Mom Involved With A Racist And Gun Enthusiast Faces Federal Charges

There have been times when I’ve had need to tell others that an order of the court is more powerful than the doctrines of religion. Religion gives believers choices with some consequences that we never see while in the flesh. Orders of the court however, have consequences in the here and now.

Megan Elizabeth Everett (22) and Robert Baumann have court ordered shared custody of Lily, their 2-year old daughter. Pursuant to that order, Robert dropped Lily off at her mom’s, who was suppose to return Lily. Megan didn’t. She wrote Robert a note saying:

            “You are a great dad. If I let them take her and vaccinate her and brainwash her, I wouldn’t be doing what’s right. I cannot let a judge tell me how my daughter should be raised. We will miss you. But I had to leave.”

sunrise-police-searching-for-missing-toddler-nbc-6-south-florida-2014-06-15-10-07-03Megan and Lily lived with Megan’s mom, Pam Everett, who stated that Megan is the youngest of four children, and she doesn’t know what happened to her, but that Lily would be better off with her dad, Robert.

Megan became involved with Carlos Lesters and she severed ties with her family. Court documents describe Lesters as a racist and gun enthusiast.

Robert Baumann had plans to vaccinate his daughter and enroll her in preschool. Megan wants to home school Lily and teach her the ways of the Confederate South.

According to Robert,

“She didn’t want Lily to learn about black history. She just wanted her to learn about the Confederacy.” … “She found this new idea that vaccines are horrible. I think she wanted to keep her from being vaccinated because that would keep her out of day care.”

Sunrise, Florida police went to one of Megan’s old address where they found Lesters. Lesters told the police that Everett and her daughter were gone and “not coming back.” The federal criminal complaint states:

On May 19, 2014, officials issued a warrant for Megan’s arrest. Megan faces state kidnapping charges and a federal count of flight to avoid prosecution.

According to the FBI, Megan may have fled the state in disguise. A tipster told police that Megan previously visited Virginia with Lily and could be hiding out with Lesters’ family in Georgia or Virginia.

Megan and Lily are still missing.


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        Happy Monday, hope the Fathers in your life had a good Fathers Day yesterday. Hope you are well.


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  2. The mindset of some of these folks is terrifying. This little girl doesn’t stand a chance with her mother and the company she’s keeping


  3. I am very worried for the well being of Lily. Her mother Megan apparently has gone off the deep end and appears to be under some kind of “cultic” brainwashing influence instilled on her by this Carlos Lesters person.

    The fact that Lily’s grandmother (Megan’s mother) believes that Lily would be better off with her dad speaks volumes.

    Were Lily to stay with Megan, her health would be at risk without the protection of certain immunization shots. Also, there would be the strong possibility of Lily not being given the FAIR chance to have a well rounded education. Her critical thinking skills could remain undeveloped, and she could become a victim of brainwashing.

    I pray that she is safe and that authorities will find both her and her mother.


    • Yahtzee,

      Her critical thinking skills could remain undeveloped, and she could become a victim of brainwashing.

      What is it that we know? No one is born a racial bigot — it’s learned behavior.

      I too am concerned about Lily. If Carlos Lesters really cared about her and Megan, he would not be willing to see them never come back and live without them.


      • What is it that we know? No one is born a racial bigot — it’s learned behavior.”

        Yes, Xena, it indeed is a learned behavior.

        You know what is afoot in some places in our nation? There is an effort to eliminate critical thinking skills so that students will not be challenged by viewpoints and history other than what they learn at home.

        Here is an 2012 article that I hope people will have a chance read today:

        Important excerpt:
        In the you-can’t-make-up-this-stuff department, here’s what the Republican Party of Texas wrote into its 2012 platform as part of the section on education:

        “Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.”

        Yes, you read that right. The party opposes the teaching of “higher order thinking skills” because it believes the purpose is to challenge a student’s “fixed beliefs” and undermine “parental authority.”

