The Impact of Trayvon Martin’s Death on America

Trayvon lives onOutside of his family and friends, Trayvon Martin was unknown until a few days after February 26, 2012. On that evening, Trayvon Martin was the average 17-year old child of divorced parents where the father is involved in his son’s life and there is an extended family. Living in Miami Gardens, Trayvon was visiting his dad in Sanford, Florida, who was staying with his girlfriend. He went to the 7-Eleven and on his way back, was followed by a man in a truck. Trayvon was on the phone with a childhood friend named Rachel, and told her about a creepy looking guy following him. Trayvon ran. The man got out of his truck, followed Trayvon, and shot him dead.

enhanced-buzz-20534-1373759092-14The killing of Trayvon Martin impacted America more than the killing of some U.S. Presidents. Because of technology and the internet, people from across the globe took interest in the case.   Because of Florida’s “sunshine law,” discovery documents and pleadings filed in the case were made public. George Zimmerman’s trial for 2nd degree murder was shown on television, and live-streamed.

America has learned that in murder cases involving claims ofRests self-defense, Lady Justice tips the scales against victims. The dead become the accused; are not given a jury of their peers; and regardless of evidence; jurors decide base on their personal opinion and biases for the defendant. Since last year, we have heard two cases in Florida where defendants only needed to say they were afraid in order to overcome evidence that they did not need to fire a gun. George Zimmerman was acquitted, and Michael Dunn ended with a hung jury.

Trayvon Martin 6 There are lawyers, journalists, bloggers, and people in general who voice their opinion about the case, and if they did not come out in support of George Zimmerman, they were and are still targeted by a group of internet White Supremacists who have two classifications for us; either “black racists” or “White guilt idiots.”

In spite of this, the killing of Trayvon Martin causes us to see that there are more good-guys than bad-guys. Love is stronger than hate. America has awakened to the fact that guns impact our lives, our fears, our standing as consumers, and for some, where we stand politically.

Trayvon Martin’s blood was like seed.  It has grown like a great tree of awareness, unity, commitment, and brought other cases to the forefront where we lift up the families of victims.

Trayvon did not receive justice as the American justice system promises.  However, he has received justice in other trayvon12n-1-webways.  Trayvon’s life was much more than a name on papers in a homicide case. His name lives on. There are positive things that happen in the name of Trayvon.  There are songs, poems, and plays written in tribute to Trayvon Martin. Forms of art honor him. His parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, speak before organizations and groups. In his name, scholarships are awarded to young men entering college. Rachel Jeantel, the last person to talk with Trayvon before he was killed, completed high school at the age of 20 as a promise to Trayvon.

By April 12, 2012, there were already 10 songs produced in tribute to Trayvon Martin. Youtube currently returns over 63,000 results for tributes to Trayvon Martin.

Buzzfeed presents 25 works of art paying tribute to Trayvon Martin.

Please take 15 minutes to watch the video below produced by Sanford Watch. The statements are relevant and profound. Lisa Bloom and Rachel Jeantel speak on the one-year anniversary of the verdict. Lisa addresses statistics for stand your ground cases in Florida. Rev. Sharpton reminds us that there are victims of that law of all races.

June 22, 2017.  I just became aware that the Sanford Watch Youtube channel has been deleted.  I have replaced their video with the following by HLN.



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  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    The Stand-Your-Ground laws are all bad laws. As most are written, if you hear a noise in the dark and you are afraid you can shoot to kill, even if it is a small child.


    • They are bad laws. They are licence to kill laws. They claims these laws are working but they are not. These laws give the shooter the benefit to kill another human being. One word from the shooter’s word when they claim they’re lives was in danger, he or she faced no kind of punishment.


      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        I wonder about spouses that will begin using it to end marriages. That could go either way but I bet more women will die because of it.


        • You are absolutely right Jackie. Its unfortuately sad.


        • Jackie, that’s already happened in Florida, but it was Anita Smithey who killed her husband. That case has been pending for a long time. Then there was the case where the husband killed his wife’s lover when catching them getting busy on the living room floor. He was acquitted.


