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Photo Credit: Louisville USACE via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Louisville USACE via CC Flickr

Throughout our lives, we all have opportunities to learn life lessons from many, many things. Everyone of us experience hardships and difficult times but the key is what we learn and how we handle these situations. A foolish person will dwell on the negative experience, may become depressed and suffer bouts of anxiety, sickness or other kinds of physical distress. A wise individual will take the awful circumstance, learn from it, and become a better person because of it.

Today’s little “story” demonstrates a wonderful lesson that we can all learn from some animals that you may never have thought of before. I hope that you can use this little “nugget of truth” the next time you go through a difficult time of your life (or if you are struggling through a tough time in your life right now).




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    • So true.

      I remember the story of the oyster. Instead of complaining and become upset that a piece of sand caused it great pain and suffering, it set to work coating the sand and ended up with a pearl of great worth.

      As Mark Kido’s quote points out, it is what you do in responding to what happens to you or what you are handed. “It’s what you do with what you got.”

      I used to listen to this song when I was little. It is from the Disney movie “So Dear to My Heart.” – – –


  2. Beautiful!


  3. Thanks for sharing this! Wonderful story


  4. Love bees.


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