Zimmerman’s Suit Against NBC Dismissed

Congratulations to NBC and their attorneys.

This morning, Judge Nelson ruled that George Zimmerman is not entitled to any money from NBC.

USA Today reports that unless the ruling is reversed by an appeals court, Zimmerman’s suit is finished.

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. He was not arrested until April 2012 and his trial began in June 2013. July 13, 2013 will mark one year since a jury of 6 women, consisting of 5 Whites and 1 Latina of Puerto Rican descent, found Zimmerman not guilty.

Zimmerman filed the lawsuit against NBC in December 2012. During his trial, he and NBC agreed to stay the hearings until after the verdict. Zimmerman’s basis for the lawsuit was accusing NBC of editing his non-emergency call to the police, making him appear racist.

There are many reasons why the edited recording did not make Zimmerman appear racist, and that individuals decided on their own that Trayvon Martin’s race motivated Zimmerman to follow the unarmed 17-year old in his truck, then on foot, and fire a hollow point bullet into his heart, killing him.

Zimmerman suffered no damages from the edited tape of his call. He left his home and quit his job before Trayvon’s body was identified. After his arrest, Zimmerman received approximately $200,000 in donations for his legal defense, which he directed his wife to use the money to pay their pre-February 26, 2012 debts.

At his bond hearing, Zimmerman sat like a “potted palm” while his wife Shellie misrepresented her knowledge of that money. Shellie was subsequently charged with perjury and after the verdict in George’s trial, Shellie plead guilty and entered a plea bargain – without George being there to support her. Shellie subsequently filed for divorce from George.

Zimmerman is responsible for his own actions. Maybe he will learn a lesson from his case against NBC. Karma does not discriminate and it cannot be fooled.

UPDATE:  Orlando Sentinel reports:

In her 15-page order, she pointed out that time and again in March 2012 – the period during which Zimmerman claims NBC defamed him – the network quoted family members and friends who emphasized that Zimmerman was not a racist.

Zimmerman had made himself a public figure long before the shooting, she wrote. In 2010, when the Sanford Police Department refused for weeks to arrest the son of a white police officer who had punched and broken the nose of a homeless black man, Zimmerman publicly protested.

That was an example, Nelson wrote, of Zimmerman “voluntarily injecting his views into the public controversy surrounding race relations and public safety in Sanford.”

She went on to describe Zimmerman as having “pursued a course of conduct that ultimately led to the death of (Trayvon) Martin).”


Trayvon Martin - dptm picI still see you little brother, from that dream I had in or about April 2012.  Keep on smiling. 

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  1. Good.

    Now gz needs to get a job.

    And, now, NBC can sing this to gz:

    • Poor George, wonder how many people he has snowed into believing that he’ll pay them back after he gets his millions from NBC. lol. Like you said…..get a job!

      • Anybody who believed he get even one red cent for that lawsuit is a fool. I did think, at one point, he might actually get something just for the nuisance factor, but this is no surprise and anyone who thought he would get something…well you know “I’ll pay you when I get my income tax returns.” They deserve every penny they don’t get.

        • Rachael,

          I did think, at one point, he might actually get something just for the nuisance factor,

          That is probably what he was hoping, but the way that lawyers do things now is to file a motion for summary judgment. They wait on that ruling before entertaining settlement negotiations.

          No payday for GZ!

        • Maybe, originally, the chief purpose of the his lawsuit against NBC was to make the other networks walk on egg shells.

    • Now, gz, instead of singing this:

      Some people say I’m a no ‘count. Others say I’m no good.

      But I’m just a nat’ral-born travelin’ man, doin’ what I think I should, O, yeah. Doin’ what I think I should.

      And I don’t give a damn about a greenback dollar, spend it as fast as I can.

      For a wailin’ song and a good guitar, the only things that I understand, poor boy, the only things that I understand.

      When I was a little baby, my momma said, “Hey, son. Travel where you will (Florida at age 17) and grow to be a man

      Gz will be singing this:

      Where has all the money gone?
      Long time passing.
      Where has all the money gone?
      Long time ago….

  2. http://www.wesh.com/blob/view/-/26724246/data/1/-/12ahft8/-/Read-the-full-ruling—Zimmerman-NBC.pdf

    This is the full ruling by the judge, has many of the things we all have discussed in it.

  3. Great way to start out the week #Dismissed how is GZ going to ever pay those attorney fees for his cases he had three of them 1st the Murder 2 he owes Omara an insane amount of money, the 2nd was his attorney when he threatened Samantha with a shot gun and barricaded himself in her home and the 3rd obviously these attorneys are expecting to get paid id imagine…..

    • Hey Santiago! Welcome to Blackbutterfly7.

      Beasely and the local guy probably took the case on contingency, but some lawyers either have the client pay the costs upfront or later if they do not prevail. That would include the filing fee and travel expenses to Florida. It might also include the costs of taking depositions, which is why they made no effort in conducting discovery.

      GZ’s dream of having a payday from NBC is over.

  4. It wasn’t his NEN call on 2/26/12 that makes him appear racially bigoted. It was these calls; (LOL!)

    • Those calls show he did racially profile. And not only that but the mind sets of his supporters, that celebrated his killing of a Black youth, makes it hard to deny that he is indeed racist.

      • Mindyme,
        His supporters did him much harm in more than several ways. Even now, they justify violating law by saying they have a right to cyber-extort people who post about George expressing any opinion other than one that suits their fancy, or fantasy, or racial bigotry.

    • Love this comic video….some comedian had a fun day creating this 🙂

    • oh my gawd! I thought for sure that was the calls he had made previously. D’oh! That is hilarious!!

  5. 🙂 You have to see this video!