  4. Thank You Xena for your hard work in writing your wonderful article. We have to admire the courage and strength that Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin have brought to world in honor of their son. Its never too late continue fighting to change these dangerous stand your ground laws.


  5. peni4yothot



  6. The stand your ground law had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case as much as a lot of people wish it did, but wishing doesn’t change the facts. Stand your ground law was not used as a defense. The applicable law is the old law of self defense, plain and simple.


    • Cary, I beg to differ. Bill Lee’s press conferences relied on SYG as the basis for not arresting Zimmerman. That is actually how the nation heard about Florida being the first state to legislate SYG. O’Mara stated several times that there would be a SYG immunity hearing. At trial, Judge Nelson read standard SYG jury instructions, absent the initial aggressor portion. Also, during closing arguments I remember O’Mara telling the jury that Zimmerman had no duty to retreat and had the right to “stand his ground.” It’s in the video below.

      I think it’s O’Mara’s wishy-washy public statements that gave some people the impression that he was not going to proceed as a stand your ground case, although he did just that. That in fact, according to Zimmerman’s story, he had removed his head off the concrete before he shot Trayvon — that is how he said that his jacket raised. At that point, he stated that he pinned Trayvon’s arm to prevent him from getting the gun. Hence, there was no longer a “weapon” of concrete, neither the ability for Trayvon to retreat nor hurt Zimmerman.

      When Zimmerman aimed and shot, he was not in a “self-defense” position but a SYG position of purported in fear for his life for what had supposedly already happened.

      Following are 2 videos in support of my position.

      Although I’ve approved your comment and taken time to respond, I would like to point out that this thread is about the impact of Trayvon Martin’s death on America. It’s about Trayvon Martin — not Zimmerman’s case.

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      • Joseph Norton

        Xena everyone knows “Bill Lee’s press conferences relied on SYG as the basis for not arresting Zimmerman. That is actually how the nation heard about Florida being the first state to legislate SYG. O’Mara stated several times that there would be a SYG immunity hearing. At trial, Judge Nelson read standard SYG jury instructions, absent the initial aggressor portion. Also, during closing arguments I remember O’Mara telling the jury that Zimmerman had no duty to retreat and had the right to “stand his ground.”

        Xena -Zidiot revisionist is confused and screaming to clouds. 🙂


        • Joe, O’Mara got some folks confused. So, he puts on a purportedly “self-defense” case but writes jury instructions for SYG. As Judge Judy would probably say, he pissed on legs of Zimmerman supporters and told them it was raining.


  7. Like

  8. Yes, Xena, many positive things have taken place in the name of Trayvon.

    As far as NYC, Council member Melissa Mark-Viverito addressed the legacy of Trayvon Martin in her article at this link:


    Martin’s legacy grew from there. It helped many New Yorkers recognize the injustice, pain and inefficiency stemming from the Bloomberg administration’s misuse of stop-and-frisk on innocent young men of color. It gave many a new perspective on how race affects perception and how we must have policies that improve community relations, not foster hostility. President Barack Obama was right—it is important to recognize that the African-American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.


    • Excerpts from an article on the ACLU website written in 2013 on February 26:

      Racial profiling violates the Constitution by denying equal protection under the law, as well as freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Furthermore, the Constitution requires treaties to be treated as the “supreme law of the land,” and racial profiling runs afoul of America’s human rights treaty obligations.

      While the court proceedings around Trayvon’s death are still ongoing, Washington D.C. seems to be treading water on the issue of racial profiling. The 112th Congress concluded without a vote on the End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA), a crucial piece of legislation that would, among other things, provide training to help police avoid responses based on stereotypes and unreliable assumptions about minorities. It did, however, see the first Senate hearing on profiling in over a decade, since before 9/11. The hearing included testimony from police representatives and civil rights advocates, including ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero.


      When the state condones racial profiling, it implicitly sanctions that kind of behavior among private citizens. Washington D.C. must find a way to ensure that young men like Trayvon are not the victims of vigilante justice and racial profiling. Beyond that, our country has to recognize that this incident raises concerns that go beyond the actions of one man in Florida. Failing to take a real look at the ongoing association of young men of color with crime ensures that stories like Trayvon’s will continue leaving us to ask how many young people must die before we address the serious underlying problem of racial denigration and bias in the United States.

