George Zimmerman Patrolling Again


George Zimmerman during his murder trial. He probably had the same look on his face when the cops pulled up Sunday.

This time, he is watching out for a friend.

One news source reported that George Zimmerman has found work. He has, but it’s not a paid job.

Much like his neighborhood watch, Zimmerman is again lying in wait for suspects. This time however, rather than Zimmerman calling the police to report anyone suspicious, he was the suspicious person.

Zimmerman is voluntarily patrolling Pompano Pat’s, a gun shop located in Deland, Florida. Last year after Zimmerman’s trial, Pompano Pat’s offered Zimmerman a free gun.

Pat Johnson of Pompano Pat’s told Click Orlando that the store was robbed earlier this month. The thieves stole rifles worth up to $5,000 and two mini-bikes, according to Johnson.

Sunday just after midnight, DeLand police officers spotted Zimmerman parked behind Pompano Pat’s and stopped to investigate.  Video from the dash camera of the police cruiser shows a closer view of their exchange.

“Zimmerman informed me that he was sitting behind the business with the permission of the owner,” the officer wrote in his incident report.

“Did Pat’s hire you?” the officer asked him.

“No, no,” Zimmerman responded.

“You’re just doing this as a friend,” the officer asked Zimmerman.

“He’s a friend of mine,” he replied.

George Zimmerman gave the police his name and address – the address is to a UPS store.  He also showed the officer a print of his painting and asked if he knew about him, saying it was a “shame” that the officer did not know.

Johnson stated that although he knows Zimmerman, he has not hired him as a security officer.  Johnson said that he had no idea that Zimmerman was watching the store and while the help is appreciated, it’s help he does not need.

Johnson sent Zimmerman a text telling him not to come back to the store.

Well, who would want to take on the liability of hiring a wannabee cop?  Who wants problems because of George Zimmerman?  Since it was locally reported, the store has received 3 death threats. Thanks a lot, Georgie.

Video reporting what happened is  here:

The dash cam video can be watched here.

Interview with the owner of Pompano Pat’s can be watched here.




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    • Thanks for the vid. I wish that managers of those videos would set the date correctly. Anyway, those guys knew exactly what they were coming for and were probably in that shop numerous times.

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Oh brother here we go again… He is a guy with a gun and a track record.. Florida is safe… Well if you are of color not so much.

    • Juan, “track record” indeed. What was he planning this time, to say he shot in self-defense for his dog?

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Don’t tell me they are that stupid. What kind of people would put another gun in his greasy little fist?

    • Jackie, good question. His current situation; PTSD, homeless, jobless, pending divorce. Then he’s also ADD and with all of that, he is licensed to carry a gun.

      • Xena, He is only licensed as a private citizen to have concealed carry. What he doesn’t have is a Class D license–which is for unarmed security guards or a Class G–which is require for armed security guards. That came up one time before in the investigation into TM’s death when they were trying to establish whether or not he had a Class G. You can see he still doesn’t have either one by inputting his name into the licensing division:
        That site also has a contact page in which to notify them, which I would since he was acting as a security guard under definition of the law.

        From FL statue 493.6101 definitions:

        19) “Security officer” means any individual who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs bodyguard services or otherwise guards persons or property; attempts to prevent theft or unlawful taking of goods, wares, and merchandise; or attempts to prevent the misappropriation or concealment of goods, wares or merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, choses in action, notes, or other documents, papers, and articles of value or procurement of the return thereof. The term also includes armored car personnel and those personnel engaged in the transportation of prisoners.

        Zimmerman was acting as a security officer without holding the required licenses and thereby once again breaking the law.

        • Yes, towerflower. I remember that we discussed that investigators inquired into whether he had a Class G license when he killed Trayvon.

          Since Zimmerman was able to distract the cops by talking about his popularity, they probably never thought to search him nor his vehicle.

          • I got that too, has the police ever bothered to search his vehicle, the several times he’s been questioned/stopped?

  3. I wonder if he had anything to do with the stolen guns – just sitting back there watching – UPS? Hmmm This all sounds kind of familiar.