  6. Looks like poor little Georgie will have to either get a job, or attempt to force Shelly to support him with alimony for a long time… My bet is that he will attempt the alimony… Do you suppose he will continue to spend over $3000 a month now, or spend $100 on vacations each month now? Maybe he needs to increase what he allegedly pays for mental health care to where he actually gets the help he needs… Next auction needs to be of his guns and other weapons, if he still has them, actually doesn’t the Keltec belong to Shelly? That is what my memory seems to recall he stated after the murder… Hmmm, he can’t sell that or the Honda until after the divorce is final… Poor, poor little murderer is finding out what not being a celebrity is all about…

    • crazey1946,
      HA! Alimony or maintenance (as it is called in some states) is to keep the ex-spouse in the lifestyle they had during the marriage. It’s a case of “equity” where one party is not allowed a windfall while the other is disadvantaged.

      George wasn’t working nor paying his bills on time before 2/26/12. Shellie wasn’t working at all. Thereafter, during the last year of the marriage, they lived off donations with neither working for a living.

      That is exactly where the court is going to leave them.

      Hopefully, Shellie is currently employed and supporting herself but her current status since the separation is not relevant to the divorce proceeding.

      • That is exactly where the court is going to leave them.

        Poor George:
        No more Cheez-its
        Cash in guns
        Cash in truck

  7. I’m reading Judge Nelson’s decision now and have to admit, she is RIGHT-ON about Zimmerman not being able to prove that he didn’t utter a racial epithet because the FBI said that the recording was of poor quality. As a matter of law, he cannot prove that he didn’t say “coons” based on his word alone.

    That’s how lies can work against the liar. He lied saying that he stated “punks.” If the recording quality was good and it was found that he did in fact say “coons,” that would not be to his favor. The recording quality not being good enough to verify if he said “punks” also works against him.

    Kiss your payday good-bye George.

  8. “I still see you little brother, from that dream I had in or about April 2012. Keep on smiling.”

    I remember your dream, Xena.

    I think Trayvon is watching.

    • above video by LLMPapa

      • Yahtzee,
        Yes, Trayvon is watching. In the dream, he had a handful of papers and was throwing his head back while laughing. Know what that also tells me also? That the FBI has acquired loads of paper evidence against GZ.

        • That’s right, Xena. Trayvon is smiling now, but laughing as he sees all that FBI evidence against gz.

  9. 🙂 Now, when are we going to hear from the Department of Justice on Trayvon’s civil rights? Or is that a never…………..it’s been a long time.

    • sidewinder,

      Now, when are we going to hear from the Department of Justice on Trayvon’s civil rights?

      I suspect in December this year.

      • yes, after the elections…..

        • Mindyme,

          yes, after the elections …

          Hmmm. Hadn’t thought about that. You’re right.

          When I said before his trial that it’s God’s will that he go to prison for the rest of his life, I didn’t know for what or when, but I still stand on that.

          • I’m with you on that one Xena. I also said God does have a plan for George, he wasn’t listening. George said the only person he has to answer for is God. Hope he’s listening now.

            • dreamer,
              Psychologists could no doubt spend years analyzing what George meant when saying “It was all God’s plan.” There’s no god in any religion I know of who plans for what George did on the evening of 2/26/12.

      • I think the DOJ will ultimately pry Barnacle GZ loose from his ship of lies.

    • LLMPapa video

  10. If Samantha Scheibe is with gz now, she is probably singing this to gz:

    After breakfast every day
    She throws the want ads right my way
    And never fails to say
    Get a job……

    And when I go back to the house
    I hear the woman’s mouth
    Preaching and a-crying
    Tell me that I’m lying
    About a job
    That I never could find”

  11. Next up……….

    Zimmerman Lawsuit against Rosanne Barr dismissed for similar reasons as this one.

    Throw in one part “Their address was a matter of public record” one part “We’re unconscionable greedy bastards” one part “We moved out before the alleged incident” one part “Stupidity” and there goes that big payday.

    • RACER!!!

      I was just going to post in chat to see where you were. Your comments always bring a smile to my heart.

      • I’ve been reading and trying to up, but my 16 year old son and I joined a Contemporary Christian Band a few months ago and it’s really taken off. In fact we were asked to do a small tour in Nigeria, then Australia, then London and a few cities on the European Continent next year. We’ve been playing out 2 or 3 times a week now.

        Lets face it, we all predicted this outcome and I’d bet the next one gets tossed as well. In many states the loser must pay the prevailing parties legal expenses and costs in a case like this, ya know, being it was such BS and all……..not to mention the incredible misstatement of facts.

        I’ll have to reread the Order, but Fogen failed to use incriminating parts of his NEN call in his complaint and Nelson didn’t note that. Hmmmmmmm ? Sooooo, he lied ?

    • Good to see you, Racer.

      This morning I was just thinking that you could finish off the lyrics when I posted this above:

      Gz will be singing this:

      Where has all the money gone?
      Long time passing.
      Where has all the money gone?
      Long time ago….

      ….…..oh when will he ever work?
      When will he ever work?…….

      • Okay…..let me give it a try……..

        Where has all the money gone, long time passing?
        Where has all the money gone, long time ago?
        Where have all the dollars gone?
        Gone to handguns every one
        Oh, when will I ever learn?
        Oh, when will I ever learn?

        Where have all the young girls gone, long time passing?
        Where have all the young girlss gone, long time ago?
        Where have all the young girls gone?
        Gone to protests against the fool
        Oh, when will I ever learn?
        Oh, when will I ever learn?

        Where have all the husbands gone, long time passing?
        Where have all the husbands gone, long time ago?
        Where have all the husbands gone?
        Gone to work now, everyone
        Oh, when will I ever learn?
        Oh, when will I ever learn?

        Where has Trayvon’s mother gone, long time passing?
        Where has Trayvon’s mother gone, long time ago?
        Where has Trayvon’s mother gone?
        Gone to Rally’s and everyone
        Oh, when will I ever learn?
        Oh, when will I ever learn?

        Where have all my backers gone, long time passing?
        Where have all my backers gone, long time ago?
        Where have all the racists gone?
        Suffering fools, yes every one
        Oh, when will they ever learn?
        Oh, when will they ever learn?

