Friday Fill-Up -Standing Strong Against Cyber-Extortionists

Black butterflyNothing would give me more pleasure than to share some personal things with you about myself. I’m restrained from doing so because of people who take anything I say, twist it, and then go on doxxing expeditions.   Be aware – any attempts of defamation that can only point to “evidence” written by the person or one of their minions.  Their evidence cannot be trusted.

Ask them how they know the name they purport is the person’s real name, and they won’t be able to point to any “evidence” other than what another one of them has written.

Well, I’m going into this because since one cyber-extortionist was unsuccessful in his copyright infringement claims, and unsuccessful in getting a court ordered restraining order against a person he harassed, numerous people are being attacked for associating together.

What is happening is not cyber-harassment. It’s much more serious than that.

In Illinois, statute defines harassment as

“knowing conduct which is not necessary to accomplish a purpose that is reasonable under the circumstances, that would cause a reasonable person emotional distress and does cause emotional distress to another.”

What the cyber-extortionists do has a purpose. They not only intend to cause their victims emotional distress but by their own words, they intend to “destroy” their victims. That threat generally follows their first threat, which is to defame the target victim unless they remove their presence from the internet. Not only that, but their reason for targeting victims is because of race.

Beginning in 2012 as people took interest in what happened to Trayvon Martin, the cyber-extortionists assumed that anyone wanting George Zimmerman arrested and brought to trial had to be Black.   When they realized that not all are Black, they coined the term “White guilt idiots.” It’s another way of calling a person a “race traitor.”

jimcrowThey do not want people exercising their right to freely associate with others regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, age. Their purpose is to violate our civil rights. They want Jim Crow in cyber-world as it once was in our physical nation.

What the cyber-extortionists and those like them depend on, is that the people they contact with the “outing” material will have the same prejudicial and judgmental heart that they have. Throw race into the mix with an allegation that the person is “racist,” along with adjectives such as “vicious” or “savage” and that’s suppose to convince people to disassociate.

They like searching for court documents. If they find one that they can disparage, they will allege it is about their target victim. On their main defamation blog, they have arrest records for a target victim because he made videos during the George Zimmerman case. Note: “Arrest records.” Not “conviction.” The case was dismissed, but the author of that blog does not mention that. It’s also for an individual in the State of Florida, while their target victim resides in another state. But, since when did they care about getting their purported facts right?

The cherry on top is when they say you don’t want to associate with a person because you are better than that – better than that person.

That speaks volumes.

arizona-alabama-mississippi-jim-crow-laws_1When people do things for the wrong reason, there is nothing right about it. Why should it bother anyone that some people use handles or nicknames on the internet rather than their real names? The internet gives us options to use our real names, nicknames, handles, or any combination. The only reason a person insists that everyone on the internet uses their real name, is for intimidation purposes. It gives them a sense of control. If you don’t march to their music, they know your name, and will search the internet. Anywhere that name appears, they will allege it is their victim. This includes where you live, where you work, the names of your children and where they attend school.

The person who thinks that people should use their real name on the internet might not contact your job, your spouse, or your kids, but jimcrowprotestthey will give information to others so they can, while they sit back and watch the agenda to violate your civil rights – all while they sit in another country.

But first, we must believe what they say and by their own pattern and reputation, we cannot believe anything they say. The person now going about the defamation route is one who has demonstrated the ability to change photos. He can make anything look like he wants it to look.

What the cyber-extortionists have managed to do, by their own actions, is cause many of their victims to come together. Violating law against one person using the internet might not cause law enforcement much concern, but when groups of people from across the nation begin reporting the same individuals violating law for the same reasons, it MUST get the attention of law enforcement.

Before I forget, I also want to bring some peace to those who feel threatened by comments that Twitter is being subpoenaed for their account information. Twitter has terms for privacy that apply when the person requesting information is not law enforcement. Even in cases where law enforcement requests account information, Twitter does not release it without first contacting the account holder. That gives the account holder standing to ask the court to quash the subpoena.

Jim-Crow1Backing out of this, it means that unless a case is filed, whether civil or criminal, a subpoena is as good as a blank piece of paper. It does not have to be honored and without it being issued in a case, there is no power to enforce compliance. People in the black robes have the power – not a form titled “subpoena” unassociated with a case. There must be a case filed, even if filed against “John or Jane Doe.”