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      • Yes & the ACLU needs to keep pressure on the states to kill racial profiling, if it’s though the pocket so be it. Trayvon isn’t the only innocent lost, Zimmerman isn’t the only killer who used racism to kill. the racial profiling in law enforcement is fucking stupid. it’s never justified and it never works. if ppl want to racial profile I really don’t care, they can do it in their own empty stupid mind. but they can’t put their hands on someone because of their own stupidity. they can’t visit their idiocy on everyone else. no one wants to see it done to anyone just as no one wants it done to them. we want a safe successful productive country, not some racist police state full of fear and hate and ignorance.

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    • it is important to recognize that the African-American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.

      That speaks volumes.


  9. Xena your post really just brings me back to the horror of what Trayvon’s murder means to the entire world. Thank you for helping us keep up with the latest news & making sure we’re keeping the pressure on the DOJ and the government to get the NRA shills out of government and place responsible ppl in power instead.
    very good videos and a lot of positive news coming about today about Trayvon’s legacy &Rachel’s success going forward.
    I’m speechless right now tho.


    • Shannon, I know the feeling.

      Another good thing is, the federal grand jury holding hearings means that the U.S. Attorney has already talked to Zimmerman; and that they believe they have enough evidence to charge him.


      • From your keyboard to God’s ears!


        • Mindyme,
          The feds have a procedure that they follow. Once finding sufficient evidence, they contact the accused and advise that they get a lawyer and meet with them. They then lay out on the table what type of sentencing is available if they plea and what sentencing they will seek if it goes to trial. If the accused does not plea, the U.S. Attorney then takes the evidence before a federal grand jury.

          With the talk about the grand jury, it conveys to me that the U.S. Attorney has sufficient evidence to seek indictment. If the grand jury returns a bill to indict, it is sealed. A warrant is issued. The accused is arrested, and it is only then that the U.S. Attorney issues a press release.

          They are a patient agency. 🙂


  10. The Trayvon Martin verdict, one year later

    This article has a video. At timestamp 3:15, among others, is a major positive impact of Trayvon’s legacy:

    Joy Reid: “Where have you seen the most impact in terms of society?”

    Interviewee: “A year later, the broadest impact is the seeds for a new movement…. a whole new generation are becoming involved in not just politics, but social justice.”


  11. Cary Strickland

    The reason SYG law didn’t apply, although it may have been more or less introduced on occasion, is because the jury decided, based on testimony of witnesses, that Zimmerman could not retreat when he was attacked and did not need a SYG law that said he had no duty to retreat.


    • …is because the jury decided, based on testimony of witnesses, that Zimmerman could not retreat …

      Two jurors interviewed with the media, neither of whom said that they decided Zimmerman could not retreat.


    • sorry but you don’t understand the way SYG is interwoven into the SD laws, it’s not some ‘stand alone’ defense or law or statute that is solely and specifically cited during a case. some or all or none of the elements of SYG can be and are included in any Self Defense case.

      the SYG hearing is simply another element of the SYG law, but it’s not the only part and you don’t have to have a SYG hearing in order to benefit from SYG.

      and the jury in Zimmerman’s case could not have concluded from any evidence heard at that trial that a grown man 50lbs heavier, stronger, 11yrs older, w.18m of MMA training and a Gun, had ever been attacked by a peaceful scrawny 158lb teenager who had already run away in fear from the man stalking him.
      It’s impossible for the man to be unable to retreat when he’s the one w.the gun and he’s the one who attacked the kid who’s clearly heard screaming for his mom, begging for the man to stop for at least 45 seconds up to and until the man shot him point blank in the heart.

      so the duty to retreat was on Zimmerman the entire time since he’s the one who stalked, chased, confronted & restrained a minor child at gun point who was only trying to get away. Trayvon always had the right to SYG to defend himself, but he didn’t have the strength, the training nor the firearm that the man knew he had.


