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Good morning caterpillars, moths, butterflies, and all creatures great and small.

This is open discussion because of various news reports and discussions going on in our world.

DEVELOPING, BREAKING NEWS: 2 killed, 5 wounded in Miami.

NBC News reports that a shooting in an apartment complex at Northwest 12th Avenue and 67th Street in Miami, Florida, has killed 2 and wounded 5.  Michael Skolnick tweeted a few minutes ago that at least 11 people were shot.  This story is still developing.

86d1c32cc265b01f484833c260f9eff4ade64cBRING BACK OUR GIRLS

To keep up with this, I’ve found it better to follow the Facebook page than trying to find updates in the media.   This morning, it is reported on the Facebook page that yesterday, over 60 women were abducted in Borno and 30 others were killed.




On June 8, 2014, the Las Vegas cop killer were wearing adult diapers, carried four handguns, a shotgun, water and food.  The couple must have planned for a long battle.




No, George Zimmerman did not write a book.  The book is a parody on how NOT to Neighborhood Watch.




Don’t know what the women saw in him.

Click here to read the story.


194584-450Meanwhile, I have some yard work to do but will be checking in between sips of lemonade.



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  1. I am praying for the victims of the shooting and their loved ones.

    I hope some members of their families will join some of the existing groups (the Richard Martinez/Peter Roger group, Everytown, Mom’s Demand Action, the Trayvon Martin Foundation, etc.) in order to fight for gun control, to fight against gun violence, and to lobby Congress and State Legislatures about gun laws (as well as such poorly-thought-out self-defense laws-SYG and Colorado’s “Make My Day” law.)

    If ALL of these organized groups would join together and if people of all races and backgrounds would join together into ONE voice, they would be a powerful, opposing voice against the NRA lobby as well as against the legislators who are negatively tinkering with self defense laws.


    • Many of these groups have powerful Tweet Campaigns that not only are effectively sending messages to Target Stores but are also modeling for us effective ways to make a difference and have our voices heard on this important issue.


    • mindyme,
      I know. There are times I feel helpless but refuse to feel hopeless. We’ve gone through worst in this country. We shall find a solution. It might not be soon, but it has to be.


    • Yahtzee, I’m with you on being one voice. I made some calls last week and discovered that since there is no federal law regarding background checks and such, and that is left to the states, most organizations limit their activities to the state where the organizer resides. Since that’s the case, I would like to see one national organization with state branches.

      By the way, the City of Chicago did pass the ordinance that limits the number of guns purchases and video records all gun purchases.


  2. So tragic, the killings in Miami and the even more girls taken in Borno.

    I wish there were more we could do.


  3. Xena, I have a big concern about your posted article on the man accepting the plea deal and future implications for our country.

    Such a practice could be misused on just one racial group of inmates in order to reduce the population of a particular group of citizens in our country.

    “Man’s plea deal includes vasectomy requirement”


    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A Virginia man who has fathered children with several women has agreed to get a vasectomy to reduce his prison term by up to five years in a child endangerment case that has evoked the country’s dark history of forced sterilization.

    None of the charges against Jessie Lee Herald, 27, involved a sexual offense.

    Shenandoah County assistant prosecutor Ilona White said her chief motive in making the extraordinarily unusual offer was keeping Herald from fathering more than the seven children he has by at least six women.

    “He needs to be able to support the children he already has when he gets out,” she said, adding that Herald and the state both benefit from the deal, first reported by the Northern Virginia Daily.


    • Yahtzee,
      I understand but in this case, because he voluntarily accepted the plea, I don’t see it to be intended as a practice to reduce the population of a particular group of citizens.


      • I do understand that he voluntarily accepted the plea, but I have to ask, wouldn’t many others voluntarily accept such a plea in order to have their sentence reduced?

        In his case, of course, he will be better able to support the children he does have without having an additional economic burden of providing for future children, and perhaps, he realized this and liked the idea.

