for that store owner! With a watchdog like that his insurance rates must have soared! 😉

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      From the article Joseph posted above:

      DELAND, Fla. — According to a DeLand police report, George Zimmerman has found work as a security guard at Pompano Pats in DeLand.

      Pompano Pats is a locally-owned store on South Woodland Boulevard that sells firearms, ammunition and motorcycles.

      The report stated that the owner of the business asked Zimmerman to guard the store due to a recent burglary.

  28. yahtzeebutterfly


    second pros. witnesses up: shawn kolonich..MSP forensic firearms expert on stand now. being ques. by pros terry anderson

    getting objection from def atty cheryl carpenter: its about his training..he cldn’t do any unsupervised exams solo before 2011, he testifies

  29. oralandar brand-wms ‏@oralandar_DN 11m

    def atty also asks bivens if he wld want to know if mcbride went to a drug house or not .bivens say it didn’t matter where.def done.

    – – – – – – – –

    a flippin men!

    • Dannywarrior

      In fact it really does not matter. What does matter is why TW opened a door and shot someone in the face. The rest the defense wants to present is after the fact gained knowledge which there is no proof of!

      • unless wafer was involved or somehow became informed about her activities prior to shooting mcbride, it has no relevance at all.

        • crustyolemothman

          Because the defense attorney thinks it is ok to poison the minds of the jury with allegations that are irrelevant then she should not mind if the Pros asked TW “What time did you get home from your visit to your drug dealer” and “what kinds of drugs did you by that night from your drug dealer” and “did you see the anyone you know when you visited your drug dealer that night”? Those are fair questions, right? It plants an idea in the minds of the jury no matter what the answers are…

          • yeah, yeah, let’s do it just like that. can we sneak in a few questions about his multiple DUI arrests as well?

            (oh, i wish we were in charge!)

  30. crustyolemothman

    Can anyone remember, wasn’t it testified by the police officer on the scene that TW’s shotgun was found inside the front door along with an empty round next to it?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I remember it was found just inside the door…can’t remember if the empty round was next to it.

    • Dannywarrior

      From my recollection of the reports the shot gun was on the floor inside the house near the door. The spent casing was still inside of the gun.

      • crustyolemothman

        Dannywarrior, Thanks for the response.. Hmmm, if he thought as his defense attorney has stated, that there were several more people waiting to maim, injure or kill him, it would seem he would have put another round in the chamber for protection from them. Or would that deduction be too simple? IMO he had eliminated the noise maker from his nice peaceful life and no longer need the gun. Anger and fear are similar emotions and often one is mistaken for the other. This man murdered in a rage of anger… How dare anyone knock on his door while he was trying to sleep, anyone that disturbs his sleep deserves to die, right? Guess it helps that the person doing the disturbing is female, black, and too drunk to defend herself…

        • Dannywarrior

          Defense is attempting to show reasonable fear. Therefore his attys. are deducing he could have reasonably believed more than one person was at his doors because more than one door was approached.
          You make a great point! Besides opening the only barrier he has available to these multiple assailants, he doesn´t even chamber another shell. In fact, the only shell fired was not even ejected!

          Let us look back to what the DA. stated when she decided to charge ” someone who claims self-defense must honestly and reasonably, not honestly or reasonably believe that he is in imminent danger of either losing his life or suffering great bodily harm, and the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent that harm. ”

          A reasonable person would not only not open the door, but if they had they would be prepared for what may be behind it. See this is why he is claiming he was unaware the gun was loaded? Setting the stage for his attys. story of a possible siege!

          TW´s statements and interview never offered these narratives however!

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Also, he has to explain the 10 to 15 minute gap between when HIS neighbor heard noise and when his neighbor heard the gunshot.

            Wafer had time to find his cellphone….look how he seemed to quickly call 911 after he shot Renisha.

            10 to 15 minutes….maybe taking gun out of case and going to closet to get ammo and load gun?

  31. Dannywarrior

    I have to run out. But, unless I missed it… I just realized Wafer has yet to have one character witness on his behalf….hummmm.

  32. Retweeted by Michael Skolnik
    Global Grind News ‏@GlobalGrindNews 25m

    Family Of Kendrick Johnson Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Georgia School Officials http://bit.ly/1zqKAWr pic.twitter.com/UuQtaEUnA7

  33. crustyolemothman

    Did the front door have a dead bolt? Several points that I was thinking about. First if he ejected the spent round from the chamber it would tell me the shot was not accidental, if he did not it would indicate he did not think there was more than one person. The dead bolt question is because if he had a dead bolt the noise of opening that dead bolt would have warned any assailant on the porch that he was opening the door, and no one in their right mind would want to give that advantage to an assailant, would they?