        It opposes, among other things, early childhood education, sex education, and multicultural education, but supports “school subjects with emphasis on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which America was founded.”

        When taken with the other parts of the education platform(see below), it seems a fair conclusion that the GOP Party in Texas doesn’t think much of public education.

        Unfortunately, this notion isn’t limited to the GOP in Texas but is more commonly being seen across the country by some of the most strident of “school reformers.”


  4. I just went to an article written by a Daily Mail reporter at this link:

    I am horrified because within this article is this frightening photo of Lily sitting on the floor surrounded by live ammunition:

    The caption of this photo reads:

    “Missing: Lilly Everett, seen here playing with live rounds of ammunition, hasn’t been seen since her father dropped her off with her mother on May 6″


  5. Here is an article (in Spanish) that has a video showing the note that Megan Everette left behind:

    “Buscan a niña de 2 años desaparecida”


  6. towerflower

    I see a little (or a lot) of anti-government views in this also. Home school to avoid “brainwashing” or forced teachings, even the anti vaccine thoughts. You have a few that believe that vaccines are all a government plot to control people.

    I hope that they find this little girl soon.


    • towerflower,

      I see a little (or a lot) of anti-government views in this also. Home school to avoid “brainwashing” or forced teachings, even the anti vaccine thoughts. You have a few that believe that vaccines are all a government plot to control people.

      Sovereign citizen groups have increased in the State of Florida. Back in the 90’s, opposing public education was a popular subject with them. I don’t know about Florida, but in Illinois, kids who are home schooled still have required subjects and have to pass state tests.

      They recruit people who have no idea of the root of their ideologies and try to convince them to challenge the government in courts. They don’t care who raises the challenge — just like they used Wesley Snipes on the tax issue.

      I hope that they find this little girl soon.

      Same here.


  7. Here is a May 20 article link with an NBC(Miami) news broadcast video that has more info:

    “Sunrise Police Searching For Missing Toddler”
    Tuesday, May 20, 2014


  8. I wonder if Lily has been to the doctor for any of her baby checkups. She should have received vaccinations at several of those visits already. The father states he had plans to get her vaccinations. As a responsible parent who shares custody with the mother, why are they “plans?” At this point, they should have been already received with the next one due at 3, 4, and before she enters school. If the mother wasn’t taking her, why wasn’t he? He doesn’t need her permission, he is the father.

    With that being said, the mother is right, without vaccinations, Lily cannot be enrolled in day care. Yes, there are dangers with vaccinations as there is with any medications. On her regular baby visits, the doctor would have assured her, that the benefits of vaccinations, well out way any slight chance of a reaction to the vaccination. If there has been no reaction so far, then things look good for the future. No vaccinations, no school, but what about the needs of lily being able to interact with other children, especially if she is an only child. Sounds like another parent with a loose screw, only concerned with what she wants.

    To many unanswered questions, I only hope she is safe. It doesn’t sound good.


    • dreamer, the first time I heard the arguments against vaccinations, I thought geez! I had them. My son had them. I know of one person whose child had seizures after her first vaccination, and the seizures caused brain damage. When you know or have met people for over half a century, one child is not enough to advocate no vaccinations, IMO.

      And, you are so right about her interacting with other children. I feel the same way about pets and vaccinations — had a friend once who came over with his dog who I refused to let in because his dog had not gotten her shots.


  9. While the safety of this child is of the greatest importance, there is a lot of questions about this case that are not answered. I’m amazed that the investigators have as of yet been unable to locate this woman and child. Her boy friend has a cell phone per the photo of the child, I would suggest if they really wanted to find this woman that they would have by now. What is the untold story involved here? Is there a problem with the father, or someone else we have not been told about? Maybe I’m just too suspicious, but something about this story simply does not add up… curious, is this child and the mother posted on the Wal Mart missing children board in the stores? If not why not, if they are in Georgia or Kentucky then they will eventually end up in a Wal Mart… If every one here today sent a copy of this story to people on their mail list, within a week, the nation would be crawling with people looking for this child…


    • Crazy1946, I might be able to share some things regarding what’s taking so long. In one of the articles I read, a state judge made a statement. It was directed at the child being in an unsafe environment because of the presence of guns. That means that the dad went before the state court.