        Where has all the money gone, long time passing?
        Where has all the money gone, long time ago?
        Where have all the dollars gone?
        Gone to flak vests, every one
        Oh, when will I ever work ?
        When will I ever work ?

    • Well, I know I’m going against the grain here – but I do think she was wrong in doing what she did – HOWEVER, they are total liars, considering they were already moved from the area an no longer living there on their own accord – but still, she was wrong to do that, public or not, and it did sound like she was trying to incite. But again, considering they weren’t even there and THEY know it, they have nothing to sue about.

  12. I think gz is now trying to digest the implications of what just rolled over him today:

  13. My iPad won’t download it but you’ll are meaning ALL tub’s media lawsuits have been dismissed, right? Not just the main one from last week.

    As for fl. Law on family financial affidavits, they are not published but Shelly’s attorney is no slacker and tubs can’t hide money unless he’s sent it out of country. There was little donations made after his court shenanigans were exposed and his new nonreturnable bond of 100k came out of that money.

    His side was very upset and blamed him for paying Jayne Weintaub to get him out of his last DV incident with honeypot instead of using it for hiring divorce lawyer. He went thru that cash like it was never going to end, smart phones, previous unpaid bills, extensive security guards, school, mommy dearest, etc.. And, guess what, they supported him cause they sincerely believed he was protecting his neighborhood and was unjustly prosecuted. When he showed what he really was all about via jail calls, the donations slowed to a trickle.

    He could have made a career speaking before racist groups as a victim fighting the system instead he proved he was the victimizer and never the victim.

    • 2dogsonly…..Z had only one media lawsuit and that was the one against NBC. 9 days ago the Judge dismissed one of the counts and today she dismiss everything. So bye bye lawsuit, bye bye dreams of millions. His only hope is that she is overturned on appeal but the law sides with her rulings, but no word yet from the Beasley camp.

  14. Joseph Norton

    Hola ,at last the corrupt judge decided ‘justice” can not be blinded anymore.
    Karma keeping blessing the child killer!

  15. Mary Cushner testified before DOJ. It was posted on the debate page under a private link. Reported by a fellow twitterer. Remember, they never called her to the stand. She’s the lady who had to chase down SPD to give her statement and finally went on tv. Serino described her as playing cat and mouse with them.
    She was so thrilled saying ” praise god”
    Xena, do you know the link to ” the debate page”? I googled it and there are many it seems but apparently maybe case is moving forward.

    • Hey dogsonly! I don’t do Facebook. Someone has to send me a link and even then I get confused how to look for postings that aren’t current.

    • Rumor now has it was a bogus page and a parody account. I would have liked to believe it.

      • Just wanted to thank DannyWarrior for the posting of the SC decision. Very informative.and great research. So if he’s not a public figure, his compensation is limited to small potatoes ( not the big bucks from personal injury) and he has to prove actual harm.
        Wonder if his lawyer researched this. That’s why everyday folks can’t find an attorney to represent them. Small payout even if they do win the case.

  16. Maybe George is singing this to Nelson, Beasley, O’Mara and Shellie …

    • Oh yeah! Absolutely, Xena!!!

      • I hope those closest to him are aware that gz is probably going to be in a very bad mood now, and they should act carefully and give him space…..

  17. Thanks tower flower!!

  18. “A Liar With No Soul”

    video by LLMPapa

  19. I haven´t read the Judges ruling entirely yet.
    I am aware however, Zimmerman later in the lawsuit was attempting to show malice by claiming NBC should have known he said “f´ing punks.”
    There is no solid evidence to prove or disprove what he said so…to say a network should have known what he said is pure rubbish! To this day he can not prove he said “f´ing punks.”

    IMO, since NEN calls were public prior to NBC edits the only damage done was to NBC by those who made the edits. They dealt with the consequences. NBC apologized to the public and took corrective action as far as their broadcasting policies go.

    IMO, and at the time of the broadcasts( I was a GZ supporter), I still felt they had no influence over people´s notions on why he shot an unarmed Teen. There was way more being reported other than his NEN call. In fact I vividly remember his past contact with police coming into question. His numerous calls to police. His influence in the Ware incident all being reported, his mental state, how he promoted the neighborhood watch….I could go on.

    I never debated the media reports in this case for the sheer fact prior to the trial there were so many opinions and everyone is entiled to weigh what reports. It is part of Free Press. It´s called AMERICA!
    The Zim Supporters do not have clean hands when it comes to editing facts. They don´t have clean hands when it comes to attacking peoples credibility, and characters as well. They still are on this bit about him not being a racist even after the entire Zimmerman Family acknowledged some people who clearly discriminate against blacks.

    The law was evenly applied. There was no question whether or not he was a “public figure”, limited public figure, or a figure at all.

    The same is going to happen with his parents lawsuit.

    I am not sure if it just me, but it seems the Zimmerman´s and their fan base love to waste peoples time, money, and resources just to remain relevant.

  20. I also want to leave this link. I know some GZ supporters are a bit confused on why Nelson would apply law.

    • Danny,
      Don’t you know that laws only apply as they want and can be interpreted differently if they say so. Another thing is, if they don’t like the explanation, they attack the messenger. They even attacked O’Mara when he said things they didn’t like.

      • If they can be so creative in their doxxing attempts of private people…I just assumed they could perhaps do some law research on universal publishing laws that have stood the test for quite a long time. May learn that Judges apply law. In this case a 15 page reason why the case was dismissed. Not based on other limited public figures failed investments. 😉 My bad! 🙂

        • Danny,

          If they can be so creative in their doxxing attempts of private people…

          They only get that right when people post in their real name. The rest are fishing expeditions — wrongfully accusing people of being someone hoping they will defend by giving them honest info.

          They don’t know when people are playing with them either. I have posted that Della Street was my role model when growing up. Where is the actual actress from and what’s her name? LOL!

