5 Exonerated in Central Park Jogger Case Agree to Settle Suit for $40 Million

Such an injustice and ruining of young lives.


20settle-01-JP-articleLarge-v2 Lawyers, in foreground, and the five defendants in the Central Park rape case of a female jogger waiting for the ruling in February 1990 in State Supreme Court in Manhattan. (JAMES ESTRIN / THE NEW YORK TIMES)

The five men whose convictions in the brutal 1989 beating and rape of a female jogger in Central Park were later overturned have agreed to a settlement of about $40 million from New York City to resolve a bitterly fought civil rights lawsuit over their arrests and imprisonment in the sensational crime.

The agreement, reached between the city’s Law Department and the five plaintiffs, would bring to an end an extraordinary legal battle over a crime that came to symbolize a sense of lawlessness in New York, amid reports of “wilding” youths and a marauding “wolf pack” that set its sights on a 28-year-old investment banker who ran in the park many evenings…

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  1. No amount of money will ever replace the time that these men lost from their lives! I am a firm believer that if a prosecutor and or his team convict a person on flawed evidence then they should receive a mandatory sentence of the same length as the person originally convicted…

  2. I am so happy for these men, to have finally found a small measure of justice. Crazy1946 is correct though, no amount of money can give them back the years they lost.

    This case reminds me of Brenton Butler, who was accused and acquitted here in Jacksonville of having murdered a tourist.

    • Mindyme,
      We reported on the Butler case and the best thing to happen with it is that Brenton Butler was acquitted. To be wrongfully convicted has to be traumatizing, and to be wrongfully convicted because of perjured testimony or hidden evidence, must be extra traumatic. I remember Rolando Cruz and what he went through — even faced the death penalty. Thankfully, Illinois learned a lesson from that case and proceeded to repeal the state’s death penalty.

  3. This is a good thing to happen. They totally deserve compensation for the railroading they got. Which was motivated totally due to racism. As a person who knew in 1989 they were being framed, I am glad this is happening. Of course the racist known as Donald trump is against the settlement. Another reason I boycott all things trump. I advise others to do the same . The railroading of BLACK males on false rape charges still continues. Darnell Williams, Jameis. Winston are just a couple of the many examples. Keep putting up good information.

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