  4. Off topic. Good news. Congratulations to Benjamin Crump.

    • This one is cool news as far as Mr. Crump…… I’m thinking he’s not going to ask Moron O’ Mara to be any kind of adviser……..just sayin’

      He could send Dopey Don West out for some refreshing ice cream however…….with chocolate sprinkles………..and cherries !!

      Anyway “Johnson sent Zimmerman a text telling him not to come back to the store.”

      So, he had Fogen’s cell phone number ?? Huhhhhhhhh ?!?!

      In other words “……….go away…………and stay away” as if none of us on Team Trayvon never said that one.

      So………if I need to contact Phucking FogenPhoole I call UPS ??????

      Personally I think anyone caught loitering behind a gun store (a crime), should be arres………wait……did I say Fogen was caught behind a gun store, just hanging out waiting for the “bad guys” to show up………so he can be the hero……..and foil the crime…..”again”…..and maybe get in some shooting time…….

      Somebody needs to grab a slap of concrete and beat some sense into him……….Moron O’ Mara has been seen trucking concrete around……nahhhhhhhh !

      • Two sides to a story

        “Somebody needs to grab a slap of concrete and beat some sense into him……….Moron O’ Mara has been seen trucking concrete around……nahhhhhhhh !”

        Lulz – best laugh of the day. Thanks, Racer!

    • Very Nice!! Congratulations Atty. Crump!

  5. You really can’t even make this stuff up! Does this bumbling homicidal sociopath work for late night comics? He must have some kind of contract with them! Or is so fond of patrolling or guns so much, that he has to volunteer to do it? Even better huh, night watching a gun store. He must have creamed the seats of his truck!

  6. Love that the owner sent him a text not to come back to his store.

    Tubs had texted twice 4 days ago asking where “my Deland friends were?” did not say who they were but they were not to the store owner!! There were two texts from Tubs asking Twice and before the Sunday police questioning.
    I think he was planning to rob it. But of course the owner didn’t hire or request any help.

    Tubs was either living behind his store or making plans to rob them ( basing on his two texts last week).
    I would lay money the owner had no idea he was there. His insurance would be cancelled and his landlord would evict him. This is a business. Insurance co. do NOT invite liability claims.Business leases and insurance coverage is very strict.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. kindheart101

    So he carries a print of his “so called” painting while declaring himself gun store vigilante?

    This guy has a loose screw.

    • In most states this would be a crime. An armed “guard” that is NOT CERTIFIED is loitering behind a gun store. Is he guarding the Skittles and Gumball machines ?

      Not hardly. It’s pretty obvious he still has that Super Hero complex going on. There’s no telling who he’ll shoot next.

      2dogs……….Dead on as to the insurance liability. I’d venture a guess that as soon as his agent heard or hears about this, he’ll be getting a call.

      I firmly believe he’ll shoot a suspect and then give us that “…….see…..I was right the 1st time……I was acting in self defense and damn…………if it didn’t happen again”

      This time he’ll plant his fat stupid ass in a specific location and claim he was literally forced to Stand “His” Ground since the “suspect” infringed on “his” place “….in the “alleged” commission of a “crime” (walking through a parking lot)

    • “So he carries a print of his “so called” painting……” Come on now kindheart…….as if you don’t. (I just had to !!!!)

      How ya been !!!!!

      Yep…..and he said it’s a shame the cop didn’t know who he was……..yep, yep, yep. Some people just don’t know when they’ve been insulted.

      So, let me whip this painting out for ya……..damn, I been admiring my forgery, er, handiwork all year now……………want to buy one ????????

      loose screw……and then some…….

      • kindheart101

        Hey Racer 🙂 How’s the shop…..and the band?

        How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the gun owners insurance company heard about this. Ha! Can’t you just hear it? What the hell is wrong with you man……NO Insurance company will touch your business if we even think one of his farts hit the wind within a mile of that store! Get rid of him! And I mean as of yesterday!

        No job, no money, no home, no friends, no future. Karma………..:)

        • The shops doing pretty good and the bands been invited to play in Nigeria next Aug, followed by stops in London France, Germany and Luxemburg and then to Australia.
          We can’t wait. We’ll be doing to be doing fundraisers soon.