Twitter’s privacy policy sets forth:

“Law and Harm: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Policy, we may preserve or disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request; to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues; or to protect Twitter’s rights or property. However, nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal defenses or objections that you may have to a third party’s, including a government’s, request to disclose your information.”

Again, the account holder is notified so that the account holder’s legal defenses or objections are not limited. Hence, do not be intimidated by empty threats.   I would argue too that a private individual has no rights to anyone’s account information, nor their tweets, unless they have proof that the individual has tweeted to them.

My fill-up today is to remind us to never, ever, let anyone else define us. Define yourself. Have confidence in who you are and never allow bullies to define you. When they try, the best defense is no defense.

Here is where I enter into a spiritual lesson demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. When he was in the wilderness, it was not what the tempter wanted Jesus to do that was the real temptation. It was why the tempter wanted him to take certain actions. The tempter started by saying, “If thou be the Son of God, then …”

Jesus never once defended himself against that.

There are layers of understanding in that lesson, but an important one is, you can never prove who you really are to anyone who has already made it clear to you that don’t believe who you are in character and/or purpose, anyway. They will always seek to re-define you according to the image they want you to be.

The branch of this lesson, also from Jesus the Christ, is that it makes no difference who others say you are. The only people we should give any credibility to for their opinion, are those standing beside us, who have fished, eaten, and shared their lives with us. And, we ask, “Who do you say I am?”

The correct answer is not for our benefit but gives the person with the correct answer a new purpose in life;

Thou name is now “Rock.”

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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I support you 110 percent.. They want to go back to the old traditional ways… Where did you find that said, we serve whites only… No Mexicans


    • Good morning friend!
      I found the pics on Google images, using the search “Jim Crow.” You should be able to right click and save it from here, however.


      • yeseventhistoowillpass

        Enlighten me.. Did Jim Crow laws apply to Mexicans… I wasn’t raised nor been to the south.


        • Oh, now you’re going to make me think. 🙂 It depended on the State. Texas had Jim Crow against Mexicans. There were states that segregated Chinese. The safest thing to say probably, is that if people didn’t look White, they were subject to Jim Crow.

          A Mexican-American attorney back in the 1940’s was able to attend law school in Houston because they assumed he was Italian. Berkeley School of law has written a little about him.


          • yeseventhistoowillpass

            Good knowledge! Yeah I’ll stick to California thank you…


          • I met a man once who called Puerto Ricans “Mexican” and said they were illegal immigrants. I reminded him that Puerto Rico is an American colony. He became flushed, then said, “They all speak Mexican.”

            That told me that he was too ignorant to reason with. I wanted to say, “It is Spanish, stupid” but wanting to be a lady, I didn’t speak the words. LOL!


          • yeseventhistoowillpass

            I spoke with a man in Georgia by chance a few months ago and he said this, “She brings her negro friends around here and sir I am a reasonable man and gun owner….” I thought to myself, ” You are also a moron.”


          • “Moron” is right!

            I have a friend who is Black and is married to a Mexican-American. They have a drop-dead, knock-out, gorgeous daughter. Those who don’t know her parents are always asking her what is her race. Her response? “Human.”


  2. You have my SOLID, determined, and steadfast support, Xena. I agree with your correct assessment that these cyber-extortionists

    “want Jim Crow in cyber-world as it once was in our physical nation.”

    Let us all stand solidly together against them!

    Let us all keep our eyes on the prize of exercising our “right to FREELY associate with others regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, age” !

    Let us all DEFEAT their attempt to violate our civil rights by HOLDING ON!


    • Yahtzee,
      My dear sister, sometimes I think you missed your calling. I picture you standing behind a pulpit. Your strong expressions and encouragement have the power to heal the sick and raise the dead.


      • I humbly thank you, Xena.

        But, I want to share that ALL of us here have this strong light within us to stand up and also to offer strength and encouragement to each other.

        Let us all allow this light to SHINE!


        • Yes, we certainly do, and we are finding each other. This year has been like a magnet bringing people of righteous interests together. Our numbers are growing, which is just the opposite of what the cyber-extortionists hoped for.