    • no one in their right mind would handle a gun without first checking if it was loaded.
      no one in their right mind would open a solid door between them and potential home invaders.

      conclusion — wafer is not right in the mind, therefore all bets off

    • Dannywarrior

      If there are two locked doors you are aware of, and you believe an assailant has damaged the anterior door, no, I would hope nobody would open the only barrier between them and an assailant.
      Especially if they claim they were unaware the gun was loaded.
      As was testified to, the gun requires steps to place one in the chamber. He was aware it was loaded. If the Def. claims he kept it cocked with one in chamber then he loaded it to max. with one in chamber, hence knowing it was loaded. Also, the trigger takes what, six to 8 lbs? No, anomalies found. There goes that defense.

      As I suspected when I discussed this on Queen Nosey´s blog way back when…. The min. distance Renisha was shot was what 8ft.? Funny how just the other day they were commenting on where Renisha´s feet were positioned on the porch. This would indicate TW opened interior door and stepped back before he shot. Right there is M2 proof.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Yeah, he goes to the door defensively carrying his shotgun but then claims he did not know the gun was loaded. Got it.

  34. OT: Zimmerman has made the news again……http://www.clickorlando.com/news/george-zimmerman-patrolling-central-florida-shop-after-gun-theft/27202982

    Pat Johnson, the owner of Pompano Pat’s, offered to buy Z a gun after his trial and the store owner is running for Mayor of Deland. The store sells mainly motorcycles but also has sells guns on the side.

    Z was “patrolling” on his new NW duty when the Deland PD questioned him why he was sitting behind the store. While the store owner denies that Z is an employee he says he does know him; Z says he has permission to be there from the owner.

    Z does not have a required security guard license to act as an armed security guard.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for this update, towerflower…especial this:

      “While the store owner denies that Z is an employee he says he does know him; Z says he has permission to be there from the owner.

      Z does not have a required security guard license to act as an armed security guard.”

    • in other words, he is back to his former ‘profession’ … surrounding himself with firearms and playing fantasy cop. fabulous, just fabulous. :/

    • crustyolemothman

      towerflower, It would have been amusing listening to the call that I feel sure Pat Johnson received from his insurance agent informing him about the liabiality that even having Zimmerman doing patrol on his property in an unpaid position with his permission would expose him to in the event of an incident. I suspect that Zimmerman is once again ” unwanted and unemployed… Poor baby! When will he learn that his non professional enforcer of the laws persona is not wanted or needed, never mind, I know the answer, NEVER…

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Hey, look at this….turns out gz told the police he was working night security!

      DELAND — George Zimmerman, the Sanford man acquitted last July in the shooting death of a teen, was spotted outside a DeLand business after midnight Sunday and told police he was working night security.

      Zimmerman said he stayed at the business with his dog so he could keep an eye on the business. He told police that he will be doing night time security for an “indeterminate” time, police wrote in their report. The address for Zimmerman listed in the police report is a Sanford UPS store, which houses post office boxes.


      • crustyolemothman

        From the article it would appear that he has committed at least one or more criminal acts. He either lied to the PD about being the security guard or he told the truth and is guilty of being an unlicensed security service… Let’s see if he gets a pass on these acts like all the others that he has been given a pass on…

      • Zimmerman tweeted the other day ‘to my friends in deland’ must be mooching off of this asshole who offered Zimmerman a gun. I asked mr pat when gz first got on twitter about offering to hire Zimmerman.. I don’t remember why other than knowing he was a business owner…
        sounds like Zimmerman is homeless again & burned his bridge/couch at the last grifting spot & went there looking to grift off of this guy.

        I swear if lying about security work while carrying a gun is not a crime I’m gonna freak out!!
        so the cops didn’t ask to see Zimmerman’s “security license”? wtf??? so they just take the word of a killer again??

        and now we hear this clown in running for mayor!?!?! OMFG!! I know Deland,
        it’s the sticks but a decent area close to datona beach/ormand beach where my best friend lived for 10-15yrs.the year before she was killed, we were looking for a house close to her’s. we looked at property in deland but she couldn’t get me to leave Miami to live in such a small town.

        it’s odd but that area of florida is diametrically opposite of south florida. it’s all American. from my definition/use of the term “cracker” I’d definitely describe the ppl in that area as crackers. they’re not as “southern’ as ppl in rural Georgia but more “yankee” than urban Georgia.
        besides the retired or farmers, there’s plenty of biker types that i’m very cool w/ (as long as they aren’t the biker gangbangers) but hunter/rifles in the back of pickup types bother me so I can’t get along w/them.
        I think Zimmerman and his afro Peruvian self will definitely stick out like a chocolate chip in a bowl of vanilla icecream.

        i think it’s safe to say zimmerman is using this guy “pompano pat” for his local connections w.bikers & hunters which offers Zimmerman sort of protection from those who’d otherwise consider him an interloper. this may not work out for Zimmerman as well as he thinks..one can hope.