      • yahtzeebutterfly


    • That was just bizarre!

    • Couldn’t find a loose screw so here’s the next best thing.

      Dancing turkey

    • roderick2012

      “So he carries a print of his “so called” painting while declaring himself gun store vigilante?”

      I thought it meant that he was living out of his truck and that Honeypot kicked him to the curb after Judge Nelson threw out his lawsuit against NBC.

    • Ain’t that something? Carrying around copies of his “painting”! And they say he’s not a wanna be cop? Look at how many cop friends he has? The Arms Room, gun organizer is an ex-cop and this guy is an ex-cop! The only way he feels important is playing cop! He is beyond sick!

      • mysteryquest1,

        The Arms Room, gun organizer is an ex-cop and this guy is an ex-cop!

        Let’s not forget Mark Osterman — an ex-sheriff’s deputy.

  8. Easy now people. I live near there and all I can say is Stand Your Ground! It really has not been resolved yet has it?

    • TJ,
      I wonder if it will ever be resolved. When a law allows people to act on their fears and assumptions,and bases “reasonable” on the opinions of the jury, it is a dangerous law.

      • I agree. Its so very hard to dissect.

        • TJ, yes, it is. I’m not one who thinks I could take another life, but I still adhere to the right of self-defense. That doesn’t mean that I totally agree with conceal carry however. Conceal carry, to me, means that people MIGHT have the tendency to engage in confrontation. A gun going grocery shopping? A gun in a movie theater? I don’t understand the necessity for that.

          • You know the more I think on it the more it seems that people are trying to keep up with the bad guys. The bad guys do take guns to those places.sadly. So I dont know if I could fault anyone for wanting to protect their own in those places..make sense?

            • TJ,

              So I dont know if I could fault anyone for wanting to protect their own in those places..make sense?

              Makes sense, but protection is not only in the form of guns. Protection does not always acquaint with having to use a deadly weapon. Bullets do not discriminate.

              There are cases where people with a gun have been able to stop their victimization, and cases where people with guns pulled them, and ended up being killed. The case in Nevada where the two cops were killed by ex-Bundy comrades comes to mind. The person in the Wal-Mart was a private citizen with a gun who decided to try to use it, and ended up being shot and killed by the ex-Bundy folks.

              TJ, I don’t have the answer — wish that someone did.

            • I hear you, its a tough one to figure.

  9. Link to 7/10 breakin at pompano pats in Deland.
    The one above is much older was from 2001 in Daytona.

  10. As the saying goes, “If you look for trouble, you WILL find it!”

  11. Two sides to a story

    What a weirdo. That man makes my BP soar.

  12. Dannywarrior

    I still am laughing at the main defender´s tweets today…. Sorry. Hilarious! Actual on the floor LOL material! Wafer… now GZ???. What is a racist to do with this week? 😉

    • Danny, some people are obsessed with the accused getting away with murder, especially when the victim is a person of color. Some where in their small brains is the idea that death discriminates.

      • Dannywarrior

        I see they enjoy it despite how irrational this guys actions are. He get´s more and more creepy and all the while they defend his behavior when it is very clear he is taking things upon himself. Kinda of like leaking this very story then watching while other´s are blamed. Been saying it for awhile.

        • Danny, the longest running open discussion blog on Word Press might be due to her really being ashamed of her opinions and lack of knowledge available via blog.

          • Dannywarrior

            I have avoided commented on that pea brained Canadian because she has had the most illogical comments on the Wafer case. She keeps mentioning the AC unit and Renisha´s shoes but it is very clear the girls socks are white! Need I laminate? I think not. As far as an AC unit and a legally 8x legally drunk 19 year old standing on a AC unit? Who do they think this is Spider man? Crap call Renisha a thug, a drunk, but damn, the girl did not have super powers! She and that Vee chick are hell bent on filling in the gap! Sad really. In this case thank Michigan for not being a Sunshine State. They had doxxed the family dog by now!