        I just hope that this remains as an ISOLATED incident.

        Thanks, for your take on this news story, Xena. 🙂


  4. There is a “Bring Back Our Girls” Twitter page where I found this Tweet:

    BringBackOurGirls @BringGirlsBack · Jun 5

    20 upcoming #BringBackOurGirls events worldwide:

    Check all events by country:


  5. Old news, but still happening all across this nation… We need to identify those businesses that do this type of thing and let them know very publicly that we refuse to spend our money there and why… The only thing that gets these fools attention is the bottom line, when we disrupt that, they will listen…


    • crazy1946,
      Thanks for posting about this. I found a video of it on Youtube that includes an interview with the victim and her attorney.


      • The treatment of this honorable, dignified lady by the store security is despicable and degrading!!

        Thank you very much, crazy1946, for bringing this story of lies and injustice to our attention, and thank you, Xena, for finding the news video.

        IMO, this is an episode of racial stereotyping and profiling. This must STOP!


      • They focused on her because she had been in the store before and she had a bag with her? WTF??!!! Well I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see any other people of any other color in there, so don’t try to tell me it wasn’t because she was black. That is like that time some young man – a young black man – was arrested in an upscale store – I can’t remember off the top of my head (though it is on the tip of my tongue) – what store it was because he was wearing a shirt that store sold – YEAH because he SHOPS THERE. He had to show the receipt for the shirt. Sheesh.

        And she looked like a common thief. OMG!!! Don’t tell me it isn’t about race – no way in HELL I’ll believe it wasn’t.


        • The store you’re speaking of is Barneys. While that was happening, a white couple in the same area(midtown NYC) walked into a high end fashion store and stole an alligator jacket worth 40,000 dollars. The couple knew that they wouldn’t be followed or subjected to racial profiling.


          • I know about that one – It wasn’t that one – it was LONG before that one – another with a name that like I said, is on the tip of my tongue – I want to say Abercrombie & Fitch but that’s not it – There was a car that had a plaque with it on it – one name – but that makes it even more obvious – this happens a lot more than it should (which it should not at ALL)


          • Eddie Bauer? “In 1995, a young black man shopping at an Eddie Bauer store in suburban Washington, D.C., was accused of having stolen the shirt he was wearing”?

            3 Blacks Win $1 Million in Bauer Store Incident
            By DAVID STOUT
            Published: October 10, 1997



            Testimony revealed that one of the officers, Robert Sheehan, had become suspicious after noticing that Mr. Jackson’s shirt looked new. In fact, it was: Mr. Jackson had bought it at the store the previous day.

            Mr. Jackson could not immediately produce a receipt, so the shirt was confiscated, despite a cashier’s recollection of selling a shirt to him the day before, according to testimony.


          • Yes, Yahtzee, Eddie Bauer – I was just coming here to say that LOL I came across the store name today with something I was working on and just remembered – thanks!


  6. “SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] files federal lawsuit over inadequate medical, mental health care in Alabama prisons”


    The lawsuit cites numerous examples of conditions that threaten the health and lives of prisoners:

    * The department has a policy and practice of not treating hepatitis C. In April, 2,280 prisoners in ADOC custody had been diagnosed with it, but only seven prisoners were receiving treatment. A prisoner at Holman Correctional Facility recently died of complications from hepatitis C.

    *A prisoner who had survived prostate cancer had a blood test indicating his cancer had probably returned, but no follow-up test was given until a year and a half later. By that time, the cancer had spread to his bones and was terminal. He died.

    *A prisoner stabbed 15 times with an icepick did not have his wounds cleaned or treated. Instead, he was placed in segregation for three months. He also suffered a cracked lens in his right eye at the county jail where he was held before being transferred to prison. He has been told the lens won’t be treated because he still has one good eye.

    *A prisoner at St. Clair Correctional Facility with a history of heart problems had a new stent placed in his heart in 2012. Afterward, he was not given the necessary blood thinners at the prison, though the doctor had prescribed them. The prisoner’s blood clogged the stent, requiring emergency open-heart surgery to correct.

