Blues for A Sunday

PBS discovered video and audiotapes of a concert that was presumed lost for nearly 20 years. It was live recording of the Presidential Inaugural concert in 1989 for George H.W. Bush. The title of the concert was “A Celebration of Blues and Soul.” There are excerpts of it on Youtube. I was watching and listening when the following came to mind.

Stevie Ray VaughnIn the video, Stevie Ray Vaughan is featured, among other Blue’s greats such as Bo Diddley, Billy Preston, Percy Sledge, Koko Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell and Carla Thomas.

It makes me melancholy in a strange sort of way. Like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Preston and Koko Taylor have passed on. While I knew of many blues artists as a child, listened to their records, and saw many perform in holes in the wall before they became famous, I did not know of Stevie Ray Vaughan until after his death. That makes me feel guilty that I failed to support him during his life, and failed to see him perform live. Stevie died in 1990 in a helicopter crash at the age 35.

stevie_ray_vaughan_by_ivankorsario-d4bzv3tIn an interview, Stevie said that Jimi Hendrix came to him in visions and dreams, giving him chords. Funny, because the first song I heard by Stevie was “Little Wing” and I thought, “Why haven’t I heard that Jim Hendrix cut?” My husband told me it wasn’t Jimi but Stevie Ray Vaughn, and that he played a mixture of Jazz and Rock along with Blues. I went out and bought every CD by Stevie I could find. In fact, I have some of the songs several times over because they are on several CDs – and I never get tired of listening to them.

Here’s Stevie performing Little Wing in 1983. The video after that Koko Tayloris the Queen of the Blues, Koko Taylor.

Since it’s Sunday, the third video is a blues-up version of “Since I Laid My Burdens Down” by Glenn Kaiser.

Now, I think I’ll spend the next hour or so making the dog howl.






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  1. All gone too soon. SRV also gave an awesome testimony for AA before he passed. So raw and personal and honest.

  2. Go KoKo! that was so good!

    • I love KoKo. She lived in Chicago and made the summer feasts. KoKo also did smaller clubs in Chicago after she got up in age. She was still wailing. Women Blues artists just don’t get the recognition that men Blues artists get.

      • and that’s such a shame, but then again when have any women ever gotten the recognition they deserve throughout our history?

      • “Women Blues artists just don’t get the recognition that men Blues artists get.”

        Xena, I wonder why it is that Blues artists who happen to be women do not get the same recognition that the men get?

        • Mindyme and Yahtzee,
          Sorry for the late response. Blues generally deals with adult issues. When ZZ Hill sings about cheating in the next room, he’s being a man. When Denise LaSalle sings about keeping it in the bedroom, some may not think it’s ladylike. It’s about perception.

          • Xena,

            ” When Denise LaSalle sings about keeping it in the bedroom, some may not think it’s ladylike.”

            Is this felt (or perceived) both by the male AND the female audience?

            • Yahtzee,
              I don’t know. I certainly can’t speak for men. Tell you what — you can have your own experience. How would you feel hearing this song in mixed company?

          • I listened and see it.

            Also, understand the double standard.

          • As I consider the lyrics of Ms. Denise LaSalle’s song here, I would like to share my personal viewpoint of what I consider healthful for individuals facing what is told in her song. I understand that there will perhaps be good opposing views.

            I feel that an individual is best served by mustering all the strength and COURAGE she/he can in order to to feel the hurt (and anger) from this type of experience but not use the crutch of bitterness, “pay back”, and anger in order to cope because that method plants seeds of bitterness and revenge in ones heart and spirit and can change the life of an individual negatively. It actually gives ones positive power away.

            The person in the song who was hurt actually needs to realize her good fortune of finding out the true nature of her partner because it gives her the opportunity not to spend ONE MORE SECOND with that person and a chance to look for a better partner.

            • Yahtzee,
              Good points. You have excellent analysis skills. Some people do not see the lesson in the lyrics of Blues songs.

            • Not your version sung in churches. Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallaleuah. Careful, ladies it will make you look for a man so good you will pray he will tie you to a kitchen chair! And the truth of love’s pain of “‘all I ever learned from love was to shoot first at someone who outdrew me” .

  3. Thank you for this, Xena. Bo Diddley died also. Maybe cause I’m from south and I had older brother, all our music was blues. Hank Ballard and the midnighters :” hey mama, it’s finger popping time”, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Otis redding. Erma Thomas , who sang Mississippi goddamn? I think being from the south made our music initiation more blues than what was listed as top 10 in rest of the country in my HS years.

    Thanks again for all your work you put in your blog.

  4. Just a quick ad, There’s a hearing for Dunn tomorrow but didn’t catch anything further. Whether it’s just a in and out or longer.

  5. It was Nina Simon who sand Mississippi Goddamn

  6. Well, totally screwed that pooch but the little piglet is adorable.
    It’s on you tube, Nina Simon..”Mississippi Goddamn”
    That’s the music I grew up to Deep South blues.
    Thanks, Xena!

  7. Thank you Yahtzee. Both for posting Mississippi goddamn and finding that hearing. I googled and it showed what mindyme62 said ( 9th).;-)

  8. The morning news said the 7th, not retrial but some hearing. Probably to set for certain the date you cite from court chatter saying 9/22. My google search info was probably typo. So hearing, not trial, is tomorrow. Thanks again!

