This Morning …

In spite of it all, in the midst of all those things we

would like to see changed, this morning …





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  1. wow! 1988 that movie came out! Seems like yesterday


  2. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

    After getting home from the hospital yesterday, I was hungry as a bear. After I ate, I slept off some more of the anesthesia, went back to bed, woke up, took a pain pill and went back to sleep. I feel good this morning but still have to take it easy.

    Have a safe Fourth of July. Until all Americans are free, I recognize this nation’s independence from colonialism but do not celebrate it.


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    …… something to remember!! Happy 4th!!


  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Gotta share…


    • Good morning Jackie. (hugs)


      • Xena, and to think I have been real quiet to keep from waking you up… but I must admit it is truly a good morning knowing you are up and recovering… Maybe I should go skipping down the path singing happy days are here again? 😉


        • LOL@crazy1946. I’m pacing myself and there has been a great weight lifted. Chances are I might take a nap around noon and will have to stop all activity after 9 p.m. and get on a regular sleeping schedule.


  6. The investment profile of Hobby Lobby has been mentioned before, but here is a link to expand on what they have invested money in that is contrary to what they claim their religious beliefs demand in regards to health care… This quite clearly tells the true motive of the Green family and their GOP/TP/NRA masters.. One thing that this whole episode in American history has exposed quite clearly is the need to remove the SCOTUS from the political process… The political ownership of this group of justices is very apparent if one looks at the decisions they have rendered over the last several years… I wonder how the founding fathers would view this nation today if they were able to see it? Would they be disappointed in the obvious shift away from the country they envisioned (aka: the land of the free?) to a land controlled by not only evil barons and feudal land owners, but one owned lock stock and barrel by mega corporations controlled by foreign interests? If they had the opportunity to do a rewrite of the Constitution to farther protect the individual freedoms of the average citizen do you think they would do so?


  7. A serious question, did the founding fathers when adding the amendments to the Constitution intend in the writing of the 1st Amendment to protect religious organizations from government control, or was it to protect the citizens of this nation from control by/from religious organizations? Take a moment and consider the history of the religious groups control of the government in England and various European nations, prior to the departure of most of our ancestors from those areas of the world before you answer. You might also consider that many of the founding fathers of this nation were not Christians but instead were of the Deist belief, who had been severely persecuted in the nations they had left to come to a new world…


    • Excellent points, Crazy1946.

      Thank you.


    • Crazy1946,
      In all the quotes that I read, and all the history behind Europeans coming to the “New World” the separation of church and state was to prevent religious ideologies from controlling the government. They did not want one religion, neither any sect of one religion, to become the religion of the nation.

      It was not until 1999 when I met some people and came upon the realization that they cast their votes based on what actually controls the lives of others. Gay marriage and abortion were the two main issues. Then came prayer in schools and teaching creationism over evolution.

      Years ago I heard a brother say that if you want to know what people wrestle with within themselves, just listen to what they preach against in the name of religion. For example, there would be no need for women to “cover-up” head to toe if the preacher didn’t lust.


      • Xena, Thank you for your response! What you said is exactly what many, many years ago we were taught in our “civic” classes as early as grade school. Yet it seem all too many people have, because of the election of a “black” man (despite their denying this is the reason) have suddenly decided we need a government based on their ever popular Christian faith… I would suspect that many of these current supporters of this movement would live to rule the day that what they wished for came about.. How many of these people would be stoned for the sin of adultery? How many would lose limbs for theft? How many of them are willing to live the life called for in the scripture? The real problem that it creates for the rest of us, those that try to live a simple non offending existence amongst our fellow mankind is that we are suddenly considered the enemy because we don’t support their radical approach to control of our lives… I’m sorry but I still find the call to revolt by the Christians in this nation by Gov.Piyush Jindal of La. for a self perceived threat to his religious freedom highly offensive not only in tone by disproved by truth… I simply do not think his or anyone else’s religious freedom allows for his/their choosing what my beliefs should consist of.. It might be a good time for the alleged Christian community to start adhering to the words that are found in their own bible, but that will not happen, if history is correct, they never have and probably will never live according to the words of their own faith… Too bad…


        • crazy1946,

          if history is correct, they never have and probably will never live according to the words of their own faith…

          You might not realize that you spoke something profound — “their own faith.” I’ve never intended to “preach” but this is something I do want to address. The Bible says that we are saved by the faith of Jesus Christ. It’s not anyone’s own faith. We must have the Spirit of Christ in us, as us, in order to have the faith of God.