    *In addition, prisoners have been placed under “do not resuscitate” or “allow natural death” orders without their consent or knowledge, according to the lawsuit. Moreover, although “do not resuscitate” forms refer only to not resuscitating prisoners experiencing cardiac arrest, the department has relied on them to deny other treatment to prisoners with such orders.

    *The lawsuit also describes how the ADOC leaves prisoners with disabilities isolated and deprived of the care and accommodations they need. Several prisoners reported incidents where they were verbally or physically mistreated due to their disabilities, including guards taunting blind or wheelchair-bound prisoners about their disabilities.</em



  7. Texas man says cops beat him after he pulled over from diabetic shock:
    Thomas Mathieu, 70, said he pulled over in a turning lane in San Antonio where he fell unconscious on Jan. 13, just before a scuffle with cops who thought he was impaired. Police said they got physical with the elderly man when he ignored their orders to step out of the car.


  8. A story that you missed Xena that turned out to be false. In Feb. 2014 White Ohio bus driver Rickey Wagoner made national headlines when he said he was shot at and stabbed by 3 black males.He also pointed out how the Bible he carried stopped the bullets. Protecting him and saving his life.Wagoner also said how the “his Black attackers “,talked about” polar bear hunting.” Polar bear hunting is supposed code by Blacks against whites. However,Ohio police have determined that Rickey Wagoner is a liar and made the whole thing up. Wagoner not only stabbed himself,he put his bible on the floor and shot into it. Of course ,all of the outlets that promoted his lie aren’t equally covering the exposed lie.I went on several sites that covered this story,now they hum and haw.They also aren’t demanding the full prosecution of Rickey Wagoner.Hopefully his prosecution will come just like the prosecution of the appropriately named Ashley dePew,so-called knockout victim.


    • M1, thanks for the info. When you said “Ashley” I thought about the woman who carved a “B” in her face saying a Black man did it because she had a McCain-Palin bumper sticker on her car. What she forgot was that the “B” was backwards — she looked in the mirror and carved it into her own face.


    • And, there is also this story (hat tip to Ametia for this video):


      • Hat tip to SG2 for this article link:


        A four-year-old Milwaukee girl is being called a hero after her honesty foiled a home invasion robbery plot by her 17-year-old babysitter and her 16-year-old boyfriend.

        After her babysitter told police her employer’s home had been burglarized by two Black men, four-year-old Abby Dean chimed in set the record straight.

        “It wasn’t the right skin color,” the pint-size heroine said, noting the robbers were white, not Black. That’s when the babysitter cracked and confessed to the crime.



    A federal judge has bad news for George Zimmerman’s parents, who are suing comedienne Roseanne Barr, accusing her of doing damage by posting their address on Twitter.

    Robert Zimmerman Sr. and his wife Gladys Zimmerman had offered to settle their suit for $750,000, according to court records.

    But in an order filed Friday, U.S. Magistrate David Baker says the money the Zimmerman’s stand to recover – if they recover any – is not “anything close to $75,000”.,0,149758.story


    • Xena, From the link provided.

      “He focused on the Zimmermans’ “hard expenses”. They reported $6,900 in hotel bills, $22,800 in rent and $7,700 in additional living expenses.

      Those things, Baker wrote, total $37,400, far below the $75,000 federal court minimum.

      In state circuit court, where the suit goes next, the minimum claim is $15,000.”

      Personally IMO the case should be in small claims court, if at all. One first must have suffered negative damage in order to prevail in a case like this. Did they actually receive any sort of real harm due to the actions of Mz. Barr? I might suggest if they wish to sue anyone it should be their son, the person responsible for so much expense and suffering for many people thru his actions.