          • YES!

            Our numbers are growing!

            Our interests and causes are good and are just!


          • There are many more of us than they counted on!!


          • Right Mindyme, and because they don’t want to accept that, they claim that we are all sock puppets of each other.


          • Yes, Mindy, as you say

            “There are many more of us than they counted on!!”

            And, just as in the real world, we are joining hands together in the cyber-world!

            Remember the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) emblem of joined hands? In this video you can see it in the background as the original SNCC Freedom Singers are performing:


          • The same group is singing here:


    • (Administrator’s Note: correction made in original)


    • I love that ‘Keep Your Eyes On The Prize’!!




  4. Great Article Xena! ‘vicious and savage’ describe those who’s hate blinds them from using common sense. Like a pack of snarling rabid dogs they attack anyone who defends those who are the most discriminated against and especially denied equal justice.

    They behave as if their bad behavior is somehow a privilege.. Love the Videos!!


  5. OMG! I hadn’t even heard of a cyber extortionist until now. Well, thanks for the info. 🙂


    • Hi Emy and welcome to Blackbutterfly7.

      The easy description of a cyber-extortionist, is a person who threatens to cause you harm unless you do what they demand. In this case,it started off that I unless I disassociated with another blogger, they would ruin my reputation. When I didn’t bow to that demand, they then demanded that I delete my blog or be defamed. The third demand was that I change my position on the George Zimmerman case.

      Since the verdict, they threatened that unless I only blog about”black feral youths” that they would spread more lies about me. They even sent comments with links to blogs where they defamed others to show their dirty work of what they will do to me.

      According to them, thus far, I’m a woman in my 70’s who retired years ago, but who filed for unemployment in 2012 after quitting my job; I’m a fraud; a New Black Panther; a Black racist; a White woman who should be playing Bingo; a low level legal assistant; a librarian; holding myself out as a lawyer (who they threatened to report to the Bar association), and lying about my son who spent 12 years in the military because they don’t know the difference between enlisted and brass. The only thing they have not yet accused me of being is a man. 🙂

      Oh, and my son, btw, is brass.


  6. Great article Xena. I cannot begin to imagine the stress that some of you have encountered due to the cyber stalking.


    • towerflower, I’m writing about it now because it is happening to others and could be causing them stress. The only stress it caused me was staying up late one night articulating what turned out to be a 40 page complaint containing all evidence. It worked. They stopped sending their filth through their ISPs and started using proxy IP addresses — all besides DP. he unzips and exposes himself all the way.

      And, that is why I’m moved with compassion for those victimized now. Not everyone knows how, or has the time, to do what is necessary to report the nuts.


  7. On the post about the passing of Ruby Dee, I posted a comment in response to David Piercy, who sent a filthy comment to this blog. Mindyme responded, and I think it’s best to reply to her here on this post.

    Mindyme62 wrote;

    Xena – This guy is sick and deranged. Sane people don’t do things like this. Xena, was DiP ever married? I can imagine a fairly thick file of restraining orders against HIM from his spouse if he ever was. What’s his major malfunction? He claims his ‘side’ won.. so what’s he having a problem letting go of now?

    I can imagine a ‘man’ like him is not used to being bested by a female. You’ve hurt his widdle feelers and now he just can’t let go. What a sad pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Mindyme, it’s interesting that you ask if he is married.

    Usually when I see personal attacks and disagreements on Twitter, I scroll down. However, there was a day when the majority of the tweets were about DP. He was posting addresses of others on Twitter, alleging them to be the real addresses of those he calls “Trayturds.”

    DP had taken a photo of SpecialladyT’s deceased mother, made a degrading meme, and posted it. He obtained copies of police reports that were filed against him, and posted them on Twitter, mocking the people who filed them. In one, that clearly says “Burlington” on top, DP claimed that it was actually filed by a person who resides in Miami, FL. Because she has a unisex name, and that name appears in the Burlington police report and the reference is “he,” DP alleged that the person in Miami is a transvestite.

    He was on a roll, posting purported personal information of others, calling them vile, obscene names, and not only them, but whomever he thought was a member of their family.

