Watch: Brazen Teenagers Terrorize Residents with Assault Rifles

HA! So some of them did end up arrested. Good.

The Fifth Column

From the video below…

This is pure harassment.  I fear things are going to get much worse  as this sort of behavior catches on…

Occupy Democrats

A shocking video was recently released showing three teenagers walking around a suburban Ohio neighborhood with high-powered assault weapons. The teens could be heard shouting racial slurs in the video, and bragging about legally parading their AR-15′s — the same rifle used in the Aurora, Colorado shooting — through the streets of East Price Hill.

“Open carry in the state of Ohio, the cops can’t do nothing,” said the young man on camera.

“Broad day, you see this? Walking down the street with a AR-15,” the filmmaker, later identified as Jesse DeBoard, could be heard stating.

Cincinnati police arrested DeBoard on Friday and charged him with menacing by stalking and violation of a protection order. Arrest warrants were also issued for two of the people featured in…

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  1. The gun nutz are going to lose their favorite toyz because of incidents like these… Do they really think it is cool to terrorize their fellow citizens?

    More proof of right the GOP/TP/NRA is about how responsible gun owners prevent crime…
    Yes, this man is not only experienced, he is a “professional”, and listen to how he try’s to get out of accepting blame for the incident… Do you really think he believes some one else loaded the gun??? My bet says he loaded it and did not think this kind of thing could happen!


    • There are so many accidental shootings that prove that more safety courses are needed YEARLY. There should be ANNUAL renewal requirements for gun licenses that require proof remedial gun-safety course completion for that year.

      Also, once a person accidentally shoots someone, that shooter’s gun license should be PERMANENTLY revoked with no chance of every getting a license again.

      “Two injured in accidental shooting in Norfolk”

      “Bradenton man, 22, killed in apparent accidental shooting”


      • Yahtzee, The idiots in the article will do in the legal carry by the gun nutz! The link (I provided) did not say it, but I would suspect the gun shop owning vendor that did the “accidental” shooting is probably a safety instructor… I wonder when we as a nation will open our eyes and realize we actually have a problem with having too many of these “WMD’s” in our nation? When we have good NRA supporters like Gov. Piyush Jindle of Louisiana, openly calling for insurrection against our federal government, a sane person would realize that there is a growing group of home grown terrorists to be concerned about… NOT ONE MORE!!!!


        • “The link (I provided) did not say it, but I would suspect the gun shop owning vendor that did the “accidental” shooting is probably a safety instructor”

          That’s a scary thought, crazy1946.

          Another thing:

          You know, IMO, the NRA and the gun manufacturers/industry are irresponsibly encouraging a arms-race among gun owners. Why do individuals need more than one gun? Why do they need assault-type guns and rifles? This needs to STOP!


          • Yahtzee,

            ” Why do individuals need more than one gun? Why do they need assault-type guns and rifles? This needs to STOP!”

            That’s a simple to answer question… To stop the government lead by that “black man” who is coming to take their gunz (WMD’s) away… The fear by the GOP/TP/NRA of this man has been so great that they feel the only option they have left is to seize control of the government from the “legally” elected POTUS is the only salvation their “white right” society has left… I know very few current members of the GOP that I could describe as anything but “sovereign citizen” ideologists… The control of the country by this minority of radical home grown terrorists has to be exposed and ended if this country is to survive as a single nation… The thought pattern expressed by too many individuals that the 2nd amendment was placed in the constitution to give them the power to overthrow the government by force is an insane illusion bought and paid for by the ruling class to divide and control the population of the nation… I’m sorry NRA, but gun control does not mean a well placed shot on a young black mans back…


          • crazy1946

            To stop the government lead by that “black man” who is coming to take their gunz (WMD’s) away

            You took me back to 2008 when I heard this quite a bit. In fact, there was a man from Florida who said he was stocking up on ammunition, and that was in November 2008 right after the election.

            It reminds me of the lyrics in a song, “Paranoia strikes deep.”

            There are many people who see a correlation between the surge of interests in guns and parading them on the streets of America, and race. If any minority group did that, they would not get a chance to argue law with the cops. They would be shot dead where they stand.


          • towerflower

            “The link (I provided) did not say it, but I would suspect the gun shop owning vendor that did the “accidental” shooting is probably a safety instructor”

            Part of the training for an Instructor is the safe handling of the firearm, when first handling it to passing it from one to another. They teach steps to show, not only to yourself but to the other person, that the firearm is indeed unloaded.