            • Danny, I was told that she asked what it means when a judge sustains an objection. I can see that coming from someone not involved in following cases and interjecting their opinions, but for someone to want to act like a crime solver and legal expert on court procedures — well, what can I say?

              Speaking of which, her comrade DP got his butt spanked by the court, and has asked the appellate court to reinstate the dismissed TRO. Even a first year paralegal student should know that the appellate court has no jurisdiction to do that, and no TRO can be reinstated when the plenary order has been denied.

            • Dannywarrior

              Ms. Nosey pants is a Sluther. Nothing more. Prides herself on her ability to type in a name, a word, address, of a target and see what Google may bring up. Matters none if it the truth, or fantasy. All I see are people who are making up for something they are missing in life , or feel guilty about something they have done , so they point out other´s failures. They are bullies.
              I am very glad to hear that Santiago is legally spanking his harasser. Last I heard he sought a TRO against the nut–job who began stalking his wife! I hope that was the win for he and his family that you are talking about.
              As far as the appeal goes, you are correct. Before I took my net break I remember talking about that with you . I looked it up myself. From what I remember the court can only look at legal errors the lower court had made in denying the TRO. That is how all applates work. I have seen on numerous occasions how DP interprets law and well, it is good for a chuckle!

            • Danny,

              I am very glad to hear that Santiago is legally spanking his harasser. Last I heard he sought a TRO against the nut–job who began stalking his wife! I hope that was the win for he and his family that you are talking about.

              A plenary restraining order was entered against DP, and he was also ordered to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees. As I understand it, DP’s disability income is exempt, but he has the gofundme page and there is possibility of placing a lien on those donations to pay the judgment in the restraining order case.

              Regarding the appeal; I understand that there is a schedule for its dismissal for failure to file a statement of the case. DP misrepresented to his financial donors that he cured that default, but the form he made public to them is absent the statement of the case.

            • Dannywarrior

              Now isn´t that rich! Hahaha. Sorry Xena I feel compelled to have just a bit justification in that collection theory! They should have left well enough alone. But, hell, I am just a mourning my mother, mole/rat, kinda of SOB.

            • Danny,

              Sorry Xena I feel compelled to have just a bit justification in that collection theory!

              It’s a very real and possible action. It’s an asset that is not exempt. He cannot claim that it is earmarked because he has already filed an application for waiver of fees.

            • Dannywarrior

              When the fan hits the shit..who is paid first? I had threats from both sides. I care less about a penny. Honest truth . I never was doxxed. Honest truth you know even you know what was spread is not truth and you know I really don´t care to insert you.

          • Dannywarrior

            I think she keeps it open believing it is useful historical legal information. If not for her own work, those she has collected, and especially in an attempt to intimidate me.

            • Danny,

              …useful historical legal information…

              You mean, like what a retired lawyer is posting on his blog? Or, whether George destroyed Shellie’s IPad or cut a used tissue and threw it to the ground? Or, what other handles Sundance uses; and what personal info others might have about people on Twitter who disagree with her? Useful historical legal information like that? 🙂

            • Dannywarrior

              Exactly! 🙂 But I must admit it was nessessary to put Sundance out there. He is the #1 hypocrite who gave these people a gathering place for that type of crap. They would have had to stick to Talk Left where none of the doxxing, speculation, etc. would have ever been aloud.

  13. Dannywarrior

    Oh forgot about the KJ news too. Geeze. Tough week for the racist and it´s only Tuesday! Whew. The sky is falling this just can´t be right! They are about to read a book written …titled ” My foot is in your ass.” 😛

  14. Well, here we have it. If Zimmerman had captured or killed burglars, he would have supported Johnson’s campaign argument.

    “Watching the crime go up, having my store broken into, having countless people contact me saying, ‘They stole my air conditioner, they broke into my car, they broke into my house,’ it just needs to stop,” said Johnson.

    In response, Apgar said that since 2000, the city’s population has increased 31 percent while the crime rate went down 14 percent.

    Now, the question is, was Zimmerman’s patrolling with a gun at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, an effort to support Taaffe’s theory that crime committed by young Blacks was the problem in the community, to further support why the Fair Housing Act should be violated?

