Why is Racism still an issue?

I love that you dedicated your blog to every human being who died due to hatred and intolerance. I join you hand in hand, heart in heart.




I have written about war and peace, I have written about gender equality. I have written about people living in violence. Today, I am writing to the world about yet another human tragedy. I don’t know how bad racism is everywhere in the world, but I feel it is getting worse in America. I am an old lady, but I have a black hoodie that says peace on the front. When I wear it, I wear it with the hood up. I wear it that way for Trayvon Martin.  I wear it because I realize that more people will look at it on the body of  a 5’2″ blonde white woman.  I wear it because my grandfather told me about the Holocaust when I was nine years old. He gave me a book of photographs in black and white of the piles of dead Jews, Poles and Gypsies. He sat…

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, I appreciate that you re-blogged this article by Barbara because it is a reminder of the horror of what hatred and intolerance can result in. We must never forget all of those innocent people who had their lives brutally cut short by racist hatred and intolerance, and I also thank Barbara for dedicating her article to these victims.

    I also appreciate how you and Barbara through your writings reflect the same steadfast purpose, spirit and determination as that of Elie Wiesel when he wrote:

    “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

    In addition both you and Barbara with your caring hearts and outreach have led by example…that compassion, appreciation of diversity, and love can help to strengthen our society and lead to a better world.


    • yahtzeebutterfly


      You and Barbara, with your good hearts, do wonderful work pushing for equality and inclusive community.


      • Yahtzee, it blesses my heart to connect with others who share in the effort of making loving thy neighbor as thyself the law of mankind.


  2. crustyolemothman

    It would seem that because of fear and hatred we as a nation have regressed in our treatment of our minorities in just a few short years. Why does the upper class of this nation fear the joining together of the masses? Is it the loss of control that they would have thrust upon them? They can not imagine a nation that they were not the principal leaders of and to relinquish even the slightest control to a person not of their approved ethnic background is unacceptable to them. The time is rapidly approaching that they will no longer be the majority race in this nation and it is causing fear to run rampant amongst their rank and file, to them the sky is truly falling and they are in a panic. I question why they would think and act in this way if not for the ability to maintain control over other people… Equality is not something to be feared, it should be welcomed and accepted with open arms, if for no other reason it is simply the right thing to do. As long as we have people like Barbara and Xena willing to speak up and out, we will make progress, that is why some people work so hard to defeat their progress… It is a struggle, but we as a united people will not only make progress we shall “overcome” the bias and hatred that too many hold in their hearts and this nation shall soon stand united as one people…


    • Hey ole moth! 🙂

      Is it the loss of control that they would have thrust upon them?

      It’s the sharing of control, the sharing of power, that makes them fearful and angry. Consider: they did not coin “BGI” until GZ was arrested. They saw too much power in people coming together in peaceful protests, using the media and internet social media, to express their opinions and demand justice under the law.

      The biased haters saw that there are people who believe in equal justice that are of all races. With minorities working in the media, in the judicial system as lawyers, and also in elected positions, that is too much power. How do they express that in racially demeaning ways? By attacking affirmative action.

      It’s an attack against the system that they believe allowed minorities to progress. Hence, that is why the system is also under attack, from voting rights to public education and also, gun ownership.


  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Excellent post, crustyolemothman!

    “It is a struggle, but we as a united people will not only make progress we shall “overcome” the bias and hatred that too many hold in their hearts and this nation shall soon stand united as one people…”


    We have strength in our unified effort as we stand up against the insidious racism!

    No matter what hardships might come our way, we will always be together as we fight this evil.

    We have the light of truth and the strength of love which are more powerful than any of the negative characteristics that pollute the racists’ hearts.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I think of many of the songs of the Civil Rights Movements, one of which is “Carry it on”:

      There’s a man by my side walking
      There’s a voice within me talking,
      There’s a voice, within me saying,
      Carry on, carry it on.

      They will tell their empty stories,
      Send their dogs to bite our bodies,
      They will lock us up in prison,
      Carry on, carry it on.

      When you can’t go on any longer,
      Take the hand, hand of your brother.
      Every victory brings another,
      Carry it on, carry it on.

      Video of Joan Baez performing this song:


  4. Xena thanks for reblog. My dedication felt very important to me.


  5. I really hate to say this about America, but let the truth be known. The United States of America is the most RACIST country in all of the world. People don’t want to talk about race because they don’t know how to, or they believe everything will just get “better.” It is all about what “man” can control. Some say the country has moved forward by electing President Barack Obama as president, not once but also re-elect him for a second term. Though this can be true, but look upon the other racial conflicts and racial injustice in the forms of police brutality and communication. Even the KKK are trying to have more people joining their groups by dispersing candy in their literature.

    Another reason how I know American Society is judgmental to citizens; anytime a person is of mixed races and society looks upon them as black instead of recognizing the rest of their ancestry, there will still be issues.

    CFBoston Brian


    • anytime a person is of mixed races and society looks upon them as black instead of recognizing the rest of their ancestry, there will still be issues.

      I would like to address this. People of mixed race should be given the right to identify themselves and if they choose to say they are of mixed race or bi-racial, it is rather insulting for others to limit them to the race that they see physically predominates.

      I get what you’re saying. It’s not an either-or.


  6. I don’t understand why people just want to make it black/white instead of realizing shades of gray. In other words, people want to say I am black, but I am more than just black, I am also white. “Are we Americans when the mood suits you?” – Col Benjamin O Davis; Tuskegee Airmen


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