    • roderick2012

      that Zimmerman could not retreat when he was attacked and did not need a SYG law that said he had no duty to retreat.

      Except if you watched O’Mara’s re-enactment of events George definitely wasn’t pinned down and could have retreated.

      Of course the animated re-enactment presented during the defense’s closing arguments was even worse because Trayvon was never on top of George, but of course you had five racist white women and a dumb woman of color on the jury so common sense wasn’t in the cards.


      • Roderick,
        Regarding Zimmerman’s ability to retreat, according to his story, it began when he heard “You got a problem?” He did not turn around and walk away while going into his pants pocket. And, after he was purportedly punched in the nose, he stumbled 40 feet in the opposite direction of his truck! Trayvon didn’t touch him. If we believe Zimmerman, Trayvon stood and watched that clown stumble 40 feet while swatting.


  12. Another impact positive impact of Trayvon’s legacy as noted by Roland Martin in 2013:

    The death of Trayvon exposed a shadowy, corporate-funded group that has been the leading force behind “stand your ground” laws, and once the light hit them, their involvement in other issues such as voter ID laws was made public as well.

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is one of those non-descript groups formed to assist corporations fighting tax policies on the local level and advance an economic agenda.

    But they use their war chest to expand into other controversial areas. It wasn’t until led petition drives for major corporations to pull out of ALEC that the group disbanded some of these efforts. Had the consciousness not been raised after Trayvon’s death, ALEC would still be going about their business, writing laws that are unjust to many Americans.


  13. Excellent article Xena, Thank you for this.


  14. Xena, you observed that

    “Because of Florida’s “sunshine law,” discovery documents and pleadings filed in the case were made public.”

    IMO, all states should have the “Sunshine Law.” It allows the public to look into and analyze the evidence and determine whether or not justice is served by the various verdicts.

    It also allows the public to determine if the victim’s civil rights were violated and whether or not a hate crime occurred.

    It aids those who are pushing for equality and justice in our society.


  15. Xena, Is there anyway to truly measure the impact the death of Trayvon Martin has had on our society as a whole? Many people of all races and cultures have come together and united into a force that will eventually force positive changes in our nations treatment of all people. This nation will find that unless we unite as one people, we will fall, and even the most foolish of our citizens will soon find they will accept change or face becoming like the dinosaurs and simply a relic of history only found in books and museum exhibits. It is time for the SYG (shoot your gun at anyone you want) laws will soon be re-written over the well financed voice of the GOP/TP/NRA crowd.


    • crazy1946

      This nation will find that unless we unite as one people, we will fall, …

      Yes. However, there is a small portion of Americans who do not like the idea that “one people” includes minorities, gays, and the disabled. Some do not want women to decide their own reproduction or non-reproduction rights. They can be ignored until there is loss of innocent life, rebellions while carrying assault weapons, and conspiracy theories that unless it’s black on black crime, that prosecuting offenders is giving in to the “BGI.”


  16. Well done. We too, Xena, have a voice:


  17. H/T to Jueseppi.

    “There Are No Two Greater Heroes Than Trayvon Martin’s Parents! By Michael Skolnik”


    • THIS from article:

      “But, if we remember one thing from that night one year ago, let us remember that it was Tracy and Sybrina that inspired us to never quit, never let the actions of others slow us down and never stop fighting to perfect these United States of America!


      • Trayvon, you will alway live on!

        You are my ™ behind my present day fight for justice and equality!



    This Sunday, the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice will remember the one-year anniversary of the George Zimmerman verdict. In 2012, we activated our 50,000 members in response to the killing of Trayvon Martin by leveraging strategic communications, creative technology, and grassroots organizing in order to demand a safer and more racially tolerant America. Million Hoodies works to protect and empower young people of color by transforming the public narrative on gun violence and racial profiling while providing the tools necessary for communities to protect themselves.

    Although frustration still lingers from that tragic decision of injustice to acquit Zimmerman of all charges, over the last year, Million Hoodies has been busy bridging the gap between gun violence prevention and mass decriminalization.

    We recognize that the death of Trayvon Martin and even Jordan Davis, and many others like them, are deeply embedded in institutional injustice and structural violence.