  15. Pat Johnson changed his FB page for mayor today. His first press release said this:

    Press Release
    From: Pompano Pats
    Ref: George Zimmerman
    ANY and ALL reports made to the media or other agencies that Pompano Pats or its Corporate President-Pat Johnson hired George Zimmerman as a “Security Guard or Night Watchmen” are 100% false. Our company and its founders learned of his recent sighting from mass media reports.
    The reports and allegations are nothing more than a negative political campaign stunt, manufactured specifically to hurt our Corporate President’s race. Our Company and its founders were appalled and disgusted to learn a politician would use the death of a 17 year old boy to further their political career. This stunt establishes an all new low in Florida Politics.
    Tim Franklin- Media relations

    Now it is only this:

    Press Release

    From: Pompano Pats

    Ref: George Zimmerman


    ANY and ALL reports made to the media or other agencies that Pompano Pats or its Corporate President-Pat Johnson hired George Zimmerman as a “Security Guard or Night Watchmen” are 100% false. Our company and its founders learned of his recent sighting from mass media reports.

    Gone is the entire second paragraph along with all the not so favorable comments. He deleted the first one and only re-posted the first paragraph of the press release. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Now that editorial switch-up says a lot. Thanks for showing us, towerflower!

    • Hmmm, indeed towerflower. Notice the deception in the PR; “sighting.” They may not have known that the “sighting” was released to the media, but Pat knew Zimmerman was on his property patrolling because the cop called the phone number that Zimmerman gave to him.

      Pat was running his campaign on “increased crime” scare tactics. The current mayor refuted that. I suspect that Zimmerman was suppose to find some “suspects” to give Pat’s campaign message some credibility.

      Well, that ship has now sailed.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I suspect that Zimmerman was suppose to find some “suspects” to give Pat’s campaign message some credibility.

        Yes, Xena, and now Pat has to clean up the mess and change course.

        • Yahtzee,

          Yes, Xena, and now Pat has to clean up the mess and change course.

          Any politician campaigning on decreasing crime is barking up the wrong tree. This is why. Victims of crimes know how the police respond and ultimately, hold the police department responsible. If they have to resort to vigilantism, it’s because the police department has made the community convenient for criminals.

          Just look at how the cops responded to Zimmerman in that dash cam! It reminded me of how they responded to Jeffrey Dahmer as he chased his bloodied victim down the street. A steadied voice and “I know ____” is all it takes for people to no longer be “suspects.”

          In the real world in communities with increased crime, the cops would have presumed that Zimmerman was carrying burglary tools, searched his vehicle, patted him down, and handcuffed him as he gave his story. Calling Pat would have been the last thing — not the first thing.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            You are right on point.

            Shouldn’t the police have checked the interior of the store that night after talking with gz to make sure that it was secure?

            • Yahtzee,
              EXACTLY! Zimmerman could have ripped off the store, had the stolen merchandise in his truck, and his dog with him to give a bark-alert in case anyone came by while he was stealing.

          • Not surprised, you have an ex-cop (Pat Johnson, store owner), real cops, and a wannabe cop, it was just one big happy family.

          • yahtzeebutterfly

            These are the only accessories gz should be allowed to have:

          • Xena, Yes it is the same department.

  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    All of gz’s actions this year tell me that gz is going to continue his usual behavior….from problems with those he lived with (Samatha and Shellie incidents that required a police response= rage issues) to his fascination with guns (adding to his arsenal this year and attending gun show) and to his desire to be a “look out” wanna-be cop.

    Nothing has changed.

  17. Does George Zimmerman believes he is a cop? It makes sense now. He gets away with so much, why not pretend to be a cop. After all, police get away with murder too, yes?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Sometimes I wonder if he has multiple characters in his psyche….each with its own reality. gz just allows the one to surface that gets him through a particular situation.

      • We all have lots of issues within our brain, but we all know what is right from wrong. I know this world is not nice and most people in this world know the difference in right and wrong. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall on judgment day… a day where we all have to answer for things in our lives – yes, even Zimmerman.