      When parents do not comply with visitation orders and kidnap, cops generally do nothing — it’s a civil matter. That means that in this case, the dad had to file a motion with the court to report that the mom did not return the child. Whatever information he had supporting that she removed the child, etc., was presented to the court and no doubt, that is how the state court judge gained knowledge of the environment. The court then had to enter an order finding that the mom kidnapped the child. The dad then had to take the court’s order to the cops.

      Once the cops checked out her past addresses and found the boyfriend, then it became a jurisdictional issue. Since they expect that she took the child to another state, and do not know which state, they had to involve the feds.


      • Xena, I had caught that it had been certified by a state judge to involve the federal jurisdiction in the link. I do still have questions as to why the legal community is dragging their collective feet in locating this child… Or perhaps I should say, what is the story behind the story that we are not privy too? In this day and time of cell phones and instant background checks what excuse is there to not locate the mother of this child, even if relatives of the boy friend are hiding her she will still leave a trail of some sort that can be followed. Again if even the members of our community spent the time to each send this story to everyone on our mail list and asked them to do the same, she would be found very shortly…


  10. O/T but perhaps will be useful for some of you in your discussion with the modern day NRA gun fanatic. The source of the quotes especially the very first on is surprising.


    • You know, crazy1946, what I don’t understand is why people are buying so much ammunition. I mean, how many bullets does a person need for self defense?


      • towerflower

        Part of the ammo buyout also went along with assault weapon buyouts. When Obama was first elected this happened but as much. Some are convinced that Obama was going to ban various types of guns so they went on spending sprees. Now fast forward to his 2nd term and Sandy Hook. Obama has publicly for gun control and once again some people were convinced that Sandy Hook was going to be the driving force for him to prevail. That led to the current ammo shortage when people have gone crazy buying every bit of ammo they could get their hands on. For a time there you also would find bare shelves where assault type rifles would be as people bought them up.

        It is starting to recover, in the stores, where you can once again buy ammo but there is still a shortage of .22LR and stores will limit those purchases.


        • I get it.

          What about all the ammo that Lily is surrounded by in this photo? – – –


          • I also heard that assault rifles can turn a 50 gallon plastic trash tub filled with water into a vaporized, obliterated mess.

            It turns my stomach in horror when I consider what it does to humans.


          • Assault rifle is a generic term, it is normally a tactical looking semi-automatic rifle and they come in many different calibers. What you describe has to be with a high caliber type of weapon….like a 50 caliber.


      • Yahtzee, Good question. While IMO a person actually needs zero bullets for self defense, there are many others who feel a truck load would not be adequate… So I would propose the actual amount needed would be dictated by the paranoia index of the individual feeling the need for self defense. We need to remember that we have been conditioned since the mid 70’s or so to accept that more guns will make us safer, if that is correct then we must be hallucinating when we read about all the gun deaths that occur daily, right. I suppose when we reach the maximum saturation level on guns then we will have to then seek out another device to achieve safety…. Remember, guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people, or so we are told… not too many reports today on people with clubs killing people, but it could start any time especially if any sort of gun control takes effect…


        • ” So I would propose the actual amount needed would be dictated by the paranoia index of the individual feeling the need for self defense.” ~crazy1946

          And, there you have it folks….today, the politics of fear fans the flame in addition to dummies being brainwashed by their cultic, mentally-off-balance, gun leaders.


    • And, why do I so often hear the term gun “enthusiastic”??

      Are people into a gun “FAD” in the same way people were into the fads of Hula Hoops, SillyPuddy, and Slinkys?


      • towerflower

        It isn’t a FAD…..You’ll see a lot of has to do with many a people becoming more and more paranoid of the government. I hear them talk about this frequently when at the range. For the record….I’m not one of those types, I shoot for sport and only at paper or clays and never had a desire to own an assault rifle.