      Has anyone been watching the bankruptcy filings in the Seminole county area to see if Zimmerman or his estranged wife Shelly have filed yet? It would seem that action is inevitable, or at least will be on Zimmerman’s part. Perhaps part of the reason that he has not is that he would lose the weapons to pay creditors if he does…


      • crazy,

        He would only loose his weapons if he bought the weapons if he bought them on installment credit, and the creditor showed up at the bankruptcy hearing. If he purchased them using a revolving credit card, the creditor is sol.


      • What about the fact that they had already moved out before any of this happened so it is a big fat lie that it is why they “had” to move? Yes, they need to sue their son. HE is the reason they had to move.


      • crazy1946,
        The court is unlikely to grant a monetary award to Papa and Mama Zim for general course of living expenses. They would have dirty laundry regardless of where they lived.

        There is a paralegal in Florida who I might contact to check on bankruptcy filings. I also believe that guns are listed as “property” according to bankruptcy that can be liquidated to pay creditors, so yes, they would be part of George’s bankruptcy estate.


        • Crazy and Xena, If they file, it will most likely be after the divorce. The “marriage” still ties them together.


  10. Retweeted by Shannon In Miami:


  11. Published on Jun 24, 2014
    Japanese scientists on Tuesday unveiled what they said was the world’s first news-reading android, eerily lifelike and possessing a sense of humour to match her perfect language skills.


  12. Like

  13. “Evidence to be at issue in Renisha McBride shooting hearing”
    June 13, 2014

    Five weeks before trial, a hearing on evidence in the case of a metro Detroit man who fatally shot an unarmed woman on his porch has been canceled.

    A judge hasn’t settled it yet. A court hearing set for Friday was canceled.


    • Do you suppose that TW is about to accept a plea deal? Unless he ends up with a stealth racist juror he does not stand a chance of a not guilty verdict…


      • Crazy1946, Wafer might take his chances on getting a racist juror. At the last hearing there was some argument between the defense and prosecutors about the number of jurors for voir dire. The thing that really hurts Wafer the most, IMHO, is that Zimmerman supporters jumped on the bandwagon to denigrate Renisha’s parents and the “BGI” and in doing so, gives the impression that Wafer is a racial bigot rather than an angry racially prejudiced person who, if he had to do it over again, he might think differently. I would not say the same for Zimmerman, however.


  14. Like

  15. It seems like the main street press is just now figuring out what we have known for a long time. The police tactical teams are out of control… I wonder how many of the white readers realize the ratio of blacks targeted is greatly out of proportion of the population and the crime ratio… This needs to stop…


  16. R.I.P. Eli


  17. Hi Xena!
    With all of the massive shootings in schools, malls, and theaters it is at least insensitive to go into public places with a rifle slung over your back just to make a point. Could be potentially dangerous for the one making the statement. IMO, is also a dangerous way to desensitize the public especially children, concerning gun saftey, and identifying good vs. bad guys. I am all for 2nd Amendment Rights. For me, owing the weapon is enough to exert my right. In America we : Wear a T–shirt! Carry a sign! Hold rallys! Petition to our Reprsenatives. Not walk around like we live in the Civil War era. This is an example of irresponsible 2nd Amendment Advocacy.

    On another note. I see the Queen of Nutters is still going on about me being Ms. Filth. I am not sure whom she is trying to convince, herself, or you! I also see I had a melt down some time this week? News to me. My blog and Twitter account lay dormant.
    The timing of “Danny´s” never ending return(s) to Twitter seem to come at a time DP sent an invalid C&D to me via blog comment. LOL. Coincidence? And his #1 fan wants in on the action. The guy thinks he can sue me, and they would love nothing more than to see their buddy continue to use the system to harass people without consequense. I would not be so stupid to even give them that opportunity. In closing, if you see an account, and I haven´t confirmed it, then be aware it is not me. They did this before, from then on, I confirmed my accounts to people. For now I am being selective in where, and what I post. I would not intentionally inflame, IMO, unstable people who are harassing me and my family.
    Take care and be safe.