    Well, someone got fed up with him, and they obtained a copy of an Appeal filed in DP’s divorce case. Based on the Appellate Court’s decision, DP married, but he and his wife did not live together for months. When she did move in with him, she was pregnant. About 3 or 4 months after the baby was born, his wife left him. DP filed for divorce but he wanted custody or visitation with the child.

    His wife said that DP is not the father, and the court ordered a paternity test. The test results were ZERO percentage of DP being the father. The court denied him custody and visitation. DP has not followed through with the divorce. It is still pending, but I understand that a hearing is either scheduled or may have recently taken place where his wife wants to finalize the divorce.

    Anyway, one of the persons whose he’s been harassing and posting what he purports to be their actual address and an arrest record, got fed up with him, and did a video, including portions of the Appellate Court’s decision along with “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.” That is when DP threatened to get a restraining order against the person.

    DP then posted a header where he had obtained that person’s credit report. He continued harassing that person and boasting about how he was “taking” the person “down,” He threatened to destroy him. That person is a licensed boxer. DP threatened to contact the boxing commission about the restraining order to have that person’s boxing license revoked.

    Now that he was denied the restraining order, he is filing an appeal and has a page on gofundme begging for money to “fund an appeal.” He started off begging for $500.00 but has now raised it to $3,000.00. His largest contributor is guess who?

    From what I understand, DP has already applied to have the filing fee waived, and the court approved it, so he now doesn’t have to pay filing fees. He is pulling a George Zimmerman. Remember how George opened a Facebook page for donations for his “legal defense fund” but spent the money paying off his pre-February 26, 2012 debts and buying cell phones and paying for Wi-Fi for a year?

    Actually, I’m not the only person who has bested him. The person who defended himself against DP’s false accusations in the restraining order case is a hot Latino. 🙂


    • He clearly has some mental issues which others use for their own purposes. They know he has no filters and they feed his obsessions. I saw a business review posting that he made on SpecialladyT’s business where he accused her business of vile things. In fact it was her police report that he used against the Miami person.

      They will twist every innocent comment into something sinister, they will jump into conversations and then claim they are the victim and threaten you when you stand up to them. They will claim to have proof of “conspiracies” and yet they will never produce the proof. They will also try to intimidate others by saying various agencies are investigating them and legal action is in the works, yet nothing ever happens. They try to control by intimidation, hoping that they will either break up the solidarity or silence the person. They have even made false twitter postings of others to try to stir up their side in order to dox or to have others join in to harass the person. One of the most bizarre posts was when a person who donated to DP’s appeal said she was forced to donate because of the person who was targeted by the RO, he didn’t do anything wrong and proved it, he didn’t file the initial court paperwork, he stood up to fight back against a bogus claim and ended it.

      I admire the people who have been able to stand up and fight against the false allegations made by others.


      • towerflower,
        Have I told you lately that I love you?

        You’ve described what they do very well. And, as they impersonate others on Twitter,they do the same in comments that they send to blogs. One even uses the handles of other extortionists in addition to handles of those they want to defame.

        One of the most bizarre posts was when a person who donated to DP’s appeal said she was forced to donate because of the person who was targeted by the RO, he didn’t do anything wrong and proved it, he didn’t file the initial court paperwork, he stood up to fight back against a bogus claim and ended it

        I heard about that one. She thought that if the defendant hadn’t appeared in court with an attorney to defend against DP’s lies, that DP would need to file an appeal resulting in her giving DP money. That’s like saying that a man should be free to rape, and the moment a victim reports the rape and the rapist is convicted, that having to pay to appeal his case is the victim’s fault.

        Can we hear the ideologies in that?

        Here’s some news for them. They should save their money. There is no basis to prevail on appeal.


        • DP commented on Danny’s blog about the appeal….I have a question that I know you have a better understanding than I ever will. He claims that when he filed the appeal that it put the original complaint back into effect… other words, the temporary RO is back into effect until the appeal is heard. Is that true with an appeal? Or is his twisted mind twisting the law?


          • towerflower,
            The court entered a “Minute Order” and in it held;

            The court denies civil harassment restraining order. Any orders previously issued are dissolved/lifted.

            The logic that a court would deny the restraining order but keep a temporary restraining order in effect is out there on another planet. Think of it like this — it would be like a court granting the dissolution of a marriage but saying the couple is engaged.