          • I understand that. They failed where I am concerned anyways. It is based on opinions, and comments taken out of context, along with curiosity, and some bad unsolicited support on my behalf.
            Most of what I had posted publicly is not my personal experiences concerning my private life. Who did not know Queen Nosey was a sleuther? I mean come on!

  21. What a COLOSSAL waste of money this was!

    • AMEN!

    • Justice4All

      That comment from jr. was very upsetting…NBC is to blame???? Seriously? This “family” is all about money & how much they can scam from people. They EXPECT donations to support their lives, how FU is that? FT is just mad he wasn’t included & the Z’s don’t want to share. ALL grifters. Sick POS STILL want to profit from the killer’s actions.& they attack anyone they think has money that they can sue. No mistake, the family THINKS alike when it comes to cash. Porky took a life yet they cry that NBC ruined their family….no mention of the family that lost their son. They have no decency or regard for human life. Pretty obvious when mama & dad jump in AFTER the verdict to sue people & they won’t go away. A NORMAL person would thank God every day but not Porky, he wants more, he wants people to thank him for what he did & THAT will never happen outside his small circle. Pathetic.

      • Justice4All,

        That comment from jr. was very upsetting…NBC is to blame???? Seriously? This “family” is all about money & how much they can scam from people. They EXPECT donations to support their lives, how FU is that?

        In my opinion, the attitude that the Zimmerman’s portray in public, is because they believe they are superior to Trayvon’s family, Rev. Sharpton, those attorneys that represented Sybrina and Tracy, and the 2 million plus people who signed the petition that George be arrested.

        Well, let’s just say that they think they are superior to everyone. That is why when they don’t get what they want, they don’t see it as judicial nor right vs. wrong, but that in their position of superiority, they are suppose to get what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

  22. As I do occasionally when anything involving Zimmerman occurs, I went to the dark side to see what they were saying about the legal process. Well, it seems that several people on that side now think that a new (pity?) fund is now called for to allow Zimmerman adequate funds to finance an appeal of the case… I truly hope that they do give him more money, it is often been said a fool and his money are soon parted…


    read the comments as well, that as normal is the best part of the parody, what’s that you say? It’s not a spoof site? Well, I never….

    • I clicked on the link and saw who it was. LOL. Decided to skip it! It´s the attorney who never tried a case…..lol. The self professed expert in self defense who promotes GZ against his five main rules that GZ broke. The attorney who needs to make a $100 wager on his own rules of engagement in self defense! Lol.

      • Dannwarrior, if you take him in the proper perspective (that of a total loser) and just read the comments that are posted to his blathering you would find a lot of amusement is available… Unlike some, I find that reading what my opponent has to offer allows me to understand their thought process or lack there of. In this case you missed the call to rally the troops around their hero… Have a great afternoon…

        • I was not implying there was no amusement or need not to read his post. I read many of his posts. I wrote a post myself concerning his disregard of his own rules contrary to the rules he sells and hands out in regard to his GZ support.
          As far as them rallying, prior I wrote a comment here, of their lack of contexual understanding and lack of ability to determine why law is applied in this specific case. Their attempts in monetarily are nothing more than a protest against law applied not in their favor. It changes nothing however.

          Good day to you as well.

    • LOL He’ll spend all the donations on luxury living and ridiculousness like he did before, and I don’t see him getting the donations he got before, I cant see the NRA or big corps backing his ass with big money in this, just his hateful racist cult.

  23. Two sides to a story


  24. I guess its time for him to be taking that vacation he has been setting aside $100 a month for! I didn’t think he was going to win his defamation lawsuit but I was so hoping to see him get deposed. Wonder if Zimmerman’s attorneys want to spend more money on an appeal. At least they won’t have to pay for a lot of transcripts so the cost might make it a worthwhile gamble.Why NBC Shouldn’t Be Liable to Zimmerman for Millions or Anything http://wp.me/p3C42P-oP

    • Mysteryquest,
      Just as I was getting ready to reblog your article, news came in that Judge Nelson dismissed the lawsuit. Your article is excellent.

      Appeal? Based on the cases cited by Judge Nelson, the Beasley firm might have a hard time finding Florida case decisions that are opposite.

      • Thank you. Yes, I think an appeal would be though, but it would not cost them so much. Only have to pay for transcript of sum. judgment hearing and Appeal fee. I would assume that they would say that they weren’t able to take discovery and that granting of sum. jdgmt. was untimely. It could simply be an economic decision.

        • Mysteryquest,
          I’m unfamiliar with Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, but in the federal system, if a party files motion for summary judgment and the non-moving party needs discovery, FRCP 56 provides that they can request the court to stay the summary judgment to allow discovery in order to reply to the summary judgment motion.

          Zimmerman’s attorneys filed an opposition, and argued that dismissal shouldn’t be granted because they hadn’t conducted discovery.

          I wonder — based on the allegations, there may not have been any discovery for Zimmerman to conduct. His case was based on the edited recording. What type of deposition could the Beasley firm conduct? “Did you edit the recording?”

          Maybe that is why Judge Nelson didn’t buy the Beasley’s story that they wanted to depose Rev. Sharpton and Angela Corey because they are not parties and in Zim’s case, if he had to depose third parties to build his case, that questions the merits as well as the issues.

          • Fascinating. Love reading this legal stuff that I don’t know about.

            • Yahtzee,
              I’m not a lawyer, but lawyers pay me to keep them abreast of proper procedures. Based on my experience, the non moving party on a motion to dismiss should not file a motion in opposition arguing for discovery. The Beasley’s should have filed a motion to stay the summary judgment motion to allow them time to conduct discovery.

              The court then sets a schedule.

              Maybe they didn’t follow that procedure because they never intended on conducting discovery.