    • Danny..I had visited your site often (before you went PW and silent). I can’t believe the actions that some have taken against you and others just for posting your feelings. It never ceases to amaze me the accusations that appear along with the threats.

      I constantly see one post that this person is so and so and this one is this person all the while they fail to produce their proof and I wonder how they know, for a fact, the people are who they claim people are. I keep waiting for some of them to post their facts that they claim they possess.

      One of the funniest claims I have seen lately is one that Xena also mentioned. How does one “harass” anonymous donors to a site?

      Hang in there.


      • towerflower,
        How does anyone harass anonymous donors? LOL! The “handles” used by those anonymous donors is “anonymous.” It’s such an obvious lie that all I can do is shake my head and continue doing what I’m doing — blogging and enjoying it.


        • I have no clue how people harass anonymous donors. Any donors who donated using their real names IMO have involved themselves in so many public affairs, were active in their own self promotion in these public affairs that they may not even have the ability to legally be considered a private figure anymore!
          How many times I had to hear about them using their real names, or were quoted in the Newspaper, and promoting themself as a an organizer on many levels IMO they are limited purpose public figures at this point! 😉


      • TF,
        For the privacy of my family, whom have nothing to do with my opinions which became targets I decided to close the blog many times. After discussion with my family from the attempt to post my children´s church activites I had decided it is not worth their privacy being invaded. The blog will remained closed as to not inflame the stalker(s). I am not comfortable being cyber–stalked nor having my children become targets by people I don´t even know.

        You are right. The writings were my opinions, the evolution of my changed opinions, and my views on social group think and philosophies. Some fringe groups have a hard time respecting other´s opinions, and are intolerant of openminded individuals. My blog was my way to learn about other´s, myself, and an outlet of expression for any like minded individual.

        I truly do feel that these individuals who harass other´s into self censorship have proven the point of my writings far better than I could have ever conveyed in written form. I learned much. I at one time defended their right to their opinions when they were being censored, even when I disagreed with many of their view points. Of course they had appeared much more tolerant and sincere. Now they libel, harass, promote censorhip, and created falsehoods in order to maintain their chaotic community. There is a saying: A hypocrite will never admit they are a hypocrite because it would be hypocrisy to do so.
        For now, I could use a break away from that slummy part of the internet. There are plenty of positive things to focus on.
        Take Care and be safe.


    • Danny,
      I agree. The in-your-face of open carry impugns America. If citizens do not feel free because of others who open carry, then America is not the land of the free, and the brave are actual bullies and cowards unless they are packing.

      On the other note, I think everyone knows the games played by the cyber-harassers. They lack all credibility. Remember when I said that what they don’t know is what reveals their lies? Their ignorance does too. We don’t need to tell them how we know they are lying. If they want to learn how to actually “manage” a blog, let them learn on their own.

      The cyber-harassers are the only ones competing in a popularity contest of their own making, and that seems to be who can be the nastiness, lie the most, and start the most drama.

      Now, for my ignorance, what is C&D? 🙂


      • Cease & Desist?
        Celery & Dip?
        Cats & Dogs?
        Crap & Dung?
        Comments & Diatribes?
        Cries & Delusions?


      • Xena,
        Yeah, I am not a fan of open carry for civilians. I believe it is dangerous and disrepectful to those who find guns uncomfortable. It is intimidating for those not familiar with guns. I am all about saftey. In the end what they are inadvertently going to do is force many States to create a law in how these guns can be transported. Many States already have those laws. So I do not see how they believe this is helpful.

        C&D (Cease& Desist). DP sent me a message via blog comment. He was not clear in what he was claiming was defamatory or false. I suppose my entire blog? He only provided my blog link. He also wrote in represenative form writing “We represent this client in the above matter”. It was quite funny.