    We must attack the core inequalities in our society if we are to put a stop to the senseless deaths and systemic violence inflicted on people of color every day.


  19. Like

  20. A poem written by Michell York:

    Night After The Rain: A Dedication To Trayvon Martin”


  21. I am praying and sending my support to you, Sybrina, and your family today.

    Sybrina Fulton ‏@SybrinaFulton 4h
    “Today is the one year anniversary of the verdict. My family and I will always remember my baby boy Trayvon.” (cont)

    Sybrina Fulton @SybrinaFulton · Jul 12
    “Come support the Trayvon Martin Foundation Peace Walk and Talk, July 19 in Los Angeles, hosted by @BigBoy”


  22. Trayvon, you will FOREVER live on!
    In my heart
    Guiding my support of just causes
    Guiding my support of love, justice and equality!

    Down with the people of darkness.

    POWER to the PEOPLE of compassion! ❤
    Down with the haters.

    POWER to the PEOPLE who love diversity! ❤
    Down with the white supremacists.

    POWER to the PEOPLE who fight for equality! ❤
    Down with the racists.

    POWER to the PEOPLE who advocate for freedom! ❤
    Down with the people who want to turn the clock back.

    POWER to the PEOPLE who say "NO!" to stereotyping! ❤
    Down with those who discriminate.

    POWER to the PEOPLE who say "NO!" to racial profiling! ❤
    Down with the gun carrying vigilantes.

    POWER to the PEOPLE who support civil rights and justice! ❤
    Down with the lying, racist schemers.


  23. I so wish Trayvon did not have to die in order for my eyes to be opened. Thank you Trayvon – you will ALWAYS live in my heart. Rest well, young one. ❤


  24. How they Martins, Fultons, and Davis families had the strength to take the loss of their child and make it stand for light and love is the definition of courage.
    Me, I would still be crying myself to sleep.
    Just amazing strength they have shown.


  25. (Administrator’s Note: This thread is about the impact of the death of Trayvon Martin. The issue you are trying to introduce to hijack this thread is more appropriate for a White Supremacist blog. You are not welcomed here. Have a good day.)



    (Administrator’s Note: This thread is about the impact of Trayvon Martin’s death on America. Your comment was far off topic and a regurgitation of things argued by Zimmerman supporters based on their/your gift of bigotvoyancy. You are not welcomed here. Have a good day.)


  27. (Administrator’s Note: This thread about the impact of the death of Trayvon Martin on America. Hijacking is not allowed, neither is regurgitation of the subject that you can read in comments and see that your position has already been dispelled. Regurgitation is stinky and you are not allowed to regurgitate on this blog.

    Have a great day.)


  28. (Administrator’s Note: This thread is about the impact of Trayvon Martin’s death on America. It is not about purported evidence that was not presented in discovery, neither trial.

    You might be more comfortable on a White Supremacy blog.

    You are not welcomed here. Have a great day.)


    • Xena, I see the Administrator’s Notes to these four people and support your messages to them.

      Now to you 4 people: IMO, you four people need to examine why you act out of fear and hate, and then you must correct your misconduct.

      You are victims of brainwashing because of some weaknesses within yourselves and your lack of self esteem. No doubt your lack of critical thinking skills and feelings of impotency made you easy targets for your cult leaders who simply consider you their puppets.

      If you begin to work on your self esteem and your social skills, you people (who are a teeny, tiny minority of the white population) will begin to be able to become healthy, positive members of society. Ultimately you will be able to let go of your unfounded fears and, hopefully, appreciate and enjoy the diversity of our society’s population.

      Diversity adds beauty to our society. Why not open your hearts to love and your eyes to truth which will allow you to rejoice and discover the beautiful world out there?

      So, just relax, and open yourselves to love. Love is the answer. You must believe that love can heal you.

      Video: “What a Wonderful World” – Playing for Change


  29. Congratulations to all people who have advocated for Trayvon and to all people who have continued the fight for justice and equality in a supreme effort to better our country!