            The filing of a notice of appeal stays the jurisdiction of the lower court but only on the issue before the appellate court and then, only if the order on appeal does not involve ordering a party to perform some action, a monetary judgment, or sell of property that is scheduled to occur before the appeal is heard. In such a case, the party filing notice of appeal might also have to post a bond in the equivalent of the judgment or value of the property in order to protect the interests of the other party.

            To stay such a judgment, the party filing notice of appeal must file a motion to stay proceedings pending appeal. In that motion, the party must convince the court that they are more than likely to prevail on appeal. However, this is not the situation in DP’s case. There is no matter before the lower court in the case to stay.

            So, let’s go back to the previous paragraph and say it another way — the filing of a notice of appeal stays the jurisdiction of the lower court. In DP’s case, the lower court denied the restraining order and dissolved previous issues. The only previous issue was the temporary restraining order. The temporary restraining order is dissolved, and the plenary restraining order is denied. That is how those matters are “stayed” as ordered. With DP’s filing the notice of appeal, the court entering that order no longer has jurisdiction in that case, and that includes jurisdiction to resurrect the order from the dead.


          • towerflower,
            Just to add something to my comment. It only takes a minute for DP to call an attorney and ask questions. Most attorneys give free consultation of several minutes; some up to 30 minutes.

            But here’s something else too — he is suppose to be in college studying to be a paralegal. So, there’s no teacher or professor to explain things to him? Or maybe he is only giving them half of the story or being dishonest, which as we know, is his pattern.


          • towerflower

            Xena, that you so much. I knew you would have the answer. I was afraid that would be another way of his to control people……appealing court orders. People have been victimized too much by him.


          • towerflower,
            Sadly, DP is a person who tries to take advantage of, and also intimidate people by what he does not understand and what they do not know.

            For example, when news came out that attorney Benjamin Crump joined the legal team representing Kendrick Johnson’s parents in Georgia, DP launched a campaign to send complaints to the Georgia Bar Association that Crump was practicing law in Georgia without a license.

            To save people time and embarrassment, and others concern, I posted here on this blog about pro hac vice. DP read it (he lurks here consistently) and then went on Nettles’ blog with a cut and paste of pro hac vice rule for the State of Georgia. Only, DP presented it as a means for Crump to advance the “Black grievance industry.”

            As another example, when Papa and Mama Zim filed suit against Rosanne Barr, I posted that the suit should be transferred to the federal court based on diversity. The Zim’s did not include an amount that they are asking for in the suit.

            Piercy spammed this blog with comments, (that I did not approve for public posting), claiming that diversity also required a certain amount and that the suit would not be transferred to federal jurisdiction.

            Well, it certainly did get transferred to the federal court. The Zim’s are not arguing that they want pennies — they want the value of their house and more — was spammed again with comments by Piercy still arguing the monetary amount to transfer a case from a state court to a federal court. He did not accept the fact that the case WAS ALREADY transferred to federal court. (sigh)

            Still yet another example, when a state case is filed against a party that resides in another county, the plaintiff is responsible for getting the complaint and summons to the county agency having authority to serve it in the county where the defendant resides. Emphasis on the word “county.” When DP filed his petition for a restraining order, he sent it to the U.S. Marshall, and went on Twitter using the fear tactic that the feds were going to visit the defendant.

            The U.S. Marshall lacks jurisdiction to serve state summons. All DP needed to do was contact the Sheriff in the county where the defendant resides, and ask how to get the complaint and summons to them along with his pauper’s petition waiving the cost of service. He didn’t know to do that. The defendant voluntarily submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the court to get the case done. He has still not been served but now, the matter is moot.


          • DP is so lacking………………


          • Yahtzee,

            DP is so lacking………………

            The difference between responsible, intelligent people and those lacking, is that the responsible and intelligent one’s know when they lack and seek those with knowledge. For example, can you imagine just anyone trying to interpret an x-ray, or how to make an incision in the body to perform surgery? But, to act like they do, they cut and paste a portion out of a procedure manual that was actually written for the profession and not for the average person?

            If DP is in school studying to be a paralegal, he should have teachers available to him to explain procedures. Maybe first however, he needs to understand the difference between legal information on procedures and legal advice.