    • Too bad,Florida shop offers free gun to George Zimmerman.

      In a letter to Zimmerman’s attorney, former Local 6 legal analyst Mark O’Mara, Pompano Pats in DeLand said it’s offering a free firearm to Zimmerman after hearing media reports that he could not obtain his Kel-Tec PF-9 from authorities.

      Pat Johnson For Mayor of DeLand?


  35. yahtzeebutterfly

    Jury out now for lunch break

  36. yahtzeebutterfly

    Just to add to info from trial, here are tweets from Gina Damon:
    Kolonich determined that the gun was manufactured in 2008 and, at that time, it was shipped with a pistol grip and a shoulder stock.

    Kolonich testified that a 12-gauge shotgun comes back with a lot of force. “There’s a lot of force behind a gun like this,” he said.

    Kolonich testified that the shoulder stock gives a person a chance to control the recoil. With a 12-gauge with a pistol grip, it’s difficult to maintain the recoil because all of that force is placed just on your hand, Kolonich testified.

    Kolonich testified that a pistol grip shotgun can be shot at different angles.

    Kolonich testified that buckshot are the lead pellets used instead of a single projectile.

    Kolonich testified there would be a weight differential if the gun were fully loaded.

    Kolonich testified that a shot from the gun could knock a screen out of its place.

    Kolonich testified that the shotgun will hold 7 shot shells in the magazine.


  37. yahtzeebutterfly

    Judge has returned.

  38. yahtzeebutterfly

    jury back in…def atty cheryl carpenter cross-examining him[Det. Sgt. Kolonich]..she’s asking him about door screen and frame to wafer’s home

  39. yahtzeebutterfly


    witness number three for the day is up. Dearborn Heights Dt.Sgt Stephen Gurka, 27 yr vet and head of the Wafer case on stand now..

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      Gurka got to Wafer home around 6 a.m. He first went to station to pick up his equipment needed for investigation at scene

      Gurka said one of first officers on scene told him the shooting was accident and that the homeowner did not know the victim.

      Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi
      Dearborn Heights Det. Sgt. Stephen Gurka takes stand in

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      Gurka got to Wafer home around 6 a.m. He first went to station to pick up his equipment needed for investigation at scene

      Gurka said one of first officers on scene told him the shooting was accident and that the homeowner did not know the victim.

      Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi
      Dearborn Heights Det. Sgt. Stephen Gurka takes stand in

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      we’re seeing pics of crime scene of mcbride lying on wafer porch. gurka says “there are no weapons” in her hand. her head is in bushes.

      no damage to storm door or handle to storm door, says Gurka..

      gurka says he sees shotgun inside home from front door.

      pics of front door being shown to jurors

      screen door pics shown with hole above handle

      Gurka said he was trying to determine when he got to house if wafer knew mcbride.

      Gurka was looking for any “evidence that someone was being entertained” at the house

      Gurka was looking for evidence like pizza boxes , two glasses..

      Wafer not at home when Gurka arrived. Wafer had signed consent for officers to search his home, Gurka says

      Gurka says there was one spent round in Wafer’s shotgun when police examined it

      Gurka says screen had a whole in it. it was locked. he measured screen from top of inside floor to middle of the hole ..

      Gurka says safety on Wafer’s gun was off. Gurka says police took pictures in the house

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi
        Gurka testifies he put screen back to measure

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Mandi Wright @DetroitMandi · 13m
        #TheodoreWafer shotgun as observed by Det. Sgt. Gurka.

      • Dannywarrior

        ” screen door pics shown with hole above handle”
        This is what I was was waiting to hear. The handle is waist height at best chest height from photos I have seen when someone stands on the porch. Had the screen been down before he shot Renisha…. How did he shoot her in the face?

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          We don’t know where she was standing or in what position

          • Dannywarrior

            I am being forensically impatient. I am sure they will eventually get there.
            We did see the position on her body when she fell which was to the right of the door. I can´t imagine she moved after being shot.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            This is where I cannot go…..too heartbreaking…..I avoid picturing the moment of the shot + sickens my stomach to picture her injuries

        • Dannywarrior

          My reply button is funky for some reason…..

          Let me add How did he shoot her in the face with no damage to the mental on the door near handle when Carpenter herself even mentioned missing buck shot and the fact they spread?

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        pros showing items and pics of them: bill of sale for gun, allen wrench, nylon gun butt (came out of cainet at the home)

        Gurka says when he went back on Nov. 11 screen insert in the basement..he said during both searches Wafer’s attys there

        deaborn heights has no crime lab. gurka has assisted in 6 homicides.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      Gurka no weapons ever taken off McBride’s body. Her driver’s license and $56 in cash taken. pros showing license and the cash McBride had

  40. oralandar brand-wms ‏@oralandar_DN 33s

    Gurka was looking for any “evidence that someone was being entertained” at the house

    – – – – – – –

    my eyes! my eyes! gak, i cannot unsee that mental image!

