Mark O’Mara Wants to Have An Honest Dialogue on Race? Cough!

Mark O’Mara telling America about race is like a man trying to tell a woman about labor pains. He cannot speak from experience.

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Closing Arguments Held In Zimmerman Trial

You remember Mark O’Mara, the attorney whose legal and courtroom theatrical skills convinced a 6 member jury that George Zimmerman was not guilty of murder or manslaughter for killing Trayvon Martin.  Yes, the character that gave us the notion that Trayvon Martin was not unarmed because he managed to weaponize the sidewalk. Young black youth are like McGiver that way, they can apparently arm themselves with any commonplace item in any environment!

Remember Mr. O’Mara’s dramatic 4 minutes of silence representing the time Martin had to run home.  Of course, that’s 4 minutes that Zimmerman had to return to his vehicle like he told the dispatcher he would and NW regulations stated he should never have left. What was he doing during that 4 minutes? Looking for a street sign? No, he was looking for Martin, what else would he be doing? Enjoying the rain? Zimmerman Ultimately Killed Martin Because Unknown Young…

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  1. Why didn’t the State ever bring that up, that the same 4 minutes Trayvon had to lead Zimmerman to his home where a pre-teen was watching TV, alone, that Zimmerman continued to follow/stalk/chase/walk in the same direction he reported Trayvon RAN off in?

    The State totally blew this. I have less than affectionate feelings towards MOM.. *turns and pukes in garbage can* at the thought of anything factual or relevant he could contribute to a conversation on race.

    • Why didn’t the State ever bring that up, that the same 4 minutes Trayvon had to lead Zimmerman to his home where a pre-teen was watching TV, alone, that Zimmerman continued to follow/stalk/chase/walk in the same direction he reported Trayvon RAN off in?

      Had O’Mara alleged that in a summary judgment, it could be objected to as an “improper inference.” Actually, it was not 4 minutes of silence when considering that GZ was on the phone and it was GZ who was moving during that time.

      Sorry for the reference, but it’s true –what O’Mara inferred is that Trayvon was suppose to know that Zimmerman was conducting a “coon hunt” and having no rights to be outside after sundown, was suppose to never stop running. O’Mara used lots of dog whistles during that trial. The 4 minutes of silence was just one of them.

      • Yes, that’s it exactly, It was portrayed as being Trayvon’s fault Zimmerman chased and instigated a confrontation.

        • And O’Mara pretty much, afaic, instigated all the disgusting racist and cruel talk about a young man and his family. He could have stopped it, instead, he instigated it, encouraged it, and joined in. In some ways, I dislike him (hate?) more than GZ. GZ is just GZ, an idiot azzle. O’Mara is not only an idiot azzle, but he makes a living off of idiot azzles and encouraging others to be idiot azzles.

          • When he said that Trayvon’s cell phone contained a video of a homeless man being beaten, he knew it was a lie. When he stated if the ‘right’ girl was identified the abuse and threats against the ‘wrong’ girls would stop (Rachel, the ‘girl on the phone) he proved beyond a doubt what a despicable human being he really is

      • Two sides to a story

        Big Z had plenty of time to make his way toward the back gate and drive TM toward the T, which is what I think happened. You recall the first witness who heard the noise of the altercation go in that direction. TM also told his friend Rachel he was near his father’s house right before Z found him. The kill shot was fired in the grass 40 feet from the T and Z could never explain to anyone’s satisfaction how he and Trayvon arrived at that point. He was definitely doing some looking around during that four minutes and knew the complex better than Trayvon.

        • Hey Two Sides!

          Absolutely — he never could explain that 40 ft. stumble.

          GZ told Singleton that when he was told “We don’t need you to do that,” that he was on Retreat View Circle. Trayvon had to go on Retreat View Circle to enter Green’s house. He told Rachel that he saw the man again.

          GZ told Singleton that after he put away his cell phone, that he walked back towards Trayvon.

          Trayvon told Rachel that the creep was behind him again. That indicates that Trayvon turned and walked to the back of the buildings, on the dog walk. He could not run again because he was by his dad’s house — there was no place else for Trayvon to run to.

          It came together after watching Dave’s video, and made sense when putting GZ’s statements and Rachel’s ear-testimony together. GZ saw Trayvon on Retreat View Circle going to the front of Green’s house and Trayvon also saw him. Trayvon walked away, around the corner and back to the dog path, but GZ followed him.

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  3. oh shoot, my fingers are faster than my brain today, can you fix that for me? you know what I meant!!

    • I don’t see anything to fix. I understand your comment. O’Mara blamed Trayvon for everything, including the paranoia of GZ’s neighbor. O’Mara justified racial profiling and using physical appearance otherwise to profile and stereotype.

  4. crustyolemothman

    Hmmm, what is wrong with that picture? MOM and honest used in the same sentence? Did he say what race, perhaps he wants to talk about drag racing or NASCAR, as he might be qualified to discuss those, but to discuss race relations in this nation, you would get a more honest discussion from your local Grand Dragon of the KKK than you would from MOM, at least the person from the KKK will be honest in his view points…

    • “NASCAR” Yep. That’s the race O’Mara wants to discuss. LOL!