          • Sharpton was an employee of NBC, so technically a party. Angela Corey could have communicated with NBC and/or its employees and somehow influenced their decision. Without seeing the documents it is impossible to decide if the request was meritorious, As a good appellant raises all possible appealable issues, the denial of plaintiffs desire to take discovery will pay a prominent part in the appeal. They will say it is abuse of discretion. Generally a granting of summary judgement is like a trial de novo. The appeal court gives no deference to the trial courts ruling and can substitute their legal reasoning for hers.

    • I do appreciate your writing. You compile well, and your space is a great reference.

  25. Excerpt from ABA Journal’s article:

    This was an example of Zimmerman “voluntarily injecting his views into the public controversy surrounding race relations and public safety in Sanford,” Nelson wrote.

    In her opinion, Nelson also tossed aside Zimmerman’s claim that NBC had deliberately inflicted emotional distress upon him and his family. Instead, Nelson pointed out that Zimmerman and his family had gone into hiding well before the NBC broadcasts in question. Additionally, Nelson noted that NBC had balanced its reporting by airing interviews with several of Zimmerman’s friends saying he was not a racist.


  26. ladystclaire

    NO money to be paid out to PIGLET here! I wonder how long will it be, before Samantha makes her EXIT! I believe she was promised money, to drop her domestic abuse charge against PIGLET.

  27. After reading Nelson’s ruling, I have to wonder if the wording will have any impact on the DOJ decision ? his use of “fucking coons” was not lost on Nelson. Now that this case is done I think we may hear from the DOJ soon.

  28. Think Porker will return to twitter now and have a good racist rant ? hahaha I’ll bet he’s dying too shoot off his mouth, I guess it all depends on if he still has lawyers.

    • Lexiechey,

      Think Porker will return to twitter now and have a good racist rant ?

      He should keep his mouth shut. The DOJ investigation is still pending. He has 2 types of followers on Twitter; 1. Those who can’t stand him; and 2. Racial bigots.

      • Agree, I forgot he’s got a ways to go, karma isn’t through with him….yet 🙂

        • Lexiechey,
          You’re right. Absolutely! I suspect that karma will also pay him a visit in the divorce case. Why the heck didn’t he just allow the default rather than stirring the pot again?

    • Couldn’t help but say YOU WERE RIGHT the loser came back to twitter to whine about Corey and blaming Rick Scott for getting her to fake the prosecution. I swear that punk is so ungrateful for that acquittal & all the hard work it took to get all those ppl to withhold evidence & lie on the stand for him!

  29. Excerpt about gz:

    “No personal responsibility for his own actions or words, but a lot of festering feelings of persecution and entitlement.”


    “George Zimmerman Loses Lawsuit; It’s Not NBC’s Fault He Appears to be a Racist”


  30. I can think of one type of job that gz will never be able to land.

    As everyone probably remembers

    Zimmerman was Fired from Security Job after he “Snapped”


    An unnamed former co-worker told the New York Daily News that George Zimmerman was paid under-the-table for providing security for illegal house parties between 2001 and 2005, but was let go because his anger issues “became a liability.” “Usually he was just a cool guy,” the former co-worker explained. “He liked to drink and hang with the women like the rest of us. … But it was like Jekyll and Hyde. When the dude snapped, he snapped.”

    “He had a temper and he became a liability,” he recalled. “One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted. … It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.”

    The Daily Kos writer commented:

    Pure Rage? Hm, that kind of rage that make you say stuff like “Assholes Always Get Away” or “Fucking Goon/Coons”! Is that the kind of rage we’re talking about?

  31. Let’s see, I can think of some titles for articles or chapters:

    “The Wages of Zim”


    “The Rages of Zim”

  32. I do GZ has not seen the last of karma.

  33. Oh My God!!! I have been so busy all day & this is the first time I have been on the computer!! Oh Happy Days!!! I hope Yall are not playing a trick on me right now!! Lordy,it looks like I have got plenty to keep me busy reading tonight!! Its time to put my headphones on,listens to some great music & READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Boy what a GREAT DAY!! Hell I can’t even comment because all I have got in my brain so far is he LOST the NBC SUIT….you know the one he already had spent!! I bet Sam is gonna love him for this LIE! KARMA,KARMA,KARMA.I’m sure Zim Sr’s will be next……YIPPEEE!! Do I sound happy to Yall?? I can’t wait to read….did Nelson really say anything about “Fuckin Coons”??? I sure hope it didn’t get lost! I’m going to go try to calm down to read now & will try not to bother everybody all damn night! Thank all of Yall for taking this ride with me.

    • Oh Marilyn, I can see your joy. It’s always joyful when evil does not prevail.

      Regarding Papa and Mama Zim’s lawsuit, I think what the federal magistrate judge said, when transferring the case back to the state court, speaks volumes. To paraphrase, he said that what the Zim’s are seeking in actual monetary damages is peanuts and they are unlikely to win so he wasn’t going to waste the federal court’s time.

      They want money for laundry, when dirty laundry is a general course of living matter. They would have had dirty laundry even if they had not left their house.

      They cannot recover the value of their home because they still own it and evidently, have not tried mitigating damages by placing it on the market.

      • With the Barr lawsuit, the homes in FL took a heavy hit during the mortgage crisis and collapse of the housing market. FL was one of the states that was hit worse than others. Every home in FL took a dive, so they can’t blame this on the tweet, and it bottomed out in 2012. Plus according to the property appraiser’s office it is worth more now than last year so it’s value is increasing again.

  34. Remember this November 28, 2012 article?



    Today, a new post appeared on the legal defense fund’s website. It says the fund needs more money, so in December, it’s being transferred to a new fund manager – one Zimmerman will choose – and he’ll make “more affirmative fund-raising efforts.”

    8 days later gz’s lawsuit against NBC was filed:

    “George Zimmerman sues NBC over Trayvon Martin reports”
    December 6, 2012


    One has to ask why gz waited 8+ months after the NBC broadcast of the edited NEN call to file the lawsuit against NBC.

    • Yahtzee,
      Two things come to mind with the timing of lawsuit against NBC and the fund raising. Both lead to the logical conclusion that George filed the suit to appease his followers.