        • towerflower

          It is so nice to have a NORMAL, responsible gun owner (you) here to talk the issues with me. My husband was very good at skeet shooting in college.

          Now, am I correct in thinking that the words “militia” in the 2nd Amendment was all about town militias or state/ fed militias as opposed to “private” ones? I don’t understand why groups that are paranoid about the government (state or fed) or are members of hate groups are allowed to band together in militias.


          • towerflower

            IMO, and I’m no expert, I believe that the militias during the time of the Revolutionary War were made up of just ordinary citizens (shop owners, farmers, etc) that would come together for the defense of their community/s. Some were not even formally “trained”. These militias combined to take on the British crown for the injustices that they endured under that rule. It was written into/as the 2nd Amendment as a reminder to the new government that the people could once again rise up if the government oppressed them.

            You always had some outlying fringes that opposed any government but I have seen it get worse with the election of Obama and for that I don’t understand. I have an old friend who falls into the later….he is convinced that Obama is the devil who is hell bent on destroying the country. He is one of these ammo hoarders with several types of assault weapons and in the past few years is becoming more and more self sufficient to ready himself for the collapse of the government. He wasn’t always this way but changed after the election of Obama.


          • Towerflower
            You write: “I have seen it get worse with the election of Obama and for that I don’t understand.”

            Looking at this link might help in understanding why:

            Map Shows You Where Those Racists Tweeting After Obama Election Live



      • Remember when “war” was a game of cards we played. What about cops and robbers. It has now been replaced with drive-by-shootings.


  11. Serious OT….hope everyone is okay.


  12. I am not going to shop at Target after this!


  13. My name is Melissa, and I am an aunt of both Megan and Lilly. I came across this blog googling Lilly, and I just felt compelled to share that there is no information that the public is not ‘privy’ to regarding the disappearance of Lilly Abigail. The only information that is a bit misguided is the focus that this abduction occurred due to a fear of vaccinations, a fear that was adopted quite suddenly by Megan and used as a smokescreen to mask her ulterior motives. Those motives were to keep Lilly out of public school and prevent her from being taught any history other than Confederate History.

    As for Lilly and her baby check ups, she was indeed taken and vaccinations started, but again, this was abruptly stopped by Megan, very much against Robert’s wishes.

    Robert has fought for his daughter from the very beginning of Carlos Lesters’ entry and influence into his daughter’s life, and Megan over and over again forced him to return to the courts. Robert gained shared custody in all of the decisions regarding Lilly, and vaccinations were to begin again as per childhood schedule. Hope that clears up some of the suspicion.

    As for the notion that Lilly should have already been located because her picture is ‘out’, all I can say is that I sure as hell wish it worked that way. Sadly, there are children that have been missing for years and years despite coverage of their disappearances, so like all their families holding tightly, so do we. Carlos continues to be closely monitored and the detectives on the case follow every lead as quickly as they can. They have also recommended to us that we do the same because there is just not enough man power to have anyone on the case around the clock. Family is looking into private investigators, also suggested by law enforcement, but we are doing everything within our capabilities to locate Lilly and ensure she is safe.

    This is a tragedy for all involved, but please know that Lilly’s father is, and has always been, a wonderful father to his daughter. Megan became involved with Carlos, and by association, others with pro-Confederate beliefs such as his and rather quickly, cut every person she knew out her life. This included her own mother and siblings, and she have stopped Lilly’s father had the court not intervened. It is believed that she planned this abduction weeks ago, after the April hearing, and that she had ample time to plan and conceal their identities.

    Robert dropped Lilly off to Megan on May 6, and returned to get her May 13. They were gone, with a five day head start before anyone, except Carlos, knew they were missing. Also, the note left by Megan was NOT left for Robert, Lilly’s father, it was left for Carlos, the boyfriend Megan wanted to be Lilly’s father. The media miscommunicated.

    Thank you for writing about it and for the hope in Lilly’s safe return.