        • Danny, when DP’s fingers are typing, he’s lying. A person sent me screenshots from his Ted Wafer FB page where he alleged by real name is Renee JJ Ambrose and I’m “racist.” A person asked him proof. He replied with nothing more than a link. The person responded that she saw nothing saying that my name is as he alleges, nor anything that classifies me as racist. DP then deleted her comment and blocked her — but not before she took screenshots.

          I don’t think he really wants to go there accusing others of slandering him. He has a history and is all over the internet, even in places where he has no control and the comments still exist online.


          • For he and his #1 fan to have always been critical of people´s anonymity they sure like to post the most untruth things, and false light represenations out of all of them. At least my Anonymity wasn´t used nefariously. They are nefarious under they real names and forever in the web cloud at their own doing. Not anyone else´s. They damaged their own reputations.


            • Danny,
              I don’t think they realize that using a handle is not to be anonymous, but rather, to keep folks like them from defaming, impersonating, and stealing identities. Even with handles, they still impersonate. Just look at what they did with your twitter handle!

              By the way, it’s good to see your fonts. I was concerned when you disappeared.


      • I wouldn’t want to be security and have to approach one of those nuts for shop lifting.


    • towerflower

      Danny, Do you know about the youtube video that DP made about you?


  18. We read the news each day and see very little good news to rejoice about, however this one story caught my eye a little while ago, and I wish to share it with all of you… This man is a truly good person unusual in this day and time..


    • Thanks, crazy1946, for posting this heartwarming story. 🙂


      • Yahtzee, You’re welcome! With all the less than good news that we see daily, I just thought that all of us could use a little pick-me-up news for a change… I truly admire this man and his actions do more for these children than he will probably ever realize. The children of this nation is its future and if we don’t strive to ensure they have a good start in life, we as a society are doomed..


  19. Jennifer Coulter @jennbcoulter
    Does your state let preventable child gun deaths go unpunished? Find out: via @Everytown #momsdemand #gunsense


  20. “U.S. Supreme Court’s milestone ruling protects cellphone privacy”


    • Yahtzee, After getting a bad case of eye strain reading that entire post, one of the things that really struck me was that most of the weapons that were involved were “legally” owned and possessed. Despite the noise from the NRA there are far too many people in possession of guns that should have never been allowed to walk near one, much less possess one… What will it take for the people of this nation to finally open there eyes and realize that guns are not the answer to all of life’s problems…


      • “Despite the noise from the NRA there are far too many people in possession of guns that should have never been allowed to walk near one, much less possess one”

        You are absolutely right, crazy1946! It is frightening to think about that!!


  21. Photo and caption by Marko Korošec

    “While on storm chasing expeditions in the Tornado Alley in USA I have encountered many photogenic supercell storms. This photograph was taken while we were approaching the storm near Julesburg, Colorado on My 28th, 2013. The storm was tornado warned for more than one hour, but stayed an LP storm through all its cycles and never produced a tornado, just occasional brief funnels, large hail and some rain.”


  22. The Associated Press @AP
    Welfare rights groups ask UN agency to help people in Detroit whose water has been turned off due to unpaid bills:


  23. Like

    • Yahtzee, This is more proof that the NRA is not telling the truth about guns being the only true answer to crime. If one were to look at the demographics of the states listed one would also realize that the claims that minorities are the worst offenders is called into question as well… We don’t have a gun problem, we have a people with (too many) guns problem.. Do we get to choose, between getting rid of the guns, or getting rid of the people? The choice might not be a simple as you would think… Would getting rid of guns immediately end crime, no it would not, but it would immediately reduce the murder rate, people are less prone to kill when it involves getting up close and personal to kill, especially when there is a good chance they would be injured or killed as well… a gun is a cowards way of committing murder…


      • Crazy1946, I always enjoy the way you share things your have thought through.

        Thank you for this, your latest analysis!