      I wonder if he actually realizes that his credibility is zero? Had he built a good reputation representing Zimmerman, the legal defend fund donations should have been sufficient to pay him that $2.5 million.

      • Two sides to a story

        I hope that despite his “success,” OM twists and turns in his sleep for the rest of his days for carrying Z’s defense too far.

  5. Mark O’Mara is evil. He was in a very unique position where he could have spoken out against racism. GZ’s followers listened to him and he had influence with them. Instead, he not only allowed them to degrade a dead child and his family, but encouraged and joined with them. He could have spoken out against it. People would have listened. Instead, he joined the right along with them. He has a hell of a nerve, considering he set back race relations 50 years. He could have actually done something to help, instead he set it all back.

    Well Mr. O’Mara, you want an HONEST discussion about race relations? I’ll be honest with you, you are in the wrong century!!!

    • Rachael,

      He has a hell of a nerve, considering he set back race relations 50 years.

      Serious question — has Florida changed in its attitudes of race relations since the Civil War? Honestly, until GZ’s case, I had not thought of Florida as “the south.” What I heard about Florida is that it was a state for retirees and vacation spots. I did not think about the natives and other towns that are not retiree towns and vacation spots.

      Seems to me that if Mark O’Mara wants to learn anything truthful about race relations, he should come out of his exclusive life and walk in the land of diversity.

      • I agree Xena – and if he wants an honest discussion, if he REALLY wants honesty – I would be MORE than happy to give it to him, as would many, I’m sure – but I don’t know if he “honestly” wants honesty. He wouldn’t know honesty if it bit him in the ass. It HAS bit him in the ass, and he doesn’t get it.

        • Two sides to a story

          I don’t know how someone who played so many deceitful games to get his client off could possibly be any bearer of truth about any subject. He’s simply a skillful manipulator.

        • the guy that hid behind his dead child to excuse the trashing of another dead child does not and never will want to the truth. This is the arrogance of a colonizers mindset on display with O’Mara.

  6. His dialog on race ?? Like his actions speak louder than words so it would go like ……..

    “My names is Moron O’Mara and I’ll defend any white guy who kills any person of color that deserves, er….that is, attacks any client of mine.”

    The word truthful, lets face it, won’t ever be a fact with this clown.

  7. OMG! That idiot reminds me so much of my ex-husband that I can’t believe I actually stayed married for 22 years!

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Mark O’Mara Wants to Have An Honest Dialogue on Race – – ->

  9. Xena, that character is an aberration.M Ohara wants to interject himself on the race discussion after his minutes of fame expired,his client is not rich nor is accept it by normal people,is heaven is available for good people inferno is M Ohara destiny,he can not vilified
    an unarmed teen and have peace and tranquility in his life.

    • Joseph, I was thinking the same thing. If O’Mara was satisfied with his life and representation of GZ, he would not be making excuses now, which is how I see him using “race relations” subject. Here’s a question; would he have addressed race relations before representing GZ? If not, then he was not concerned with how his Black clients were treated in the judicial system.

  10. Frank Taaffe radio interview scheduled for tomorrow.

    • I’m not really savvy enough to understand how to listen to this.

      • Go to The program airs tomorrow at 10 p.m. EST. I just went there and clicked one of the “live” broadcasts. It took awhile for it to load and the sound was lousy, but they say that they record all the programs for playback later. I did not register or sign-in to hear the broadcast.

    • Two sides to a story

      Thanks for the heads-up, Xena. This should be interesting. I wonder how Francis’s recent interview with the FBI went. Hopefully he had some evidence that they can now use against Z for a federal case.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    All I can say is that we have our work cut out for us. I do not like the negative forces lurking in our country.

  12. butterflydreamer2

    Well I guess from his statement that he “Wants to Have An Honest Dialogue on Race,” means he’s ready to admit he wasn’t honest when he made the following comments.

    “The facts that night was not borne out that he acted in a racial way. His history is a non racist.”

    “We know from the FBI investigation that George did not act in any type of racist way, so why are we perpetuating this belief or suggestion or fantasy that it’s a race-related event?”

    “No one knows the details of the Zimmerman case better than I do, and I’m absolutely convinced the shooting was justifiable self-defense and there were no racial motives at play.”

    Fantasy, Mr Omara, Really? Honestly, I don’t think you’re the right person to be having a dialogue on race. After all, Florida is the sunshine state.

    • It is astounding really! It’s hard to find an instance of hypocrisy quite this astounding! If you were to line up everyone in the United States looking for someone to pontificate on the subject of the problem of race in America, Mark O’Mara would have to be the last one. How, he believes that managing to spring George Zimmerman by demonizing Trayvon Market makes him eligible to be a spokesman on the problem of race in the justice system? Words fail! He doesn’t even acknowledge all the racist dog whistles he used in the Zimmerman trial. So he not like a rehabilitated heroin addict warning others against the folly of addiction! He’s still shooting up, and as he is nodding out, he is telling everyone not to hit the needle! Don’t do as I do, do as I say! When I send him this post, he had his @talkingrace follow me! I blocked them.

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