  41. Dannywarrior

    Renisha was not very tall. 5`4 in height.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      You can go to these links of the December 13, 2013 preliminary hearing to see my notes during the live streaming:


      and scroll down on this page for ME testimony at hearing:

    • crustyolemothman

      TW looks to be abut 5′ 10″ approx. that means his elbow would be about approx. 42 to 45″ inch’s from the floor, if you consider he had his off side hand holding the fore stock on the shotgun the barrel would probably been close to 48′ from the floor, which appears to be close to the height of the hole in the screen. Now to consider to hold the weapon in both hands he would have had to have the door swung all the way to the open position it again says he did not open the door a small amount to just look around but instead opened it with the full intent of firing the weapon… The simple fact that he did not chamber another round is a pretty good indication he did not think anyone but Mz. McBride was on his property. The calmness of his voice in the 911 call is also strange and seems to be inconsistent with some one who has just suffered a large amount of fear and killed an intruder, no excitement at all, just a calm and composed voice… One thing is causing me concern, are we sure of the time the murder occurred? Are we sure that this was not the “drug house” and TW had time before he called 911 to either relocate or dispose of anything he had in his possession? NOTE: that was a question, and not a theory…

      • Dannywarrior

        Of course I am speculating based on what we have thus far. I am looking at had the screen been displaced and Renisha fell at the position we saw her…..due to the barrel length and 8in. or shorter shot a right hand would produce 1. the interior door open to fit the entire 30+ in. of the gun. Had he used his right hand he was positioned to the right of the opened interior door.

        2. Had he used his left hand, the interior door was ajar, his arm raised, and there was no displaced screen.

      • i think based on the neighbor’s testimony that the time of the shooting is established. he said that shortly after the shooting he notice patrol cars (i am paraphrasing, of course).

  42. i am assuming we have pretty much reached the end of the case in chief, unless jenkins is called back. i think the prosecution has done a very good job. they presented a clear timeline of events, refuted almost every claim made by carpenter’s opening statement. at this point, every element of the crime has been established. i cannot identify any missteps on the part of the prosecution. well done!

    yes, we have the defense case to get through, but honestly, what have they possible got to show? wafer will have to take the stand and that will be a disaster.

  43. yahtzeebutterfly


    court back in session: def atty cheryl carpenter wants to put something on record

    she’s suggesting letting jury go home.

    defense has 7 audio clips to play. these are audio clips while theodore wafer in squad car. conversations btwn police officers

    def atty says she has audio that they found$100 in mcbride’s pocket: where did it go???, asks def atty cheryl carpenter..bomb shell here

    gurka leaves out of courtroom ..expecting audio to be played..def atty bringing up more about conver btwn cops

    has conversation about cops saying “i know. i know..i already stepped in it” talking about poss contamination at crime scene

  44. yahtzeebutterfly


    gurka on stand to listen to the taped conversations of the officers in the squad car

  45. crustyolemothman

    Don’t be too surprised if the judge orders a mistrial at this point. This is very damaging evidence, even if it does not play to the actual murder…

    • Dannywarrior

      I thought that Officer planted the deer meat story! That is all I am gonna say for now.

      • crustyolemothman

        I found that story to be rather strange at best, but even if none of the direct results of the poor by intent or other wise investigation are directly involved, the judge will have to order a mistrial. I had listened to this trial, even after knowing full well that TW some how would walk, and had actually started to build up hope that the criminal justice system would actually work for a change and then they pull the rug out from under me…

        • Dannywarrior

          I am looking at that now.
          My concern now is what if anything had the defense or prosecution done to rectify this prior to this trial? Funny how this always lays on the lap of a Judge when there is a murder trial? Makes me wonder also had this Judge used the showing of a juror as an excuse to disallow media in the court room? I am just a layman and saw something coming all day. However, I also can see that there were one last stops to set a stage for Wafer to take the stand after Spitzer once the Defense took the case. This was plan C.
          I believe you are right. This would be the time the prosecution would rest and Def. would ask for mistrial or dismissal.

          Rectifying what was said by police or proof of a compromised crime scene is not reason for mistrial at this point. It changes perhaps what evidence the defense may attempt to submit, it may change the course of anticipated length of testimony. It may even change the appealable issue. A mistrial? Unsure.

  46. yahtzeebutterfly

    I send my prayers and supportive thoughts to Renisha’s family and her loved ones during this grueling and heartbreaking period as they sit through the trial of their daughter’s killer.

    Rest in Peace Renisha.

    “Doves Flying” :

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