  24. It is really sad that things have reached this point in our country:

    “Sales Of Bulletproof Blankets Beat Maker’s ‘Wildest Expectations’ ”


  25. The Associated Press @AP · 40m
    “Over 100 quakes are recorded between January and start of May in Oklahoma, where they were once unheard of:”


  26. Guess this might be a bit big for an engagement ring: 🙂

    “Astronomers Find Slow-Cooked Diamond the Size of Earth”


  27. Like

  28. “Possessing a gun makes you less safe not more safe”


  29. Hi Xena. Sorry I have to reply down here now.
    They have done that with numerous other people´s Twitter handles also. They also create their own parodies to look like victims so they can accuse their targets. It so telling. All my made up accounts flew off the handle and they tweet about it!

    They played that “Danny is a mole” months prior to me even getting on Twitter. Then played it full force when I went onto Twitter. Unfortunately some had, and still do believe them.
    I understand the lack of trust due to the extent and nature of these people´s actions. But, I really have no desire to prove myself to anyone. I am a target and if anyone believes I would willingly become a target for 9+ months I would like to know what they think I am getting in return ?
    I really am not interested in disproving a bunch of stalking, harassing foes accussations. It´s what they do. It´s what they been doing. At least they are consistent.
    As for the started rumor by Queen Nosey Pants with my being a “mole”, always consider if any of them “outs” anyone it isn´t to help Warriors. It is to help themselves. Consider the source.
    I have been Xena. Jess, A Dean Family member, an underground TMWarrior various Twitter handles I never knew exsisted and God knows who else.

    I will deal with this legally. That is why I dropped off. I know some have been open about their investigations ,and other things, but I would like to maintain as much privacy as possible until I have no choice anymore. And the way it is looking the only way to stop them is by giving up my privacy so they can be caught.
    This isn´t about not liking what someone said. If I am forced to give up my privacy it isn´t going to be over anything minor.

    In the meantime to defer any accusations or rumors and the need to be able to contact twitter I have a new Twitter handle Danny10warrior.

    Take Care & Be Safe!


    • Danny,
      I see that the harassing lurkers already put your new Twitter handle on suspension watch. Sometimes I think once they know they have pushed your buttons, they take pleasure in it.

      You have to go with your heart. Concentrate on your interests that will help others, and don’t let the cyber-extortionists hinder nor distract you. You have a story — a personal testimony — a revelation experience. It can help others. Share that because no matter what you do or don’t do, the cyber-extortionists are going to be the same. Don’t feed them.


      • Xena,
        Yes I was put on suspensionwatch. I reported these programs before. I think to the wrong divison. This time I reported it to the proper divison, and did something different to get Twitters attention.
        I had sent Twitter a detailed account of those programs and why they are used even before the stalkers knew of my new twitter. Then when they did know, I requested Twitter to scrape what bots were connected to my account by adding them to @. @Twitter sent me an email on the 25th confirming they recieved my @ request and would be getting back to me.

        In the email I informed them that I gave no 3rd party permission to collect, store, hold, or transmit my tweets nor to apply an application to watch my account for activity to any 3rd party. I provided Twitter with links to their tweets where they have used the program to disseminate tweets of accnts that no longer exist. Twitter only stores Tweets for 30 days. Coreshift has Tweets as far back as last year on none existent accounts. I didn´t think they would scrape for applications on my account, but they did! They then emailed me again and told me it is a private bot.
        Part of the unautomated reply: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We work to maintain a safe and healthy platform for our users and our team will look into this case and follow up as needed. If in the future you encounter other suspicious applications, please don’t hesitate to fill out our support form.”
        Twitter Platform Operations

        Thank you for your kind words Xena. You truly are a remarkable women despite the ongoing hate campaign. I am glad I´ve had the pleasure to meet you. I have written as far back as I can remember. Blogging about these topics may not be my thing though. Commenting maybe, blogging? I lost interest. I am not a good self–censor when it comes to victims of hate campaigns. From the beginning of my blog my family had reservations. I told them if it ever got uncomfortable for them that I would stop. They requested I stop. I stopped. I am taking a break. I am focusing on holding those accountable for their criminal behaviors online, and disrespect for my families privacy. From there I will decided how to move forward.