          Which brings me to this — Christ is not the last name of Jesus. If believers truly believe that there is one God, and if Christians believe what Jesus said about the Father being the only one who is good, then what is good has one source, no matter what name man gives to god.

          I used to call myself Christian but as I’ve grown in spiritual knowledge, I now call myself an enchristed one or simply, “spiritual.”

          Jesus the Christ said that all before him were thieves and robbers. They had the spirit of Christ in them to see the future and look for expectation, but the Old Testament saints were not Christ.

          When we get to the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ, we read that Jesus is the true witness of the Father. For me, to be an enchristed one is to believe that Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing, (presence tense) and only said what he heard the Father saying (presence tense.) Jesus did no evil. He did not kill. He forgave those who asked for forgiveness. He did no harm. He even healed the servant of the Roman soldier without attempting any conversion. He did not reject anyone. He had no criticism of the pagans but criticized the Jewish hypocrites.

          “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

          These things have one source and indeed, there are people who say they do not believe in the existence of a god who adhere to the aforementioned. I believe that Christ is the light that lights every man. If there is any light in anyone, I recognize it as Christ in them.

          Sadly, those Christians who are actually the den of evil, have impugned the truth of Christ.


        • Yes, crazy1946…..beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂


  8. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Hi read my post on USA USA… You might like it:)


  9. towerflower

    Xena, I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. Take it easy and enjoy your 4th. Welcome back!


  10. Another racist bites the dust, all the while blaming the minorities of this nation for his own big mouth… What a man…


    • crazy1946,
      So, he thinks that Whites are under attack because he can’t do whatever he wants to Blacks?


      • I strongly suspect the incident did not come down as he has described. With his words that we now hear, one could only guess that his demeanor was not very pleasant toward this woman and she simply gave him a dose of his own medicine… I know I can’t speak for every one, but I don’t feel that I am under attack by any other race, but then again, perhaps it could be because I don’t think my skin tone should afford me special privileges over other members of society.


    • towerflower

      Not surprised that Jr. also supports this man.


  11. News flash, just in….

    NRA to set off nuclear war head on top of Pikes Peak to celebrate the 4th of July… Claim it will be the flash seen around the world…

    Ok, perhaps I might have misspoke on that one, isn’t that what a politician says when he is caught in a lie? I wonder how many people that are homeless and hungry that the money spent on fireworks in one state alone could provide food and housing for? Want to truly celebrate this holiday? Then take the money you would spend on noise making devices and donate it instead to a local shelter for the homeless…


  12. This sickens me and I pray this woman heals from her injuries.


    Published on Jul 4, 2014
    More inexcusable actions from the police. I don’t understand this tolerance in our society of male cops beating up on women.


  13. Xena,

    Glad everything went well for you. Please take care and get some rest. I remember when I came home after having surgery how good I felt. And to think, Now I had three weeks off work to recover, and I already feel soooo goooood. I got up, and did a little shopping. The next morning after all the good stuff wore off, I thought I was going to die. For some reason the pain pills I was given didn’t work as well as what I was given at the hospital. LOL.


    • dreamer,
      Thanks so much. This morning I woke up a bit sore but thus far, haven’t needed to take anything for pain. After dinner I will just to make sure I don’t push it too far. Dinner will be jello and I think I might be able to eat some potato salad as I watch my son wolf down grilled burgers. LOL!


  14. We CAN change the world for the better. A man’s guiding words in this video:

    If you DON’T stand strong….if you don’t stand strong and TOGETHER you’re going to lose.


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  16. I guess this link means the weekend is officially started? Yes, we need more guns… Guns save lives, guns stop crime, and guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.. If corporations are now people, how long will it be before the NRA or perhaps the Koch Corporation is elected to the office of the POTUS?


  17. Hat tip to rikyrah:


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