    • Melissa,
      Thank you so much for sharing and bringing Lilly closer to our hearts. I blogged on her kidnapping because for one, she is a child who cannot make her own decisions. Two, there is a hurting dad and Sunday was Father’s Day. And mostly, Lilly needs to be found and returned to her dad.

      I’m glad to hear that Carlos is being monitored — can’t imagine anyone loving his girlfriend but be willing to see her disappear from his life when the disagreement was not between them but with the court.

      Here’s sending all positive thoughts for Lilly’s safe return, and that it be very, very soon.


    • Thanks for coming here and sharing this with everyone! Positive thoughts going out for your family.


    • I also thank you for coming here, Melissa.

      It is worrisome that Carlos isolated Megan by, as you write, by cutting “every person she knew out of her life.”

      Until Carlos, Megan seems to have not been against immunizations….I just wonder what kind of pressure Carlos was putting on Megan to stop immunizations. Was this really her wish or was she afraid to go against what might have only been Carlos’ wishes?

      If indeed, her note was to Carlos, was she trying to “pacify” him by calling him a good dad. Also, if the note was to Carlos, it does not sound to me as that she would choose to go to Carlos’ relative’s house.


      • Melissa, I am praying for Melissa and Lily’s safe return and am sending supportive energy your way. Please let all of their loved ones know this.

        Until the hopeful time that Lily is found and returned, maybe if I post this in cyber space, the energy of it might reach Lily’s heart:


  14. One commenter under a news article wrote this:

    “It appears Florida has vax exemptions in place, who does she think is going to forcefully vaccinate Lilly?”


  15. Thank you for understanding my need to offer clarity, but most importantly, thank you for all of your prayers and support for my sweet niece. Lilly is missed beyond measure, and our family is maintaining faith that the Heavens will watch over her, as well as Megan, during this frighteningly uncertain time. Please share her picture and continue to help us hold hope . . . . . . with much gratitude . . . .


    • Melissa, your family will remain in my heart, and I will continue to lift Lily and Megan in prayer.

      I’m on your side
      When times get rough……..

      If you need a friend
      I’m sailing right behind

      Like a bridge over troubled water
      [May the lord comfort you]
      Like a bridge over troubled water
      [May the Lord ease your mind]


  16. Speaking of Federal Charges….I have a new post up that I am inviting you and yours to read Xena.
    I will be posting another some time today.


    • Danny, you had disappeared. It’s good to see you and good to know that you’re writing for your blog. I just read your article and understand. Cyber-extortion is something that people should be aware of. What they do does cause some to fear and it definitely can cause some to be too afraid to participate on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, which is exactly what the cyber-extortionists want.

      You have the right to change your position on issues. You have the right to associate with whomever you please. You have the right to express your opinions. They do not have the right to call up your past positions in attempt to sever and stand in the way of your being able to associate with others.

      People can think for themselves. This is not some schoolyard where adults are threatened into not talking with someone just because a bully says so.

      The person you wrote about has veiled ways of threatening, and veiled ways of lying to cause distrust among people. For example, she made a comment about posting IP addresses of those submitting comments to blogs saying that the blogger who does that cannot be trusted. What she omitted is that David Piercy was banned/blocked from here with his first comment. He knows he is banned. For over a year, he has continued sending vile, filthy, threatening, and racially derogatory comments. Doing that, he voluntarily submitted those comments to my jurisdiction and it’s my decision to share his comments with others in whole — IP address and all. He could have stopped. He should have stopped.

      But, to that person I am wrong — not Piercy who continues to harass and threaten.

      I think what we’re dealing with are people who are abusers in character. Their target victims are suppose to be submissive and let them trespass, vandalize, and be baited into giving them personal information because what they purport to be personal information is wrong.

      That type of manipulation is studied and trained. It’s abusive.


      • First of all thank you for your kind words, and encouragement. If anyone knows the situation as a blogger better, it is you. I will continue to post… eventually. I will continue to post on what I have been posting about …eventually. They have not won on censoring me.