            Back in 2002, I had to have a growth surgically removed from my back. The physician said it would be same day surgery and know why? (Something I had not thought about.) I’m so thin that he would not be up to his elbows getting to the root of the growth.

            About 2hours after the surgery, I was sitting in Red Lobster eating shrimp. LOL!


          • Xena,

            When you wrote this:

            “But, to act like they do, they cut and paste a portion out of a procedure manual that was actually written for the profession and not for the average person?

            I thought of this as the result of their type of cutting and pasting:

            (This clip shows a “do-it-yourself” house built from a kit in one week that the guy then decided to move to another location)- – ->


          • Yahtzee,
            LOL! That’s a good one. 🙂


    • Great Googly Moogly!!


    • It looks as though DP and his wife only resided together for 3 to 4 months. She states he created a hostile living situation and he never contributed financially. They were separated before the baby was born, and she was living with the baby’s father when the baby was born.


    • LOL, I can’t believe he is begging for money to “fund an appeal.” It’s called get a JOB, and stop asking for handouts. And this is the same wife that he only lived with a few months stating “he created a hostile living situation and had not provided any financial
      support.” Really? Someone is harassing them? Unbelievable…..I am at a loss of words, not really, but I’ll hold my thoughts to myself.

      Regarding the largest contributor, well……I’ll hold those thoughts too……LOL


      • dreamer,

        It’s called get a JOB, and stop asking for handouts.

        Come on now!! Would you hire him? You know that many employers now search the internet before they even consider interviewing applicants. His name and photos are all over the internet, along with his filthy mouth and racial rants. He has spread his filth far and wide using his own name. He is on media video giving his opinion of the Wafer case, with a background shot of the Facebook Page he opened showing his “race hustlers” statement.

        He makes it known on his Twitter account that he has been supporting George Zimmerman since February 26, 2012. While everyone else didn’t hear about the case until later, and most did not form any type of opinion until more facts were released and Zimmerman had not been arrested, DP was supporting George before he even left the police station.

        If he’s willing to relocate, maybe Bundy will hire him.


  8. Xena, It should also be noted that we have people in places of power (government) that use that power in a fashion similar to DP… The only difference is that they actually have to power to enforce their threats… And to the question that you asked at a point in the past, the initial report about the issue was submitted in DP’s area (or should I say 168 miles from his location or 2618 miles from the location of the problem)… It is difficult to say what I wish with the constraints that are in place, however I hope you will understand what I say. The prospect of an all expense paid trip to Atlanta is likely and increases with each post I make… But this old fool is hard to silence completely…


    • crazy1946,
      What I do know is that DP and his leader discussed comments you made on other blogs. They were stalking you. They misrepresented what you wrote and your intent. They are not beyond making false reports to authorities. Just look at the fraud that DP tried committing on the court with the restraining order, and fraud in filing copyright infringement complaints.

      Think of it this way — maybe you received directives so those receiving their fraudulent reports would stop being harassed by them.


  9. Hey, DP: Why don’t you turn over a new leaf and try a little kindness?

    I just prayed for healing for you….that your heart be healed.


    • And to all you cyber-harassers and and cyber-extortionists who do not want people exercising their right to freely associate with others regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, age. :

      American is ENRICHED by its diversity. I appreciate and enjoy this diversity.

      Whether you like it or not, we ALL are Americans and FELLOW citizens.


    • For those of you who will not stop, just know that I will stand arm in arm with those who push for justice, equality, freedom and civil rights. Deep in my heart, I believe that ultimately WE SHALL OVERCOME!

      We WILL shine the light on your darkness.


  10. You are strong, right and I am proud to call you friend. Words are yours and anyone who would use them are not artists but thieves. Hugs and light, Barbara


  11. Xena….I really can not believe there are real people out in this world who give a damn WHO we choose to visit with,hang out with,talk about different topics with,etc. I know I have mentioned how my Hubby & I were bullied during our travels for over 10 years because of race.This was before the computer blog days(the 90’s) & never dreamed I would even witness this! I know that you have been through so much with people,to which I am so sorry,but WHY??? Because GZ & a few,one includes some woman not even in this country(Don’t they have crime where she lives to follow) want all Trayvon supporting blogs taken down ? How old are these people & have they not figured out that they don’t get everything they want.I wanted GZ in jail….but it didn’t happen…so why can’t I talk about my feelings?
    Besides….NEWSFLASH, this Blog is about other things!! You Dear Xena have so much support,I just wish I could get an answer of why they give a damn of what is said here.
    Stay Strong Friend!