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Well put…yes, we all do know what is right from wrong….gz is always making up lies and excuses for his wrongs and likes to blame others instead of owning up to his “mistakes”, mess-ups, and crimes.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall on judgment day… a day where we all have to answer for things in our lives – yes, even Zimmerman.

        Something tells me that gz doesn’t think or worry about judgment day.

  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    I found some a great understatement in a comment section under a gz news article on this latest episode:
    “Volunteering has not worked out for George so much in the past.”

    I also found these two comments:

    “….sitting in his car…watching, waiting…all too familiar.”


    “…guns to George is like catnip to a cat.”

  19. I think we’re dealing with one sick puppy.

    • stuartbramhall,
      Scary, isn’t it?

      And what if a person happened to drive or walk by that area and Zimmerman confronted him? He’s not a deputized anything, neither a hired security guard. For all they know, he could be the look-out for a burglary in process. They run, and we have a situation like that of Trayvon.

      For a person who claims having PSTD, he certainly doesn’t mind placing himself in a position to cause it again.

  20. butterflydreamer2

    What about that last robbery, could it have been a set up? Was guntotin tugboat involoved in it? Was he about to rob the shop? I have a hard time believing George is going to do anything for free, that’s not what he is about. The owner doesn’t know he’s been sitting back there? What about him asking George if his dog could stay inside, and George telling him he would stay in the back with the dog?

    Something is not quite right in Zimmyville. I think I am going to shimmy over to the side an revisit WAS GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’S NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH A COVER-UP?

  21. Truly, this simply shows us how terrible it is in the world.

  22. What I find the most alarming part of the dash cam video is the camaraderie between Zimmerman and police officers that he has never met, under the guise of a police patrol response to a suspicious person near the scene of recent criminal acts. It is as if Zimmerman is their hero, and Zimmerman pimps his white privilege to get everything his heart desires, notoriety, material possessions, and to play out his cowardice fantasies of bullying the disenfranchised endorsed by police department, politicians with agendas and racists. To watch the difference of how police interact with minorities and non-minorities is gut wrenching.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I hear you, Sharon.

      Praying things will change someday.

    • Sharon,
      Excellent comment.

      Zimmerman just told burglars how to case a joint and not get arrested — just have the name of the owner and phone number to generic voice mail.

  23. A friend of mine made a very good point, he asked would a man of color have been treated as Zimmerman was, when found loitering behind a business that sells guns, that had recently been robbed, if the person of color had a criminal history involving violence with guns?

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Good question by your friend…..Sadly, I think we all know the answer.

    • Mindyme,
      Based on how the cops behave in other circumstances, we should have been reading a story where the dog was shot, Zimmerman was thrown over the hood of his truck and tased, and charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, resisting, and a host of other charges.

      Then, we could read how he filed suit against the DeLand police department.

      Isn’t that how things work in other cases?

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Oh yeah, Xena, that’s how it works, but NEVER for gz.

        • Yahtzee,
          Someone in Hollywood should redo the movie “Beverly Hills Cops” but re-title it “Cops in Florida” with Zimmerman playing the role of a criminal who gets away because the cops think they are in Beverly Hills.

      • I read several comments on the faux news site suggesting that the idiot should sue deland PD for police harassment!!!!! unfuckinbelievable!!!

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          He is annoying like a mosquito. We need to address the problem of the stagnant pools of water that produce such mosquitos . That is where the real problem in our society lies.

        • Shannon,

          I read several comments on the faux news site suggesting that the idiot should sue deland PD for police harassment!!!!! unfuckinbelievable!!!

          Maybe his number one fan can help him file suit, then perpetrate “paper terrorism” on the court. LOL!

          • Omg it’s probably him! LMAO!!

            • LOL@Shannon. You’re probably right. He can find some bankruptcy and out-of-jurisdiction cases to cite for GZ, divided among 10 amended complaints that never stop coming, and then not serve the official representative for the DeLand police department. It will be a good thing to watch unfold as every document prepared will be publicly posted with disparaging titles intended to harass. 🙂

      • Exactly. 😦

    • mindy….since this was the same department that ran over a fleeing suspect, I would imagine it would have been treated quite differently.

