Man Using Assault Rifle as Crutch Kills 5 Year Old


Alysa Bobbitt

Her name is Alysa Bobbitt.  She was 5-years old and lived in Shady Cove, Oregon. On June 27, 2013, Alysa and her mom were visiting Karen Hancock in a Grants Pass apartment.


In the apartment downstairs was Jon Meyer, Jr. He too was visiting a friend, sitting on the couch and decided to use his assault rifle as a crutch to help him get up. The gun went off firing several rounds through the ceiling, and into the apartment where Alysa, her mom, and Karen were. One bullet hit Alysa Bobbitt in the head. Another bullet hit Karen in the torso.

Lori Nelson who lives down the block said she heard the gunfire and saw Meyer running down the driveway. Then she heard Danielle Wilson, Alysa’s mom come outside screaming, holding the child in her arms. “She looked up at me and said, `Please, help my baby,” Nelson said.


Jon Andrew Meyer Jr.

Court records say Jon Meyer was kicked out of his fiancee’s residence who on June 20th petitioned the court for a restraining order against him. Victoria Kohout described him as an “unpredictable drug addict” who had threatened her with a gun, and threatened to burn down her house, slash her tires, and break the windows of her car. The court records note that Meyer had four guns.

Meyer listed his occupation as lead bouncer at a Mexican restaurant, where he had worked for two years.

Jon Meyer said that the gun went off accidentally. His lawyer, Gary Berlant, said that Meyer had been assured the gun was not fully automatic. Meyer was arrested and charged with manslaughter, assault and unlawful possession of a machine gun. His bail was set at $250,000.

The state and defense negotiated a deal and on November 27, 2013, Jon Meyer Jr. was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison. There were some fines and Meyer is ordered to pay restitution for Alysa’s funeral. Alysa’s family is disappointed with the punishment handed down on the man responsible for the innocent child’s death.

Last year when Alysa was murdered, her story was pushed in the background as it happened during the George Zimmerman murder trial.  This story is late being blogged, and for that I apologize to Alysa’s family who has our deepest sympathy.

 R.I.P. Alysa


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  1. Xena, thank you for bringing this tragedy into the spotlight….a tragedy brought about by irresponsible gun ownership…..a preventable tragedy if a better background check of this individual.

    You, Xena, are a positive force in the world by bringing us such stories that illustrate what needs to be changed in our country. We need to figure out how to disconnect our legislators from their daily “fix” of lobby money and force them to “dry out.”

    This is so heartbreaking….I am going to need some time before commenting more.

    • Yahtzee,
      Let’s not forget that a man who claims having PTSD, seeing psychologists, and is homeless, owns an assault rifle in addition to other guns. That man has already killed. He is suppose to be traumatized by his actions, and that is why he’s under psych treatment, but he doesn’t associate his attitude and actions with the weapon he carried.

      It’s like a drug addict undergoing treatment by keeping drugs on himself and in his house just in case he has to repeat the actions that got him addicted.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    I can’t tell you how sad this makes me. I bet this idiot will get off because it was “an accident.” 😦 Senseless and stupid.

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A story that needs telling … Bring to forefront …. Can’t imagine the feeling of this loss for this family. Gun control is common sense!!

  4. This is yet another example of the evil forces that the GOP/TP/NRA party has unleashed upon the children of this nation… The bad part is, this man could probably have passed (and most likely did) the qualifications to own a weapon under the NRA bought and paid for regulations… I have a hard time thinking about how the GOP/TP/NRA group can justify the loss of a precious young child by a gun in the hands of a scumbag like this individual… A fully automatic weapon, and he claimed not to know? Hmmm, that is so absurd that even the most hardened gun lover would have to question that statement, or at least should. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a “people with guns problem”, and a solution needs to be found post haste… Gun lovers, time to man up and admit “we as a nation” have a serious problem and guns are at the very root of the problem… NOT ONE MORE!!!!! NOT ONE MORE!!!

    • Yes, Crazy1946, NOT ONE MORE!!!

    • Crazy1946,

      We don’t have a gun problem, we have a “people with guns problem”, and a solution needs to be found post haste…

      This is a classic case where assault rifles cannot be said to be owned for “self-defense.”