    • Marilyn,
      How are you? It’s so good to see your fonts. I hope that you are healed.

      Know what? The first harassing comment that I received had nothing to actually do with me. It demeaned JB. The second comment that followed a few hours later on the same day, threatened that if I didn’t disassociate with JB, that they would ruin my reputation.

      Jessica and her minions have apparently been at this for a long time.

      DP’s latest was to distribute information about the defendant thinking that the info will cause me to cut-off communicating with that person.

      What they hope to accomplish does just the opposite.

      For one, whatever lies and info they pass amongst each other has no impression on their target victims. I mean, are we suppose to want them to like us? They are passing around lies and harassing because they don’t like us. Why should we care about their opinions concerning us?

      They also assume that by communicating on blogs or social media, that every person has told everything about their life including the names of their family members, where they work, their phone numbers, addresses, and the name of their kindergarten teacher. LOL! A latest scheme by the person in another country is alleging that I have shared personal information with people who follow me on Twitter, that they have given to her. Her assumptions reveal her lies. I know what I’ve communicated and with whom. She doesn’t.

      United we stand. We are butterflies.


      • Xena,

        That cyber-extortionist and the cyber-harassers seem to ignore your motto at the very top of your page next to blog name, don’t they? They don’t have a chance against your brilliance, STRENGTH and just heart.

        Also, they are no match for your shining spirit of caring, compassion, kindness and determination.

        You are one strong lady, and I am proud to be your friend!

        I love your theme song entitled “Blackbutterfly” and especially these two stanzas from it:

        “Blackbutterfly, sailed across the waters.

        Tell your sons and daughters
        What the struggle brings.
        Black Butterfly, set the skies on fire.
        Rise up even higher
        So the ageless winds of time can catch your wings.

        “Let the current lift your heart and send it soaring
        Write the timeless message clear across the sky
        So that all of can read it and remember when we need it
        That a dream conceived in truth can never die.


  12. Hi Xena!
    If you don’t mind let me simplify your legal definitions. Under Ca. Law if a court decision prohibits something, it is not stayed (set aside) should someone appeal it. This is DP order. He is prohibited from further contact with xyz.

    If the court involves a Mandate to do something such as to evict someone or extend alimony, that order can be held off during appeal process. This is codified in Ca. Law but rarely allowed so when a lower state court rules, for all practical purposes it stays as ruled.

    Btw, , appellant filing costs in Ca. are $750.00 and that is tip of iceberg and in all states lower courts are rarely overturned on appeal. If they are, they are sent back to lower state court to be heard again and again ruled generally as before.

    Did you know, DP actually appealed the DNA test showing child was not his. Whoozy!!


    • Ultimately, he will shrink away as he loses at every turn.


      • Hehehe….I still had the Russ Limbaugh video link on my computer mouse….but it fits.

        I’ll just change what I wrote to

        Ultimately, DP will be jumping up and down and then shrinking away as he loses at every turn. There, fixed it!


    • 2dogsonly,
      Have I told you lately that I love you?
      Big Hug


  13. Reblogged this on Modesty Avian and commented:
    Thank you Xena for bringing peace to those who feel threatened. This article is so empowering, it brought tears to my eyes. It said all that I needed said. It gave courage and strength through facts. Its funny how those who claim to be about truth and justice, do not know the meaning of the words!


    • modestyavian,
      Welcome to Blackbutterfly7!!!

      It blesses my heart to know that words were posted that you needed. That’s what we are here for, to inspire, uplift, and encourage each other. There is strength through struggle. Thanks so much for your comment. (hugs)


  14. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    Great post! I don’t know how I could have missed this but I’m glad this came to my e-mail. 😉


    • Jackie,
      There are times in my life when I discover things at a time when I need them. 🙂

      I’m glad that you found this in your email. (hugs)


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