3-Year Old Saves Elderly Man Locked Inside Car

2b3c2d2587f5b5e34e04201834f8c82268-year old Bob King was at Vestal Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee last Saturday. His wife went inside the church and took the car keys with her.


It was 91 degrees outside that day. King told ABC News that they had trouble with the door of the car since purchasing it. He couldn’t get the door open to get out, and without the keys, he could neither start the car to turn on the air conditioning. King has undergone numerous cancer treatments suffered from two strokes in the past six months.


Keith Williams

Along came 3-year old, 3 feet tall, Keith Williams. King knocked on the window to get Keith’s attention. Keith’s mom had just talked to him a week or so ago about hot car safety. Keith ran into the church and got the attention of the pastor, Jack Greene.

After a few tries, Greene finally opened the door. As soon as the door opened, King fell out of the car seat and almost hit his head on the pavement. “His whole body was raining sweat. His face was red like a pickled beet,” Greene said.

King was brought inside the church in the air conditioning and given water.

Bless Keith’s heart. He’s also a cutie.

Click here to see video of Keith and Bob.

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  1. 91 in Knoxville? If that’s true, then what was person thinking leaving anyone in car. But bravo little guy.


    • Hi 2dogsonly. I took the temp from the article I read. Even at 81, it was still too hot to be locked in a car. It’s an uplifting story that I didn’t believe required verifying the reported temperature, but thanks for being our sleuth. 🙂


      • It doesn’t take to long for the temp to raise up another 40 to 50 degrees in a car. Why did the wife take the keys and leave him in the car with the windows up is the question.


  2. he’s adorable! I hope he wasn’t outside in the parking lot by himself though!


    • Mindyme, I wondered the same. Based on available information, it was some type of church event and I suspect people were going in and out. He might have been playing in the church’s parking lot with other kids and decided to go back inside when Bob King got his attention. We don’t know.


  3. Wow! Great job, dear Keith! You are a hero!

    What a beautiful story you have shared with us, Xena. Little Keith is precious and smart. Thank you so much for bringing a story that is refreshing and uplifting 🙂


  4. yahtzeebutterfly


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