Update: Daniel Meade/Kiana O’Neil


Kiana O’Neil

On December 26, 2013, we reported on the killing of 14-year old Kiana O’Neil.

On December 23, 2013, Kiana was shot and killed by her stepfather when coming through a basement window at their Colorado Springs home. Her stepfather, Daniel Meade, said that he thought it was an illegal intruder.

Colorado has a law that is coined “Make My Day.” It is a Castle Doctrine law, and because of it, a grand jury declined to charge Daniel Meade for killing his stepdaughter.


R.I.P. Kiana.

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  1. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


    • Jueseppi,
      As always, thanks for your support.


      • This is so tragic, it makes one curse this lack of humanity we have for others life.


        • Jueseppi, it makes me ill. Bullets have no mind of their own. The consequence of firing a gun is that it can take a life, and mankind lacks power to resurrect when mistakes are made. There should never be so much fear that people shoot first.


  2. Such a waste. I don’t understand…..


  3. What parent of a teenager, especially one known to slip out at night, wouldn’t at least call out a warning? “hey who’s there, I have a gun” ya know? Something like that?

    We are mourning the death of a 15 y/o here, who was shot under suspicious circumstances, may have been killed by the step mom, who lied to police and hid the gun that was used. 😥


  4. I agree. One wonders if it was an intentional shooting. Is this a sinister way for a step-parent to kill a step-daughter and get away with it? That is a scary thought!


  5. although i clicked like , this is such a sad story , a heartbreaker thats fer sure, like wtf dude,,,is all i can say , an forevr to rememebr her beautiful who she was, over an out frum q….


    • Quarksire,
      I know what you mean. I often click “like” in support of the blogger, although the story is very sad.

      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7 and thanks for your comment.


  6. May you rest in peace, Kiana.


  7. Bam! Bam! Bam! You go, girl!

    63-Year Old Woman Uses Back Scratcher To Fight Off Intruder”


  8. Here is a comment under the linked article below that questions the law in Colorado:

    Stumptownhero • 13 hours ago
    These laws need to be amended to require the shooter to be able to IDENTIFY the target before pulling the trigger! Additionally, they should be amended to require the announcement to stop or retreat because the homeowner has a gun. Simply allowing people to fire away with out ID of the target and shouting warnings is insanity!

    If we require this of cops why should we not require this of our citizens?

    The same person adds this in response to another commenter:

    There is no tactical disadvantage to announcing you are armed and ready to fire…NONE. In reality it has the EXACT effect desired. The bad guy freezes or high tails it out of there. If they have a gun you get to see it and are justified in shooting.


    • From this link:


      Her natural father:
      Kiana O’Neil’s biological father Gary O’Neil, who is an elite Army Ranger, wrote a touching note on a Facebook picture of herself that she posted just hours before she was killed Monday morning.

      ‘Gorgeous,’ he commented. Hours after Kiana’s death, he changed his Facebook profile picture to her name written in sand.

      O’Neil, Kiana’s biological father, is also an elite soldier – a member of the Army Rangers.

      At the time of her death, Kiana was living with her mother Monica, stepfather, her sister and her baby stepsister in Colorado Springs – outside Fort Carson – where 2nd Lt Meade serves.

      Meade is listed as an active-duty health service officer assigned to 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson.

      Over the course of his decade-long military career, Meade has racked up more than a dozen various awards and commendations, including a Bronze Star, National Defense Service Medal and Global War of Terrorism Service Medal.

      According to his military record, Mr Meade is also an Iraq War veteran.

      Her stepfather:

      “Meade is a highly decorated soldier who earned the Bronze Star – one of the military’s highest honors – also qualified to be a member of the Special Forces.”


      • Correction

        Her stepfather:

        Meade is listed as an active-duty health service officer assigned to 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson.

        Over the course of his decade-long military career, Meade has racked up more than a dozen various awards and commendations, including a Bronze Star, National Defense Service Medal and Global War of Terrorism Service Medal.

        According to his military record, Mr Meade is also an Iraq War veteran.

        Meade is a highly decorated soldier who earned the Bronze Star – one of the military’s highest honors – also qualified to be a member of the Special Forces.


  9. One can only wonder if there is a side to this story that has not been exposed. The sequence of events simply do not add up to what we have been told happened. While we may never know if there was a sordid side to this story, the possibility does exist.