  9. How creative and perfect for a math wizard. Looks like he/she puts a lot of work into his.

    • Yes, isn’t it nifty?

      Some of those elements I do not know.

      Just looked up Uut in Wikipedia:

      “Ununtrium is the temporary name of a chemical element with the temporary symbol Uut and atomic number 113. Also known as eka-thallium or simply element 113, is an extremely radioactive synthetic element (an element that can be created in a laboratory but is not found in nature); the most stable known isotope, ununtrium-286, has a half-life of 20 seconds. Ununtrium was first created in 2003 by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.

      In the periodic table, it is a p-block transactinide element. It is a member of the 7th period and is placed in the boron group, although no chemical experiments have been carried out to confirm that it behaves as the heavier homologue to thallium in the boron group. Ununtrium is calculated to have some similar properties to its lighter homologues, boron, aluminium, gallium, indium, and thallium, although it should also show several major differences from them. Unlike all the other p-block elements, it is predicted to show some transition metal character.

  10. Retweeted by Michael Skolnik
    Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH
    this land is your land. powerful #HealthAndJustice4All</em?

  11. John M. Phillips @JohnPhillips · 16h
    Please stop using Jordan Davis and Marissa Alexander in the same sentence. They were on opposite sides of a gun- a huge distinction.

    • John Phillips is exactly correct!
      She missed, it was not a warning shot. Angela Corey offered a 3 yr. plea to work around that excessive sentence. It was not her house and yes, her husband has a history but he never harmed her.
      She turned down the 3 yr.plea offer and jury returned verdict but there was nothing crooked except her husband lied for her and there’s nothing unusual about that.
      After her release on bail, they each had a semi mutual RO, something along ok to pick up child and she went to his home and hit him so lost her bail.

      Man, this has become so off any of the actual facts. I went to what I thought was a 100 person march. It was all about this woman and nothing to do with Trayvon. When I tried to tell the people the facts of her case ( which was before SYG was even law), they just got angry. I left and googled the actual cities where the march was to reduce gun violence and Jax. was not a city listed. I even asked the organizer that called me if this march was the one the Fultons/ Martin’s/ dream defenders were organizing and he said yes. Total BS.

      This Marisa woman is a bad person and this case was on the news before they had smart phones, meaning years ago. The two kids thought they were going to die. She went to her car, got her gun and returned in a rage.

      Thank you, John!!! I just gave up trying to explain this is not the same. Not all AA are sweet like Tray or John’s client and not all white people are racists. And sometimes the media really is lame.

  12. CC @courtchatter · 7m
    #MichaelDunn pre-trial hearing set for August 4. Motions must be made by July 28. Trial will begin September 22

  13. “Family of punched woman to sue California police”
    7 July 2014

    Here is the video of the officer brutally beating her:

    • this was sick. I hope something happens to him, other than a week off with pay.

  14. It’s Monday already!

  15. You can find the latest news by going to the Associated Press Twitter page here:

  16. “Yankees fan Andrew Robert Rector suing ESPN for showing him sleeping on TV”

    IMO, these broadcasters were engaging in hurtful bullying that was heard and seen by millions. They set a poor example in their unkind remarks. All of this at a time when citizens are trying to stop hurtful cyber-bullying among our youth.

    What do you think?

  17. Two tweets from Rep. John Lewis on July 5, 2014:

    John Lewis @repjohnlewis · Jul 5
    “Democracy is an act. It requires participation, organization, and dedication to the highest principles.”

    John Lewis @repjohnlewis · Jul 5
    “There is no sound more powerful than the marching feet of a determined people.”

  18. The Weather Channel @weatherchannel · 5h
    RT @AMHQ: #MississippiRiver in Davenport, IA cresting at 20.89 feet.
    We’re #LIVE starting at 7amET on @weatherchannel…

  19. 🙂 For you, racerrodig:

  20. Xena, I plan to go to a vintage record store in the near future.

    I would like to buy two (or 3) Koko Taylor vintage LP’s……What albums would you suggest that I look for?

    • I’m not sure if Koko has any vintage CDs. Most of her recordings are the 80’s going forth.

      • Thanks, Xena. The store I am going to also has old CDs…I will ask for a recommendation there.

        • I don’t know if I can help you with old Blues unless we consider that some of the artists who have passed on fall in that category. Off hand, I think of Tyrone Davis, Johnny Taylor, and Buddy Ace. Koko is the only woman Blues artist I know of who has passed on in the last several years. Now, if you like dirty jazz, you might like Irene Reid. 🙂

          • Thanks for your suggestions. Much appreciation! 🙂

            Irene Reid is talented and I love the melody and rhythm!

          • I AM going to pick up some vintage LPs of Tyrone Davis, Johnny Taylor, and Buddy Ace (I have just listened to some of their songs on Youtube 🙂 )

          • Yes, I did! 🙂

            I picked up 2 CDs of Koko Taylor:

            “Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine – Live from Chicago, An Audience With the Queen”

            “Koko Taylor – Jump for Joy”

  21. Just watched a documentary entitled “The Blues According to Lightin’ Hopkins” on Youtube 🙂

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