    • Do we even have to ask? If he had been a man of color, there would have been a chokehold involved…

      At least it heartens me that none of the nice cops were interested in purchasing Mr. Zimmerman’s artistic print 😉

      • LOL@eurobrat. Makes me wonder — if he sold an “original” painting, why does he need prints and how many has he sold?

        • Prints are actually a good way for an artist to make extra money, since they are cheaper to buy and thus easier to sell…so artists will sell both paintings and prints. I have some artists in my family and Lord knows they always need ways to make extra money 😉

          That being said, we’re talking about real art now, and I have severe doubts about the quality of George’s “skills”. (Not to mention that even if he was a genius, I wouldn’t want to buy any work from a cold-hearted killer! It would be kinda like buying one of Charles Manson’s paintings, ick!)

  24. That was what jumped out at me. No get out of the car, show Car reg. , id, etc. Just buying his crap cause he has owner’s number and he’s white.
    Well, Deland welcome to Sanford’s world. You are about to learn so much. Clear tape of racial disparity for all the world to see.
    Too damn bad the idiot cop didn’t high five tubs.:-(

  25. Mr. Crump has been elected head of the National Bar Association. Congratulations to him!

    Also, I may have already posted this but tubs tweets twice, in the same day and two days before the Sunday police chat : ” where are my Deland friends?”
    One of his genuine admirers asks him how he’s doing and tubs blows him off with something along the line of I’m fine, glad your’re fine but I need my Deland buddies.
    I mean he practically screams ” I NEED MY DELAND BUDDIES” WHERE ARE MY DELAND BUDDIES”. Really needs those guys ASAP. Something was going down. And by the way mr. Deland Policeman those ” bad guys you’re so glad the white guy is guarding against, is the BAD GUY. ( guessing you’ll watched the video of the tête-à-tête they had.)
    The ending is priceless, where tubs shows his printing of the flag and explains to the cop how he was taught to do it.

    He doesn’t “need his Deland buddies” to help guard that store. That makes no sense. He was going to break in.

  26. I wonder if Phucking FogenPhoole was just trying to get his born / unborn child their 1st
    gun… know, being chronically unemployed and all. It’s that “Steal 1st – Shoot later” mentality.

    I just can’t help but have that ugly picture in my head of him holding a pistol over a babies crib saying “……..and, uhmmmmm……this is how you….uhmm, put the magazine in and uhmmm, make sure it clicks and them……firmly pull the slide back………….and……”

    Seriously……I wonder if he’s a proud papa yet ?????

    • I don’t think there was a baby. She posted a selfie about a month before she went quiet and she didn’t look preggo then. She has since closed her twitter account and around the same time Z posted a message something like “If you aren’t here for me when times are bad don’t come back when times are good.”

      I think she sent him packing after the NBC decision.

  27. I just re-watched the video. So TWO cop cars showed up and then what just left without any contact from the store’s owner?

    The store owner should be filing a complaint against them. Since when does a cop buy anyone’s story without checking validity. The tape ends before they leave so did they escort him off the premises or just leave this white dude with his mf flag story to carry on?

    That giggly one that sounded like a little girl? Jesus and openly saying “yeh man we appreciate you protecting us from the bad guys”. Mr. Policeman, could you define in your mind what a “bad guy” looks like?

    I am actually going to get off my ass and file a report to the Deland mayor as a white southern grandmother. They not only displayed, for the world, what they thought a bad guy looked like, they swallowed this person’s story as being legitimate and plausible.

    At 1AM, neither cop asks for a sobriety test, proof of car ins. registration and valid Driver’s License or proof of permission to park behind a business that was JUST robbed two weeks earlier?

    Were their doughnuts getting cold? Every business owner should be protesting this shoddy lack of any actual police work.

    • 2dogs,
      Here’s a question;

      After he was acquitted, what if OJ Simpson had been found sitting in the back of a business after midnight?

      The conversation:

      OJ: Don’t you know me? I was all over the news. Here’s a clipping that I keep in my truck.