    • The only thing I’ve always wondered about is the basement window. Would they not ALWAYS keep it locked?

      Would he not have realized there was no lock-manipulation noise nor any forced entry like broken glass??

      So, obviously someone from the inside had unlocked it. I just wasn’t thinking logically.


      • Correction to “I just wasn’t thinking logically.”

        Should be: I think he just wasn’t thinking logically.


      • Yahtzee, From the link you provided…

        “During the training, soldiers are taught combat tactics, including close-quarters battle, and how to operate in hostile areas, including telling friend from foe.”

        This calls into question why he “allegedly” accidently shot his step daughter? This man was trained (very highly) to not shoot unless sure of his targets identification.. There are some points that defy logic in this accident (alleged accident). I think the truth behind the shooting and subsequent death of this young girl has yet to be revealed. I might note that the child in most of the photo’s seemed to be dressed rather risqué for her age, and due to the mother being in some of the photo’s with her, it might raise the question of why the advanced maturity level of the photo’s? Perhaps in the social environment of the parents the child is allowed to be 14 going on 21? That added to the suggestion that the child was sneaking in from a night on the town causes me to question if there is more to this story than what has been told…

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2529102/Death-Kiana-ONeil-shot-stepfather-destroys-two-military-families.html#ixzz35C5iZQbn
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    We are one. When one hurts, we all hurt. When one is killed, we all are pretty much marked for death.



  11. May there be a dawning of

    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding

    And may there be

    No more falsehoods or derisions


  12. O/T: Xena, Now that Rick Scott the GOP/NRA/TP Gopernator of Florida has signed the bill covering the use of a warning shot involved in the Stand Your Ground (or kill a black kid if you can) law, do you think it will have any impact on the Marissa Alexender case? While I think she was/is guilty of a criminal act, I think the sentence given was excessive. Do you think that now the judge will decide she has served enough time?


    • crazy1946, I don’t know if that law will be grandfathered to apply to acts committed before the law was passed. If it is, then Michael Giles should be let out of prison. I agree too that the sentence is excessive.

      It appears that the judge in Marissa’s case might grant her another SYG hearing to decide whether she’s immune from prosecution. Her attorney did file a motion and argues that Marissa was in her own house and had no duty to retreat.


      • Xena, If I am correct the reason the SYG law was not allowed in her case initially was because she actually left the immediate area where the confrontation took place for the relative safety of the garage (she stated she could not exit there, but the police checked the door and it was working) to get her gun. She then returned to the place (still in the house) of the confrontation and fired a shot toward her adversary hitting the wall near his head. I still question if the leaving the place of safety to resume the fight does not negate the SYG law as written. Face it, after she left she returned, could it be argued that she returned to resume standing her ground? If the court finds that she was, it might make the law even more dangerous, that is if it allows a person to leave and return with a lethal weapon to resume standing their ground… This is simply my opinion, and as normal I could very well be wrong, but am I?
        I think this law allowing for a warning shot was mentioned during the last hearing in Mz. Alexander’s case, and was one of the reasons that the SYG hearing was postponed? Is my ageing memory correct on that? If so, the judge might be looking for an out for handing out an exceptionally long sentence in this case.. I suppose we will find out as the case goes forward..


        • Crazy1946, IMO, you have made some good points.

          Face it, after she left she returned, could it be argued that she returned to resume standing her ground?

          The wise thing for her to have done would have been to call 911. Maybe, she did not have a phone outside or maybe she had forgotten her keys to the car so that she could drive away. How close was her house to a neighbor’s house? Could she have gone there to seek help and make a 911 call?

          No way should she have received the EXTREME prison sentence that was handed down!

          If the court finds that she was [SYG}, it might make the law even more dangerous, that is if it allows a person to leave and return with a lethal weapon to resume standing their ground…

          I totally agree! Vigilantes and racists would have a field day with that one!


          • Please note:

            To see Marissa receive 20 years dealing improperly with a person who was a threat and did not belong in her house, and then to see GZ receive NOTHING for dealing improperly, aggressively pursue, and KILL Trayvon who was NO THREAT but just walking innocently home from the store is VERY telling of the UNEQUAL justice in these two cases!