      Like you, I contemplate the solution. By analogy, cars are not the problem. Irresponsible drivers, and drunk drivers are the problem. Oh — but people aren’t the problem, alcohol is the problem. Wait — alcohol isn’t the problem — people who drink in excess and drive are the problem. Then the argument, “Just because one drunk driver kills while driving drunk, doesn’t mean that cars should be taken from everyone else.”

      Then this argument, “The constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, but says nothing about giving citizens the right to use transportation.”

      So there we have it. In pursuit of happiness, people can kill others because they think the constitution gives them that right by the right to bear arms. IMHO, it’s time that “militia” and “bear arms” is brought to 21st Century interpretation.

  5. Xena, forgive me for going off topic for one post, but this one re-enforces what we have said for quite some time, and it is truly sickening that it is taking place in this soon to be extinct nation…

    Yet they continue to claim the hated for the man that was legally elected to the office of the POTUS in not due to race…

    • Crazy1946, no apology necessary for going off topic. It’s info that we need to know. I’ll go to the link just after I catch-up here.

  6. What a horrible tragedy. Another child gone. Another young life cut short. This man was a walking time bomb and this little girl paid the price. With a restraining order in place against him, he shouldn’t of even had a gun. Perhaps it hadn’t been granted yet.

    How does a gun just go off if ones finger isn’t on the trigger? Does this negate the argument that ‘guns’ don’t kill people?

  7. This is another one beyond belief. He’s using a loaded assault weapon as a crutch ?? Is this the story he used in court……Not. “…..hmmmmm, this things pretty dangerous even when it’s not loaded. I better use something else as a crutch…..ya know, what with all the accidental shootings and all. And besides, I look astonishingly like Fogenphoole”

    • Racer,
      Funny. I too saw somewhat of a resemblance with Meyer and Zimmerman.

      Makes me wonder what type of household conveniently has an assault rifle in its living room?

    • Jueseppi, thanks for the reblog.

      • This idiocy just gets more idiotic.

        • Jueseppi,
          One would think that after Sandy Hook, politicians would have kicked into gear and worked on legislation for gun control. I can’t see where assault rifles have a darn thing to do with self-defense.

          Life is too important that I can’t see why there can’t be legislation that only rubber bullets can be sold to citizens. It would then take a weird “accidental firing” to kill a person with rubber bullets, but the impact would be able to stop attacks in the event that self-defense is necessary.

          America needs gun control and it needs it like, yesterday.

          • Yes, and AmeriKKKa will never have gun reforms/control as long as the NRAssholes are alive.

            • Jueseppi, the NRA needs to get out of politics, but how will America accomplish that?

            • Kill ’em all, exactly as 30,000 men, women & children die by guns yearly. I know that answer goes against all you stand for but thats the solution.

            • Jueseppi. LOL! You’re correct. I don’t believe in killing, but maybe standing them before a mock firing squad that they don’t know is fake, and watching them shiver and squirm, might give me some satisfaction.

            • Leave the killing to me, you pray for me after all is done. How are you doing?

            • Jueseppi, seems to me that you have the type of personality that wouldn’t bother to literally kill because you can kill with words and walk away without a second thought. LOL!

              I’m healing but still a bit under the weather. Thanks for asking.

          • I am glad you are healing, glad you are getting over your illness.

  8. Sick to my stomach, I am.

    • Kim, welcome to Blackbutterfly7. Yes, it is sickening. Bullets have no mind of their own. Alysa didn’t get a chance at life.

  9. Moms Demand Action @MomsDemand · 1h
    Help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. #momdsdemand #gunsense

  10. Moms Demand Action @MomsDemand
    @Target’s decision to ask customers to leave their guns at home proves that people, not politicians, have the power

  11. Jackie,
    Meyer avoided trial by taking a plea deal for 6 years and 3 months. That’s a mere 1 year more than Alysa lived.

  12. GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A total of 26 people have been arrested on weapons, drug and other charges after an investigation that began with the accidental killing of a 5-year-old girl by a Grants Pass man using a military-style rifle as a crutch to get up from a couch, authorities said.

    • Lex,
      WOW! Thanks for the link. So the news was published 2 days ago. Alysa didn’t die in vain. Her death has apparently saved others as the report says there were two murder plots. No wonder Meyer was quick to agree to a plea bargain.

      Other charges contained in the state and federal indictments include racketeering, attempted murder, assault and promoting prostitution.

      This weekend, I’ll see if I can locate the federal indictment.

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