      I remember after the suit was filed, the cyber-extortionists sent comments here threatening that if I didn’t delete this blog, the Beasley’s were coming after me next. They also sent comments to other bloggers saying that the Beasley’s were suing me and if they continued participating here, that they too would be sued.

      Funny — those bloggers don’t know “the Beasley” from Adam’s houseplant. LOL! They were like, “What the hell is a ‘Beasley’ and what does that have to do with expressing my opinion about a grown man who followed and killed an unarmed teen who was walking home from the store?”

      So yeah — the suit against NBC was filed to appease his followers with the hope that by giving them the entertainment they want, they would donate money to him.

  35. I love this one: http://www.politicususa.com/2014/06/30/george-zimmermans-lawsuit-loss-sliver-lining-day-horrible-court-decisions.html

    On a day when the Supreme Court of the United States turned back the clock and issued regressive decisions that will greatly harm women and public sector unions, at least one court case offered a glimmer of hope that the US court system isn’t irretrievably broken.

  36. O/T: Here is one more child lost to a gun… Of course no one knows where the gun came from, right? Note, however his father was a counselor at the camp… How many more have to die before we as a nation admit we “actually” do have a gun problem… Would it make a difference if the child was from a high placed GOP/TP/NRA politicians family, ok, bad question everyone knows they love their guns more than they love their families, right?


    • crazy1946,
      This is one of the reasons why I blog. It’s because of the children. When there are adults irresponsible with guns, we cannot expect for children to understand the fatality of them.

      When rifles were used for hunting, and children were taken on hunting trips, and the purpose was to provide food, it was a different story. Children witnessed life end with death and the circle of life of providing meat for food. They understood that the bullet ends life. They saw the results.

      Now, LE wants to investigate to find out where the gun came from. Watch this case be decided as a suicide. Even if, it should not have happened. Suicide is to end pain.

    • crazy, There is more to this story than this short article. I deal with Scouts and this camp did not offer a shooting program so that means someone, possibly his father, brought in a gun to the camp.

      First, he father was not a counselor according to the article, he was a chaperone….what that means is when a scout troop goes on a campout they have to have so many adults from the troop go with them. This is done to provide leadership and protection (meaning that they keep the boys from doing something stupid) for the boys.

      This camp was an aquatics camp and did not offer any shooting programs, shooting programs for scouts only include rifles (.22s single shot only) and shotguns…..boy scouts are not allowed to shoot handguns.

      BSA rules prohibits the bringing in any firearms or bows to a camp or scouting event unless it is to be used in a shooting program and then permission is given in advance, even then only an adult can transport the item and scouts are prohibited to transport a firearm.

      The investigation is still early and changing, they are now saying he was shot in the upper torso and possibly shot more than one time. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Boy-Scout-Camp-Fiesta-Island-San-Diego-Shooting-265229971.html

      Yes this is tragic, IF the father brought the gun with him…..he violated the rules of the BSA, he had no reason to bring it into a campsite to where other scouts might find it. If he was shot more than one time then it might not have been a suicide attempt. IF the gun was brought by another scout–to show off or for other reasons–then the parents of that scout need to be charged. IF the father brought the gun the most the BSA will do to him is prevent him from any contact with youth for violating the guide to safe scouting.

      I’m a firm believer that if you don’t follow the rules then you should be charged. The NRA’s safety classes teach that you don’t keep a firearm loaded, that you keep the ammo and gun separately until it is ready to be used. They teach that you keep the firearm away from those you don’t want access to them–like children, and there are trigger locks available to ensure a child cannot shot one even if they find one. I don’t know about CA law but in FL if a child gets ahold of an adult’s gun and fires it then the adult can be charged.

      • Towerflower, I realize that someone did not follow the rules of the BSA. But just excusing the incident because someone did not follow the BSA rules, does not bring this child back to life… If we could simply get the gun owners to quit making excuses for why children must die from guns and get them to start making real world suggestions on how to stop this useless slaughter of our collective children perhaps we as a country could offer hope of life for our children. The only answer that I have seen from the GOP/TP/NRA is to arm more people to protect them from the people who have guns… Don’t some people actually see the fallacy of that statement? Until the gun owners of this nation actually admit to themselves that we have a problem we will continue to see this happen at an accelerated rate, as more guns are available for the average consumer of toys for adults… How much does a hand gun cost today, is that cost more than the value of a human life? It took me just a few minutes to write these words, was that long enough to lose one more child? How many more do we need to die???? IMO… NOT ONE MORE!!!

  37. I prevented a crime wave!!!!

    I prevented a crime wave yesterday. I had to go to town yesterday to buy a few things at the grocery store. As I started to leave it dawned on me that the crime rate in this nation dictated that I take a proactive stance to prevent crime while I went about my shopping. With that in mind, I reached to the back recesses of my sock drawer and found hidden away my magic rabbits foot. I confidently placed the rabbits foot in my special hidden spot under my shirt over my right hip where I could access it immediately should the need arise. While I was in town, I and my magic rabbit foot prevented numerous robbery attempts and an unknown number of muggings, purse snatchings, domestic disputes, and burglary attempts. doubt that my rabbit foot did all of that, check our local newspaper and you will see none of those things took place while I was in town, so my magic rabbits foot saved the day once again.. Does this story seem silly to you? Perhaps, it would not if I said, as instructed by the NRA, inserted gun in place of rabbits foot. But on a serious note, can you actually prove the possession of a gun would have prevented more crime than my Rabbits foot in this case? Save a piece of iron, carry a rabbits foot….. It will prevent as much crime if not more…

    • I congratulate and thank you, Crazy1946 for putting your rabbit’s foot to such good use! You are certainly a great crime buster!

      Let’s have a celebration party!

    • There ya go !! Once again pure logic and common sense saves the day. I think I need to look for one of my old magic / lucky pieces that are stashed away. Hey, I had a lucky rag I kept in my race car in the days gone by…..hell, I won 86% of my rounds with it in the car. Crime busting………..here I come !!!!