      • Xena,

        ” Michael Giles should be let out of prison. I agree too that the sentence is excessive. ”

        That case is another example of while the party was guilty,however the length of the sentence was excessive. However, that is the only similarity between the two cases. Mr. Giles did not fire a warning shot, nor if I recall correctly did they at any time claim the shot that hit the other party was fired as one. Again the SYG claim was aborted because he had left a point of conflict for a safe position and chose to return to the conflict after securing his weapon from is car. No matter how noble his reason (claim to search for his friends), the law does not allow him to return to the point of the conflict and then stand his ground with a weapon he returned with. Even the judge thought the sentence was for too long, however he followed the law in his sentencing. How do we argue the case in his behalf when he was guilty of violating several laws when the act occurred? Does the law need to be changed, maybe, but maybe not, the intent of the law was IMO not to penalize a particular race or group of individuals, but was an misguided attempt to stop criminals from using guns while committing a crime.


        • crazy1946,
          I understand what you’re saying but with Giles, the guy who attacked him admitted that he just wanted to fight. I don’t remember reading that Giles left and returned — not saying you’re wrong — just that I don’t remember reading that. Giles was not committing any crime.

          With Marissa, her lawyer might be on to something about it being her house.

          That’s one of the problems with SYG — not even the citizens who live in the states that have SYG understand it.


          • Xena,

            “The Giles case began when the young man, who had just finished out a second tour in the Middle East, went to a nightclub with his friends. At the club, a fight suddenly broke out outside between 30 to 40 different individuals. The young man was not even part of the fight, but fearing for his safety since he couldn’t find his friends, he retrieved a gun from his vehicle, which he had a concealed carry permit for, placed it in his pocket, and went to find his buddies.”


            This was mentioned several times in the non-political press, and was allegedly the reason that his initial attorney did not ask for a SYG hearing. It was reported that Mr. Giles had consumed a fair amount of alcohol (hmmm, they were at a night club, so that would be expected), and had actually upon beginning his search for his friends gone back into the club with the weapon, that also weighed against him. Did he receive a fair and just sentence, IMO he did not, but did the judge follow the requirements of the law, yes. That law probably needs to at least be modified to allow some mitigating circumstances to allow for a lessor sentence, but at this time it does not. I might suggest that the use of intoxicating drink caused Mr. Giles to make a bad decision by going to his auto to get his gun before searching for his friends. This reinforces what I have said many (probably too many) times that we have a major problem with guns in this nation, people feel the need to settle disputes with a gun when there are other options available… Remember, guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people…


            • crazy1946,
              Thanks for that reference. I learned something.

              Now, let’s consider that although Giles went to his car, got his gun and returned, that he was actually attacked. This is where SYG gets complicated. Giles was attacked. So, there would have to be speculation asking, would he have been attacked if he had remained there and not gone to his car first?

              I don’t know — just seems that in Giles’, Dooley’s and Zimmerman’s case, all three went to where they thought trouble was or might be, yet Zimmerman is the only one who was acquitted.


          • “That’s one of the problems with SYG — not even the citizens who live in the states that have SYG understand it.”

            I totally agree with you, Xena. When such a law is passed, the legislatures have to figure out a way to then educated the public as to its interpretation….they could use a public TV station with repeated airings; they could mail out letters or pamphlets educating the public on SYG; and/or they could use spots in newspapers.

            Personally, because it is usually ALEC and its lobbying groups that basically “write” these laws for each state, I believe that a large group of legislators don’t even understand the workings of these laws. I bet some don’t even read the full bill all the way through in order to grasp what they are voting for.

            On a related topic, these commissioners complained after they unanimously voted to pass a resolution…..their excuse? They said they did not read it(and apparently were not listening during the session to it being read to them):

            “Clueless white Texas commissioners accidentally vote to back slavery reparations”


            Excerpt from article:

            Price even read the text of the resolution, which covered broad topics like slavery and Jim Crow. Many of the commissioners seemed uninterested, playing with their computers or reading documents while he read so they did not seem to notice the final sentence.

            “The United States of America is derelict in its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the African American people,” Price said. “Be it further resolved that the dereliction that has caused 400 years of significant… suffering to the descendants of those who have been enslaved Africans who built this country, should be satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations to same.”