      Cop: I don’t care who you are. What are you doing around here?

      OJ: I’m watching out for my friend’s business. It was robbed several weeks ago, you know.

      Cop: Are you a licensed security guard? Did your friend hire you?

      OJ: No. I’m doing it as a favor.

      Cop: Show me your hands. I’m going to cuff you until we get this figured out. Do you have anything on you, such as weapons or anything that will stick me that I need to know about?

    • Bravo!!

  28. 2dogs….not only that they said they would make sure other night shifts would know that he was sitting there.

  29. Dreamer,
    Zimmerman is very skilled in using verbal deception and deception by silence. We heard the real George Zimmerman on his NEN call of 2/26/12. His history of committing white-collar crime is documented. Even Judge Lester perceived Zimmerman’s deception is that of a “potted plant.” However, George knows if he uses the proper tone, omits the four-letter words, and justifies his actions by accusing someone of being a criminal, that he can convince LE to be blind and trust him.

  30. yahtzeebutterfly

    I think gz will spend the rest of his life thirsting for the waters of a good life. Because of the type of person he is, he will never taste of those refreshing waters.

    Unless he changes his ways, gz will just spend his time running after mirages and singing this song:

    “Cool, Clear Water”

    All day I face
    the barren waste
    without the taste of water,
    cool water….

    The nights are cool
    and I’m a fool
    each star’s a pool of water,
    cool water
    And with the dawn
    I wake and yawn
    and carry on to water,
    cool, clear, water

  31. yahtzeebutterfly

    gz cleaning up after his messes:


    It now looks like Pat Johnson is a fired cop, fired from the Deland Police Dept for insubordination. He tried to collect unemployment and was denied.

    • oh, he also had the reporter of this story given a trespass warning….noted on his FB page.

    • tower flower !!
      Great sleuthing! Osterman was also fired, appealed then allowed to resign from Volusia PD. Now, due to shop owners stupidity from giving stupidlo a gun a year ago, no political office, insurance will either be cancelled or trebled and rent will double or not renewed.

      He never gave tubs permission to guard his store, it would be business suicide.
      He will pay for his gun gift that was in such poor taste ,but he felt it was the right and good thing and maybe a smart act for those who still believed in tub’s innocence a year ago. Good god, it seems so much longer than 7/13, doesn’t it?

      However, What ALWAYS follows is MAYHEM coupled with total lack of gratitude. Do you see tubs tweeting out anything in his friend’s behalf. Like, I thought I was helping. I’m terribly sorry he has received numerous death threats due to me just thinking of ME ME ME!!
      And also, wanna buy one of my paintings? 😉

      I think it’s near the final chapter for tubs. There are no more bridges to burn. Sadly, he is not of the type to finish it himself without hurting others.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        I worry for the safety of those around him and those he encounters.

        He has displayed such a range of emotions during this last year. I just wish he would stop carrying his gun everywhere.

  33. Dannywarrior

    Hell. This story was a set up. The guy lost his political run he was setting up from the min. he offered GZ a free gun. I watched the robbery video. Read report. Who set up who here? Florida is a waste land of corruption. GZ is where he belongs. Thank God a stones steps away from Gitmo! Float him on a boat made of palm leaves and psalms.

  34. Remember how OJ couldn’t keep out of trouble after his trial? his stupid book wasn’t illegal but was a running start of his downfall. he moved to florida to avoid paying for the civil judgment against him. the road rage incident he was given a break on. he beat another woman and got away with it. something happened with his daughter can’t remember details..
    and who knows how many other times he broke the law w/o our knowledge.

    but the final straw was the armed burglary in vegas that put a stop to his rampage and is in prison for good.

    if the feds don’t get him, he’ll get got some how. I just hope it’s sooner than later.

    • pompano pat has a hankering for the spot light.
      here’s he’s on TV’s most daring where Pat narrates in puns like a pro.

    • Shannon,

      if the feds don’t get him, he’ll get got some how. I just hope it’s sooner than later.

      I suppose that PTSD claim just went out the door for him because he’s repeating the same attitude and behavior that purportedly caused it.

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