      • Xena and everyone, I wanted to get permission to post that our dear warrior Marinade Dave is a FB friend and he I’ll has an iron deficiency. Oddly, cooking in iron skillets adds iron. So, I asked him if I could mail one of mine to him. He wanted a smaller one and he said yes. So, I seasoned it up well for him last week I took it to my local mailing store with his real name and the owner( a white older man) said I had his name incorrect.he said his name is Marinade DaveI I said no what I put is his real name. And mailed it to him last Tuesday.
        I just asked him if I could share this story with Xena and he said yes, he had spoken with her and had great respect for her.
        I think he is so humble, he can’t believe anyone knows whom is outside of Trayvon’s trial followers. But, you know the quiet ones are the deeper ones.

        I feel so special to be able to give back in some small way to such a wonderful man. And you, dear Xena Take a Bow!!

        • 2dogsonly, I don’t know why I should take a bow. Dave is a friend whose writing I highly admire. Thanks for helping him out with the iron skillet. It is you who should take a bow.

        • I agree with Xena, 2dogsonly. You are a very thoughtful person…what a nice thing for you to do for Marinade Dave in giving him that iron skillet to help with his iron deficiency!

          Also, you, too, have been a great Trayvon advocate.

      • Joseph Norton

        Racer congratulation for your latest musical achievements,well done!

        I’m static and euphoric for the defeat handled to z by the corrupt judge ,karma without money and scare.

        Regards to all ex huffington bloggers here.

  38. ladystclaire


  39. Love the music LLMPapa chose for this video:

  40. You, Xena the Modest, should take a bow because Marinade David said and I quote:” yes, you certainly can share with Xena. I have spoken to her and I have great respect for her”. Not a moments hesitation on his part. That’s a pretty huge compliment from a greatly respected journalist to you.

    And of course I was giddy with happiness all week. Both that he would let me send him this and that older white man who owned the mailing store said I had the wrong name. He knew who marinade Dave was. ;-).and I don’t live in central Fl.

  41. Thank you for the kind compliment, Yahtzee!

  42. “George Zimmerman’s lawyer vows appeal in suit against NBC”


    The lawyer in George Zimmerman’s defamation suit is vowing to appeal the ruling of a Florida judge who yesterday tossed the litigation from her courtroom. Judge Debra S. Nelson wrote that Zimmerman “shall take nothing by this suit” even though NBC News in multiple broadcasts had shortened a police call in a way that inaccurately depicted Zimmerman as volunteering racial information about Trayvon Martin on the night of their fatal encounter in February 2012.

    • “The beat goes on, beat goes on
      Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
      La de da de de, la de da de da”

      • gz does have trouble getting the message.

        No money….no money….no money, gz!

        • I think Beasley is playing the pr card but if he wins appeal and appeal has to be written based on faulty application of written statue ( not a second bite at the apple in legalize )and it does get thrown back to state court, that’s when big bucks begin. Depositions and their transcripts, writing appeal, filing fee piles up bills fast. As in many thousands. And we’d get to hear tubs explain how he was a public figure before, you know, killing an unarmed teen and how this one media retraction harmed him, you know before his jail calls exposed what a little sleaze bag he is.

          It would be sweet indeed.

          • Exactly correct. If they appeal, FogenPhoole now has to start yapping again and God only knows what different version will spew from his mouth at this point. You right Yahtzee…..he has a serious problem with comprehension and quite possible should enroll in this course so when he’s done with those arduous workouts ant Kokapellis gym, he can saunter right on over there………………

    • pipe dream

      1. an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme.
      2. synonyms: fantasy, false hope, illusion, delusion

    • It is very odd that only a blogger with the Washington Post has written about a possible appeal. No other media outlet has reported on this.

      • My guess is that gz is arguing now with Beasley.

        Unless I see an actual appeal document submitted or a video of Beasley asserting that he is going to appeal, I am not going to focus anymore on this topic.

      • Yahtzee,
        Remember when O’Mara said that there would “absolutely” be an immunity hearing, (and by the way, send money)? There was no immunity hearing.

        I feel the same about this case regarding an appeal.

        The Beasley firm will need to find Florida state and/or US Supreme Court decisions that are opposite Judge Nelson’s interpretation of law and the facts. Which means they need to put their work in before filing notice of appeal.

        • Xena, I appreciate your explaining what research required on the part of the law firm to make it possible to have a acceptable appeal submission.

          • Yahtzee,
            I’m not familiar with Florida law, and don’t know the standard that the Beasley firm would use to appeal, but it looks to me that Judge Nelson based her ruling on case law. Zimmerman alleged several things, but built them like one brick on another. That means that either brick once falling, takes down the entire building.

            His case overall if one of libel, and libel means that a misrepresentation was presented that caused the plaintiff harm. As Judge Nelson pointed out, Zimmerman cannot prove he is not racist. His allegation that the public came to the impression that he is because of the NBC editing cannot be supported either. Damages? None. Governor Scott did not appoint Corey to investigate to see if Zimmerman is racist. He appointed her to investigate to see whether Zimmerman committed murder.

            He was already in hiding, unemployed, and launched his beg website the weekend before his arrest. He was able to make bond not once, but twice. He paid off his pre 2/26/12 debts.

            In other words, if Nelson’s decision is reversed and the case remanded and goes to trial, the weight of damages MUST include that Zimmerman’s actions served him a financial benefit and thus, either those donating money to him did so because they agree that he’s racist and wanted to award him, or thought that he was being railroaded and wanted to help him.

            It would give me great pleasure to see NBC request the names of his Paypal donors.

          • “It would give me great pleasure to see NBC request the names of his Paypal donors.”

            Oh my, would’t that be something.

            I’d like to know who gave that huge amount about the time of his first bail. gz ,in one of his jail calls alluded to one person in particular. Wonder if that person did in fact give to him and if any strings were attached.