        • Danny,
          Those you refer to as hate campaigners, have exposed their agenda to be race based. It’s time for this matter to be brought to the attention of the DOJ. I only need to decide on an option that will provide means for all victims, nationwide, to have their voice heard. Maybe you can help me out. I don’t know if it should be a blog for organizing first, or just to launch a petition. Maybe both? I understand that some people have trust issues but don’t think that any victims doubt that I will keep their email and IP addresses confidential. Right now, I am unable to concentrate on what path to take and organize everyone.


          • Xena,
            I spoke with you about that before. Last night I read a few articles on how a group attempted to find their online harassers they wanted charged. They did many things you have mentioned. It did not work. This occured in the US against a Canadian man who harassed a group for two years. His name is David Mabus. Google it.
            Initially the entire group made police reports locally from where they were. Then they faxed the reports to Canada with evidence. Canada ignored them.
            The group then decided to take it to Twitter and Facebook. They posted all the criminal activity. They then contacted a journalist in Canada. The journalist did a write up on the lack of investigation. Then the police paid attention. They initially made statements they were investigating. The man kept posting under many anon accounts directly to his victims. Two weeks later he was arrested. He was already on probation for the same offenses. He plead guilty but because he was already in treatment he got a suspended 18 month sentence and was ordered to refrain from online internet discussions. The goal was treating a very disturbed man.

            The other option since this group refers to themselves as an organized group with affiliates to a hacker group, is not to even bring race or hate crime as the main issue to contact the DOJ. That would be a measure to be brought to individual charges of motivation for some in the group. The intention is to to differentiate those with racial motivation, but hold those responsible for organizing it, supporting and hosting it. Very similiar to drug customers who use computers and phones to organize drug sales.
            This would require at least one individual to go to the DOJ. There would be multiple charges. Not just one. With computer crimes there are jurisdictional issues. Not everyone who has been a victim is covered under the hate crime statue even though that is the motivation of some. They just distance themselves but their targets have one thing in common….they have been harassed, stalked, and threats made, etc.


            • Danny,

              Not everyone who has been a victim is covered under the hate crime statue even though that is the motivation of some.

              It’s somewhat difficult to discuss this publicly. For one, I do not want to give the cyber-extortionists a head’s up. There is a difference between hate crime (as in committing violence) and a violation of civil rights that is racially based. The statutes for both however, are federal.

              You might not be able to see it but believe me, what the perpetrators do is because of race. They could not silence those they identified or assumed are Black, so they progressed to attack others they identified as White or Latino who associate with Blacks or those they assume are Black. Through their lies, defamation and threats, they want to silence Whites and Latinos who associate with Blacks to dwindle down the number of voices who speak against racial injustices.

              Why do you think they accused you of being me, rather than being Leatherman, Trent Sawyer, or LLMPapa?

              They want nothing blogged unless it reports on Blacks committing crimes. When I have blogged about children killed, regardless of race, if the killer is/was White, the cyber-extortioners do not see that my heart is directed at compassion for the family and friends of those killed. They accuse me of being a “racist” because the killer is/was White. I cannot express my heart for the hurt of children killed by guns, without being spammed with comments from the cyber-extortioners accusing me of being “racist.”

              They have instructed me to write solely on “feral Black youths” and “Black savages” on the threat that they will send defamatory comments to all bloggers associating with me to get them to stop following this blog. The way they see it, if they can’t threaten me to delete this blog, they want it to be deserted of participants.

              Danny, their agenda began long before you probably ever commented on one of their blogs making yourself known to them. The attack on you began late last year. Some bloggers have been under attack since April 2012.

              I know what I’ve done in regards to having them identified and stopped, and I also know what LE is doing, but I am not the only victim and want to do something so that other victims are helped and more importantly, so there are no future victims.


            • Santigo and NavyDad has my email. If you are comfortable you can email me.


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