        However,being these are anonymous folks and she is using anonymous folks now I have no clue what they are capable of so the threats must be taken seriously. Authorites took it seriously.
        I have no way in knowing nor the agency of whether or not they will follow through with a threat, if they are capable or not of achieving their goal of violence. That is why threats should NEVER be made.

        I have children. These people stalk their prey and are willing to hurt their opposition any way they can, it is what they do day in and day out. Including innocent bystanders. Even including the dead who can not defend themselves or loved their loved ones. There is a course of conduct here. Not mere libel. They are going to be held accountable.

        As far as all the individuals involved? I can´t be sure. I actually do not need to know. That is for the agency to conduct that investigation. All I can do is lead them to someone who I see is doing the bidding and knows who might have made the threat. She followed every single account. Actually the account just took over what she began.

        It is time to hold people accountable.


        • Danny, I have noticed that she and her minions have lately taken an interest in the children of their target victims. No one can even share about a child graduating without them trying to figure out the age of the child and then backtrack for location and school.

          If they can’t provoke by making personal attacks, they attempt to provoke by attacking spouses and children.


          • Yes. They do that as well. I never did it to them, so I am curious to know their defense in why it was okay to try and do it to me. I am me. I used this name the entire time I posted since the GZ case. There were no others. No reason for others. And I just began talking to TMWarriors using the SAME name.

            Annette tried to connect me to you. To NavyDad, to a case I never even knew about in my own State. To other people who obviously read my comments on all the blogs.
            Now she is attacking a family in Texas where a 12 year old boy killed himself and tje family donated organs. The father got busted for not keeping the gun locked up! The kids name was Brandon. My cousins name, who was hit by a car and killed. I never gave location, date, or anything. But she connected an incident that I have NOTHING, my family has NOTHING to do with. Just going down the list of potentials revictimizing innocent people and families.
            Nothing new there. And this IS the course of conduct all TM Warriors need to show in their reports.


          • Danny,
            That follows a pattern. They pulled an arrest report for a “Trent Sawyer” in Florida when the person they were doxxing doesn’t reside in that state. That didn’t slow the real Trent down from doing videos in support of justice for Trayvon.

            She does that in effort to re-define you and place you on the defense. They entertain themselves by lying. No one else really cares. Their lies don’t accomplish what they want.

            Do YOUR THING and don’t worry about their lies. Just focus on the fact that they are violating law and don’t get distracted from what you really want to blog about.


          • Right. Without going into detail both criminally and civilly it shows a pattern of conduct,despite the action the victim took to stop the offenders behavior.
            I am devloping the pattern and offenders actions. If I dont provoke what is the excuse.
            I am working with others on the quelled speech aspect of this too. Two different issues.


  17. I will be opening comments to anyone on my blog including the vile ones and vile proxied comments. So bear with me if you head over there.


    • Danny, it’s your blog and you manage it as you see fit, but please allow me to share the following with you.

      If you allow their comments, and/or if they are engaged, they will use that in their defense to say they were provoked. This situation is not one of disagreeing on positions regarding politics, or a case, or a public figure. They made it personal, and if you go there, they will use it for their justification. They are seasoned cyber-harassers and know what has worked for them in the past.


      • Xena I am just as the same as I write, I have the right to set my blog settings to a setting. I am not forcing them to comment. They are doing so on their free will on a post that is warning them of my legal actions.
        They make everything personal so what is the difference. They took personal that I don´t support GZ. They took personal I associate with you. They took personal using them as a social example of racism.


      • Xena,
        As far as public image goes, she doesn´t have a leg to stand on. They sat there for 7 months now calling me an underground “Traybot.” Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn´t. Inquiring minds want to know. They feel shafted. The important part is not what happened a year ago. But today and what is to come. She and they feel a false sense of security and that is exactly where their demise is.