    • Where Judge Nelson says, “…and pursued a course of action that ultimately led to the death of Trayvon Martin and the specific controversy around it.”

      The course of action being “self-defense?” MMMmmmm, I don’t think so. It almost sounds to me like she is saying she thinks something else.

  43. Well an appeal will most likely around a year! However, we have the divorce case which I guess will keep George and his sycophants in the news and won’t they be such an inspiration for us all….

  44. O/T: http://247wallst.com/retail/2014/07/02/target-bans-firearms/

    Target has now banned the open carry of firearms into their stores.

    • Fantastic!

    • Excellent!

      Politicians are too afraid to outlaw ANYTHING having to do with guns these days. So the private sector is our only hope, I believe.

      That’s kinda how it went with tobacco – politicians wouldn’t make it illegal, so the private sector beat the drum and beat the drum, and chipped away at smoking until it’s basically banned, for all practical purposes (even if it’s still “legal”). Of course all the states eventually did jump on the tobacco industry – extorting huge sums of money for the “damages” it caused their citizens (and then, of course, didn’t spend any of it on those damaged citizens).

      No one thought politicians would EVER go against “tobacco,” but they eventually did. So, as unlikely as it appears that they’ll ever go against the gun industry: Never say “never”!

      But it will require a whole lot of private sector pressure and action before there’s any hope of returning to anything CLOSE to sane gun policies in this country that’s gone bonkers.

    • 😦 I wish that were true. They didn’t ban them. They ‘request’ that firearms not be brought in . I’ve searched for the picture of Kory Watkins, aka Hatboy, that he took of himself today in a Target with his AR..

  45. HA HA HA!! The Zimmerflams’ lawsuit against Roseanne Barr has been tossed back to state court, BECAUSE … (drum roll, please) … the federal judge thinks their “damages” (if any) are too small for federal jurisdiction!

    A federal judge has bad news for George Zimmerman’s parents, who are suing comedienne Roseanne Barr, accusing her of doing damage by posting their address on Twitter.

    Robert Zimmerman Sr. and his wife Gladys Zimmerman had offered to settle their suit for $750,000, records show.

    But in an order signed Thursday, U.S. Magistrate David Baker says the money the Zimmermans stand to recover — if they recover any — is not even a fraction of that, not “anything close to $75,000”.

    That’s the minimum amount required for a federal civil suit. As a consequence, Baker kicked the case back to state circuit court in Sanford, where the Zimmermans first filed it in March.

    Published 6/24/2014

    (And all this happening just as I was giving up completely on karma….)

  46. I want to inform people here about my book. How do I go about doing that?

    • Gina,
      You did that here when you were writing your book, and a couple of weeks ago after it was published. I allowed the link, but said in so many words that you were preaching to the choir.

      What you might want to do is check out “Videos” in the right-side border because some of what you claim to have discovered was reported as far back as March 2012 and we continued to work as discovery was released. For example, you tweeted that you discovered evidence that Trayvon was standing when shot. LLMPapa did a video on that as soon as discovery was released.

      Respectfully Gina, you weren’t around on the blogs until after the verdict. Had you taken time to get to know us, you would have found that there are people who put blood, sweat and tears into the discovery material. Additionally, there are people who spent all 8 plus hours of everyday from the time of jury voir dire until the verdict was announced, watching the trial live stream. Did you know that all of the videos of the trial are here on this blog?

      After two years of advocating justice for Trayvon, re-litigating things isn’t going to get Zimmerman tried again by the State of Florida. We now watch karma visit George Zimmerman and await the decision of the DOJ.

      On a side-note, there is something called blog etiquette. Please feel free to join in our discussions according to topic rather than only coming here to pitch your book. Maybe people would like to get you know you better.

      • I only read your first sentence in this post and stopped. I did not follow-up after I read the beginning of your last post to me since it seemed so harsh. I did not get past the first sentence in that one either. Thus, I never knew if you posted it. In fact, I recall saying just to remove it since it was an issue for you. So, at this point, I am not aware of you ever posting anything from me. So again, never mind on my request. I just look for a simple yes or no, not a lecture.

        • Gina,
          I’ve tried being helpful to you. You do a drive-by to advertise your book and then be disrespectful saying that you don’t bother to read comments posted to you.

          And you don’t understand why you can’t even give your book away?

          Your only support for justice for Trayvon is selling a book. You’re a stranger and want to stay that way. I actually question if you thought that you could make fools out of Trayvon Warriors by cashing in on his death.

          Go back under whatever rock you were under between March 2012 and this year when you decided to write a book. Now you can become familiar with the black hole of spam.

          • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TF DARE SHE SPEAK TO YOU LIKE THAT???!!!
            omg I cant even believe the idiocy of someone saying they didn’t finish reading a comment 2X WHEN THEY’RE POSTING ON SOMEONE’S BLOGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

            OK. Xena I’ve waited until you were good & back to comment about this issue bc I wanted your opinion before I did so.
            i’ll DM you.

            • Shannon, she didn’t remember that she had been here twice to promote her book.

              She came here as a perfect stranger with no interest in the articles neither discussions, but only to promote her book which she is now trying to give away. That speaks volumes.

              It wouldn’t surprise me if she was of the opposing crew giving away her book to get the names and addresses of Trayvon Warriors so they can be cyber-harassed and cyber-extorted. Time will tell.

            • well It’s almost impossible to believe she’s stupid enough to believe it’s reasonable marketing practice to disrespect and insult the intelligence of her target audience. but she’s been doing it on twitter every time I’ve noticed her comments to others and at least 3 times on this blog.
              but now that I’ve just finished reading her book, except for the appendix which seems to be an extended, if not repetitive rewrite of previously mentioned topics, no, she’s not the brightest, and she’s completely out of her mind. I don’t believe she has a clue what she’s doing. in any respect. I cant wait to share. smfh!!!

          • Xena, thank you for expressing so well what I have been thinking.

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