            Also one of the 3 basic rules of gun safety is “Always keep the firearm unloaded until ready to fire.” So a basic rule taught by the NRA was violated.


          • Towerflower, From the link I posted… he allegedly followed the rules you mentioned, but “whoops” someone loaded the weapon between the times he racked it…. again, this is a man that possessed the gun legally, allegedly knew how to handle it, and still a huge mistake was made… This happens way too often, at least in my eyes it does. How many people need to be killed or maimed or simply injured before we as a nation admit there is a problem and attempt to solve that problem… I suspect that even you as a NRA member know in your heart that we have a problem that needs to be solved, the question is not does it need to be solved, but instead should be “how” do we solve this huge problem before it gets worse…


          • Whoops, in my haste to get post finished before my puppy exploded from needing outside to do her business, I forgot the post the words from the post… Sorry…

            “Hawk told police he had done the same demonstration about 20 times without incident before the shooting, “racking” the gun’s slide to clear it of bullets each time, Sharrow said. Somehow, the gun was loaded when Gearhart was shot.”


      • towerflower

        Yahtzee….Ohio does not require a license to own, buy, or open carry. It only requires a license for concealed carry. This is a misconception with many, that some think you have to have a license to purchase or own a firearm.

        When I teach gun safety, especially to younger people, one of the things I tell them is how many people are killed or injured by an unloaded firearm. You get a confused look in the beginning until I explain that is one of the first things the person says….”I thought it was unloaded.”


        • Towerflower, I really am glad that you are a member of our community. You help so much with gun info.


        • towerflower, It would seem that I was correct the shooter was/is an instructor. While it does prove very little, it does indicate that we as humans can and will make big mistakes. Humans tend to forget that the object that is in their hand is capable of instantly taking another persons life, especially after handling the object many times in a short time. This mans excuse was similar to what you described, “I didn’t think it was loaded”! The real question still has not been answered, how do the gun owners suggest we curtail the gun deaths that are becoming epidemic in this nation? I know the GOP/TP/NRA position is to throw more guns at the problem, is this what you and other responsible gun owners also think or do you have another more viable suggestion on how to solve this problem?

          “”He admitted it was his fault and certainly feels bad about what took place. But the guy’s a firearms instructor so he should’ve known better than to pull the trigger on a weapon” without checking to make sure it was unloaded”


  2. Good that they were arrested!

    In my mind, this was an act of terrorism.


  3. Like

  4. It seems some people are thirsty for blood shed of their fellow Americans. Those idiots who walked in that Ohio Neighborhood are trying to become martyrs in their delusional civil war.


  5. towerflower

    While I support the 2nd Amendment, I do not support the actions of these open carry people. They do more harm, imo, to the 2nd then help it. Just like with the poster holder above “By ballot or Bullet restoration is coming,” many of these people are anti-government with more of an agenda than the right to carry. Just like the guy who started the movement in Texas…..he was pissed he couldn’t open carry his pistol around so he started to carry his assault rifle instead. It is disturbing that the “leader” in this group also admittedly says he suffers from severe PTSD…..which is not someone I want carrying around a firearm at all.

    They said one of those 4 in this story was arrested for violation of a protective order……that alone was a violation of the law……a protective order prohibits you from having a firearm in your possession.

    If you live in the country and worried about wild animals/snakes, than fine, but, open carry down a residential neighborhood or in a store is only asking for trouble.


    • towerflower,
      I know what you mean. I once owned a gun and if placed in the same situation, have no problem getting another one. What we have now are idiots who do not respect guns or think that they are for the purpose of intimidation. Intimidation is what robbers use them for.


  6. Like

  7. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Who’s to blame? Rush, Ann and Micheal Savage… The usual bunch… God have mercy on us.


  8. This is a hate crime no different than what blacks faced during reconstruction to the 60’s. I also believe that Zimmerman, Dumn,wafer, etc are contributing to these incidents. What if several black homeowners felt threatened and shot those 3,would that be a just act?


  9. Ugh, I hate this kind of stuff. Why is it that their right to show off their big weapons always has to trump my right to walk down the street and feel safe?


  10. If these kids were anything but white the cops would be terrorizing THEM instead of allowing them to terrorize other people.


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