            A commissioner quickly seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


            • Yahtzee,
              HA! And so it goes with legislatures.

              Locally, the County Board just realized that they needed to amend their non-discrimination policies to include (wait for it) that elected officials cannot discriminate against county employees.


          • The article has a video of the meeting with the full reading of the resolution.


          • Xena, While I tend to lean toward you line of thinking in this case, what I have said is what the attorney representing him based his decision on, was he right? In a strict sense of the law, yes, Mr. Giles after knowing a fight was in progress left and sought out safety in the confines of his auto, then instead of remaining there he proceeded to return to the area where the conflict was located. I can’t help but to ask if it is possible that the alcohol that he consumed clouded his other wise good judgment? I know it is not popular to assign blame based on the actions of the person being defended, but not doing so shows bias and opinion as being the soul decider of blame. The warning shot was not a warning shot, but an accidental discharge of the weapon as he was attempting to remove it from his pocket, this again could cause one to think the drinking was a factor. Do I think that Mr. Giles set out that night to harm anyone, no I do not, however his actions contributed to the outcome in a very negative manner. Do I think his sentence is excessive, yes by all means it is, however it is the law (at this time), and unless we seek to allow favoritism to rule, the law needs to be followed. I would be thrilled to see the NRA Paid for Gopernator, commute his sentence, but that is not likely to take place, unfortunately! Perhaps a new legal team can resolve this in a way that is more fair to all parties?

            It would be great if we had a concise and accurate list of “all” SYG cases that have taken place in the last sixty months to see if in fact they are actually being used by the legal community to practice selective enforcement against any particular group. My gut says they are, but without actual documented evidence to back it up it will have to remain opinion rather than fact…

            Thank you for bearing with me in dragging us so far off topic, and I hope I have not offended anyone with my words, that was/is not my intent… Have a wonderful afternoon..


            • crazy1946,
              That’s the thing about SYG cases, particularly in Florida. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency for when it does or doesn’t apply. Then, when we find jurors in two separate cases in the same state say they really don’t understand the law and jury instructions, then people are really in trouble.


          • Yahtzee,

            RE: “Clueless white Texas commissioners accidentally vote to back slavery reparations”

            LOL….Had the topic been on taxes for example, they would have been at full attention. And of course under the comments of why there should be no reparations, the “My family did not own slaves,” excuse, the “There are no slaves alive,” excuse, and the “Blacks have the same opportunities as Whites,” excuse. There is one good commenter with some great replies, but ya know who that goes when no-one cares to listen…..


          • oops, meant, how that goes…


  13. Geez…..he signed the warning shot bill?? Doesn’t think people will stop if they just see the gun aimed at them?? This is so nuts!

    Pretty soon they’ll have a bill that you can shoot multiple times towards people’s feet!


  14. Robert J commented on Gov. Scott’s signing of the “Warning Shot” Bill saying:

    “BOY, you just cant fix stupid, even at the Executive Government level.

    “Does anyone know where a warning shot goes? Anydamn place it wants to, including into your house,car,kid,yourself, neighbor’s house, your dog, down the next street..

    “A bullet fired can and does have up to 1 1/2 miles range.”


    • Yahtzee, Good point about the bullet causing unforeseen damage! Here is a good example of what could happen.


      Note, this took place in Florida. That state sure seems to have more than it’s share of gun related incidents. Must not be enough guns in the hands of the gun coalition yet. Perhaps the GOP/TP/NRA should send a few million more guns down there to end the crime spree caused by not having enough guns?

      Not one more/ not one more/ not one more/ not one more….


  15. I don’t buy it. Someones coming through your window, you’re holding a gun..plenty of time to figure out if you know them or not. ???


    • Kev,
      In a photograph of the house, it has an ADT Security System sign. Maybe the security system was not turned on — there are things we do not know — and things that a burglar would not know either. In other words, the question has to be asked, would a burglar take a chance of coming through a basement window of a house that has a security system?

      I would think that anyone breaking into a house, upon discovering there are occupants, would quickly back-off and run away, rather than possibly be shot and killed. I truly don’t think that the stepfather said one word — he shot, hitting his stepdaughter in the chest and stomach.

      Unless he intentionally killed her, his conscience must be dealing with him now — and it should.


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