  18. The issue with justification is NOBODY is forcing them to read or even reply. Not legally anyway. I am not going for any TRO or RO. I am going for threats and libel. If anyone is stupid enough to post then let them. I cant be on my blog all day moderating comments.


  19. From Wednesday, May 28, 2014 (with video that has more photos)

    “FBI Steps In To Help Find Missing Sunrise Girl”

    It’s been a week since Robert Baumann last saw his 2-year-old daughter Lilly and now the FBI has stepped in to try to help find the missing girl.

    “I would have been picking her up today – 6 p.m.,” Baumann said Tuesday. “Every day that keeps on going that fear gets bigger. I just don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.”

    Sunrise Police believe the curly-haired little girl is with her mother, Megan Everett. There’s a warrant for the 22-year-old woman’s arrest and Baumann isn’t the only one who’s worried about what could happen to the little girl.

    “The things she’s done in the past year – the parenting decisions she’s made have been unsafe,” said Everett’s sister Stephanie, who is supporting Baumann. “Robert is an excellent father and a good person.”

    Baumann said he and Everett constantly argued because Everett refused to vaccinate Lilly. Robert also shared other concerns with a judge including a picture of Lilly appearing to be surrounded by boxes of ammunition.

    The only trace Everett allegedly left behind was a handwritten note to her boyfriend Carlos, who she lived with in Sunrise.

    “She said that if I let them take her and vaccinate her and I brainwash her, I wouldn’t be doing the right thing,” Robert said Everett wrote in the letter. Everett also said in the note that she was staying with family.

    “I really believe that note was left to deliberately lead the investigation away from Carlos because nobody in her family has spoken with her (Megan Everett) in over a year,” Baumann said.

    NBC 6 spoke to Carlos who insisted that he does not know where the mother and child are living right now.

    “Megan loves her to death,” Carlos said, while declining to give his last name. “They’re fine wherever they’re at. I think the story is one-sided. I saw what he did to her for a long time. I miss her.”

    Stephanie Everett and Robert are pouring their efforts into getting the word out about Lilly’s disappearance including creating the Facebook group “Bring Lilly Home.” The group’s hoping to raise money to hire a private investigator so Lilly returns home to where they believe she belongs.

    “We want to do everything possible to bring Lilly home,” Everett said


  20. Melissa, I see that the SunSentinel has now made the correction about Megan’s letter:

    “Correction: An earlier version of this article indicated that the letter left by Everett was addressed to Baumann. It was addressed to Lesters. The Sun Sentinel apologizes for the error.”,0,1990050.story


  21. From an article at this link:

    Baumann and the Everetts have started a Facebook group to draw attention to their cause, “Bring Lily Home.”

    They managed to download numerous pictures and screenshots from Lesters’ and Megan Everett’s Facebook pages before they were deleted.

    Some of them are far too disturbing to share online, including pictures of Lily sitting within reach of a gun.

    According to a post from Megan’s older sister, Stephanie, the Everetts and Baumann believe that Megan and Lily could be in south Georgia or the Louisville area; Lesters has family in both areas. They may also be in Virginia. Lesters has ties with the Virginia Flaggers, a Confederate enthusiast group based near Richmond; he and Megan took Lily to several of their events even when a judge ordered them not to do so. It’s possible they may even be in North Carolina, where Megan has family. They haven’t ruled out that she is still somewhere in Florida. At last report, Megan Everett was driving a silver Saturn with Florida license plate 421-MLE.


    • At last report, Megan Everett was driving a silver Saturn with Florida license plate 421-MLE.

      That’s what I’m talking about!! Give the public something to recognize. Bring Lilly Home


  22. Thank you for the support, and yes, Yahtzee, the Sentinel made the correction. Dr. Drew also did a segment highlighting the bigger picture, without vaccinations being the complete focus around the abduction. It has helped with people now hearing more of the story and why Lilly is in potential danger. All of the news articles and live reports are shared on her Facebook page ( Bring Lilly Home), and more and more people across the States are now aware. Myself as well as all of my family cannot thank the public enough for their eyes and prayers . . . .


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