    Even when immediate results are not necessarily evident, all of you are fighting the good, righteous fight. You know that you are doing a good job because you have brought out all of the crazed racists who go into ranting meltdowns!

    You all keep going when much seems impossible in the same manner and spirit as the Man of La Mancha.

    To dream … the impossible dream …
    To fight … the unbeatable foe …
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
    To run … where the brave dare not go …
    To right … the unrightable wrong …
    To love … pure and chaste from afar …
    To try … when your arms are too weary …
    To reach … the unreachable star …

    This is my quest, to follow that star …
    No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …
    To fight for the right, without question or pause …
    To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause …

    And I know if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest,
    That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm,
    when I’m laid to my rest …
    And the world will be better for this:
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
    To reach … the unreachable star …

    Just know that inch by inch you WILL SEE RESULTS!


People such as us have kept the pressure on.

      It is a constant struggle where our single victories and accomplishments are achieved one by one through steady determination step by step and inch by inch in a forward direction.

      My personal approach is reflected in the lyrics of “The Garden Song”

Inch by inch, row by row,

      Gonna make this garden grow.

      Gonna mulch it deep and low.

      Gonna make it fertile ground.

      Inch by inch, row by row.
Please bless these seeds I sow.

      Please keep them safe below

      ‘Til the rain comes tumbling down.

Pullin’ weeds, pickin’ stones,
We are made of dreams and bones.
Need a spot to call my own
Til the time is close at hand.

Plant your rows short or long,
Season them with a prayer and a song.
Mother earth will keep you strong

      If you give her loving care.


  30. As a retired LE Officer of 4 decades, I have a few more enemies out there than most people. I carry a pistol at times depending where I am going but if /when I do I ALWAYS carry a less than lethal force option in the form of pepper spray as well. I know that the mast majority of physical confrontations between people usually starts with someone mouthing off and pushing or trying to strike someone long before it gets to the someone shooting someone stage.Walking away is not always possible but should be attempted if you can do so safely. I don’t mind walking away. I don’t have to prove anything to some punk. Its very hard to justify shooting someone at this stage, especially if the person shot is unarmed. It is not hard at all to justify painting someones face range with pepper spray and leaving the ares while that person sprayed is no longer a threat to you. Leave, call 911 and wait for the police at a safe location.
    If either Zimmerman or Martin had pepper spray, Martin might be alive today. Same with that Fl. movie theater shooting where the retired Police Captain shot and killed one man and wounded the guys wife, over an argument about texting and throwing popcorn. This was totally senseless and the retired cop should have known better. He will probably spend the rest of his life in prison and he should.
    As a “elderly person” now, I know that some punks see me as a potential victim. I refuse to be a victim without going down without a fight but the fight will use the appropriate degree of force, if needed. I don’t want to spend my retirement in Jail or in court and pay a lawyer all my savings. Deadly force is a LAST RESORT but a resort that one should be prepared to take if justified and needed. Kick my door in at 2 AM and you will not have to fear getting pepper sprayed but the holes in your chest and face may hurt a lot more.


  31. Yes, Trayvon Martin, in death, has received the “justice”, that he did not receive in life. Unfortunately, we have no shortage of martyrs. Still, he has reminded us of how much farther we have to travel still to reach the “post-racial” Utopia we supposedly arrived at with the election of an African-American president…and how little we have actually traveled. Unfortunately, Jim Crow still exists…it has slyly relocated…undergone a dimensional shift from the tangible to the intangible, shifted from blatant signs in lettering, to minds were it can remain camouflaged, hidden, an insidious virus, much more difficult to locate never mind kill and the Centers for Disease Control are useless! It is not necessarily an improvement…


    • mysteryquest,
      I hear you. From the Night Riders to Jim Crow, they operated by instilling fear and intimidation. It’s still in the lettering but not in the open so that the laws can deal with it swiftly. Like you say, it is camouflaged, hidden.


  32. The laws are written to protect those who write them. Justice is what the people in power say it is. It makes me sick. Thank you for this wonderful and informative post.


    • Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for the comment. I agree — justice has never been defined in America according to the elements of facts applied to law. It’s all about those given the authority to make the decision.


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